Op-Ed: Donald Trump Unmasks Himself as a White Supremacist

The fraud in the White House failed to come out strong against white supremacists for one simple reason—he is, in fact, their leader.

Lost in our national dialogue post-Charlottesville are other facts many in the media refuse to repeat. First, Donald Trump is a racist. Second, he rose to power on the strength of the racism that still exists in America. Third, the Trump regime is full of open racists such at White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, who cultivated the alt-right (see neo-Nazis) during his time with Breitbart. One could argue he controls the white supremacist street gangs that descended on Charlottesville.

Bannon serves as a modern day Ernst Rohm, who Adolph Hitler finally had to eliminate because of his increasing power within the Nazi organization. Hitler was the supreme leader, but Rohm controlled the street gangs—that is until the Night of the Long Knives, when at least 85 people were murdered. Some estimates reach as high as 400.

Despite Trump’s hyperbolic statements about “loyalty” and “enemies,” for now such an option seems unlikely under Trump.

The simple fact is that we, the majority, are at war with racists, misogynists and purveyors of alternative facts. They have been allowed to come out of the shadows because of the perceived success of Trump.

His people are the minority in this country, once thought to be on the verge of extinction. These racists have been empowered by Trump’s rhetoric, as well as the things he refuses to say. White supremacists do not represent the hopes, aspirations and values of real Americans. But they are in power due to an anomaly in the Constitution that was created by, and for, racists.

The Electoral College purposely gave Southern whites more power to determine the executive branch, which is just one reason why 12 of our first 14 Presidents owned slaves. Only the Adams family (father and son) did not—and John Quincy Adams was not elected by a majority vote either.

But the fact remains, America is again at war with racists—the real enemy in our country. We must stand up and push back against these white supremacists, especially their leader Donald Trump. These people must be removed from power. Otherwise, we are lost and the battle will be bloody.

Author update: This was written before yesterday's press conference, but that dumpster fire of a communications nightmare confirmed all that is referenced above. The fraud compared George Washington to Robert E. Lee, and Thomas Jefferson to Stonewall Jackson. Confederates are traitors to our values, not founders of our country. We know the enemy and he has unveiled himself for all to see.

Rich Robinson is an attorney and political consultant in Silicon Valley. Opinions are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of San Jose Inside.


  1. While we’re working at “Getting rid of things that offend us” Can we get rid of that Quetzalcoatl statue in Chavez park? It is a symbol of oligarchy as the wealthy and powerful rulers and priests performed human sacrifice to Quetzalcoatl.

    • RC, you are 0-2 on your comments this week. Please try to stay focused on the issue at hand instead of interjecting with your nonsense?

      • I’m not seeking your approval. Who are you to me other than an anon poster on SJI? Nobody to me, that’s who.

      • Are actual facts inconvenient to you?

        There is just as much hate and violence coming from both sides of the political aisle right now.

        • Agreed Tom. I like to make the point that if this was my kids fighting, I would have to send them both to time out.

    • Zeig heil,Hair Furor ! Why do you think that Hillary Clinton called these Trump supporters “deplorables” ? Because that’s exactly who they are & exactly who he always has been. In fact deplorable is a charitable description for his ignorant,inbred,intolerant supporters. His father Fred Trump was arrested at a KKK rally in Queens in 1927 & they were both accused of housing discrimination for systematically excluding minorities from their buildings by the Feds in the 1970’s. Much like the Trump University fiasco they feigned their innocence & then settled & paid a colossal penalty without admitting guilt. His racist supporters knew who he was & he duped millions of voters too stupid to know any better into propelling him into power. Now that he’s outed himself publically we all know what we need to be do,the only question is how to do it & how soon can it be done ? I’d like to open a Tiki Torch concession stand in front of the White House & I’ll bet I’d sell thousands of them every week. He needs to be run out of Washington DC & go into hiding for his own safety. Trump is a pariah & it’s time for him to go,although wherever he goes he’ll never be able to escape the wrath of the vast majority of the American people !

      • > His father Fred Trump was arrested at a KKK rally in Queens in 1927

        Fake news.

        Prove it.

        But Margaret Sanger DID speak to a KKK rally in 1926.

        “Margaret Sanger gives a detailed account of her well-received 1926 speech to the Ku Klux Klan in her autobiography. Sanger’s open admission to speaking at a KKK rally has not stopped leftists from trying to deny it happened. Thanks to scholars like Dr. Paul Kengor, a university professor, and Arina Grossu at the Washington Times, the Margaret Sanger KKK Planned Parenthood connection has received greater attention in recent years – despite Google’s attempt to rank their research low in Margaret Sanger KKK queries.”

        And, of course, WE ALL KNOW that Hillary Rodham Clinton was given the Margaret Sanger Award in 2009.


        Connect the dots.

        • Fred Trump’s arrest at a KKK rally in 1927 in Queens,New York & his distain for people of color are both well documented facts & public records. You can easily find a mention of his arrest in his bio on Wikipedia & a photocopy of his booking sheet & a newspaper account by Googling his name. Margaret Sanger once addressed a meeting of KKK women in New Jersey,although experts have concluded that photos purportedly taken at the event are fakes. While in retrospect this appearance reflects poorly upon her today,the Klan was a force in the Democratic Party at the time. An early advocate of women’s reproductive rights & founder of Planned Parenthood,she has been maligned by anti-abortion groups (ironically abortion “Roe vs Wade” was still illegal when she died) & right-wing social conservatives.

          The Washington Times (founded & owned by Unification Church founder Sun Myung Moon of Moonies fame) has a conservative bias & agenda much like Breitbart,Fox News,Limbaugh & Hannity. Full of lies,half-truths,conspiracy theories & unsubstantiated opinions presented as facts,these folks are the originators of “fake news”. Anyone with a modicum of common sense knows the difference between these purveyors of political propaganda & the revered & respected voices of the mainstream media. Donald Trump has a lot of gall (he’s sorely lacking anything else) to call those who refuse to laud him or sing his praises “fake news” as these people are just doing what actual journalists do. To call Trump disingenuous would be an understatement of epic proportions,you literally can’t believe a word he says. And that goes double for anything uttered by his dwindling dimwitted supporters.

          • “the revered & respected voices of the mainstream media.”

            In the running for the craziest opinion ever posted on SJI.

          • > the Klan was a force in the Democratic Party at the time

            You said it!

            > To call Trump disingenuous would be an understatement of epic proportions,you literally can’t believe a word he says.

            Can I believe Trump when he says “and” or “the”?

          • Ima Dawn:

            You seem exceedingly perceptive and well informed.

            Where would you put yourself on the following list of most intelligent people of all time?

            Rene Descarte
            Isaac Newton
            Albert Einstein
            Stephen Hawking
            Leonardo DaVinci
            Johann Goethe
            Galileo Galilei
            Gottfried Leibnitz
            Nikola Tesla
            William Shakespeare
            Banana slug
            Joe Biden
            Pet Rock

  2. What nonsense. What your crying about is the curing of the illegal immigrant cancer he getting rid of, the Welfare cut off, food stamp cut off, Medicaid cut off, disability cut off and the strong possibility that you will have to pay back your college loans after getting your degree in Basket Weaving and of course living under the rule of law. The idiots on the left have the nerve to say that they can certify anyone as a none ! st Amendment Protectee. Once they can claim them as criminals they can pick up sticks and stones and attack them because they have determined that THEY are not fit to be Americans. Well the far right considers you to be sexual deviates, dopers and free loaders and that you have no rights. Without the rule of law the guys with more guns rocks and sticks can take over. REALLY, is that the way you want it, well you will lose big time because the majority of America is white and well armed. The 1 st Amendment protects everyone no matter how discusting their words are but you don’t believe that you think revolution will produce free bees for you. What you will get is Martial Law and if you perform revolution and disable this country you will have Chiese Soldiers living in your house and Russians on the East Coast.

  3. Treason Mr. Robinson.
    All those first slave owning President seem to be Democrats like yourself .Got any illegals working under the table for you Rich? Do you pay union wages for you plumber and vegetables or is it the cheapest you can get. Those illegals are today’s slaves. Do you bid for them with Sanctuary Cities, and States? Why yes you do Mr. Trator.
    Trump is trying to end that cycle of modernday slavery, and it’s cheap democrats like you and you ancestry that keep that cheap slavery going. So what shall it be Mr. Treason , hanging or firing squad?

