Khanna Slams Feinstein, Urges Others to Run for Senate in 2018

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-San Francisco) on Monday announced her intention to run for a sixth term, to the dismay of progressives who have been imploring the 84-year-old to just retire already. The centrist Democrat has riled folks on the left with her derision for single-payer health care and support for an expanded surveillance state. But of all the unhappy people, Rep. Ro Khanna (D-San Jose) minced the fewest words when he heard the news, calling the senator an “establishment” candidate who will protect D.C. insiders’ “privilege.” Khanna says he has no intention of running for her seat, but he reportedly urged Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) and former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich—whose Resistance Report on Facebook is must-see social media—to challenge Feinstein in 2018. State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León is expected to enter the race, which may have prompted Feinstein to make her announcement when she did. Another contender, who’s considered a waaaaaay long shot, is SoCal-based criminal defense attorney and author Pat Harris, who echoed Khanna’s call for Feinstein to “move on.” However, Feinstein’s U.S. Senate colleague Kamala Harris (D-Oakland), who embraces some progressive issues such as “Medicare for All,” says she supports the incumbent’s re-election bid “100 percent.” Harris wrote in an email blast: “Dianne is someone who sticks to her ideals and achieves results regardless of what makes for good politics or what her powerful opponents may say.” It should be noted that while Khanna criticizes Feinstein for opposing progressive causes, he spares House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) the same scolding. Though Pelosi has drawn the ire of progressives for saying abortion rights and universal health care should not be “a litmus test” for Democrats, Khanna still commended her for being slightly more liberal than Feinstein. Perhaps that’s because Khanna can call out Feinstein from a safe distance, but he still has to work alongside the highest-ranking Democrat in the House.

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  1. Inside the progressive bubble.

    Fly chronicles the progressive view of the world: “It’s all about us”.

    > —whose Resistance Report on Facebook is must-see social media—

    It’s not “must-see” for most Americans.

    • Could you maybe just stop posting comments on this site? Asking for a friend, that friend being all of humanity.

      • > Could you maybe just stop posting comments on this site?


        Words can’t hurt you.

        I’m completely harmless.

        I checked with humanity and they said they’ll be just fine.

  2. The woman is an out of touch fossil that represents all that is wrong with washington. Wish the GOP would mount a credible alternative. CA is getting way to nutty and the people we send to DC are an embarrassment. Incidentally, couldn’t they find a picture that was more recent than 30 years ago?

    • I think that picture was from only 20 years ago when she voted for the oval oral under oath. Consequently, Al Gore wasn’t the incumbent in 2000, so George W. Bush won two terms.

  3. I did not vote for Ro Khanna but now that he is in Congress I think he is right and respect him for speaking out. Dianne Feinstein has worked very hard for the people who have voted her in all these years but these are different times now. I hope she reconsiders running and leaves office with dignity and the respect she deserves.

    • > Dianne Feinstein has worked very hard for the people who have voted her in all these years but these are different times now.

      I’m curious. WHAT is different about “these times” that compel Democrats to dump Dianne Feinstein and vote for someone else?

      I am incapable of thinking like a Democrat so this is like a foreign language to me. I need someone to translate.

      This isn’t based on secret “ageism”, is it?

  4. SJOUTSIDETHEBUBBLE you need to find some friends and understand this site should not be your life.

    • Just another example of the Left’s aversion to free speech. Were The Bubble sharing his perspective on the Berkeley campus a masked and emboldened Ms. Sanchez might have a chance to win the exchange by setting aside her flimsy arguments and picking up a firm club.

      I do have to admit that as much as I enjoy The Bubble’s comments I get more enjoyment observing the fools who think they stand for something good sabotage themselves by revealing their ugly intolerance. They just can’t help themselves.

    • > SJOUTSIDETHEBUBBLE you need to find some friends and understand this site should not be your life.


      I tried joining the DailyKos,, and TheLeftHook but they all rejected me.

      SJI is my only hope.

      I’m a victim.

      • Another ignorant outspoken & intolerant conservative once again playing the victim card … Predictable ? Yes Surprising ? No. Can’t you find a hobby to indulge yourself in or does your Social Security check barely cover your living expenses ? Picture this motley group of retirees SJOTB,Finfan,John Galt & Empty Gun sharing their idiotic conspiracy theories over coffee & donuts each morning. Apparently you pathetic old geezers have nothing better to do than to insult the intelligence of SJI readers by repeating ridiculous repudiated right-wing rhetoric ad nauseum. You are all laughingstocks & your comments are every bit as mean-spirited as they are humorous,but judging by your intelligence it should have little effect on your self-esteem.I don’t mean to put you all down,but putting you all down & ending the misery once & for all (yours & ours) seems like the most humane thing to do for everyone involved. Take it from another old geezer,collectively & individually you senile simpletons suck & not in a good way !

