Is It So, Joe?

Chuck Reed could be the first San Jose mayor in two decades to face a serious reelection challenge if Assemblyman Joe Coto decides to run for the city’s top post. Team Coto has been putting out feelers to see if there’s enough interest in their man, who will be termed out of representing the 23rd Assembly District in 2010. Officially, Coto’s not interested in taking on Reed. He established an officeholder account in November for a state Senate run. Question is, would genial Joe undertake a bruising battle to shorten his commute? “Conversations have been held,” says one connected insider. The Labor camp believes Reed is vulnerable because of the policing controversies under Reed’s mayorship and the unpopularity of SJPD Chief Rob Davis in the Latino and downtown business communities. Other prospective challengers could include Reed’s adversary on the council, Nora Campos, or a recycled Cindy Chavez, who one spy says planted herself in a seat reserved for office-holders during George Shirakawa Jr.’s swearing in two weeks ago. Any ambitions of unseating Reed, however, could be dampened if campaign donors remain frugal in the current economy. And that big sucking sound in the distance is the 2010 governnor’s race, in which candidates will be tripping over themselves to collect checks from local donors.

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  1. Given that Reed is still seeking help for his depressive moods, and given that Ajlouny is too busy using his city computer for persuing the latest in Fallujah dancing, San Jose needs a leader.  Be it Coto or Campos,it is important that we have a mayor and not a moody tea lady like Reed.

  2. My gosh, are all of the opposition candidates going to be life-long public trough feeders?  Since term limits were put in place, folks who can’t make it in private enterprise jump from one elected office to another. 

    On another subject, Rowen, have you ever been diagonosed as a paranoid schizophrenic?  You’ve beat this Reed/Ajlouny thing to death in every available SJI forum.

  3. I’m of the opinion that Joe Coto would make a fine Mayor of this City.  Unfortunately because of the happenings in Sacramento, if your title is “Assemblymember”, “State Senator”, or “Governor”, you become associated with the failure to pass a budget.

    Nonetheless he is popular in his AD and carries great name recognition throughout the Eastside from his time as Superintendent there.  It might be a race.

  4. Thats GREAT!

    We need leadership with action inside City Hall, not dreamers! Chuck got into office dreaming about a how nice it would be with “SUNSHINE” and “REFORMING”, and of course with the help of his good buddy Tommy boy. 

    I think this time around Chuck Reed is going to face some serious issues if he does not act swiftly and makes some serious changes.

    Whether its Joe Coto, Joe the plumber or the guy next door, get ready for CHANGE to come storming in SAN JOSE.