Caltrain to Cut All September Fares, Add Weekday and Weekend Trains

In response to increased ridership and in a new effort to get commuters back on its trains, Caltrain today announced system-wide discounts for September and an expansion of weekday and weekend train schedules.

Beginning Monday, Aug. 30, in addition to running 104 trains per weekday, Caltrain will discount all non-go pass fares by 50% during September, including hourly all-stop trains and baby bullet express train

During peak commuting hours from 6-9am. and 4- 7pm, there will be four trains per hour, Caltrain said in a statement today.

Caltrain weekend service will be identical to weekday schedules, rather than separate Saturday and Sunday schedules, with two additional round trips added to the morning and late evening.

Under the new timetable, the majority of connections at the Millbrae Transit Center will be between eight and 15 minutes.

Caltrain still has a way to go before its ridership returns to pre-pandemic levels. Even with recent increases, the numbers of weekday Caltrain riders “often exceed” just 12% of pre-pandemic levels and 40% weekend pre-pandemic numbers, when it counted 65,000 total riders on weekdays.


  1. Hmmm — with fewer trains, more electrification work could be done.

    If more trains are being run now, is electrification on or ahead of schedule?


  2. “Have to do something with all that cash the feds has gifted to them so why not?”

    Yeah, and the sales tax they conned people into voting for last year.

  3. Add in the GAS Tax (CA politicians love those taxes – why work when you can steal the fruit of another persons labor).

    Bait & Switch Gavin New(TAX)som stole Billions in Gas Tax & Vehicle Fees when he redirected the 2017 SB 1 (Road Repair & Accountability Act) Gas Tax & vehicle fee dollars to his pet projects like railways to nowhere.

    The Lying DEM Politicians were adamant during the 2018 Gas Tax Repeal campaign that the purpose of the Tax was to FIX Freeways, Bridges & Local Road infrastructure projects around the state.

    “Gov. Newsom’s Executive Order Authorizing Theft of Voter-Approved Gas Tax Money
    Order violates Prop. 69, while eliminating highway expansion and repair projects”

  4. Strategic rail asset Dumbarton Bridge rebuild earmarks previously embezzled by CalTrans will be painful in future disaster/terrorist evacuation events.

    There will be natural geophysical impacts to transport. There will be man made impacts to transport (promised by Al-Quaeda). Food distribution/Famine Hedge is integral with needed enhanced rail capacity. North Coast readers should think about the Healdsburg Bridge dela y!

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