        • > Another ignorant outspoken & intolerant conservative once again playing the victim card …

          Well, Waxy, it looks to me like I’m a victim of your diatribe.

          I would say I’m entitled to play my victim card.

          • Thanks for playing ! Your response to a four day old comment encourages readers to revisit my original comments in order to clarify what you’re referencing. It’s like “Groundhog Day”,you’re a victim over & over again. A victim of your own inability to recognize or deal with a spot on description of you & your neo-conservative comrades. The balls in your court now. If you can possibly restrain yourself from treating us to another one of your maudlin responses,I’ll just wait a few days & start the process all over again. It’s like a gift that keeps on giving & it wouldn’t be possible without your easily predictable participation. Snowflake you’ve been lamped,so circle your wagons because there’s a diatribe on the warpath & you’re going to be be scalped every day. Hi,how are you ? Hi,how are you ? Hi,how are you !!! (Special thanks to Homer Simpson).

    • Why are you personally attacking him? I just see him talking crap about Feinstein above, not about you. Why does SJI allow this?

  5. The problem is if Democrats take back the senate in 2018 or 2020 she will be in line for a committee chairmanship which would benefit the state whereas a junior senator would not.

    • Retire on our dime ? Please do it now ! She’s earned her federal pension,what have you done for your country (other than incessantly complaining) lately ? The problem with Diane is she’s considered a moderate now,too conservative for the liking of most younger Democrats. Remember that at 84 over 95% of Democrats in California are younger that she is. While she brags about working across the aisle to move forward through compromise,many believe she’s far too conciliatory with the GOP & President Trump. The only thing that will appease Millennials & GenXers is a liberal firebrand who’ll fight diligently for the issues that matter most to them & hold the feet of those who oppose them to the fire. Gavin Newsom is the obvious choice,but he’s content to avoid an unnecessary confrontation while biding his time until he becomes our next Governor. Being an octogenarian certainly doesn’t disqualify her from another run & her seniority is nothing to be scoffed at,but she certainly lacks the vitality to champion liberal causes that she doesn’t wholeheartedly agree with. She’s on the wrong side of issues including universal health care,capital punishment,marijuana legalization & the war on drugs to name but a few. It’s time for the grande dame of California politics to gracefully step aside & let someone more in tune with the thinking of her more liberal constituency take the reins in Washington D.C. At this point it doesn’t matter which Democrat runs as any Democrat will easily dispatch any Republican foolhardy enough to run. Has anyone seen Dick Mountjoy or Elizabeth Emken lately ? I rest my case ! Thanks again for your service Diane,now get the hell out of the way & stop impeding the progressive agenda.

      • > The only thing that will appease Millennials & GenXers is a liberal firebrand who’ll fight diligently for the issues that matter most to them & hold the feet of those who oppose them to the fire.


        WHAT are the issues to that matter most to liberals?

        For Hollywood liberals, the top issue seems to be raping starlets, having starlets watch old walruses take showers, and masturbating in front of starlets.

        Is anything different in Silicon Valley?

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    Waxy: Not your best stuff.

    You might want to lay out some real cash and get some decent writers.

    This is the twenty-first century. Most people don’t watch TV anymore.

    • Au contraire,mi amigo ! You have no discernible sense of humor & I covet neither your approval nor your advice. As far as The Simpsons is concerned it’s the longest-running American sitcom,animated series & scripted prime-time television series. After 29 years of comedy genius & 31 Emmy Awards I’m sure they know a lot more about what’s funny than you ever will. You on the other hand lack wit & are a prime candidate for the Witless Protection Program. It’s ironic that while you’re undeniably laughable, you lack the actual ability to make people laugh. Being funny looking & provoking laughter doesn’t count,even if you’re easily provoked. You continuously quote me to your own detriment,but never refute my factual observations because your opposing views lack merit. Didn’t your mother tell you not to repeat what other people say ? Feinstein is 84 years old & still sharp as a tack,what’s your excuse ?

      • > what’s your excuse ?


        I’ve already given my excuse: I’m a victim.

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  7. If the focus is protecting America from the Trump-led Republicans, then dividing the only viable opposition party (the Democrats aren’t perfect, but who is and what’s the alternative?) is profoundly irresponsible.

    There is no reason to waste money on a divisive fight that will leave the CA Senate delegation with less seniority. What is Kevin De Leon going to be able to accomplish that DiFi cannot?

    Luckily, Khanna is so irrelevant politically that his opposition to DiFi does not matter — even if a potential challenger to his seat wanted to use this to separate Khanna from the D establishment, he has no pull so DiFi doesn’t care enough to get mad. She has plenty of SV and SF donors from the tech community; all Khanna is good for is taking in tech money and using it to pollute the party.

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