    • Get off the partisanship. Democrats in 1860 would have been Republican. Trump doesn’t pay his workers, his contractors, he defrauds students, has sex with underage teens and doesn’t care. . .he’s playing this nation for fools; which appears to be very easy for his minority base of racist, misogynist, morons who support him.

      • You are a true hater Rich. You should step back and see that the Hate you espouse is as bad as the you deride.
        To me, you are the same Hate you are railing against. “Cant we all just get along?”

        • Yes, I hate Nazis, KKK and White Supremacists. Guilty as charged. . .Nazis want to get along? Really? That’s their goal, the peaceful protesters wear brown shirts? Really?

          • So now that we have established (on your own admission) that you are a Hater, perhaps we can also agree that Hate is the problem, not the solution. That Hate should not be tolerated anywhere we find it…. Can we agree on that?

          • > BTW: Don’t all Americans hate Nazis? I thought that was a given. . . .

            Essentially, TRUE!

            Which is why the Left’s bogus narratives about “neo-Nazi’s” under the bed and around every corner are so lacking in credibility.

            Americans hated Nazi’s after WW II, and there were essentially NO Nazis’, neo or otherwise in the U.S. German American farmers painted their cows red white and blue to prove how loyal and patriotic they were.

            Many of the stories about “neo-Nazis” or the “American Nazi Party” proved to be wartime or postwar paranoia or false flags.

            Just like today, there were political interests (e.g., the ACLU) that WANTED there to be Nazi’s for their nefarious purposes.

            And likewise, MANY of the alarming news stories about “swastika painting” incidents prove to be false flags or Munchausen syndrome.


          • >SJOTB says: “Many of the stories about “neo-Nazis” or the “American Nazi Party” proved to be wartime or postwar paranoia or false flags.”

            By the way Rich: speaking of “false flags”, do you have any knowledge of any “false flag” incidents that may have been perpetrated locally? Hmmm?

            When? Where? Who was involved? What did they do? Who knew about it? Who benefited? Who was held accountable? Who escaped accountability?

      • You are really full of the dreaded “Fake News” syndrome.
        If you can’t handle the facts just make up your own, the snowflakes will believe anything you sugar coat.
        If you can’t handle the facts, just talk louder than your opponent.
        If you can’t handle the facts, just start insulting people and use derogatory language.

      • But Rich,
        Everything you accuse Trump of Bill Clinton proudly did , till he got cought and then all of you circle the wagons and blamed Republicans.

        Democrats in 1840 were the same democrats in 1860, 1870, 1880, 1890,1900 and 1910, 1920, Upheld lynching party platform,1930, 1940 in 1942 the racist claws really came out and they locked up hundreds of thousands of Japanese, German and Italian, Americans, kept the military segregated, 1950- 1960 separate but equal, standing in school doors way, sitting in the backs of busses, dogs and fire hoses. I was there Rich, I saw what you are denying going on, I saw the riots, and I saw who the perpetrators were. I also saw who sent in the troups to open the schools restore the voting rights, tear down the colored signs that took people from both parties and a determined reverend with vision, that is not what’s happening today. Divide, insult, and conquer,
        put everyone in a box and tell them what to think. That’s the doings of democrats and revisionist history and tearing down statues can not erase the history of the democratic party.

        I have a better idea Rich if you hate your past so much change the name of your party let’s call your party what what it truthfully represents Marxism, Totalitarianism, Communism pick one rich and proudly wear it around your neck. How a about the the Hate Party Rich, go ahead lie to me tell me you don’t hate anyone!

        • Squirrel. Your false equivalence is crazy. It’s like you are in the third grade, yeah we grabbed genitals–but, hey, Billy did it too? Besides Billy is not in power–but your constant lying about Hillary worked and now we got this monster of a dumpster fire.

          Further, we are not in the 1960s anymore, it was the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that began to change things dramatically–but we still have a long way to go. Jim Crow lasted for over 100 years–regardless of party. Do you really think today’s KKK, Neo-Nazi, Trump supporters would have supported Lincoln? That is just f*&king mindless–party labels don’t mean anything from the past. Yes, Democrats made some mistakes–but the party of Williams Jenning Bryant doesn’t exist as it once did–and nobody recognizes the modern day GOP as the party of Lincoln–he would have be drummed out, just as all other moderates have been–your goddamn propagandist is National Enquirer and Breitbart. Ignorance beyond belief.

          I love it when you-all are not the haters, yet it is you who carry torches, sing Worsel Songs and shout racist and anti-semitic chants. You hate minorities, you hate civil rights, you hate social justice–but when we hate Nazis–we are the haters. It is a complete false equivalence and you know it.

          Finally, you want to blame Antifa and say they are an equivalent hate group. The defend against Anti-fascists–it’s in the name. They are against White Supremacy groups–sort of like the Combined Allied Forces in World War 2. What is wrong with you people?

          • Antiifa, A love group! Really Rich you’re spitting in my face and telling me it’s raining.
            This is a Brown shirt group right out or Socialist 1930s Europe. You must think we are all blind too. This is the most vile group I have seen in this country in my lifetime and should be rounded up charged under RICO and sedition laws, and the people that pay for that behaviour. Maybe you alone with it!

    • I know facts don’t matter to those bashing Richard for his column, but no, the founding fathers were not Democrats. In fact, parties didn’t even exist when George Washington was elected. He warned in his farewell address against political parties. The parties that did emerge were called the Federalist Party (Hamilton) and the Democratic-Republican Party (Jefferson). So tell me, was Jefferson a Democrat or a Republican? Neither, as the parties have evolved and changed quite a bit in over 200 years. In fact, if you read the platforms of the parties in 1800, the Federalists were more aligned with the Democratic Party of today. The Democratic-Republicans were against federal involvement in much of the public sphere, hoping to leave things to the states. Sounds more like the Republican Party of today.

        • Technically, Jefferson was a Democrat-Republican. But, who cares, the simple truth is who was liberal for their time, Washington was a revolutionary, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe were on the left, Hamilton, Adams, Washington were on the right–they wanted the stronger National Government–which meant the Military, national infrastructure, national taxation as there was NO other federal government at the time. Speaking of those fellows today is not useful.

          Lincoln was a liberal. The Republican and Democratic Party flipped allegiances in the 20th Century. The Republicans became anti-Civil Rights, anti-Progressive and Democrats became the party of those who had been oppressed. This is not 1860–labels mean nothing.

          In the final analysis, Neo-Nazis, the KKK, and White Supremacy belong on the trash-heap of history–along with communism, fascism. That we still have these people in our country is an embarrassment–that the FRAUD would tacitly condone the racism, the Confederacy, the hate is beyond absurd for any real American. BTW: I don’t just name call—people who voted for the FRAUD voted openly for his racism, his misogyny, and his lying. He did not hide who he was and everyone knew it. So if you voted for him you are a racist, misogynist liar. . .it is simple logic–not “name-calling”. You may not like it; but truth is not always positive and no one can deny they didn’t know who he was when they voted for him. Facts are stubborn things.

          • Rich, Lincoln was a liberal in the classical sense, not in the pejorative sense – which is how it is used today. Today’s liberal is the Democratic Party liberal – the party of more and bigger government, more and deeper government intrusion into who people live their lives, the party of higher taxation and more redistribution – all things that the classical ‘liberal’ someone like Lincoln and the Republican Party of the day would have opposed in their day. The Republican Party was the party of Lincoln, which came into existence largely to oppose the Southern Democrats and slavery. After the Civil War, the Democratic Party CREATED the KKK as its militant wing and it supported the KKK through the civil rights movement. The Democratic Party fought the civil rights movement tooth and nail, almost universally, among the professional political class. FDR and Woodrow Wilson – lionized by the Democratic Party – were both, clearly racist (and, presumably Eleanor Roosevelt was as well, since one might argue that she was the power behind the President when FDR became, essentially, incapacitated.) Today’s Democrat Party has never denounced KKK member Robert Byrd. Today’s Democrat Party lionizes Margaret Sanger despite her obvious, documentable racism and support for both *actual* Nazis and for the KKK.

            And, as for the rest, Rich, what you are engaging in is nothing more – or less – than demonizing the opposition. There is no point in which you have engaged in a meaningful debate based on facts. You’ve even gone to the extent of gross oversimplification of the positions taken by the Founders and Framers. I can’t tell if this is a willful deception on your part depending upon the (likely) ignorance of many potential readers/allies on the subject of what the various Founders/Framers stood for, believed and advocated or if you are speaking from your own ignorance on the matter. But identifying Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe as ‘on the left’ (read ‘on your side of the debate’) is a gross mischaracterization, and the reality is that if making such a characterization requires either serious ignorance on the topic or willful deception. Regardless, it’s not quality debate.

