BREAKING: Gov. Gavin Newsom Orders Statewide Curfew

California just issued a sweeping curfew because of the unflagging surge in Covid-19.

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the order on Twitter, saying the mandate takes effect Saturday, requires people to stay home from 10pm to 5am and is expected to last a month. “Together, we can flatten the curve again,” he tweeted.

The curfew applies to counties in the Purple Tier, which imposes state’s most restrictive public health guidelines. That’s just about 95 percent of California and definitely includes Santa Clara County, where Covid-19 cases today ticked up to 29,631 with 459 deaths.

Ohio recently ordered a curfew and Oregon is poised to follow suit, prompting some debate about the effectiveness of schedule restriction as a public health measure.

The jury’s still out on that one.

Some studies found curfews helpful if used with other mitigation efforts. And some experts say time limits might prevent folks from frequenting high-risk environments like casinos, restaurants, bars and other places that tend to get busier as the night goes on.

Another question for Newsom and his gubernatorial peers: are curfews worth the blowback? Conversations about enforcement have already become politically charged.

California’s curfew announcement makes no mention of how state officials plan to enforce the order. If they defer to local authorities, that may mean—depending on where you are—it won’t really have teeth.

In Sacramento County, where Newsom unveiled the curfew, Sheriff Scott Jones was quick to say he has no intention of enforcing the rule.

The curfew would have prompted backlash regardless, but pandemic-weary critics had plenty of ammo with Newsom already under scrutiny after photos leaked of him mingling with lobbyists at the three-Michelin-star restaurant French Laundry.

Speaking of dining establishments, they’ll be limited to takeout only once the clock strikes 10 each night the curfew’s in effect.

In a press release sent to reporters this afternoon, the governor compared the impending stay-at-home order to the one issued in March, when officials first imposed public health orders to curb the coronavirus pandemic.

“The virus is spreading at a pace we haven’t seen since the start of this pandemic and the next several days and weeks will be critical to stop the surge,” he said. “We are sounding the alarm. It is crucial that we act to decrease transmission and slow hospitalizations before the death count surges. We’ve done it before and we must do it again.”

Below is a copy of the curfew announcement from the California governor’s office.

State Issues Limited Stay-at-Home Order to Slow Spread of Covid-19

Non-essential businesses and personal gatherings are prohibited between 10pm and 5am beginning Saturday, Nov. 21, at 10pm

SACRAMENTO—In light of an unprecedented, rapid rise in Covid-19 cases across California, Gov. Gavin Newsom and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) today announced a limited stay-at-home order requiring generally that non-essential work, movement and gatherings stop between 10pm and 5am in counties in the purple tier.

The order will take effect at 10pm Saturday, Nov. 21, and remain in effect until 5am Dec. 21. This is the same as the March stay-at-home order, but applied only between 10pm and 5am and only in purple tier counties that are seeing the highest rates of positive cases and hospitalizations.

“The virus is spreading at a pace we haven’t seen since the start of this pandemic and the next several days and weeks will be critical to stop the surge. We are sounding the alarm,” said Gov. Newsom. “It is crucial that we act to decrease transmission and slow hospitalizations before the death count surges. We’ve done it before and we must do it again.”

This limited stay-at-home order is designed to reduce opportunities for disease transmission. Activities conducted during 10pm to 5am are often non-essential and more likely related to social activities and gatherings that have a higher likelihood of leading to reduced inhibition and reduced likelihood for adherence to safety measures like wearing a face covering and maintaining physical distance.

“We know from our stay at home order this spring, which flattened the curve in California, that reducing the movement and mixing of individuals dramatically decreases Covid-19 spread, hospitalizations, and deaths,” said California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly. “We may need to take more stringent actions if we are unable to flatten the curve quickly. Taking these hard, temporary actions now could help prevent future shutdowns.”

“We are asking Californians to change their personal behaviors to stop the surge. We must be strong together and make tough decisions to stay socially connected but physically distanced during this critical time. Letting our guard down could put thousands of lives in danger and cripple our health care system,” said Dr. Erica Pan, the state’s acting Public Health Officer. “It is especially important that we band together to protect those most vulnerable around us as well as essential workers who are continuing their critical work amidst this next wave of widespread community transmission across the state. Together we prevented a public health crisis in the spring and together we can do it again.”

Covid-19 case rates increased by approximately 50 percent in California during the first week of November. As a result, Gov. Newsom and California’s public health officials have announced a list of measures to protect Californians and the state’s health care system, which could experience an unprecedented surge if cases continue their steep climb.

