Silicon Valley Lawmaker, DA Among Contenders for AG

The game of musical chairs prompted by Joe Biden’s electoral victory is drawing to a close as Gov. Gavin Newsom decides who will replace California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who’s awaiting the U.S. Senate confirmation as the president’s Health and Human Services Secretary.

About a dozen people are jockeying for the role, including two Silicon Valley figures with differing views about how to tackle criminal justice reform.

Assemblyman Ash Kalra (D-San Jose) has the backing of several prominent public defenders, who believe he’d use the position to overhaul a carceral system that’s locked up more people than any other state besides Texas.

Though Santa Clara County DA Jeff Rosen, through a spokesman, denied angling for the AG spot when Fly inquired about it a couple months back, his name has since emerged as a more traditional prosecutorial contender. Sources tell Fly that Rosen’s been making calls to a number of powerbrokers to garner support, including one of the Bay Area’s most infamous ex mayors.

Of course, the same diversity concerns that influenced Newsom’s picks for Vice President Kamala Harris’ U.S. Senate seat and Alex Padilla’s Secretary of State post factor into his decision about who to make the next AG. As one of the litigators Rosen solicited for support told Fly, that puts Rosen, who’s white, at a demographic disadvantage.

“But hope springs eternal, I guess,” the attorney remarked in a recent phone call.

Other names being bandied about include Assemblyman Rob Bonta (D-Oakland), who’s endorsed by Asian-Pacific Islander groups, labor and criminal justice reformers.

A more strategic choice might be state Supreme Court Justice Goodwin Liu, whose departure from the bench would give Newsom yet another high-profile vacancy to fill.

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  1. California is like other states, badly politicizing the A.G. office. How this time?

    Kalra: The A.G. as a public defender and leftist crusader, instead

    Rosen: The A.G. as some kind of liberal crusader, probably, and hopefully not a “progressive prosecutor” in the Boudin, Et Al mode made worse by general leftist crusading. At least there’s no President stamped “R” to antagonize like a child now, but one never knows about crusades for other sick lefty reasons.

    Actually, either of these are better than who would be more likely if Newsom entertained the lobbying effort being made now by the person, in the news.


    That would take the state lower than ever these days. How disgusting.

    And that puts him in a spot to be Governor next, or to imitate (cringe) Harris and succeed Di-Fi in what? The U.S. Senate. That’s Senator SCHIFF. Arrgh.

    (Cal-ra, Cal-ra, Ro-sen, Ro-sen … but let’s see who else might try, too.)

  2. District Attorney Jeffrey Francis “Frozen” Rosen is already a failure in Santa Clara County and lets not duplicate that state wide. How about Attorney General of Fantasy Land instead Jeff??

    The most frustrating thing about DA Jeff Rosen is that he will not enforce the Law properly in our county and I thought that was his job?? Top Cop?? Nope….. Let’s try top “Illness Spreading Germ Attorney”….

    Jeff is such a failure he does not even protect his own people. He lets Law Enforcement get physically abused and assaulted with “NO CHARGES” filed. He gives free passes to the “Bad Apples” that are causing property damage and committing arson on private property (San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo’s) house. Oh…. lets add death threats, assault, and vandalism.

    Recently at our Civil Court house in downtown San Jose several dozen deputies took some major damage from a group of agitators crashing a protest and our DA will repeat the same cycle…. no charges filed….Free Pass…. Free Pass….Free Pass…. No one is held accountable because ole Jeff just cannot handle the possible bad press that might effect his carrier jump to AG.

    Rosen also will not enforce parental rights in Santa Clara County for anyone…. As in…. follow the Rule of Law…. Legitimate Court Orders…. Nope…. ole Howdy Doody DA could care less and sends all the “166” PC contempt cases back to Family Court….No Charges Filed… Thanks again Jeff for allowing my EX to willfully commit contempt twice a week for almost 2 years… you rock!!!

    Now so the public understands when I chose to “Civilly and Peacefully” protest (by myself) on a City Side walk ole Jeffrey came after me with both barrels in criminal court. I am currently in the process of my third trial, and like the other ones, I will win…. what a waste of tax payer resources…. Millions of dollars spent to silence a clean and sober father calling out your dirty deeds…. Shame on you Jeff….

    One last thing folks…. take a look at last years “State of the DA’s Office Address” where District Attorney Jeff Rosen makes fun of a handicap employee and holds his prosthetic leg in the air…. yes….he really did it….

    Just his tasteless jokes alone should knock him out of the running for Attorney General…..

    YouTube link of Jeff and his bad jokes….

    And as far as Ash Kalra he defiantly has my support. This man is the real deal in my eyes and actually cares about our community….

    Jeff only cares about the “All Boys” club and working out in his million dollar gym that you that “Taxpayer” paid to build in his basement. Another big waste of “YOUR” money…..

  3. If the qualifications for California Attorney General have changed to most corrupted individuals, then DA Jeff Rosen and Ash Kalra are totally a fit for positions. The two have engaged in criminal behavior. RECALL Jeff Rosen, Sam Liccardo, and Ash Kalra. These are three very toxic individuals. Luckily, this is a Joke!

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