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Leaders of the New School: Local Hip-Hop Figures Offer Alternatives to Gangs, Drugs

Local hip-hop figures Demone Carter and Bobbi Vie founded Future Arts Now as a way to engage youth in creative ways so teens make an active choice to avoid gangs and drugs. The pair have also organized a breakdancing competition Saturday night at the Edenvale Community Center.

The ground: an unavoidable, unforgiving medium in the art of breakdancing. It bruises and cuts a dancer’s hands. Experience forms callouses. So, when world-renowned breaker and San Jose native Raymond “NastyRay” Mora set out to photograph some of the world’s top breakdancers (B-boys), he focused on their hands. The resulting gallery goes on display Friday night in San Jose, and a corresponding breakdancing competition will take place Saturday at Edenvale Community Center.

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