On Monday, the state pulled an emergency brake in the Blueprint for a Safer Economy putting more than 94 percent of California’s population in the most restrictive tier. The state will reassess data continuously and move more counties back into a more restrictive tier, if necessary.

California is also strengthening its face covering guidance to require individuals to wear a mask whenever outside their home, with limited exceptions.

Late last week, the state issued a travel advisory, along with Oregon and Washington, urging people entering the state or returning home from travel outside the state to self-quarantine to slow the spread of the virus. The advisory urges against non-essential out-of-state travel, asks people to self-quarantine for 14 days after arriving from another state or country, and encourages residents to stay local.

Dr. Ghaly provided additional details on the curfew and other public health rules in a live-streamed press conference, which you can watch below.

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. The virus is not more deadly between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. Law enforcement officers must refuse to enforce these transparently tyrannical decrees or they are complicit in them. .

  2. Is this some sort of retaliation for catching him at French Laundry?

    The best part about this, and it is so delicious, is you people will vote him back in.

    That’s how low you have sunk.

    You have absolutely no self respect or dignity left. None.

    It’s like electing a politician that wrote the drug laws you have been burning your cities down over. Which you just did and you cheered in the streets about it.

    You are the best demonstration of the futility of democracy.

  3. New York is banning Thanksgiving dinners of over 10 at your family home.

    Here is my message to that.

    I and my family are going to have our thanksgiving dinner and I wouldn’t advise anyone trying to stop it. Americans own guns, I teach my family how to shoot guns. I tell my family to buy guns. And if you try to mess up the dinner then you are likely to get shot.

    I warned everybody a long time ago about these government control freaks. These jokers will never stop.

  4. Don, Kulak, and Hoapres, people like you are the reason this virus is here to stay. People who are not at their home from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM are those who are up for non-important reason. Please notice most fatal and serious accidents and crimes happen from 11:00 PM to 6:00pm. Non essential gatherings happen at those hours too. Those who supposedly want our economy to keep running and people being employed are the same people who have refused to follow COVID-19 guidelines and regulations. This is not a time to place our enjoyment of life on top of our list. It is time to keep ourselves healthy and alive.

  5. FEXXNIST viruses have come and gone since the beginning of time what makes this one different? The human species did not become extinct….I follow that science not paid off ivy league celebrity professors x.x

  6. Thank you, Fexxnist, for explaining so well why 10 PM is an appropriate time for a one month curfew. It is sad how too many people see this only as a restriction on their fun and games. A previous generation, “the Greatest Generation.” understood the need for personal sacrifice in order to protect all of us. This is not about arbitrary control. Using guns to protect your right to have as many people over for Thanksgiving is absurd. This is not a “man with a gun saves the town” western TV show from he 50s.

  7. Hahaha

    The commie landlord strikes again. Always siding with the authorities, as if they arent taking advantage of you. You sound like 70s cop shows, “if youve got nothing to hide. what do you need rights for…

    neither of you know anything about what America is about, what the second amendment is for, and I would gather you know less about this virus

    what you like is telling other people what to do with the government making them do it

    sad pathetic strain of human nature

  8. Some contraband information smuggled through enemy lines by the resistance:

    > Top Pathologist Claims COVID-19 Is “The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated On An Unsuspecting Public”

    “Top pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson told government officials in Alberta during a zoom conference call that the current coronavirus crisis is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.””
    – – – – – – – – – –
    “Masks are utterly useless. There is no evidence base for their effectiveness whatsoever,” he said.

    “Paper masks and fabric masks are simply virtue signalling. They’re not even worn effectively most of the time. It’s utterly ridiculous. Seeing these unfortunate, uneducated people – I’m not saying that in a pejorative sense – seeing these people walking around like lemmings obeying without any knowledge base to put the mask on their face.”
    – – – – – – – – – –
    The doctor also slammed the unreliability of PCR tests, noting that “positive test results do not, underlined in neon, mean a clinical infection,” and that all testing should stop because the false numbers are “driving public hysteria.”
    – – – – – – – – – –
    Hodkinson remarked that “social distancing is useless because COVID is spread by aerosols which travel 30 meters or so before landing,” as he called for society to be re-opened immediately to prevent the debilitating damage being caused by lockdowns.
    – – – – – – – – – –
    The doctor said that nothing could be done to stop the spread of the virus besides protecting older more vulnerable people and that the whole situation represented “politics playing medicine, and that’s a very dangerous game.”
    – – – – – – – – – –

    This is very dangerous and compromising information. Resistance members should take every precaution to prevent this information from reaching the public.

    Swallow your tablet computer if you have to.

