POA VP Blasts Chief Rob Davis

Police Chief Rob Davis didn’t get the job he applied for as Chief of Police in Dallas, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll stay on in San Jose. When the announcement came, Jim Unland, Vice-President of the Police Officers Association, released a statement of his own, saying, “Chief Davis has lost the confidence of the troops and this has made him ineffective.”

Unland went on to describe how the union feels that Davis has not done enough to protect the police officers’ salaries and jobs during the ongoing budget crisis. The Mayor has already said that the police must accept an across-the-board pay cut or risk losing 88 officers. In that sense, Unland seems to have portrayed Davis as a someone fleeing a sinking ship. He knew the police budget would be cut, so he went to Dallas hoping to save himself, rather than staying around to save the officers who serve under him.
Read More at Protect San Jose.
Read More at The Mercury News.


  1. The POA needs to show a little empathy for the residents of San Jose, many residents which have been laid off, can not find work and lost their benefits while struggling to keep food on the table for their family.When some of these people find work, it is usually at a lower pay scale than their previous job.

            It is interesting to read the statistical numbers and graphics used on Protect San Jose that do not support their position. Regan said’’ TRUST BUT VERIFY”, when you try to verify the numbers used as facts on their blogs, you find their are problems, lots of spin, selective references. The POA blog is very misleading.
          The SJPD is a essential City service, and we could use more police officers. But we could use more of a lot of things in these troubled times, but we must have a level playing field when it comes to cut backs.

          Many things could be adjusted in times like this. I don`t think a VTA bus driver is worth $106,000. per year when compared to law enforcement or school teachers. It is time for change. It is time the POA showed a little concern for all.

    • Hoffman, please explain your comments.  What are the problems with the statistical numbers?  What can’t you verify?  What is misleading?  I’m not understanding you.  Sorry.

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