Why the A’s Aren’t Coming to San Jose

By now, the Commissioner of Baseball, Bud Selig, could have, and many say, should have, made a decision as to whether or not the A’s should be permitted to move to San Jose.  The A’s ownership group wants to make the move, and San Jose city officials have been working to assemble the land for a new stadium.  What’s the hang up?

The hang up, according to San Francisco Chronicle sportswriter Bruce Jenkins, is that the A’s baseball team might not even exist in a few years!  “As Major League Baseball prepares for initial talks on a new collective bargaining agreement, there is talk of wiping Oakland off the map.”

“According to a recent New York Daily News report, it would cost each of the 28 teams $25 million in a collective process to buy out Oakland and Tampa Bay.”

According to Jenkins, Baseball has the right to propose contraction, and the players’ union could be appeased by expanding team rosters to 27 players.

“Go ahead,” Jenkins writes, “call it speculation…just know that a high-profile topic among the owners goes something like, ‘How can we get rid of Oakland?’”

San Jose might want to hold off on building that stadium for awhile.


  1. Given the fantasyland mentality of this Mayor and Council, this will only focus their resolve even more. The less chance of the A’s coming to SJ, the more money they waste spitting in the wind.
    Hard to believe we have no money they way they keep wasting it.

  2. “San Jose might want to hold off on building that stadium for awhile.”

    Why?  The nimrods we elect appear to be incapable of intelligent thought, and are only interested in their “legacy”.  Whether their “legacy” is actually needed, or whether it can be paid for is irrelevant.

  3. The main reason is that San Jose is a boring sleepy town run by boring politicians and idiot city staff.

    There is no city core, creativity or “There” there.  Why would baseball move from an unsuccessful situation to and even more unsuccessful situation.

    Go Giants

  4. Meddling my the city staff and leadership will require many rules and regulations.  One being city staff will want them to play T-ball as to not offend families of San Jose whose kids can only play T-ball.  The planning department will approve slow pitch softball.

    So either way city staff and idiots politicians will ruin this oppertunity like they do most business ventures!

  5. No matter if you are for or against a San Jose stadium I wouldn’t put too much stock in any SF Chronicle report about the A’s desire to move to San Jose. The Chron has a history of pimping for the Giants owners on this issue.

    The Chron, and SF media in general, have a SF-centric bias against San Jose having a baseball team, Santa Clara as home of the 49ers, an NBA team moving to the South Bay, etc.

    Some old-timers used to call this Herb Caen Syndrome: the idea that there is nothing of value outside of SF. That’s something the late Chronicle columnist, and SF booster, was often accused of. 

    This report, based on some questionable speculation, looks like more of the same.

    • 13 posts on this thread (as of 1140 4/20), and only one sane, rational post by Reader?  Tell’s you a lot about who’s posting here (LOL).  By the way Pete, you should be fired by SJInside for basing an entire thread on a SF Chronicle report.  Seriously, the Chron?!  To say that the traditional SF/OAK media is biased towards San Jose would be a gross understatement.  Anyhow, on behalf of proud San Josean’s who want what’s best for the city, I’ll accept your apology in full.  Good day.

      • So, in your mind, the only rational post is one that agrees with you? That is very rational.
        At least the other posts raise critical issues that have yet to be resolved. You, on the other hand, choose to believe only the hyperbole foisted upon us by our City officials who have spectacularly mismanaged the finances of this City. You can choose to believe those who have brought this City to its knees, but I will continue to question and doubt everything I have heard about this so-called “free” baseball stadium for a mythical team that is unlikely to ever move here.

  6. “Given the fantasyland mentality of this Mayor and Council, this will only focus their resolve even more.”