  9. My councilmember, Raul Peralez, sent a constituent email to inform us about this curfew, as if we only get our news via the D3 office. He failed to mention that Police Chief Garcia said he will not enforce the order, nor did Peralez, a former cop, state that it is incumbent on law enforcement officials not to follow unlawful orders.

    The moral cowardice of our local elected officialdom (and the sheep-like submissiveness of much of our population) is breathtaking. We are a free people, unless we submit to tyranny. The Constitution is not suspended during a pandemic. There is nothing narrowly tailored about Newsom’s curfew. It is a blunt instrument of stunning stupidity. It is both ineffectual and unlawful. And local officials and law enforcement officials are duty-bound by their constitutional oaths to resist it.

  10. As stated above, masks are useless because no one knows who’s healthy and who has the virus. That policy will soften up the population, making it easier for the gov’t to use its biggest cudgel — the bogus “climate change” scare — to control people.

    In 1918 the authorities told people to wear gauze masks to prevent transmission of the flu. Didn’t work; despite the masks, the “Spanish Flu” killed upwards of 100 million worldwide in 6 months:,_Police_officers_in_masks,_Seattle_Police_Department_detail,_from-_165-WW-269B-25-police-l_(cropped).jpg

    However, the average seasonal flu epidemic occurrs annually, causing an average of ≈60,000 fatalities. But Covid-19 appears to be similar to most epidemics, occurring once rather than annually. That makes the seasonal flu virus much deadlier over time. But we’re not told to wear masks to protect us from the seasonal flu virus.

    If the powers that be really wanted to protect the population, they would quarantine those infected by Covid. Instead, they insist that everyone must wear these useless paper masks, thus mixing infected carriers with the healthy population — a recipe for disaster if Covid-19 is as deadly as they say.

    But is it? No one really knows, since hospitals are being bribed to label every death in which the deceased had Covid-19 antibodies, even if the deceased person was completely recovered.

  11. The usual suspects and repeat offenders who loiter in the comments section of San Jose Inside are apparently on a hair-on-fire rampage. Half-cocked gun-enthusing. Sedition bordering on treason. Promoting self-interested, crotchety physicians over evidence-based science. Time for some deep breathing exercises and aromatherapy, comrades.

    The important question raised by Ms. Wadsworth’s article is: can a nighttime curfew douse the COVID-19 flare-up confronting us? The evidence suggests that it might help but probably won’t be sufficient alone. Two of the most successful governments in containing the coronavirus and its impacts are Taiwan and New Zealand. Learning from successful governments and societies might give failing ones something to think about.

    Taiwan Response: “The Taiwan CDC in conjunction with the Central Epidemic Command centre took the lead in managing the pandemic, as directed in the pre-COVID-19 pandemic plan for Taiwan. Established event-based systems alerted Taiwanese officials to the outbreak in China, prompting an immediate response, with screening of all airline passengers arriving from Wuhan. This screening was eventually extended to all passengers entering Taiwan from high risk areas/countries in late January, and eventually extended to all passengers regardless of their location of origin in early February…[B]y mid-March, entry to non-Taiwanese citizens or people with non-resident status was restricted. The existing legislation in the Taiwanese Infectious Disease Control Act 2007 enabled officials to access information that may aid in controlling/containing COVID-19 if necessary. This legal framework enabled the travel history of individuals to be linked to their National Health Insurance card so that hospitals could be aware and identify potential cases in real-time. Close contacts of confirmed cases or travelers returning from high-risk countries were required to be quarantined at home for 14 days. During this period, the person would be monitored through a combination of personal or government-dispatched phones and on occasion in-person checks. A distinct feature of the Taiwan response was widespread use of face masks to reduce transmission from infected people (regardless of symptoms) as well as providing protection for wearers (mass masking). By February 2020, the start of the new semester for schools and high schools was delayed for two weeks, and by March there was a ban on large gatherings of 100 if indoors and 500 if outdoors. Notably, up to 31 August 2020, there were no stringent restrictions on movement and no local or national lockdown.”

