Ernie Konnyu Has Meltdown in Facebook Fight with Jim Cunneen

Memo to former congressman Ernie Konnyu: You might want to sit the next couple of plays out, champ. The 76-year-old Republican has been on a terrifying roll when it comes to making the people he likes look bad. Early last week Buzzfeed and others reported that Konnyu was recruiting the Tea Party to support Ro Khanna’s bid to defeat seven-term incumbent Mike Honda. Khanna’s camp immediately distanced itself from the effort while giving a “with friends like these …” shake of the head. Then, on Friday, Konnyu attacked the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce PAC for supporting Campbell Mayor Evan Low in his State Assembly race against former Saratoga mayor Chuck Page. Commenting on a post by fellow Republican and former Chamber CEO Jim Cunneen, Konnyu, who was voted out of office after he inappropriately commented on a staffer’s breast size, called it “sick” that the PAC would support “a liberal so left that he wants to change the law to allow blood donations by gays. This, even though the current law forbids it since such blood has a risk of transferring the deadly AIDS virus. Yes! Gay pride is worth more with Evan Low than our citizens’ lives.” Cunneen came to Low’s defense, advising Konnyu to count to 10 before posting in the future, while also dispelling the ignorant claim that gay blood—rather than blood donated by people who engage in risky behavior—increases the risk of transferring the disease. The FDA is currently reviewing its policy on banning blood donations from gay men. Konnyu responded in typical get-off-my-lawn fashion, noting Cunneen should shut it because, “I am wiser, more experienced, and a lot older than you.” He then went on to challenge Cunneen to a debate while using racially coded language by referring to Low as “your boy.” If that wasn’t enough, Konnyu also ironically scoffed at Cunneen having the gall to mention the late HP president and CEO David Packard in defending the Chamber PAC. “And you baselessly bring in a revered dead guy, David Packard, into the debate between you and I and claim you knew his mind?” Konnyu wrote. “I am afraid Jim you temporarily but totally lost your reasoning faculties!”

The Facebook exchange, some of which was captured with screenshots, has since been deleted. See a photo gallery below.—Editor

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    • I don’t know Lou, I think this is material for a good movie (at least one I’d watch) The title would be,

      A Rainbow Heart
      directed by m night shyamalan

      You have an old, retired, somewhat irrelevant to todays politics politician. He’s near death, on a donor list for a new heart. He’s sitting at his desk typing away. His eyelids are heavy, he starts breathing heavy, clutches his heart and slumps over his keyboard. You see “” and these comments on the screen.

      Screen wipes to Tahoe. There’s a man in a pink spandex suit racing down the hill on skis. Off in the distance you hear, “YOU LOOK FABULOUS!” Distracted by the comment, he turns his head, waves, turns back to see a tree in front of him. “FWAP!” the screen quickly fades to black.

      Screen goes back to the old man. Now he is on a hospital gurney.

      Post surgery, the old man starts having strange things happening to him. He was looking at a sears catalog for mens underwear, and he starts getting an erection. He goes to talk to his doctor.

      “Doc, I’ve been getting an erection”

      “That’s normal, you have a working heart after not having one for years”

      “But… I’m getting erections looking at men”

      “Maybe your problem wasn’t your heart”

      Meh, I gotta go back to work, but I think you can see where I’m going with this.

  1. I am a proud Democrat, but I hope Jim Cunneen runs for something so I could say I finally voted for a Republican. He is one of the most decent public servants that the Silicon Valley has ever had.

    Endorsing the person who defeated him was a classy move, but he has always put his constituents first regardless of the position he has been in.

  2. Ernie Konnyu has been irrelevant for many years. He was an ignoramus long ago and obviously still is. I have never been a fan of Evan Low from the time he ran for Campbell city council. However, Konnyu’s mind set is archaic and hateful. Not to mention unscientific. Jim Cunneen is a man of principles and a loyal friend of the Low family. He is not out of line supporting Mr. Low. Ernie Konnyu is out of line for voicing such a disgusting mindset.

  3. > Early last week Buzzfeed and others reported that Konnyu was recruiting the Tea Party to support Ro Khanna’s bid to defeat seven-term incumbent Mike Honda.

    You mean if I identify with the Tea Party, I can discredit and defeat Khanna or Honda by endorsing one of them?


    I think I may have already dis-endorsed both of them.

    I may have to swallow my pride and throw a John Kerry flip-flop: “I dis-endorsed Khanna/Honda before I endorsed Khanna/Honda.”

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