Beall, Nguyen, San Jose City Hall Take Big Wins in Primary Election

State Senator Jim Beall entered his Election Night party at the county Dem headquarters flanked by senate colleagues Ricardo Lara and President Pro Tem Kevin de Léon. In a small room decorated with campaign signs—from Hillary Clinton’s to San Jose city council candidates—a few-dozen attendees feasted on samosas, butter chicken, a triple-decker banana nut cake and cheap wine. As of Fly’s bedtime Beall had a massive lead over his chief opponent, Assemblywoman Nora Campos—he was just short of surpassing 50 percent as of last count—but the pair will have to do it all over again in the November runoff. Madison Nguyen partied at a Story Road pho joint with Viet pop singers and beauty queens, reveling in her state Assembly trouncing of Ash Kalra, who barely edged out Republican Van Le in early returns for a distant second-place spot. About 70 people met at The Plant to cheer on Kalra, who admitted it had been a trying race as his father dealt with health issues. San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo declared the evening “a great night” as the Measure B sales tax won and Measure C lost. The unlikely architect of the successful opposition to cannabis deregulation, former mayor Chuck Reed, wasn't chilling out in celebration with the city's big dispensary owners, however. Liccardo said he got a text from Reed saying he was on the road to Nevada. At last check Congressman Mike Honda barely led in the rematch against Ro Khanna, which could spell doom for the incumbent who’s been embroiled in a House ethics scandal. Khanna said he’ll miss fellow candidate Pierluigi Oliverio, who terms off the San Jose council this year. “Honda won’t debate me,” he said. “Pierluigi got much better blows in.” At the South Bay Labor Temple, the party fizzled well before the third round of results registered on the mind-numbingly sluggish Registrar of Voters website. But unlike years past, when Fly was ousted from the premises, new spokeswoman Dianna Zamora-Marroquin politely chitchatted at the door.

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly noted that Jim Beall could avoid a runoff by earning more than 50 percent of the vote. State legislative races have the top two candidates advance out of the primary regardless of the outcome. San Jose Inside regrets the error.

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  1. Just a minute. LARA AND DE LEON REPRESENT LOS ANGELES, RIGHT? So Jim Beall who thought Aaron Persky was a cool dude for judge, could not find anyone in San Jose to stand by him? Oh, Sylvia, the gal who did the Walgreens runs for Maggie when she was down on chilli cheese fritos, used an IE funded by Caudillo IE De Leon to get into second, is in. No one seems to care that LA now runs San Jose,

      • I think the business of the year idea is dumb no matter who it is. WINTEC, Beall backer, certainly would not get one. CITED FOR CAUSING THE DEATH OF EAGLES IN THE MID WEST. IBREDOLA, Beall business buddy, cited by GREENPEACE, as killing off the Amazon forest, would not get one.

        • Do you really take Nora seriously tho? I mean c’mon she is as corrupt as they come. The only reason why she is running is because she is term limited and just wants to have some position of power. She clearly hasnt thought this through

          • as to what specifically? BEALL gets money from a company who was fined for price fixing during our energy brownout in 2000.

  2. Wait a sec – I don’t believe that beall surpassing 50% means he avoids a runoff in general election…Like in Mike Honda’s case last year, I believe it is top-two for state offices regardless of if the leading vote getter percentage exceeds 50 pct or not.

  3. > But unlike years past, when Fly was ousted from the premises, new spokeswoman Dianna Zamora-Marroquin politely chitchatted at the door.

    Wait! Some of us missed this.

    Can you tell the story again? Names, dates, places, nature of acts performed.

    Don’t leave anything out.

    Was anyone kicked in the balls?

    • is San Jose Inside going to ever address that Sylvia spent nothing, and received from Deleon Mistress Carrasco over 27 grand in an Independent Expenditure from LA?

      • I too am perplexed at the success of Sylvia Arenas’s campaign. As a resident of District 8, it baffles me that she made it through to the run-off in November given the reach and long-term campaign efforts of other candidates in the District. She had absolutely no lawn signs in the neighborhoods, appeared in just one public candidate forum — at the Evergreen Community Center in April — and sent out mailers in just the final two weeks of the election cycle. I cannot comprehend how 4000+ voters made the decision to vote for a candidate who was not visible in the overall community and did not appear to be invested in the race like the other candidates.

  4. Ahh,
    The big news measure C failed, OMG! Frank Mockery was last seen spinning so fast the local space cadets thought a new pulsar had been born.

  5. The fraud Madison must NEVER be elected to represent us. She violated the Brown Act!! CRIMINAL!!!

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