    Mayor Reed has his feet on the ground about real possibility of A’s Stadium not coming to San Jose

    He as former Planning Commissioner and land use attorney years ago with his political supporters planned for a more profitable Diridon backup land use plan that would be both politically and personally profitable for him as ex Mayor, land use attorney and political consultant to his political allies controlling their hand picked Mayor and City Council allies for years in the future

    – Highly profitable High Rise housing, restaurants, offices, transit and HP Arena parking and a few stores ground level all of which require years of political and land use back room consulting to get approved by City Council

    – Stadium property will be held as a temporary city park or parking lot for 5-10 years keeping A’s or other sports team supporters hopes alive while higher political and personal profits are made on rest of Diridon land

    ” The less chance of the A’s coming to SJ, the more money they waste spitting in the wind.” – BECAUSE political insiders will personally make more money in the future from their alternative land use plans

    Anyone want to name Reed’s political supporters from Chamber and Rotary who will get many hundreds millions in profits for years from Diridon backup land use plan ?

  7. The idea that the powers that be even thought San Jose is worthy of a MLB version of America’s Pastime should be grounds for them to re open Agnew and be admitted. San Jose has shown no successful history of development so why would a team owner or MLB even entertain the idea? I doubt they did and if they did then due diligence was executed on their part. Once again a “Field of Dreams” for city politicians.

    The A’s will always exist as a MLB team. The name recognition is huge and they are not a current day expansion team.

    I’m sure these city leaders had actually visioned themselves sitting in a luxury box and slapping a high five. They thought is would be a 3hr safe haven from a corrosive downtown and a sanctuary for those who fear downtown to make a beeline to the ballpark and beat feet back home.

    San Jose needs to first get a handle on their budget and then entertain attracting any of the three major sports. Baseball, Football, Basketball. The infrastructure is set up now as in immediately for Basketball. Weather you like it or not there is a huge market in the NBA and tickets do sell. Hockey is not a money maker compared to the NBA. I am a hockey fan but I am also a realist. The NBA is where the money is at this time for San Jose. The fact that the players do not reflect the makeup of San Jose’s demographic may send fear through the halls of local government but it has not in Boston, LA, NY, Phx and dozens of other cities in America.

    Let’s shoot a three pointer instead of hitting a home run for now.

    Thank you for reading.

  8. Do not under estimate Mayor Reed’s prowess at strategic thinking and planning concerning baseball.

    The remedies associated with the San Francisco Giants and the Minor league San Jose Giants are complex but…very possible.

    Personally, I do not support Downtown baseball for it is an assine venue.

    The real success would put baseball and football at the County Fairgrounds. Funding for this joint enterprise with the County would be a challenge.

    David S. Wall

  9. could this just be a plan to allow the A’s to move to San Jose by going around the rules.  Think about it the owners will not allow Lew Wolf to move the A’s here as the A’s so lets get rid of the A’s and open a new franchise in oh i don’t know lets say SAN JOSE.  Remember Lew and Bud are Frat brothers after all. Another example of changing the rules when i cant get what i want.

  10. It was never about about a stadium specifically. RDA and friends just needed the pretense for yet more land acquisition to create more tech campuses with nearby beds to warehouse the young techies. This one is just trying to model itself after the AT&T park area, another yuppie haven which from my wanderings is another upscale boring place. Note how we have stashed funds that Brown needs for State schools, highways, parks so Council can forge ahead with their Diridon plans, and along with the County, declare the move in the interest of our citizens. And people really belief this twisted thinking?

  11. A Leprechaun told me Thursday night, that there was not going to be any A’s baseball played in San Jose.
    Of course , I asked my little friend, why?
      By that point in the evening, my mind was as green as the beer in my half empty glass, so I will attempt to recollect what stayed with me as I listened with a yearning for a corn beef and cabbage sandwich.
      He made the comment about how cheaply all the properties were sold in the down town core, and the silence of the buyers and politicians. He also mentioned the 6 million dollars that was given to our resident Irish ex Mayor. perhaps my friend, was looking for some distance from what appears to be a 6 million dollar garage service station. Certainly at 4 – 5 dollars a gallon, that beats Peggy Sue’s or a taco at his locations next door.
      He pointed to the Italian influence being exerted in the area North West of the Pavilion. Seemed he was at odds with the the politics of the area.
      One thought that stuck with me, as He spoke was that the down town core is gone. The Down Town Core is now on the West side of Hiway 87.
      He reminded me about the change in demographic, since the empty high rises have appeared, dwarfing the DeAnza Hotel.
      We took a stroll East on santa Clara St.past first st. It was as Fresno in the 40’s, empty and lifeless. It was at that point I decided to hop on the empty light rail and head for the barn, leaving my friend.
      As I departed , I looked back at my little friend and gave him the 49er high five sign. He simply grind and I could not tell if his thumb was up or down. I will just have to wait till next year to get the rest of his predictions!

