Minor Mixup, Eviction Scare at Donald Trump’s South Bay HQ

Donald Trump never stood much of a chance in California. Allegations of serial groping and other scandals have him barreling toward a historically dismal showing in the Golden State. Faced with glum prospects, some Silicon Valley Republicans tell Fly they can’t help but agree when their presidential nominee bellows about voter fraud, media bias and poll rigging. So when a county sheriff’s deputy showed up with eviction papers at Trump’s Sunnyvale call center right before the second presidential debate, it struck volunteers as a little fishy. Why them? Why then? “Turned out it was a completely honest mistake,” Trump volunteer Kim Womack assures Fly. “It was meant for the location right next to us.” Jon Cordova, Trump’s California communications director, says his thoughts upon learning of the mix-up only briefly verged on conspiratorial. “Quite frankly, there is documented proof that the DNC’s tactics aren’t always above board,” he says, “but I don’t think this was nefarious.” Juan Hernandez, a gay Latino for Trump, says he got a bunch of confused calls from volunteers when the near-eviction occurred, but suspicions quickly subsided. “We have other things to focus on,” Hernandez says. “We’re calling all the battleground states, sending out strike teams to Nevada and planning our Election Night party, where I will be crying either tears of joy or sadness.” Had the sheriff’s deputy not caught his error, there’s a good chance the mix-up could have become national news in what has been an unprecedented freak show of an election. Hernandez expects emotions will continue to run high even after the Nov. 8 showdown between Trump and Hillary Clinton. As a gay man of Mexican descent, Hernandez says his support for Trump has cost him friendships in the queer community and then some. “It’s been a great journey, but it’s also been a messed-up one,” he says. “There’s one less birthday party I’ve been invited to and, I’m assuming even after this is over, one less Christmas party.”

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  1. I really feel for Mr Hernandez, I have been shut out many times by my oh so intolerant former liberal friends when they find out I’m a conservative. Looks like he has made some better ones.