            Moreover, Republicans have NEVER been anti-civil rights. They were the ones who jammed the civil rights act down the throats of pretty much every Democrat/Liberal in Congress. And, most Republicans/Conservatives would take your accusation of being anti-Progressive and shrug. Why? Because genuine conservatives have serious and meaningful disagreements with progressivism as a philosophy. And rather than debate the merits of the disagreements, you demonize them for it. And, since when have the Democrat party or Progressives been the advocates of the oppressed? I would submit to you that Democrats/Progressives have simply changed the flavor of the oppression and bigotry.

            For example: their lockstep advocacy for race based affirmative action which, if distilled down to the basics says this: “We think certain groups (minorities, and particularly Blacks and ‘Hispanics’ ought to be admitted to institutions of higher learning even if their scholastic achievements are not commensurate with their peer of other socio-ethnic backgrounds’. In other words, ‘we think that these groups are *incapable* of achieving the same levels of scholastic achievement as the others, and so, we should, in part, dismiss merit-based college entry.’

            Conservatives, on the other hand, have largely said, ‘We think race, alone, has no bearing on scholastic achievement and aptitude and that these certain minorities should be held to *the same* standards as everyone else because, all else being equal, they CAN achieve these same standards.

            And that’s just one example.

  4. What a croc of utterly pure BS. Rich Robinson YOU and your communist knee-jerk party line adherents are the reason there is no dialogue, no harmony in this country. I’m so glad to be getting out of this communist state of CA and back to the REAL America where people have values and talk TO their neighbors, not DOWN at them.

  5. One of the things the Nazis did was rob Jews of consideration of nationality. If a Jewish woman married a German, she was called out as claiming German status. Sort of like a guy sending out a mailer characterizing a woman using her husband’s Asian name as a phony. Sort of an example of hate speech

    • > One of the things the Nazis did was rob Jews of consideration of nationality.

      Not quite sure what your point is.

      Are you trying to say that it was a bad thing that Jews were considered Germans in Germany?

      In the Soviet Union, Jews WERE considered a NATIONALITY. That’s what their identity papers said.

      Would you identify Albert Einstein as a “German-American” or a “Jewish-American”?

      Jewish “activists” complained when Einstein was listed among notable German Americans.

  6. Rich has,a point about Rohm, no one so porcine looking or thinkibg as Rohm or Bannon should be allowed in government, influencing government, or writing about government as we see here.

    • The Fraud is a master at telling lie after lie. Koolaid? You people are uneducated morons–anyone who voted for this miscreant is unAmerican. . .because you knew what you were voting for. . .

  7. On the other hand, Robinson does have a point. One South Bay council member actively attacked her opponent, a naturalized citizen, for being connected to Muslim Brotherhood. This was a lie, but she got away with it, due to her ties to incumbents. Imagine in Silicon Valley, with such diversity, racism can be accepted even by cultural event planners.

  8. I suppose with all this political correctness, tiering down monuments to southern democrat war hero’s let’s take a look at some of the more prominent racist of our time. Start with the most popular Franklin Delano Roosevelt. This is the guy that threw the entire population of Japanese Americans into Concentration Camps approved by Congress and the Senate and up held by the almighty Supreme Court. To be fair they hauled off some Germans and Italian too. All run by democrats, tear down those monuments, rename the buildings, bridges, highways, and schools . Please no more FDR name of shame on things. Shame on all democrats that did that.

    Let’s look at a few more democrat hero’s, Robert Byrd, Hillary’s faithful mentor and leader of the West Virginia KKK. Take him and his name down please he should surely should have offended everyone alive today. How about Jay William Fulbright, Al Gore Senior, George Wallace, all celebrated democrats, all racist. Hypocrisy should be the name of this racist party and communist now running. Don’t forget the supreme court members that upheld Dread Scott and Jim Crow.
    Yup all democrats. Shame, and now you want to transplant that racist gilt to the people that opposite it.

    Now next time the election rolls around Hillarys a little bit Jewish, her grandmother’s second husband was Jewish, and Pocahontas is 1/32 American Indian has wide cheek bones and cheated on her college entrance papers to misuse affirmative action, but hey it’s OK as long as they are democrats.

    • There is a difference between an American and a Confederate, racist, traitor. Not all Americans we celebrate are perfect. . .but they should be Americans. The traitors of this country should not be honored, their flag is racist, their symbols and monuments glorify secession and the greatest crime of our nation’s history. Don’t equate all imperfections of past leaders with treason–it is, like all Neo-Nazi propaganda a false equivalence.

      • Rich, your comments are grossly simplistic and misleading. You ignore the fact that it was a black man – Anthony Johnson – who was the first legal slave owner in the colonies. He actually went to court to fight for the right to not have to free his indentured servants after their period if service was done. You ignore the fact that *Black* African tribes attacked other tribes, committed atrocities against them and enslaved their conquests. You ignore that Muslims did the same thing in Northern Africa (not to mention that more or less the same things routinely occur in Africa and the Middle East today). You ignore the fact that when these ‘slaves’ were sold in the US, it was actually as indentured servants, who would be freed after a defined period of time. Not that the it makes what happened to them in the first place any better, but again, the totality if facts is important.

        Furthermore, you ignore the fact that, in addition to Whites, blacks and Native Americans also owned slaves and that, in addition to blacks, Whites and Native Americans were also slaves. In fact, like African tribes, Native Americans had been enslaving members of conquered tribes long before Europeans had discovered the Western Hemisphere.

        The modern narrative of slavery is blatantly misleading, and this lack of nuance and full disclosure only serves to perpetuate the deception of slavery as a singular and mono directional expression of racism. The reality, in full, paints a very different picture.

      • Rich Robinson’s strawman arguments (“false equivalence”) are simply an excuse for his psychotic hatred.

  9. July 7, 2016, a New Black Panther Party (NBPP) supporter guns down five cops and our president at the time said: “Anyone involved in the senseless murders will be held fully accountable”.

    Rich Robinson’s Op-Ed Title: “____________________________________________________”

    • Bingo. And responsible for two more LEO murders in Philly.


      Here’s the thing folks, this has been in the planning for a long time.

      The far left has been attempting to relabel anything they disagree with, especially white conservatives, as not wrong, or misguided; but rather the heart of pure evil.

      This is also why there has been a recent push to try and redefine free speech as not including something they call “Hate Speech” (a term that legally doesn’t exist and has already been deemed protected under the constitution by the SCOTUS) http://thefederalist.com/2017/04/20/sorry-college-kids-theres-no-thing-hate-speech/

      Therefore – they can ban, reduce, destroy any opposing opinion as simply “hate speech”.

      Dislike single payer health care – “racist!”, don’t like illegal immigration – “Klansman!”….

      People. Free speech is all speech – ESPECIALLY if you don’t like it.

      • Free speech is not “equal” speech–though the neo-Nazi narrative would have you believe this false equivalence. If you engage in hate speech, though free, you can expect it to be literally shouted down by others whose free speech matters more and whose message resonates with the majority of Americans. You are racist if you vote for an openly racist candidate–which appears to be what you have done.

        • Rich, free speech is, by definition ‘equal’ speech. Each person has the right to speak their mind and, just as importantly, choose to whom they want to listen. This is true for EVERY side of a debate. The problem I have, here, is the willy-nilly distribution of the label ‘hate speech’. Too many people – you included – seem to define ‘hate speech’ as that speech with which you disagree. And, even when it is truly speech which expresses a genuine hatred for another person or group of people, it is still protected speech. And everyone has the Constitutional right not only to say such things but to choose to listen to them.

          What people DO NOT enjoy is the right to PREvENT others from speaking their mind or listening to others as their conscience dictates.

          Hypothetically putting the shoe on the other foot, this is the equivalent of people telling you, Rich Robinson, that you do NOT enjoy the freedom to go to a rally for the democratic candidate of your choice or shouting down YOUR candidate at said rally.

          Free speech isn’t actually free speech when arbitrary limits are imposed upon it by third parties.

  10. Rich, please try to use some critical thinking before publishing another article. This is utter trash and published with the sole purpose of seeding hate. Rich Robinson you are promulgating hate, please stop.

  11. So, Rich, I will note in your permanent record that you are “pro malice and anti charity”. Correct? And, can we go so far as to also say that you are anti Abraham Lincoln?

