A Guide to Surviving the Next 4 Years under President Trump

We keep clicking on news sites, hoping that maybe it isn’t true, that it’s just a reporting error, like the DEWEY BEATS TRUMAN headline. How could the pollsters and Nate Silver have let us down so calamitously? To paraphrase Gerald Ford, our national nightmare is just beginning.

But despair gets us nowhere, so we should ask ourselves: what would Sully do?

He wouldn’t panic, that’s what. He’d talk to his co-pilot and go through a checklist, exhausting all safety procedures. It’s important to maintain one’s poise in the event of a crash landing, and we certainly look to be in for a bumpy ride.

Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States, and right now it’s important we all remain calm. We made it through eight years of George W. Bush, Karl Rove and Donald Rumsfeld. Actors Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger turned out to be better public servants than initially feared. We, too, shall survive whatever the future holds. We won’t heed The Onion’s election night instruction that “the nation’s optimists need to seriously shut the fuck up as soon as humanly fucking possible.”

  1.     One Branch

The founders split our government into three branches to ensure there was a leash on any president’s authority. No matter how narcissistic and thirsty for power our new tiny-pawed prince may be, there are constitutional restrictions on executive power, and Congress and the courts will enforce those checks and balances. This naturally leads to the question of how inclined Trump will be to bypass legislative consensus through executive orders, as well as his potential to reshape nearly half the Supreme Court—in many cases, the most important factor in determining a president’s legacy. To that, let us hope our justices diligently pop their vitamins and report all lumps.

  1.     He’ll Never Build the Wall

I can’t believe this shit worked. Have you ever built a fence, let alone a wall? It’s a pain in the ass. And it always costs way more than you think. Trump has suggested it will cost $10 billion to $12 billion, but a Washington Post fact checker doubled that sum to a low bid of $25 billion. Then there’s ongoing maintenance and the the question of whom Trump expects to build the wall if he’s going to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. You think Joe Six-Pack is raring to relocate and work in the 100 degree West Texas heat so he can dig ditches and wage eminent domain disputes with fellow hard-working ’Mericans? Can’t do her.

Speaking of the deportation force: Don’t worry. It’s just tough talk from a guy who claims to have never even grabbed a woman by the pussy. The deportation force would be an economic boondoggle well beyond the scope of any tower or wall the Trump family business builds. Estimates suggest that detaining and deporting every undocumented immigrant in the U.S. would shrink the country’s labor force by 11 million people, as well as reduce the GDP by $1.6 trillion. The project would also take about two decades to complete. At this juncture, current polling suggests the chances of Herr Trump getting a fifth term are unlikely.

  1.     At Least Now We Know Who’s Racist

Remember when racism went from overt to under-the-radar code? White America really did crawl into a comfy place. Then a black guy had to go and get elected president. Facebook and Twitter have helped the closet racists find their stump and publicly out themselves. President Barack Obama called the increasing political and racial divisiveness his biggest disappointment, and it is incredibly dispiriting. But the country is not about to stop having a discussion on race, law enforcement’s use of force and inherent bias. None of that would have happened without Obama, and the rhetoric of Trump has shed light on the alt-right. It’s easier to fight an enemy you can see.

  1.     California Has Its Act Together

States will likely gain greater autonomy under a Trump presidency, and Gov. Jerry Brown has done an exceptional job in his fourth term in office. The budget is back under control and the state Legislature acts with relative efficiency. Brown has found the sweet spot to tackle issues such as education, gun control, the environment and immigration. He’s also been a friend to low-income workers and is raising the minimum wage to $15 by 2021.

Taking that a step further, California could ignore some of Trump’s federal directives, and daily life would more or less continue on the same. However, Assemblyman Evan Low (D-Campbell) actually tweeted out a joke—but maybe not a joke?—this past week that California might want to consider seceding from the union in the case of a Trump victory.


  1.     Marijuana Is Legal

President-elect Trump used to host parties for rich men to sleep with underage hookers and do blow as he walked the floor like a pimp (allegedly). The chances of him sending out feds to raid pot farms and collectives in California seems low. Now that Prop. 64 has passed, heavy hitters have their eye on California’s cannabis industry. If Trump has even a shred of the business savvy he claims to possess, he’ll resist busting a cash cow.

  1.     The Children Will Learn Russian

It’s a beautiful language.

