Hawkins Leaving City Clerk’s Office

City Clerk Dennis Hawkins bids San Jose adieu in less than three weeks. According to a press release sent out by Mayor Chuck Reed’s office, Hawkins informed the City Council on Tuesday that his final day as clerk will be Dec. 15, after which he will take a position with Santa Clara County. Hawkins will join the county as as administrative services manager for the county counsel, the release states.

Hawkins, who could not be reached for comment, has spent 18 years with the city of San Jose. He was appointed to the clerk position at the beginning of 2011, after serving as an assistant clerk. He and his office were the subject of reports earlier this year when it was found that the clerk’s office provided incorrect information to organizers of a ballot initiative to fund local libraries.

In addition to his day job, Hawkins has been elected five times to the governing board of the Oak Grove School District in San Jose, where he served as Board President in 1998, 2003, 2008 and 2012, according to city staff.

Mayor Reed and the council expect to appoint an acting city clerk while a search is conducted for his replacement. Currently, Toni Taber serves as Hawkins’ top assistant.


  1. Jeeper they leave now because the city is beginning to impose more cuts that are outlined in the illegal measure B that’s why they’re leaving ….. Its not sustainable. Soon you will see the city manager begin to realize what they have created. They will pretend to reach out to the PD and other city employees that have been boot stomped in the crotch. Its every politician for “himself” now! The rats are beginning to scurry as the quality of life in SJ is crumbling!

  2. They are losing attorneys, top level managers, people with critical skills and many other employees. I know of another top level person they are going to be losing,in early 2013. They are going to be surprised.

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