Primary Election Turnout at 32%, Locally and across California

In the Primary Election that ended June 7, a total of 181,257 ballots were counted in Santa Clara County as of 11pm, just 18% of 1,001,791 registered voters in the county. By 5pm the next day, that total had increased to just 18.7%

Elections officials estimated that approximately 314,000 votes were cast in the primary countywide, and predicted voter participation at about 32%, which is similar to turnout percentages in previous gubernatorial primary years, despite new efforts to expand voter access and the presence of a number of contested local races.

The Elections Division reported on its website. that its estimates are based on estimated total ballots expected to be cast, including ballots that will be counted after Election Day. Results from polling places and early vote-by-mail ballots were counted on Election Night. Last-minute vote-by-mail ballots and provisional ballots are counted after Election Day. Officials cautioned that the actual number of ballots cast is not known until counting is completed.

The next local updates are to be reported after 5pm June 9.

Statewide, the Secretary of State reported early today that local elections officials have until July 8 to report final results to the state. The Secretary of State will certify the results on July 15. As of 3am Wednesday, state officials reported that the votes counted represented 16% of registered voters statewide. Statewide unofficial results are posted on the California Primary Election website.



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