    Question for Jennifer:

    Is there anything in SJI’s Comments Policy that prohibits malice? Or is malice permissible”

    If SJI allows malice, are there any limits on what kind of malice is allowed? Can it be both general malice and specific malice?

    If, for example, Rich Robinson chooses to have malice against white southerners, the white working class, young white males, or just whites in general, is that permissible?


    • lol; Malice towards Nazis is ok by me. Charity toward White Supremacists–not by me. They are a repulsive philosophy–that we are still dealing with them in the United States of America after their failed attempt to rule the world in the 20th Century is beyond reason. Every American needs to reject these people, yes they can march, but their hateful goals will be answered by the majority that it is repugnant and is in opposition to everything this nation values.

      • So Rich,
        I guess you would be against any supremacist group running the world, Like the UN, Communism,
        Muslim Caliphates, ISIS, Larasa, Nazis, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, everyone should have a separate but equal safe zone, right? Like States rights?

      • > . . . will be answered . . .

        Will be answered HOW? With a baseball bat?

        You’re a trained attorney attorney, Rich. Correct? You’re articulate. Correct? You get paid money for saying things for other people. Correct?

        Could you be a little more definitive? How will the “majority” that you speak for “answer” those whom you admit “can march”?

        It sounds like you’re saying that “can march” but they “really can’t march (wink, wink)”.

        More truth. Less sophistry. Say what you really mean.

  12. Rich,

    Thanks for having the guts to tell the truth. So sad that we’re now a country run by some of the most “emotionally challenged egos ever to occupy the White House and represent us in Congress”!!! They have stirred up individual’s “masked bigotry and hatred” to dangerous levels. God help America but God Bless you for telling it like it is!

    • > So sad that we’re now a country run by some of the most “emotionally challenged egos ever to occupy the White House and represent us in Congress”!!!

      The current occupants of the White House and Congress were decided by Constitutional process.

      Do you and Rich have a better idea?

      What is your “better idea”? Monarchy? Theocracy? Shamanism? Populist Dictatorship? Cult of Personality?

  13. Lot of hate in the comments on both sides of this Op-Ed piece. Maybe that was the intent of the author. What a pity! The call to tear down 100 year old monuments by simple minded politicians is a new low for this country. Perhaps educating folks on U.S. history would be a better solution. Oh well…. Get onboard the media pushed band wagon of hate.

    • He is undoubtedly sowing hate with this article, that was his goal when he wrote it. Why does either side of the spectrum put up with this kind of utter garbage meant do divide? And who even allows this trash to see the light of day? The true haters it seems….

        • Really, you-all want kumbaya with the Nazis? Do you remember how that turned out last time? These people are evil. . .what don’t people get about that simple fact?

          • If you are truly against Hate, why are you so hateful? Or are you selective in your hate?
            If people are not like you then you Hate them? Do you hate ALL Muslims because of the acts of a few in say Nice’? Where does the hate end in your world? When everyone thinks like you?

          • Really, Rich, you act as if you don’t understand this? It’s not that anyone is advocating for Nazis or the philosophies of the National Socialist Worker’s Party. It’s that the left seems to reflexively call ANYONE who opposes them a Nazi.

            Here’s how the debate goes, when you distill it down to the basics:

            Conservative: “I think ‘X’ policy is bad, and for the following reasons.”
            Liberal (Rich, for example): ‘You’re wrong. That’s bad think. And if you think that, you’re a Nazi!” [Mic drop. Walk away.]

            Aren’t liberals capable of more substantial debate than the default ad hominem attacks?

            I swear: debating with liberals lately has become like trying to play chess with a pigeon. The pigeon doesn’t care about the rules or formalities of a civilized game. They knock over all the pieces, crap all over the board, strut around like they won, then fly off.

        • The problem with what you are doing Rich is just like those Nazis you hate so much you paint everyone that you disagree with, with the same brush. So to make everything black and white you and all your Antifa anarchist would kill all of us for your commi caliphate, to make your Stalinist dream come true. Does that brush fit your dream?

        • > What is wrong with hating Nazis?


          Nothing wrong with hating National Socialists. I’m all for hating socialists, nationalist or internationalist.

          By the way, what’s your opinion on international socialists? Hate? Don’t hate?

          I would be curious to hear your explanation of where “Nazis” actually came from. Did they just pop out of the white/germanic genome? Do all germanic/northern European/”white” people have a Nazi gene?

          Should the United Nations end nazism and racism and white supremacism by putting chemicals in the drinking water that will sterilize Germans, as was proposed prior to World War II?


          Germany Must Perish!

  14. Rich Robinson writes: “The simple fact is that we, the majority, are at war with racists, misogynists and purveyors of alternative facts. They have been allowed to come out of the shadows because of the perceived success of Trump.”

    If the majority is at war why does it seem that America is engaged in business as usual everywhere except the few places spoiled by the stench of the news media and subversives such as yourself? Doesn’t look much like war on Wall Street, or on the Las Vegas strip, or at Apple Computer’s construction site. Am I missing something or do you, Mr. Robinson, need some professional help?

    Where are the racists with whom you are battling? Are they dug in, armed and ready, in Oakland, or Richmond, or the Bay View District? Or are they anti-Semites, ready to ambush diversity-embracing Jews in all those neighborhoods that have that safe kind of diversity not found in Oakland, Richmond, and the Bay View?

    How do you go about identifying your misogynist enemies? Unless they come with horns I think you’re going to have a problem. Besides, I doubt that you or any of your war party have the kind of courage necessary to pick a fight in those places misogynists might gather, but if you do, let me know and I’ll give you the address of the nearest Hell’s Angel’s clubhouse.

    As for finding the purveyors of alternative facts, unless you’re willing to undergo extensive training on distinguishing a fact from a belief, you don’t have a chance.

    • It’s actually pretty simple. Racists and misogynists self-identify. They may reject the terms; but their actions speak louder than words. Really, Fin, you are going to support the Hell’s Angels? I don’t know anything about their philosophy as a group–but if they are neo-nazis and/or white supremacists then they repugnant. If they are going to kill me for that belief–they are truly the Nazis you say they are. . .

  15. Also – I refuse to be forced to “take a side” between two violent hateful racist groups.

    The far right Neo-Nazi groups are disgusting, alive, and in your face…

    But anyone that isn’t aware of the violence and hatred that is being spread by the ANtiFa and BLM has SIMPLY NOT BEEN PAYING ATTENTION.



    • > The far right Neo-Nazi groups are disgusting, alive, and in your face…

      I question this.

      I would like you to show some hard evidence.

      The reality seems to be that “neo-Nazis” and the American Nazi Party barely exists , IF THEY EXIST AT ALL!!!!

      Lot’s of media blather about “neo-Nazi’s” and the American Nazi Party, but much of it seemed to be bogus blather originating with groups like (the Communist founded) ACLU, The Anti-Defamation League, Southern Policy Law Center, etc. etc. etc.


      Follow the money.


      • Nobody will ever show you the “hard evidence” you say you need to see. You will keep moving the goalpost on what would constitute “hard evidence.” Footage of people chanting “Jews will not replace us” won’t do it. A well-researched piece on George Rockwell won’t do it. It’s called confirmation bias. If need be, you will come up with a screwy conspiracy theory to explain away the irrefutable. Why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings. Let’s not kid ourselves. Nobody is gonna change anyone’s mind here.

    • Antifa–means anti-fascist. They do not attack all white people–the defend against Nazis, KKK and White Supremacists. They are not a “hate” group–though the false neo-nazi narrative would have you believe this false equivalence. Black LIves Matter is also a group that opposes the indiscriminate killing of black people by institutions in this country. If you were a black person in this country you understand the double standard.

      From article:

      At least 991 people were shot and killed by police in 2015, and no officers were convicted. Video footage showed the questionable deaths of Terence Crutcher, Tamir Rice and Freddie Gray, to name a few. But that also didn’t lead to any convictions.

      Justice Department investigations into police departments nationwide ― most notably in Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland and Ferguson, Missouri ― have found widespread systemic issues and evidence of officers routinely violating the rights of citizens.

      End of article

      There is prejudice in this country. Yes, there are also violent people who use these groups; but that is not who the groups are or why they exist. Hence, another false equivalence in the narrative of the Neo-Nazi–and the FRAUD–who would have you believe they are the same.

      • Rich, most of those people shot by police were white and they for the most part criminals that were up to no good.

      • The irony of Antifa is that their tactics are exactly those of the fascists they decry. They are all about lashing out – not only at legitimate bigots, but at anyone who raises legitimate issues with Antifa or white simply, passively, doesn’t agree with them.

