Constant, Campos Defend McDonald’s

McDonald’s doesn’t make you fat or cause ridiculous amounts of traffic, Pete Constant want people to know. Constant and fellow councilman Xavier Campos signed a memo Friday arguing that a proposed McDonald’s in Constant’s district should be approved on appeal.

“I’m fat; I don’t need McDonald’s to get like this,” Constant told San Jose Inside on Saturday. “I don’t drink soda on a regular basis … obesity is more complicated than that.”

Constant, who’s poised to vote at Tuesday’s City Council meeting in favor of a conditional use permit to allow a McDonald’s drive-through at the San Jose-Cupertino border, says neighborhood “do-gooders” and “bullies” are responsible for all the opposition. The Orchard Park Shopping Center is already zoned to allow for fast-food restaurants, he points out. It’s just the drive-through that needs a special permit and approval from the City Council. If the fast-food chain wanted to open up without a drive-through, the matter wouldn’t even need a conditional use permit.

“All the detractors say a drive-through would make the neighborhood unsafe, it’s going to have a negative impact on sound—we know that’s not true,” Constant says. “We have a McDonald’s next to Prospect High School, which has had no traffic incidents.”

The reason for Campos’ inclusion in Constant’s memo is little less clear. The two are not political allies and Campos’ district sits on the opposite side of town from Constant’s. A look at Campos’ calendar shows no meeting between him and local McDonald’s lobbyist, Pete Carrillo. But Campos did take an April 2 tour of District 1 with Constant as well as attend a ribbon cutting last month for another of the fast-food chain’s locations with Supervisor Dave Cortese.

The McDonald’s in Constant’s district has offered to pay for crossing guards to guide students walking to and from Hyde Middle School to put the neighborhood’s mind at ease, notes Constant, who plans to run for mayor in 2014.

In the end, the council will weigh the will of District 1’s most vocal residents against Constant and Campos’ sense of obligation to encourage local businesses—even if they are part of massive corporations.

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. “Obesity is more complicated than that???? Yeah, try not stuffing food in your mouth with every breath that you take. Obesity comes from eating incorrectly and eating more calories than you burn. If you ate correctly and walked a few miles, everyday, you would not be fat. No, obesity is not complicated as you have stated, it is just a laborious task to remove the fat once you accumulate it. THAT is YOUR fault. You should not have allowed yourself to eat to the point of accumulating the fat in the first place. No one makes you eat too much of the wrong foods and no one stops you from walking for exercise, since you have a bad back. You seem to get around just fine. Walking should be no problem for you. You have been seen bicycling. Try a few miles every day, if you don’t want to walk. Of course, you are going to put the blame somewhere else. That is part of who you are. Tell us, how DID you get like that if food didn’t do it?

  2. Poor old Pete…

    he says “says neighborhood “do-gooders” and “bullies” are responsible for all the opposition.”

    Did he not remember the San Jose Planning Commission also recommends that the permit be denied.

    So not only does he not pay attention to the voices of his constituents he ignores the planning commission and the rues established to ensure a safe community. This is the clown we want for mayor??? Right now it’s D1…if he is mayor it will be all of us. Give the man a red nose.

  3. I think there’s a big difference between the high school students at Prospect High School and the middle school students at Hyde.  It’s the difference between high school and middle school.

    Most of the kids attending Prospect High School live on the side of Lawrence that the McDonalds is on.  None of the kids attending Hyde live on the side of Bollinger that the proposed McDonalds will be on.  Kids on the Cupertino side of Bollinger attend Hyde, and kids on the San Jose Side of Bollinger attend Miller Middle School.  So kids that would normally have no reason to cross Bollinger will now have a McDonalds to draw them across.

  4. Is that how Constant sees constituents…as do-gooders and bullies? He wants to be mayor of an entire city??? Is that how he is going to view the citizens of San Jose when they bring up a concern…do-gooders and bullies? If I were citizens, I would be extremely upset. His attitude toward them really shows his inner self and inner thoughts. This is not mayor material. Not another one of the same.

  5. Its funny that P.Constant uses the word “Bully” since that is exactly what he and the rest of the Reed Regime have been doing to San Jose City Workers for the past few Years . News flash Pete you are Fat because you overeat ( and Yes , I have witnessed you eating , it wasn’t pretty) and Get Nowhere near the exercise that you should be doing

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