Airport Director Taking Over Team San Jose’s CEO Role

Team San Jose announced Wednesday that Bill Sherry, Mineta-San Jose International Airport’s aviation director, will be its new CEO. 

Sherry has served as aviation director at Mineta for the past six years. He will continue in his role with the airport while also leading sales, marketing, and communications management for Team San Jose, which controls the city’s Convention Center and arts and entertainment venues.

He will receive a $6,000 raise and be paid $249,154 total for both jobs, the Mercury News reports. Team San Jose will reportedly pay $50,000 of that amount with non-city funds.

City manager Debra Figone and Mayor Chuck Reed both said the appointment was a natural pairing, as Sherry delivered the $1.4 billion renovation of Mineta airport on time and under budget. A $120 million renovation of the convention center is currently being proposed.

Sherry takes over a position that was vacated with Dan Fenton’s resignation in December. Fenton was heavily criticized for giving allowing the quasi-public entity to go $750,000 over budget.

Mineta has seen a 23 percent drop in overall traffic since the recession hit, the Silicon Valley Business Journal reports, but recent months have shown modest gains.

Josh Koehn is a former managing editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley.


  1. Please rename the airport to

    “The Useless POS Wasting 1000 Acres While Negatively Impacting San Jose Development And Quality of Life In Silicon Valley Airport”

  2. Every time San Jose airport comes up, the same 1-2 anti airport losers make the same lame unrealistic comments

    Get a life anti airport losers, what did you buy a cheap house next to airport and don’t like the noise

    San Jose airport will be where it is, years after you are gone  

    There is no way city has money to or will ever move airport and if you don’t like where airport is, move somewhere else

  3. Unbelievable!! The current airport director is now going to also head-up Team San Jose. Not only has he been unable to run a profitable airport—he blames every problem on the economy, on Oakland, on SFO, on the name of the airport, on the wage structure, etc., etc. It is always somebody else’s problem—never his.
    Now, he is also going to lead that sinking ship known as Team San Jose.
    He will continue to receive his $200,000 salary for doing less work at the airport and will also receive $50,000 from TSJ.
    And, the Council is apparently OK with this! We supposedly don’t have any money but this highly paid employee will be allowed to reduce his responsibilities for the same amount of money and collect even more money for another job.
    It is difficult to take this City seriously when they allow stunts like this.
    And, it appears through this maneuver the City will not look for a new convention center operator but will allow TSJ to be rewarded for their years of mismanagement and loss of city dollars.

  4. No one else knows as much about keeping things profit-less in San Jose.  SJC hasn’t made a dime since it’s inception… billion of dollars wasted!

  5. The debt service for the airport for FY2010-11 is $19.8 million. For FY2011-12 40.2 million and from there on it only gets worse.

    Question: Can the City of SJ maintain its debt service with reference to the airport?

    Another question: One serious idea being floated by the airport is to “contract out” Police and Fire Department services at the $1.3 Billion dollar airport to lower the “Cost per Enplanement (CPE)”, good or bad idea?

    As to TSJ…a perfect example of contracting out city services by an exceptionally inept San Jose Council and Mayor.  Everyone on the San Jose Council is a “card carrying member of the Dufi” on this one.


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