        All you’re doing, Rich, is saying that you reject a certain kind of totalitarianism in favor of the totalitarianism you happen to prefer. And you employ the most base, circular, juvenile form of reasoning to do it.

      • “Antifa–means anti-fascist.” Also:

        Nazi = Fascist

        Communist = Nazi

        Antifa = Communist

        Robinson = Antifa

        But “white supremacist“?? Where does any caucasian say their race is “supreme” over all others?

        Those people might be out there. But I have never seen any such claims—probably because anyone making such an outlandish claim is so far out on the fringe of society that the only publicity they could get is from a hate group like Antifa. Maybe “white supremacist” is a completely manufactured label by Robinson and his ilk. Isn’t that more likely?

        People always have the right to self-designate. So if Robinson deliberately mis-labels a group, but that group doesn’t agree with him, then Robinson is fabricating a label. Because people have the right to self-designate—no matter what someone else claims.

        For example, can you imagine what would happen if black folks allowed others to designate/label their group? Can you say the ‘N-word’? See, that’s what would happen if outsiders were allowed to label their group. But fortunately, only the group being affected has that right. Thus, Robinson’s claims are fake.

        So unless he can post a link showing conclusively that the groups he refers to have officially labeled themselves as “white supremacist”, then Robinson et al are simply lying. No surprise there.

  16. I love these trollish comment threads. They make the crazies in my life seem downright rational by comparison! So let’s review your brilliant contributions to the ongoing dialogue, shall we?
    1) A Quetzacoatl statue is the moral equivalent of a statue glorifying the enslavement of black people. (Though RC demonstrates typical alt-right ignorance by claiming wrongly anyone made sacrifices to Q)
    2) MBM conflates the hyper thin skin of the alt-right with the legitimate discomfort Jews and blacks around the country feel about the white supremacists’ rally.
    3) SJOB uses the standard alt-right deflection of “fake news” for an event that was not, in fact, fake. (http://www.snopes.com/donald-trump-father-kkk-1927/) It’s debatable what it means, but it isn’t fake. But these days when you hear the alt-right say “fake news” you usually have to assume the opposite.
    4) JS dismisses everyone he disagrees with as idiots, basket-weavers, sexual deviates, dopers and free loaders.
    5) EG comes back with the curiously twisted logic that defending immigrants (not even necessarily illegals?) is the moral equivalent of slavery.
    6) RR responds by calling Trump supporters “racist, misogynist, morons” which certainly doesn’t lead to any Kumbaya moments, but of course as soon as someone from the left says even one word, never mind the sh*tstorm of vitriol and hate that preceeded it, then you can count on someone like MBM to come back with the accusation that a breakdown in civility is the fault of the left.

    No surprise that the tone of the debate never exactly picks up after that: more name-calling, blind accusations, and craziness. As entertaining as cable TV. Hopefully just as fake, too–I’d hate to think any of you were actually this way if met face-to-face!

    • Didn’t you read the stupid article you cited?

      > . . . but the reporting was vague and inconclusive.

      You are beyond gullible. This is WILLFUL IGNORANCE. You actually WANT to be stupid.

    • >1) A Quetzacoatl statue is the moral equivalent of a statue glorifying the enslavement of black people. (Though RC demonstrates typical alt-right ignorance by claiming wrongly anyone made sacrifices to Q)

      It says so right in wikipedia, people were sacrificed to Q.

      Some legends describe him as opposed to human sacrifice[24] while others describe him practicing it.[25][26]

      You need to stop throwing the “ignorance” word around. I fact checked my sources on this before I posted. I even read that 1 in 5 babies were sacrificed in meso-america “To the gods” for everything from ensuring good crops to making sure the ruler had an heir.

    • You can’t prove me wrong. Racist may not be comfortable; but if voted for the fraud–anti-latino, anti-muslim, anti-african american–you are a racist. That is just a fact, Jack. . .

      • Oh please…. You really think Half the Country is Racist and Nazi sympathizers?
        “You’re entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts”.
        Stop with your hate already.

          • You have labeled pretty much All Republicans and All whites as racist, so if your walking back the Hate a little that’s a good start.

  17. i like to think on things like racism and fundamentalism (and sexism and general aXXhole-ism) as a small, overly vocal minority that ruins it for everyone else (who are all of course more sane). As you can see demonstrated here on SJI above by some of these folk(s) on this issue of people standing against white supremacists. Thank God that these haters on SJI (and some perhaps would even bet its really likely all from the same person –> just with different alias names) are not a/or representative(s) of our greater community, but rather completely just a group of insane and deeply disturbed individuals that in no way speak for how most people think.

  18. Except we here in San Jose have irrefutable proof that the violence comes from the left as well. I’d encourage our writer to search ‘san jose trump rally’ Images.

  19. This article is insanity and makes me so glad I no longer live in cuckoo California. In 1999 Jesse Jackson gave an award to Trump at the NAACP for his work with African American.
    Jackson praised Trump’s efforts she for the African American community

    In the 1990s Trump dated African American Kara Young.

    In Trump’s cabinet there is an African American: an Indian American; Hispanics and many Jews . Trump’s son in law and daughter and grandchildren are Orthodox Jews

    If I were Trump I would sue the hell out of this paper and author for their bizarre and defamatory comments

  20. I’d love for Trump to sue, truth is an absolute defense to libel. I’m the Metro would have a field day with it.

    • June 12, 2016, an ISIS sympathizer guns down 50 young men and women at The Pulse nightclub in Orlando and our president at the time said: “We’ve reached no definitive judgment on the precise motivations of the killer.”

      Rich Robinson’s Op-Ed Title: “____________________________________________________”

    • Dec 2, 2015, two ISIS sympathizers gun down 14 innocent men and women in San Bernardino and our president at the time said: “We do not know their motivations.”

      Rich Robinson’s Op-Ed Title: “____________________________________________________”

      • Fuentes… that doesn’t sound like a cracker name… are you sure you didn’t change it to conceal your southern roots, your white supremacist family’s slave-owning past… your, your WHITE PRIVILEGE?

        Well, I’m not so easily fooled. From now on, when I see the name Fuentes on this site I’m going to treat it as it should, like it belongs to a Confederate Flag-waving, white trash, racist raised in an Arkansas trailer park. How do like that, Mr. Clinton?

      • “For those who are concerned about terrorism, some may be aware of the fact that we have a no-fly list where people can’t get on planes,” Mr. Obama said, “but those same people who we don’t allow to fly could go into a store right now in the United States and buy a firearm, and there’s nothing we can do to stop them. That’s a law that needs to be changed.” (A Real Presidential Response on the shootings in San Bernadino)


        • And Mr. Obama perpetuated a demonstrable falsehood in that response. How is that any better than silence?

  21. > The fraud in the White House failed to come out strong against white supremacists for one simple reason—he is, in fact, their leader.


    The more I read of your “white supremacist” commentary, the less sure I am that I know what the hell you’re talking about.

    You’re a trained, professional communicator, right? You know how to explain things to people, right?

    Well, could you take a crack at explaining this:

    1. WHAT is a “white supremacist”?

    2. Is a white person the same as a “white person”/

    3. Are there any white people who are NOT “white supremacists”?

    4, Is Western Civilization based on “white supremacism”?

    5. Were the ancient Greeks “white”?

    6. Were the ancient Greeks “supremacists”?

    7. If the ancient Greeks were “white” and “supremacists”, were they “white supremacists”?

    8, Were the Romans of the Roman Empire “white supremacists”?

    9. Were Jesus Christ and his apostles “white”?

    10. Is Christianity a “white religion”?

    11. Is the Roman Catholic Church a “supremacist” religion”?

    12. Is the Roman Catholic Church a “white supremacist” institution?

    13. Is the Republican Party a “white party”?

    14. Is the Republican Party a “white supremacist” party?

    15. Was Thomas Jefferson a “white supremacist”?

    16. Was Andrew Jackson a “white supremacist”?

    17. Were Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson founders of the Democrat Party?

    18. Are Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinners a “white supremacist” event?

    19. Was Woodrow Wilson a “white supremacist”?

    20. Was Margaret Sanger a “white supremacist”?

    21. Would a recipient of a Margaret Sanger Award be considered to be a “white supremacist”?

    I know you’re an expert in this area, Rich. All of us will be grateful to you for your contributions to our education.

  22. White Supremacist–a person who believes white people are superior to others–confederates, nazis, kkk and others.
    Not all white people are white supremacists and “white people” in quotes depends on context–figure it out.