    Leprechauns never Lie

    • Very True post!  MicHenry used the religious zealot police chief to run night life out of town so he could make his millions in north san pedro.

      What he didn’t realize is that the police farce use of aggressive treatment of night life patrons; coupled with the very bad economy killed the restaurant industry.

      Yes a large number of bars and clubs closed; but even more restaurants closed.  seemed bar revelars eat?!  Who would have thought?

      As for the condos, bad market with no restaurant or bar life nearby has killed them as well.  Seems again, who would of thought that retires and young professionals (those who typically buy condos, not families) would want to be near vibrant nightlife and restaurants?

      To add more trouble to downtown is the fact that Santana Row and Valley Fair understand this.  Both are combining to add an additional 25,000 square feet of restaurant / entertainment venues to thier malls this year.  Seems there is a market for restaurants and entertainment in the south Bay.  It’s just not wanted downtown!

      So the cowpie flippers that think they run this city will never understand what a city is.  And businesses and costomers will aviod downtown for at least a few more generations.

      The A’s are smarter if they look elsewhere!

  12. Why the A’s won’t be in San Jose?

    SJ is lucky to have the Flea Market.
    Has no downtown.
    Is home to a hand full of “Silicon Valley” giants.
    Has poor leadership.
    Is in the midst of a financial crisis.
    Nobody knows where the heck San Jose is.
    San Jose A’s or Silicon Valley A’s sounds atrocious.
    Has hardly shown it can support any of the big three sports.
    Hockey and soccer are not considered large market
    Market research has shown teams that residents would rather go to a street fair
    Citizens are terrified of diverse crowds (At least the ones that can afford to attend)
    Has never even had a college sports program in a reasonable radius that wins
    The venue will not retain business following the event. (No Downtown)

    And much more——-Feel free to continue this list

    • You forgot…… ME! and the rest of the council.  Oh, and don’t forget we have a goofy looking City Hall that is home to a couple of condors. While we might not have much of a downtown we do have a”Little Saigon” and lots of other ethnic themed strip malls. Soon we will have fewer police and fire fighters, but we will make up for that by lengthening the name of our airport. Oh, I almost forgot we have a statue in a park called “Quetzty” and a newspaper known for publishing fabricated conspiracy stories.  If the A’s can’thrive in a City like this they deserve to stay in Oakland. Whatever you do please don’t tell them about the last major sports event I brought to SJ and how I pulled the plug on it after a couple of years.  Grand Prix….really…

  13. Not only does Bud Selig have a say…but so do the voters of San Jose.

    According to City Charter, public monies cannot be spent on a public venue such as a stadium without voter approval—that’s why the land purchases are being called, “land banking”.  What the City is/has been doing is illegal. 

    Message to Gov. Brown – shut down Redevelopment NOW!

    • “What the City is/has been doing is illegal.”

      They do what they want when they want to do it. They don’t listen to anyone. You think they REALLY care about what the citizens wants? If they did, they would listen to them. Just like when those race cars came to San Jose for those three years. Each year, mayor chuck GAVE them $4 million. The citizens did not want him to do that, but he did it anyway…because that is what HE wanted. Wake up people. RECALL!

  14. You know its actually a good time to be a landlord.  As housing prices have gone down, there’s been a steady rise in rental prices driven by demand.  There’s folks leaving town, but more that want to move in and the folks working here already would rather live closer than drive long distance.

    What does this have to do with the A’s?  Hmm…Isn’t that guy that owns them a developer who’s pretty good at structuring deals that make money?  And doesn’t San Jose leadership seem sold on the idea that downtown baseball will be a great legacy (and probably revitalize the struggling downtown)?

