Race Takes Center Stage and Front Page

“Recession cranks up pressure on white men.”  So reads the subhead of a front page piece that appeared in the Aug. 23 edition of the Mercury News. According to Bay Area News Group reporters Mike Swift and Josh Richman, there seems to be something brewing in our nation’s “troubled soul.”

“Many say the tempest over health care has its origin in the new administration’s breathtaking pace of change and in the long-term social and demographic trends that helped put the nation’s first African-American president in the White House.”

Who are these “many?” The article doesn’t really say, but it does reference the Southern Poverty Law Center and columnist Patrick Buchanan.

Heidi Beiruch, director of research for the Southern Poverty Law Center states that the election of an African American president, “Has racialized the anti-government debate.” And from Buchanan, “There is an anger out there unseen since…1992.” (Anyone remotely familiar with the Southern Poverty Law Center and Patrick Buchanan knows that neither entity has ever been accused of advancing “middle of the road” political views).

The article rambles on…“Some say of the tension in the nation’s civil dialogue has something to do with fear about how immigration and time are remaking the nation’s population.” The article doesn’t identify the “some” who are “saying” this, other than to offer a comment by John Kenneth White, a scholar at Catholic University of America. “Those whites that you see at the health care meetings, that was really Ronald Reagan’s America…Reagan’s California exists today only on the commemorative license plate.”

Does race really have anything to do with the health care debate?  Why are battle lines always drawn in “black and white?”

The Mercury News piece cites the case of ex-Marine Jack Burke who went “toe-to-toe” with his congresswomen at a street fair in San Carlos: “It wasn’t just health care making him angry…it was Obama’s plan to limit global warming; it was the auto industry and all the other bailouts; and it was health care…‘I just feel the government is intruding in our lives,’ Burke said.”

Interestingly, the article never mentioned Mr. Burke’s ethnicity. Is it because the views that he expressed could come from anyone?


  1. Every time you disagree with one of the Chosen One’s budget-busting policies, the left avoids a discussion of the issue and accuses the dissenters as “racists.” This, after 8 years of hearing that “dissent is patriotic” every time some crackpot leftist shouted down a Republican. The issue at hand is excessive government meddling in the economy and sky-high budget deficits as far as the eye can see.

    Racism? Everybody screams about the guy with a gun at the protester carrying a rifle outside a building where the President was speaking. Guess what, the guy was black:

    So much for the angry white guy.

    And the story never told is the black guy roughed up by union goons in St. Louis. Why does the media hush this one up?

    No, the leftists are on the wrong side of public opinion, so they have to change the subject, playing the race card.

  2. How desperate must a reporter be to stoop to citing anyone from the Southern Poverty Law Center, the racism-to-riches fundraising machine founded by mail order huckster Morris Dees, the Billy Mays of the let’s-get-those-white-Christians biz. Those SPLC folks best be careful sharing their frightening observations about white America, what with the newspapers, desperate for a product to sell, horning in again on the market.

    White anger, white resentment, white fear, white flight—in the news daily, never as a factual report of what is, but always dressed up to appear that way. Angry people, of whatever race, naturally share their anger with the people in their lives, but watch out if too many of those people are white, because it then becomes frightening and newsworthy. Blacks can assemble, as our own president did every Sunday for many years, and revere the spewing of anger, resentment, and race hatred, without attracting the least bit of attention from the news media. Same for Hispanics, so free in this “land of the free” that they can preach their brown-skin agenda under the openly racist banner of “La Raza.” Gays, Asians, Native Americans—you name the minority, all free to participate as individuals in, and take advantage of, our political process free from scrutiny and criticism.

    But for white America the rules are different. Spout hate and the FBI will arrive with orders to shoot-to-kill, the media with an agenda, and Morris Dees with a civil case against the survivors. Protest loudly because you fear for yourself and your country and you’re condemned as a fearful hater. Protest quietly and risk assault from “freedom-loving” college punks. Vote your conscious, no matter what it is, and watch your best intentions get spun. There is no way win, so most play it safe and protect their reputations and careers by keeping their opinions to themselves, thereby allowing the public debate to become even more lopsided.

    Think about what is going on, as with each vote cast, concern raised, or opinion uttered by a white person, a reporter is there to jump in and raise suspicion and recklessly speculate about underlying motives, values, character, and decency. This is racism in reporting, race-baiting in publishing, and race-profiting as a business strategy. It is a campaign of disenfranchisement, one of insidious design, intended to defame and suppress the fiercest defenders of American traditions—such as those balking at the socialist encroachment, and so overload do-gooder white America with Original Guilt, insecurity, and political angst as to neutralize it as a political force. There is nothing honest about politics of this type, nothing honorable in its intent, and nothing good for America.

    It is politics of the type against which our Founders would revolt… and would expect us to do the same.

  3. Just curious… whatever happened to that sh*t-disturber guy, Raj?  He seems to have disappeared from the SJI landscape, yet I don’t miss him one bit.

  4. In the category of shameless stereotypers and marginilizers of white males, Mick Swift is among the more egregious, but even he can’t hold a candle to another Merc “journalist”, Mike Cassidy.

    In his 8/21 editorial, “Town Hall Protesters Are Drowning Out Legitimate Public Debate”, Cassidy demonstrates that it is the Left in this country who have failed to learn the true lessons of history regarding discrimination.
    So obsessed is he with being vigilant for instances of persecution BY white males, so effective has been his indoctrination, that he is now oblivious to and complicit in the blatant discrimination AGAINST them.

    To Cassidy, the simple yet profound lesson from the Holocaust- Never Again- would simplemindedly be interpreted to mean “Watch Out For White Supremacists”.
    So focused is he in one particular direction that he might not see it if arocities were being committed against a group that didn’t fit one of his predetermined categories as worthy of protection.
    Turn around, Cassidy. Look behind you!

  5. You’re right, Turkster.
    I guess it’s impossible for a white male to be unfairly treated. We should all just be made to shut up.
    Say, whatever did happen to Novice anyway? One day he was here and then he was just…gone.

  6. Of course it’s not impossible. I was bullied around and called “fucking white boy” in my 7th grade PE class. Life went on. I know when I’m actually being singled out or when someone of skin tone and gender identification is making a scene. I don’t like when any particular group overemphasizes the issue of race so I respond by not doing such when mine is called out.

    • Yes. I like your thinking.
      So from now on we should ignore the substance of all your longwinded objections to Prop 8 and simply dismiss them as the rantings of a guy just “making a scene”.

      • So we white men have been denied some sort of right or just prodded by a shitty, dying newspaper? I’m not surprised you can’t see a difference. Go back to yelling at the kids on your lawn.