    Jesus Christ was not white and neither were his apostles–assuming you believe the myths to be true. Christianity, and Catholic teachings have evolved over the years, but the Church has, in the past, committed genocide and has a lot of negative history of prejudice; which they admit to and are seeking to remedy.

    Western Civilization was created by White expansionism and white genocide. It has evolved; but has a long way to go.

    The Republican party, as currently constituted, is a racist, misogynist, hypocritical organization. There have been many good Republicans in the past, but the majority of the party–as seen by the nomination and election of the FRAUD is in the hands of the racists.

    Yes, Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson were white supremacists–though Jefferson knew better. Both were flawed men who did some great things. That said, it is not relevant to today.

    Jefferson-Jackson day dinners represent the “good” these flawed men did–so, no, they are not racist.

    A Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis dinner would be racist.

    Woodrow Wilson and Margaret Sanger were products of their time, I’m not familiar with their personal views enough to opine–but institutionally most of White America was racist up until and through the Civil Rights act of 1964. That was the culture.

    Hope this helps with your ever evolving understanding of American history, our evolving values as a nation and the difference between past and present. Now that you know better; please feel free to act accordingly.

    • July 15, 2015, an Islamic terrorist guns down 5 US Military servicemen in Chattanooga and our president at the time said: “Investigators are trying to piece together what the motive may have been.”

      Rich Robinson’s Op-Ed Title: “____________________________________________________”

      • President condemns lone Wolf attacks; warns nation of ISIS and Al-Qeda Inspired Attacks Elsewhere

        Abdulazeez was acting alone, officials have said, and there does not yet appear to be a direct connection to international terrorist groups. However, investigators are looking into a trip he made to Jordan last year, which may reveal a connection to a larger group.

        “We don’t yet know all the details behind the attack in Chattanooga,” Obama said on Tuesday.

        “But we do know that al Qaeda and [ISIS] have encouraged attacks on American soil, including against our service members,” he continued. “And this threat of lone wolves and small cells is hard to detect and prevent.”


        • Rich, please spare me the verbiage BS and let me help you here;

          According to the insane logic you’ve applied in this case, any of the Op-Eds between 2009-2016 you DIDN’T WRITE for painfully obvious reasons, could’ve been titled:

          “Barack Obama Unmasks Himself as an Islamic Supremacist” or “Barack Obama Unmasks Himself as an Al Qaeda Apologist” or “Barack Obama Unmasks Himself as an ISIS Supporter”.

          Since we all know that’s not the case, your Trump Op-Ed hit piece is nothing else but that; a hit piece, by a Trump-deluded leftist.

          When James Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer, shot up a dozen of GOP congressmen on June 14th, Bernie said: “We’ve got to stop the violence.” Yet when asked about whether Trump bares responsibility for what happened on August 13th, Bernie tweeted “Absolutely yes”.

          Bernie deleted the same tweet two minutes later.


          • Nazis are inherently violent. We can shrink, we can appease, we can do what we did in the past and ignore–however, we all know how that turns out. You don’t ignore Nazis, appease them, or give them any credibility whatsoever–you crush them. That’s how it works.

          • BTW: President Obama got Osama Bin Laden. As President of the United States he knew his words had meaning–he never wavered on terrorism. He fought it; but he didn’t beat his chest and his success is evident–now that the Fraud is elected, they seem to be coming out of their holes. The ignorant barbarian FRAUD is an easy mark.

    • > Yes, Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson were white supremacists–though Jefferson knew better. Both were flawed men who did some great things. That said, it is not relevant to today.

      > Jefferson-Jackson day dinners represent the “good” these flawed men did–so, no, they are not racist.


      They were “white supremacists” . . . but NOT “racist”?????

      Then what’s the big deal with Trump being a “white supremacist”?

      You’ve convinced me that I don’t understand ANYTHING about progressives and their racial theories.

      Do you have any idea where “non-racist white supremacists” hang out locally? I think it would be a good tourist attraction for progressives.

  23. Rich,
    Whitewashing the past will not change it, tearing down monument will not make the memory of slavery go away any more than denying the holocaust will absolve the Germany of the past, you cannot punish today’s Germans of those wrongs. Will you teardown the Great Pyramids, the ruins of Greece and Rome. Shall we destroy all evidence of the violent past of the Inca and Mayan civilization. The Great Wall of China laid waste for the millions that died building it.

    All evidence of the socialist revolutions bloody past should be purged from history, is that the message I’m getting from you. That would make you a denyer Rich. I just can’t think of having to repeat the bad parts of history because a bunch
    of leftwing nutjobs think their guilt will be cleared after they pull off the biggest snow job in snowflake history. Our left wing education system has dumbed down history too far already and is now poisoning the minds of another generation of mind full of mush.

    You want to throw out the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, Rich? Well why don’t you sit down write us a new one, I’m in the mood for a good laugh.

  24. In my personal hunt for white supremacists I looked for anyone who has demonstrated a belief that white people are superior to all other races. My investigative approach was simple, I picked out a non-white group, examined a lucrative field(s) in which they were disproportionately represented, and then looked for examples where a white person had declared himself superior to that group. And what I found was not a single example a white person claiming superiority to:

    — African-Americans playing basketball in the NBA and football in the NFL.
    — Asians in medicine and high technology.
    — Jews in finance and the law.
    — Hispanics in major league baseball and soccer.

    Not one protest sign, not a single act of sabotage, nor even the semblance of a white supremacist political movement against these groups. Instead, what I found was organized African-Americans protesting the successes of Asians, Jews, and Hispanics in their respective fields, and demanding undeserved reparative programs and privileges.

    If white supremacists are a legitimate force in America, then exactly where in the culture are they making the case for their superiority? If they can’t be found raising hell where non-whites are excelling maybe it’s because they don’t really exist. Or maybe what gets one called a white supremacist is the rejection of the criminally deceitful notion that social justice can only be attained by racially discriminating against white people.

  25. Hyperbole beyond reason. Not a single data point, just glittering generalities of myth. And how long were African-Americans/Latinos kept out of the NBA, Baseball, and Football? How long did it take for Asians to be allowed to excel in medicine and high tech–how many CEOs do any of these groups have, how many minority owners of sports teams are there–when it comes to income inequality how many minorities are at the top 2%? Really, you cannot argue there is an equal playing field 75% of the wealth is in the hands of the top 2% and they are, for the most part, white–Oprah being an exception. . .

    • Mr. Robinson,

      Is it possible for you to sink any lower? You have now shown yourself incapable of defending your own dimwitted op-ed. After accusing the president of being the leader of the group you call white supremacists, you couldn’t, when challenged, come up with one single example where these people, with whom you claim the majority of Americans are at war, have attempted to assert their superiority. Not one!

      With whom else are you and the majority at war? Extra-terrestrials? Why not? The evidence of their effect on our day to day life seems about equal to that of your white supremacists.

      You branded my examples as mythical but instead of disproving their validity today — in the time of their alleged leader, you turn back the clock on some, ignore some others, and then retreat behind a curtain of regurgitated egalitarian drivel. For this there can be only one reason: you realize this latest episode in the continuing political saga of white-supremacists-taking-over-America (brought to you by the Democratic Party) is and has been for fifty years a useful fiction for deployment on useful idiots.

      As for arguing the issue of an equal playing field, I wouldn’t waste my time because in the context of reality equality is impossible. There has always and will always be fields where some groups dominate, and sometimes the domination is impermanent, but unreasonable and racist people like you are bothered only when the dominating group is white and male.

      • Fin take a chill pill–Trump is racist in chief and I have repeatedly pointed it out with real evidence–by his own statements and actions. They are not worth repeating again, Res Ipsa Loquitur.

        • Typical of the repugnant, mongrelized Left… drop the mike and walk away, lest you be held accountable for your idiocy.

          • And indeed the article he has penned is idiocy…

            Rich need only look into the mirror to see the Hate he despises so much.
            So i ask you Rich, when you look into the mirror what would you say to that guy to break his pattern of hate so that we might live in a better country? Start there, with a little self reflection you should be able to come up with something good. And if you cant convince that guy, then who can you convince?

          • Was that you Rich in a Black Face Mask and Hoodie challenging Frank Somerville from KTVU in Berkely this weekend? I thought this was only about Nazis? Perhaps now you can see that Hate only breeds more Hate?