    I’d bet that the deals needed to make this happen are all doable.  The only thing that could really stop this would be a referendum.  How many signatures are required for a special election versus placing it on the next regularly scheduled election?  What would be the language of the ordinance – that’d be important “no city money, including in kind support of traffic improvements, land gifts or sales at below market rate, no use of imminent domain”

    I actually couldn’t care less…but I love a good ballot fight.

    • As I recall, Bud Selig & Lew Wolf were college buddies, maybe even roommates.  So if Bud isn’t pulling the trigger and putting SF Giants’ territorial rights to a vote of the owners after this long, seems like he’s just waiting for Lew to give up, so he doesn’t have to break the bad news to him.

  15. Every time you go to lively, vibrant, urban and successful Santana Row remember that is what Downtown San Jose could have been without City Hall politics and real not fake historical buildings, great stores and restaurants

    Close Redevelopment and let downtown will die as it should of years ago since City Hall lacks vision, integrity and will to turn Downtown around after 30-40 years of trying

    Throwing more tax money at downtown is just good taxes after bad investment and taxes can be used better elsewhere in city

    2011 is requiem for downtown when taxes run out

  16. Every time you go to lively, vibrant, urban and successful Santana Row remember that is what Downtown San Jose could have been without City Hall politics and real not fake historical buildings, great stores and restaurants

    Close Redevelopment and let downtown will die as it should of years ago since City Hall lacks vision, integrity and will to turn Downtown around after 30-40 years of trying

    Throwing more tax money at downtown is just good taxes after bad investment and taxes can be used better elsewhere in city

    Finally 2011 will be requiem for downtown when Jerry Brown takes the taxes away

  17. Who loves ya, Baby!

    There’s a movie to be made!

    I can see it now:

    Wannabe urban metropolis builds a major league baseball park: “If you build it, they will come”!

    Baseball fannies stay away, and fill seats at little league games.

    Baseball team folds, and moves to Mexico City.

    City fathers and mothers plow up baseball field and turn it into a corn field.

    Charlie Sheen has gratuitous, casual sex with Lindsey Lohan between the corn rows.

    High tech barons buy the corn, convert it to ethanol, stop global warming and save the planet.

    Manny! Get get Goldman Sachs on the phone!

  18. One of my favorite recent stories is about how Twitter has been scamming San Francisco with a threat to move out of the city unless SF gives it a $40 million tax break and a specially structured break on land in the big redevelopment area along Market St. downtown. Right now Twitter has a whopping 300 employees and expects to hire about 300 more.

    Twitter has more employees than the ballpark will generate (except for the construction phase) and far, far better paying ones. And it treats San Francisco like the the Music Man trying to sell River City a marching band.

    Fortunately SF has something San Jose doesn’t have—an aggressive press. The Bay Guardian tracked down the email correspondence and other documents relating to this deal and published a story a couple of weeks ago.

    Where is the press here? We don’t have one that will do anything but trail behind city officials who are trailing behind the A’s—everyone’s tail wagging and tongues drooling.

  19. > And it treats San Francisco like the the Music Man trying to sell River City a marching band.

    Good analogy, Downtown!

    You’ve described it perfectly.

    What a sad, pathetic situation:  San Jose and San Francisco fighting to see which one will become a Twitter based economy.  In reality, Twitter could probably be run by 300 Nigerians in cafe’s using iPad’s.  iPad 1’s, not iPad 2’s.

    • I suppose the Merky’s front page story on the Giants’ boss was their effort at “balanced” reporting. But it doesn’t tell us anything about the deal coming down. This is not reporting, it’s PR, but then that’s the nature of “sports journalism,” clearly a contradiction in terms.

    • > Good analogy, Downtown!

      Are you sure it was an analogy, Moo?

      How do you know it wasn’t a simile or a metaphor?

      I happen to know that the President of the Santa Clara County Office of Education reads this blog, so we should be careful to not look like dolts.

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