Jim Brown Gets Applause for Jewish Stereotype at SJSU Event

Modern-day sports are a meritocracy. The best players play, regardless of skin color. But it wasn’t always that way, so on Tuesday some of the nation’s most hallowed sportsmen came together at Hammer Theatre to discuss how far the nation has come, and how far we still have to go. Hosted by San Jose State University, which announced the new Institute for the Study of Sport, Society and Social Change, the half-day event featured Harry Edwards—an SJSU alumnus and founder of the 1968 Olympic Project for Human Rights—convening a panel with football Hall of Famer Jim Brown, all-time NBA scoring leader Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, former 49ers players Anquan Boldin and Takeo Spikes, NBA and Fab Five alum Chris Webber and track and field gold medalist Tommie Smith, whose black-gloved fist changed the course of history and is commemorated on SJSU’s campus. In an enlightening, at times humorous, discussion on sports and society, Brown talked about his recent meeting with President Donald Trump—despite voting for Hillary Clinton—and the need to build bridges. Much of the discussion centered on 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling during the National Anthem, and how to take the next step from words to action—ironically, scant attention was paid to Kap suggesting voting is for suckers, or that the event didn’t include athletes or media who identify as Latino, Asian or LGBTQ. Abdul-Jabbar was insightful on athletes leveraging their newfound wealth into economic initiatives, but not everyone was so eloquent. Brown, in saying African Americans shouldn’t be “pigeon-holed” to stereotypes, suggested black people take a cue from another stereotype. “Sometimes you look at your culture and what it can do,” Brown said. “You look at the Jewish community and the principles they applied and look at the power they have.” The audience, hypnotized by the collective athletic achievements, inexplicably applauded the backhanded compliment.

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  1. The new Institute for the Study of Sport, Society and Social Change, oh boy, I can see a whole bunch of useless degree programs coming out of this. Where will graduates from these programs find work and careers — security guards, fast food and a host of other minimum wage, dead-end jobs.

    • Actually, a few panelists were alumni of the SJSU journalism school and this is a perfect opportunity for a young person to get into sports journalism. This is an institute, not a graduate program, so students would graduate with a BA in something related (business, journalism, kinesiology, etc.) and then add the sports component to it through the institute. Graduates could go on to run/manage a team, be a trainer, do PR for sports, or become an agent. They could also learn how to support professional athletes in their own activism as a consultant. Hardly minimum wage jobs, but go ahead and poo-poo something before you’ve seen ANY evidence. That seems to be what we do these days.

      • I have been reading (trolling, if you would like) your comments. Not knowing anything about you, what strikes me as strange, is that you seem to regard yourself as highly intelligent, and having the finger on the pulse of liberal ideology. A “Liberal Oracle” if you will.
        I find it very interesting that you justify an opposite viewpoint by illustrating your side with factoids and google snippets you cull from articles and reports you have read. Additionally, I find it strange that you mention diversity, fairness, protest….etc….and have no reference to white men. I sense some dislike there. Perhaps if you would heed some of your own advice, and take a look at the “diverse” world around you, you might find that some of the accomplishments, policies and creativity of white men would intrigue you, and maybe even inspire you. And perhaps help you to hate them a bit less.
        just an observation……….

  2. Amazing Fly,
    You people keep whining for a classless, colorless, sexless, penniless, equal outcome society, and then you print crap like this.

    Did I just miss something or was the last president Jewish?
    Is Colin Kaepernick a trans?
    Did katlin Jenner vote for Trump?

  3. “The best players play, regardless of skin color.”

    After selling the majority on the righteousness of making merit the determinative factor in sports, the culture-destroyers set about removing it from everything else. For a good example of this one need look no further than San Jose State, a university that today accepts students who would have never made the cut when it was a mere college, and offers remedial classes that were originally designed for the most marginal of junior college lunkheads.

  4. How is what he said a stereotype? He simply held up the JCCs and how they bring the Jewish community together under simple tenets and how they, as a group of people, look out for each other. This is a good thing. Why is any comment about Jewish people a stereotype? TAKE THE COMPLIMENT.

  5. How is what he said a “stereotype?” Your paper has really gone to hell. Get out of California and see the rest of the world. This paper is just angry because he doesn’t hate Trump

  6. “You look at the Jewish community and the principles they applied and look at the power they have.” — Jim Brown

    The explanation for the Fly’s displeasure requires the use of another stereotype, that being that Jews aggressively attack any suggestion they’ve accumulated a disproportionate degree of power (lest the goyim take notice and grow resentful of their hegemonic, tribalistic behavior). Of course, I disavow any claim to the validity of this awful stereotype (lest I be targeted for professional ruin as has been Alexander Solzhennitsyn, Norman Finkelstein, Senator Charles Percy, Congressman Pete McCloskey, Jimmy Carter, Joseph Sobran, Stephen Walt, Max Blumenthal, and countless decent and dedicated professionals).

  7. I am Jewish and do not believe what Brown said to be some backhanded insult. He said Jewish people got ahead by applying principles they had collectively learned, suggesting his community do the same.

    • The problem is that he pointed it out as a serotype, like all jews have big noses, or all blacks have big fat lips.
      Progressive/race baiters will always slam any commonality as racism and dismiss anything you have to say after
      that as racist. This was exactly the tactics and reason Hitler picked on the Jews, of course history forgets he treated other just as badly.

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