  26. It’s always easier to spew labels and assert false dichotomies than to have rationale discussions.

    It is racist to mention that the US has the 4th lowest gun homicide rate in the world when black-on-black shootings from 4 cities are omitted? Or that 45% of CA’s 3-strikers are black yet our population is 6.5% black? There are many other stark differences that ,to the best of my knowledge, remain even after factors such as education, economic status, etc. are normalized.

    If racist to favor preferential treatment based on skin color, then it would appear that many college admissions departments are guilty.

    Far better to promote constructive recommendations than to hurl invectives.

  27. Nov 5, 2009, an al-Qaeda sympathizer who was in direct contact with AQAP’s leader Anwar al-Awlaki, guns down 13 US Military personnel, including a pregnant woman, at Fort Hood TX and our president at the time called it an “incomprehensible tragedy”. It was then classified as a “workplace violence” by his admin.

    Rich Robinson’s Op-Ed Title: “____________________________________________________”

  28. An unpublished letter to the Mercury News, destined to remain unpublished:


    “In the moral calculus of bay area progressives, including “progressive” corporations like Google, Facebook, Apple and the Mercury News, “racism” is the most unforgivable of all offenses. The mere accusation of “racism’ is, ipso facto, conviction for racism and grounds for banishment from human society.

    So heinous is the offense of “racism” that reasoned defense against a mere charge of “racism” is as heinous as actual “racism”. (“Why are YOU so defensive about YOUR racism?”)

    No discussion of race (or ethnic) issues is possible without “triggering” the certain indictment: “you’re defending racism”. There simply is no “safe space” for “conversations” about race issues.

    Insofar as race issues are concerned, we live in a totalitarian society. There is no dissent; there is not a possibility of dissent. “White supremacists” are evil and awful. People who might be “white supremacists” are evil and awful. People who look like “white supremacists” should be treated as “evil and awful”, and if they protest being treated as “white supremacists”, their protest should be taken as evidence of their “real” beliefs.

    Trump changed everything. Trump is dissent. Trump is debate.

    “Trump is a white supremacist”.

    The totalitarian answer is: “Ignore elections; remove Trump; roll back the change; return power to the OTHER supremacists, the ‘non-white’ supremacists.”

    The Mercury News is part of the totalitarian system. And the totalitarians are happy with the status quo. NO hope, and NO change.”

  29. “Donny Johnny (Trump) says we need to protect our beautiful Confederate Monuments,when you know he’d take them down in a second if he thought he could build poorly constructed condos on the spot” ! Thanks Tina,the late Dick Gregory couldn’t have said it any better !

    • Herb; (why did your mother name you after a plant anyway?)

      > “Donny Johnny (Trump) says we need to protect our beautiful Confederate Monuments,when you know he’d take them down in a second if he thought he could build poorly constructed condos on the spot”

      Can you name ONE instance where Trump took down ANY monument to build a condo?

      You can’t. It’s just a stupid blowhard statement that you only WISH were true.

      Said the ancient Romans: “In jest there is truth.”

      Corollary: if there’s no truth, it’s not much of a “jest”.

      It’s not true, or funny or clever, Herb. It’s just stupid.

      But then, YOU posted it. Make the connection.

  30. Hey Rich,
    I’m still waiting for you to write that new and improved Constitution and Bill of Rights. Why don’t you start with that hateful Declaration of Independence. You should write it for the Independent States of Kalifornia.

  31. Hey Rich,

    This comment will be free from snark unlike my first comment.

    I wondered if it was an issue of voter turnout on the last election. NYT had an op-ed piece.

    Across the industrial Midwest, white voters who had supported Obama and previous Democrats abandoned the party for Trump.

    It wasn’t racism, it was jobs. It was 1000’s of factories closing, people watching their jobs go overseas to the promise that “Globalism” would make ours, and every other country better. It wasn’t *just* the midwest either. Tech giants like Peter Thiel threw their support on the ring because on the tech side, we’ve really seen it go down with the H1B visa program. I’ve trained my lesser (in tech skills) replacements. Guys brought in that have no passion for tech, just there because their relative got them through using some company like InfoSys or TATA.

    I’d love to be able to say, “It’s gotten better since Trump!” but it really hasn’t. Sadly though, with your picks for candidates I’m sure we would have fared just as poorly.

    Hillary’s biggest issue was sticking with globalization. It’s very easy to associate that you job no longer exists because it was shipped overseas. It’s very very hard to associate that giving up that job is going to lead to a better life for yourself and other people in the same situation, namely a lack of marketable skills and education. We’re talking about the hardest working, least paid people in the US.

    Globalization is fraught with imperfections. How can the US compete with China? China’s factories favor the factory and the client, not the worker. You’ll never see dorm style housing for factory workers in the US, because we sort of consider that indentured servitude. You’ll never see onsite abortion clinics at factories in the US. You’ll never see US factories dumping waste into our rivers (although we used to)

    It’s too complicated of an issue for the average IQ to contemplate. If you have any influence over the next POTUS run, I encourage you to advise them to stay so far away from globalism that it appears they are against it.

      • I’m fine with folks getting a job because they are qualified. My beef is with the many that I’ve met that don’t even have the skillset to program an alarm clock, let alone a complex web facing application. They’re just here because of nepotism.

    • > If you have any influence over the next POTUS run, I encourage you to advise them to stay so far away from globalism that it appears they are against it.

      Prediction: Rich Robinson and the next candidate he supports for POTUS will double down on globalism so fast it will make your head spin.

      Based on Hillary’s campaign post-mortem, NOTHING was her fault. The reason her (and Rich’s) campaign lost is that they only spent one and a half billion on their campaign. If they had spent THREE billion, they would have won.

      Raise more money, Rich.

      • That’s pretty much the democrat answer to everything, we didn’t spend enough of your money to solve our problem!

      • Bubble you don’t read my stuff. HRC problem was not that she spent too little, but she spent too much . . .and on the wrong things.

        • > Bubble you don’t read my stuff.


          It’s YOUR fault. I tried signing up for YOUR blog, “The Left Hook”, and was ignored.

          I’m also banned from “The Daily Kos” and “MoveOn.org”.

          Progressives sure don’t like tough questions.

    • That’s bogus. Few will admit they voted because of racism. President Obama saved the jobs in Detroit. No working coal miner believes their jobs are coming back–all the real the jobs have been replaced by automation anyway. Globalism is here–more importantly, the problem with Robert Reich, Bernie and Elizabeth Warren is that jobs are not coming back through manufacturing. They just are not.

      Americans are the hardest working people in the world. But as my Grandfather pointed out, if working off paid off in America, coal miners would be the richest people in the world. We live in a Capitalist system, and it is capital — not labor — that is rewarded. The dirty little secret is that Apple makes more buying and selling its stock than they do selling Iphones. That kind of capitalism is unsustainable.

      We must change our economy. We must work less for more, not more for less. We must provide a minimum standard of living for all people. Our technology is both our strength and our weakness. We can no longer model ourselves on the strength of the 20th Century–we must change–but our culture and our values are burdens to overcome. We must work smart, not hard. We must have an economic solution that includes all, not just the very top.

      This will not be easy. But Robert Reich, Bernie et al are right when they talk about income equality being the clear and present danger to our society. It is a real monster. As for globalism, it is here and to some extent it prevents wars. Nobody really wants to attack another nation they rely on for trade, capital etc.

      • > That’s bogus. Few will admit they voted because of racism.

        How can it be racism when all 3 candidates were white? Maybe sexism (nobody wanted a female president) Not your POTUS has won many awards over the years for race relations, even Jesse Jackson gave him an award on behalf of the NAACP. He publicly called out David Duke.

        NBC’s Matt Lauer: “When you say the [Reform] party is self-destructing, what do you see as the biggest problem with the Reform Party right now?”

        Trump: “Well, you’ve got David Duke just joined — a bigot, a racist, a problem. I mean, this is not exactly the people you want in your party.”

        —remarks on NBC’s “Today Show,” Feb. 14, 2000

        Honestly, if I was a racist, he’d be the last guy I’d vote for.

        • The fraud has contradicted himself on every issue–including David Duke. He claimed he didn’t know who David Duke was. . .using any quote from the moron is not evidence of anything but hubris.

      • > Capitalist system, and it is capital — not labor — that is rewarded.

        Rich: in a capitalist system, labor IS rewarded MORE than it is rewarded in a paleolithic/forager/hunter-gatherer system.

        The Neolithic Revolution defines the transition of humans from a paleolithic existence (foraging) to a neolithic existence (agriculture).

        Capitalism is the essence and consequence of the Neolithic Revolution: herding and agriculture.

