Councilmembers Don’t Want to Play Ball

The territory war between San Jose and the San Francisco Giants got a bit more heated Thursday, with the minor league Giants caught in the fray.

San Jose councilmembers Sam Liccardo and Pete Constant said in a memo that before the city spends $85,000 on maintenance for the San Jose Giants’ stadium, they would like to know how much Giants owners are spending to sue the city over land being saved for a potential move to San Jose by the Oakland A’s.

“It would seem minimally sensible to know whether we’re paying for the bullets with which we’re being shot,” the councilmembers’ memo says.

A proxy group called Stand For San Jose, which is supported by the Giants, is suing the city, claiming there was not a proper environmental review of the land where the A’s stadium would be built.

The councilmembers are not too happy about giving away money for drainage improvements, parking lot striping and concrete sealing at the Giants’ Municipal Stadium, especially when the club plans to “pay no more than $29,000 next year,” the memo says.

Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen doesn’t agree with the memo’s stated reluctance to give the team money. Nguyen suggested in a Mercury News report that the councilmembers should instead raise these concerns when the team begins its lease negotiations next year.


  1. No more free ride for the San Jose Giants.

    If an A’s stadium were to be built, I wonder how much public money would wind its way into the support of that business.  Of course there’d be no public discourse, and no one would be the wiser.  That’s why it shouldn’t be built.  We can’t afford it.

  2. Hey Constant, all your lobbying for Garden City/ Casino M8rix isn’t getting M8trix open any sooner –

    M8trix is an SF Giant’s Advertizer/sponsor and their ads are on HEAVY rotation during radio broadcasts. Are you talking out of both sides of your oversized rear-end again?

    • You know, I really can’t dig on Casino’s in SJ.

      Saw bits of a nightline report last night about a big city that went the casino route. 

      Here’s a few sound bites I remember.

      Calls to gambling addiction hotlines tripled.
      Crime doubled.

      It was some east coast city too.  Another statistic they provided was Casino’s know only 25% of a given city will travel outside of a city to gamble, so now they’re pushing even harder into cities to grab that other 75%, that is where the money is.

      They had some old lady on who lost everything.  She explained how she couldn’t get away from the constant, in your face, “FREE BUFFET!  SLOT TOURNAMENT” daily in newspapers and on TV.

      Not to throw the “my kids” card down again, but I’m looking at them now watching spongebob.  What the hell is wrong with these people that dragged SJ down so far?  Is this REALLY what we all wanted from this city?

      When I was growing up, I didn’t have to be locked in for my own safety.  I could roam SJ pretty freely up until around 93 or so.

      My kids *could* be playing outside right now in the pre-90’s San Jose.

      Who screwed it up?  Anyone want to answer that for me?

  3. Wow, are this the council idiots or what.  Plus 5 of course.  Chuck and the rest of you buffoons are why we are flushing money down the great white city hall toilet.

    Your pissed off the SF Giants will not allow the loser A’s to come to SJ after you have spent millions on a team that will never come to SJ.  So you want to go after a great local team that we all like to go see.

    Your not attacking SF Giants, your punishing local fans.  My God, get you heads in the game.  We have a great team here, great fans, and now you want to say goodbye.  If I were the major club (SF Giants), I would say screw you, we will move the minor club to another city.

    “It would seem minimally sensible to know whether we’re paying for the bullets with which we’re being shot,” the councilmembers’ memo says.  Pete, this must be you wording.  Hate to say it is coming from a disability cop who now gets two checks from the city.  Seems your back is pretty good now.

    SJ does not deserve the SJ minor Giants or dedicatd employees, this council is out of control.  I am sure this is all the city employees fault. 

    I hope the Sharks leave town as well, since this city is now just a TOWN south of Oakland. 

    God help us! Sam and Pete, PO, Chuck are so sad.  City attorney and DEB take the duc tape off your mouth and speak up!

  4. This is the kind of stuff that keeps San Jose a small town embarrassment.
    Aside from the territorial dispute which certainly won’t be resolved by this silly stunt, would the City really let Muni Stadium fall into disrepair due to a pissing contest?
    Some days it really seems appropriate to rename the town “Mayberry.”

  5. I find it ironic and hypocritical that the council worries about a paltry $85000 going to the Giants and yet gives away hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant money to the Asian Law Alliance (for instance) which routinely turns around and uses the money to sue the city for a variety of reasons – usually to do with race baiting and identity politics.

    But then, hypocrisy is nothing new for Reed and the gang of 5.

  6. I agree with the points made in the memo, and actually quite enjoyed it. I’m glad councilmembers can be frank like that. However, I also have found the entire situation very hypocritical. The A’s have been pampered in their move to San José.  They have been given millions in real estate discounts, and overall expedition of the process. In my view, it has been quite the one sided effort. Everyone knows the A’s want to move to San José, yet it seems like they haven’t pressured the Giants or Bud Selig enough to finalize the move. The SJ Giants stadium is city property, hence the name Municipal Stadium. The City has the responsibility for its upkeep as a community destination for cheap and lively entertainment. The Giants do need to pay their fair share, however city officials shouldn’t criticize one team for not paying, all the while giving the other team extraordinant breaks.

  7. I didn’t have time put down all my thoughts on this earlier.

    If the A’s were to come to San Jose, the SJ Giants would want to move, and there would be no reason to spend money on Municipal Stadium.  So right now you have an stable situation that will immediately switch to another stable state if, heaven forbit, the A’s stadium gets approved.

    I think in the current state, there is considerable value to the SF Giants in having their minor league team in San Jose.  The SJ Giants generate interest and that translates to revenue for the major league team an hour up the road. I don’t think San Jose needs to offer subsidies to the Giants to keep the minor league team here.  The SF Giants would keep them here regardless.

    If the A’s stadium were to be approved, not only would the minor league team move, but Municipal Stadium would no longer be a viable minor league venue for any team.  Any investment in Municipal Stadium would be lost money.

    So in both cases, it is not in the City’s interest to throw money at a minor league baseball venue.

  8. S randall

    I agree, A’s will never come so I suggest the major league SF team move the minor giants and stick it to Chuck.

    “So in both cases, it is not in the City’s interest to throw money at a minor league baseball venue.”

    This city throws money, in the toilet,  have you ever enjoyed a SJ Giants game?

    One of the few remaining fun things to do in this town.

  9. Amazing how negative everyone is here. I hope the San Jose Giants stay and would still go to their games even if the A’s make it to San Jose. Those games are what baseball should be like BBQ, fun games and great seats.

    • Thank you, that is my point.  I love the SJ Giants but our city thinks they can play hard ball with the MLB.  It’s not going to work.  But then both whining council members don’t really care because the stadium is not in their districts.

      We are talking pennies compared to the council pet projects.  What a great place to take the kids to a hometown event and seeing raising stars of the future.  But they think they can hold the major team hostage.

      Think not.  Be careful what you wish for.

      • I think Sam genuinely cares. After all, he went into District 6 territory to host a meeting with a neighborhood association there. Shows you how connected Pierluigi Oliverio is with his neighborhoods that don’t have “Rose” or “Willow” in the title. I’d personally be embarrassed if another Councilmember came into my district while I sat in the back and watched…

  10. One team is about family and affordable wholesome fun, in short supply in this City. The other is about prestige and luxury boxes where politicians can hang with their campaign chest sources. Minor ball at Municipal Stadium is an institution for City natives.  Should we be surprised where the priorities are?

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