Atmospheric Rivers Shattered California Rainfall Records in Three-week Period

The series of atmospheric rivers that flowed over the Bay Area and the state in recent weeks produced record rainfall totals for a 22-day period for many locations in the state, according to a graphic map released early Thursday by the National Weather Service.

The graphic shows rainfall totals recorded between 4 a.m., Dec. 26, to 4 a.m., Jan. 17, in map form and on a brief list of 11 locations in the state.

Three reporting stations in the greater Bay Area saw records: Oakland (18.33 inches); San Francisco International Airport (15.28 inches); and Stockton (10.79 inches).

Three other local areas appear on the list but not noted as records: North Boulder Creek, in Santa Cruz County along Route 9 north of Ben Lomond (35.39 inches); Cazadero, in Sonoma County (33.11 inches); and downtown San Francisco (17.64 inches).

The highest totals provided by the service were recorded in tiny Honeydew in Humboldt County, which received 47.74 inches of rain.

U.S. National Weather Service

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