        In the neolithic era (14,000 years ago and earlier) the human population of earth was 15 to 25 million people BECAUSE THAT”S ALL THE HUMAN FORAGERS THE PLANET COULD SUPPORT. Population beyond that limit would ultimately starve.

        Today, modern pointy headed social scientists would consider the forager existence to be “subsistence”, i.e. “poverty”. In other words, Rich, before capitalism, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF HUMANS LIVED IN POVERTY.

        Herding and agriculture required deferring consumption and dedicating resources (stock and land) to create resources for future consumption, i.e. to PREVENT starvation. The resources created for future consumption were called “wealth”, and it was UNEQUALLY created and UNEQUALLY possessed.

        The only equality that is possible among humans is the equality of the bottom: POVERTY FOR ALL!

        The population of the earth today is 7 billion plus. More than ninety-nine percent of humans alive today owe their existence to capitalism AND it’s “inequality”.

        Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Robert Reich, Bernie Sanders, and other lunatics who want to eliminate capitalism are simply working toward mass starvation of humanity.

        Stalin tried to “collectivize” agriculture in the Soviet Union in the 1930’s and the predictable result was mass starvation. Starvation has been the result of other “collectivizatons”: China, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. etc.

        Marx was an idiot. An extremely dangerous idiot.

      • I would agree with Robinson that income inequality is a clear and present danger. But I think this would be a self correcting situation if we would only encourage the market forces that would cause it to self correct. Our failure to control immigration ensures a perpetual abundance of low wage workers while at the same time increasing demand for housing thus creating a perfect recipe for income inequality.
        So until and unless Robert Reich, Rich Robinson, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and every other Democrat continue to insist that racism is the only reason anyone would want to restrict immigration then I will not take seriously anything they have to say on the subject of income inequality.

      • Well Rich I think your right, lawyers should only make minimum wages and live in tiny house’s covered in coal dust, but party members should be blessed by the “Dear Leader” and giving a Mercedes Bends for their loyalty.

        The dirty truth is Apple and the rest of the Valley make its finished products in socialist countries that house their factory workers in crowded dormitories that are paying about slave wages.
        That’s your minimum standard of living = a minimum standard of misery. In a capitalist county even a sour puss like you can steal an idea with his lawyer and become a facebook owner.

        Trump is hated by silicon valley for interfering with that slave trade deal, by suggesting bringing jobs back to this country so puttes like you can demand higher minimum wages for H1B employees.

        I should know, I was replaced by one in 2010.

  32. Lemme see here.
    Trump is a white supremacist so anybody that voted for him is a white supremacist.
    But Hillary is a woman. And Richrob knew she was a woman. Richrob voted for her anyway. So does that make Richrob a woman? I guess so.
    Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson!

  33. William JEFFERSON Clinton (emphasis added). It was the way in the deep South. They honored the Confederates. Former president Clinton admits it. The Democrats did it. Mr. Clinton’s predecessor was a racist Democrat and the governor before him. He said it, not me. No racists Democrats except one joined the Republican party, they stayed what was called Dixiecrats. Only one Democrat switched parties and that one has a mistress who was not his skin color and he kept it a secret and supported his mixed-race daughter.

    In Hillary Clinton’s dorm room was a Stars and Bars displayed in the background. (Please search it.) She grew up in a suburb of Chicago so that had to be more of desire to be like the South than from a family background. Besides that I know personally who were related to her Grandfather on her mother’s side from her French-Canadian heritage. Her mentor in the Senate was Robert Byrd. (Please search it.) They said nice words for him at Byrd’s funeral and his name is on buildings, highways and many others in the south.

    I’ve worked with racists in the factories of Detroit and all of them were Democrats, most of them from the southern states. Some old people were so racist they couldn’t work next to people of color and supervisors had to move them. It was awful being near these people with their hate and everyone knew who they were. There were no secret code words, the racists were just stupid people from the south that could only work a process of 16 pieces, get drunk at lunch time then return to the job and sweat it until the whistle blew. Their mouths would be going during all that time spewing hate about race and they were among the lowest of their race.

    This idea of a dog-whistle politics is inflammatory and an idiotic idea of the Democrats. It’s like only certain words are heard by racists as code words that they knew from being racists to do a certain thing. While everyone else is supposed to just ignore it. It’s false and laughable.

    The Constitution is considered sacred by many people, middle Democrats, middle Republican, Libertarians and much more… not just racists wanting slavery again. How can such people be that ignorant? And why would anyone tell someone that lie? Constitution GUARANTEES our LIBERTY that is why the communist-left hates it, wants to change or eliminate it. They want everyone under their thumb rule and if you don’t there is the shallow trench you’ve dug for your resistance or lifelong prison. If they do, you’ll live like they did in the Soviet Union where the common use phrase was “We pretend to work, while you pretend to pay us.”

    Slavery will never happen again in this country without a civil war and total destruction of our values, which communists want. They’ve even set a date for it this year on November 4th, 2017. They fuel the racist hate and accuse anyone in their way of a communist takeover as being a “racist” for their quest of power. Trump, a mighty capitalist scares them so much they make wild claims about him. He just about destroyed their communist inspired New World Order. I didn’t say is was over, this is still being fought.

    The National Socialists (NAZI) uprising was a ruse perpetrated by the international socialists in their anger of a Trump Presidency. Notice all the things they have already tried? Some people witnessed the two sides getting off the same bus when they arrived in Charlottesville. Also, the leader who organized the National socialists (NAZI) protest was once on the DNC payroll. How is this all possible without collusion?

    -Benghazi because of a movie on Youtube the terrorist never saw? You can know I laughed real hard when I heard that on TV. What an embarrassment and those people killed because Hillary didn’t want the incident known.

    -That dossier? What idiot paid to have that printed up and investigated? Russians come on? Russians can’t hack 3400 different counties that aren’t even linked. Spying on the Trump campaign during the campaign? Come on, Mr. Nixon didn’t even go that far.

    -10 MILLION FROM THE RUSSIANS for delivering Uranium from the United States?

    -Mr Comey giving secrets to the newspaper to trigger an investigation?

    -The chief investigator… the same one who also helped Hillary with the Uranium deal for the Russians? You talk about a CONFLICT OF INTEREST!

    -Hillary’s hidden unsecured server got hacked and Wikileaks exposed your vile deeds to stay in power. If you can’t protect a simple server, how a country?

    -All that naughtiness the DNC did to Bernie Sanders.

    Who in their right mind would want to live under a statist regime but an idiot who thinks he’ll be some famous communist leader like that in North Korea? Only a dumbass moronic communist useful idiot would think he could. He’s likely one of the first ones put to death during a communist takeover. Communists seek to divide people into categories, groups, gangs to make them easier to control. And if you know anything that might threaten the regime, you are taken out. That isn’t you I hope.

    We are all one people under God. Even Castro of Cuba called in the Pope when he was near death. Think about it.

    As scientists have told us over and over again: THERE ARE NO RACES. We are all shades of Orange.

    Let’s start acting like we are all related.

  34. > They don’t like trolls, there is a difference.


    “They” (i.e. YOU) don’t like dialogue.

    I spent some family time over the weekend mingling with the inlaws.

    It was like being trapped in a bubble with a half dozen Rich Robinsons’s.

    Many amusing and informative insights into the “progressive” ethos.

    I now understand progressives even better than I did before. They are every bit as tribal as I imagined them to be.

    But I think I understand better what really makes them so unhinged. Progressives are really pretty simplistic, and I offered to explain to them why they were so miserable and angry, but there was a fundamental problem.

    Progressives don’t do dialogue. Instead, all they do is passive aggressive behavior.

    The current favorite passive aggressive behavior for progressives is “shaming”; Trump shaming, race shaming, gender shaming, Christian shaming, America shaming, Republican shaming, intolerance shaming, anti-diversity shaming. . . . Oh!, and troll shaming. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

    So, at the end of the day, I was too ashamed to explain to them why they were nuts.

  35. Oh, and another thing I learned from my wacky progressive inlaws, Rich:

    They are REALLY, REALLY annoyed that people keep calling CNN and the New York Times “fake news’.

  36. > Aren’t liberals capable of more substantial debate than the default ad hominem attacks?


    The answer to your question is: “No.”

    Progressives don’t do “dialogue”. I’m sure other Progressives are looking at Rich and saying to themselves “What the hell does he think he is doing”. Progressives don’t answer questions. Progressives make demands. It’s in the Progressives’ manual.

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