    New Zealand Response: “New Zealand’s initial response followed its existing influenza pandemic plan revised in 2017, which was based on a mitigation strategy of ‘flattening the curve’ and delaying the epidemic peak to reduce the health impact of a pandemic. Although entry restrictions and self-isolation/quarantine requirements were introduced for travelers from various COVID-19 hotspots from February onwards, cases in New Zealand were beginning to increase markedly by early March. The government signaled a new direction on 23 March when the Prime Minister announced a full lockdown of the country (at the highest Alert Level 4) which came into effect on 26 March, with exceptions for essential workers/businesses. This lockdown and partial lockdown at Alert Level 3 continued until 13 May. Most workplaces, schools and public meeting places were closed and travel stopped under Level 4 and highly restricted under Level 3. Implementation of the lockdown was supported by a national state of emergency, declared on 25 March, which, along with newly written law changes passed through Parliament, enabled special powers to address the pandemic situation.
    Like Taiwan, New Zealand introduced border restriction to non-citizens/permanent residents from February onwards. New Zealand went down to its lowest Alert Level ‘1′ in June, with all arrivals (regardless of origin or symptomology) required to go into managed isolation/quarantine facilities for 14 days (mainly re-purposed hotels) and with a later introduced requirement for each individual to have two COVID-19 tests taken on days 3 and 12 of their time in quarantine.”

    Taiwan has invested in legal and institutional capacity, an extensive public health system and in universal, guaranteed and publicly financed health care that allowed for centralized information gathering and sharing and heavily deployed personnel to trace and isolate cases. They also mandated wide use of masks (something Taiwanese and other East Asian peoples have done for decades during seasonal flu season and more). New Zealand attacked the problem mainly through a thorough national lockdown and combined this with tracing and isolating cases and rapid COVID-19 genome sequencing and targeted modeling ( No mask mandates.

    Our governments have only acted half-heartedly, in part due to the lack of an adequate public health policy and institutional capacity, themselves the result of myopic and reckless governance. In part, the public health disaster facing the U.S. is the result of the asinine and half-witted politicization of a public health crisis by Cult 45 and company who see tax cuts for the wealthy, deregulation, free markets and open carry as the way forward.

    Newsom this time around is both late to the party and arrived empty-handed. It would seem from the present predicament, a more robust response is required. Since we don’t have much of a tracing and isolating infrastructure or capacity, lockdowns and mask mandates are all we have. But the state government, bossed by the chambers of commerce and badgered by loudmouthed libertarians, doesn’t have the stomach to impose a lockdown of sufficient scope to tackle the problem at hand. As it stands, it is difficult to see how a night-time curfew on its own will stem the tide or bend the curve once again.

  12. That’s some Thanksgiving dinner HOAPRES (would that be the homeowners’ association president, by chance?) is planning. Turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce with a side of munitions. Delightful. What could go wrong? What happens when cousin Bill takes issue with Aunt Fran’s spirited defense of Trump? Or when Grandpa Lou insists niece Ashley’s vote for TJ Cox over David Valadao is the devil’s work? History teaches that inflamed passions combined with readily available armaments lead to grisly outcomes. I’d be worried more about what’s going on inside the house than about any boogeymen from without (

    I and my family are going to have our thanksgiving dinner and I wouldn’t advise anyone trying to stop it. Americans own guns, I teach my family how to shoot guns. I tell my family to buy guns. And if you try to mess up the dinner then you are likely to get shot.

  13. OMG, all the Trump’s monkeys against me!!! Yes, viruses have been part of world’s history. That history demonstrates that Shelter in Place saves lives. That history also shows the 1% has the greatest financial loss during these pandemics. They know this. Big and small business do not want to experience any financial loss. For this, they prefer to see their employees die. Money is more important to them than human lives. Has any one noticed Californians supported corporations not the people of California on Nov. 3, 2020. Democrats or Republicans, if they have money, they vote for themselves not for the working people of the state. Then those the same people are preaching about protecting the working class, for example, tea party, justice democrats, BLM cult group, so on. You all are a bunch of HIPÓCRITAS! People, stay healthy and alive; Stay at Home. IN GOD WE TRUST! God bless California and the United States! Trump’s monkeys go to hell!

  14. This once great country has begun the great march to irrelevance. No longer do we lead, no longer do we inspire, and no longer do we trust. We have become a nation of “us vs them”. To those on the left the right is the center of all evil and has no idea how to run a country. To those on the right the left is the center of all evil and has no idea how to run a country.

    We are incapable of having true and meaningful discussions with anyone who’s opinions do not mirror our own and it makes me disheartened for our future.

  15. MATT, when the extreme left engages in extreme ideas of Defund police or their big time antisemite propaganda, I am not going to spend a minute of my time in conversation with them. It is a simply NO! When the extreme right engages is defending an extreme racist and sexually perverted president, I am not going to spend a minute of my time in conversation with them. It is a simply NO! The problem is we have given these extremists a platform to feel important. Trump is out! The progressives’ “movement” is out. This is actually the time when centric Democrats and Republicans came together to stand up for the people of the United States. The people is first not a political party!

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