  1.     Democrats 2018

Trump has vowed to “drain the swamp” of Washington and dismantle a system that rewards the politically elite. One wonders if this will include the Republican Party. Democrats made some gains this election cycle, but not enough to regain control of the Senate. Without any track record as a political executive, it’s difficult to know how Trump will govern. If his campaign is any indication, he’ll spend most of his time obsessing on Twitter and bumbling his way through his first two years in office. A humbling loss and a rough start to Trump’s presidency could allow Democrats to bounce back by the 2018 midterm election.

  1.     The Four-Year Window

The Golden State Warriors are coming off back-to-back NBA Finals appearances and should have repeated as champions last year. The team added Kevin Durant in the offseason and the four stars—Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Durant—should have at least four more seasons to make a run at the title.

Also, Michelle Obama will probably be ready to run in four years, and she’ll be a better former first lady candidate than Hillary.

Josh Koehn is a former managing editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley.


  1. Josh you don’t get it.

    For the first time in 21 years of voting, I said “I’m gonna pass on this one” Both candidates sucked. I did not bother to vote, and just sat there all night hitting refresh on my browser as my wife kept reminding me, “You have x amount of time to get to the polls!” You can’t call people ignorant or stupid for getting Don into office. He won because he called the corruption in the Democratic party out. Much like you have in the past.

    Seriously Josh. How can a party nominate sleaze like Shirakawa or Campos? Aren’t you sick and tired of seeing this happen? Can you somewhat understand why people would be attracted to Trump? His win had more to do with people sick of the disingenuous condescending tone of both parties. Same sort of tone you’re using now.

    • > Josh you don’t get it.

      Oh WOW!

      Lots and lots of bats flapping around in Josh’s belfrey.

      Josh is probably exhibit A of what happens to people who spend too much time on social media dialoguing with other bat infested empty spaces.

    • I can understand why people wanted change, But this man degradation women, ignited racism, and was just plain ole NASTY! He brought out the worst in people. Let’s hope and pray he miraculously changes. I’m not holding my breath!!

      • What’s important to a lot of people is to stop the higher rates of murder in abortion. He will put the right Supreme Court justices that will make a difference for the next 40 years. his groping issue is small compared to the murders millions of children. if you had stuck with Hillary the murders would continue but with Trump The unborn will have a chance. I guess Hillary Clinton allowing to people to die in Ben-Ghazi was not an issue but groping sure tops to your list.

        • It’s important to people that can’t seem to realize we have bigger issues likeworld over population, running out of romm to grow food for the people of the world and global warming. All those fetuses you want to save may very well starve to death in 10-20 years. Makes no sense to me.

          • So we should import people instead of growing our. Great solution if you’re smoking too much weed.

      • Sharon says:

        I can understand why people wanted change, But this man degradation women, ignited racism, and was just plain ole NASTY!

        You shouldn’t talk about Bill Clinton like that! He became President despite those things.

    • What a complete fascist racist editorial how dare him call out people that vote for Trump is racist. I remember Obama inviting black lives matter to the White House. don’t forget racism crosses all classes. Michael Brown was a punk and his hands were not up and Trey Vaughn Martin was a Punk sitting on top of him beating him to death and that is why Zimmerman was found innocent. And he wasn’t even white. this is what the liberals do if you don’t agree with them they call you racist and now they’re telling us that even the Children her crying over trump. The Democrats give no school choices to the black population and they are more poorer than ever. food stamps at at an all-time high (mostly white people on that by the way) and out health care cost too much and it’s hardly insurance yet Josh wants more of the same. Obama lied you can’t keep your insurance and our rates skyrocketed Hillary lied and people died. All he sees his color and gender as the most important issue to elect somebody regardless of the circumstances or the results.

      • My Insurance went down from $500 to $600 a month to $186. If it is taken away the “free market’ and the insurance companies will go back to doing what they did before the ACA was put into effect and I will no longer be able to afford insurance.
        As far as Trump supporters being racist goes, I have a saying I like. Not all republicans are racist, bigoted, homophobic, intolerant, sexist, misogynistic, and in the wealthy’s case…greedy. But, almost all people who are greedy, misogynistic, sexist, intolerant, homophobic, bigoted or racist ARE republicans.
        If you are comfortable aligning yourself with the KKK, Alt-Right, Nazi’s, John Birchers, white nationalists and white supremacists and can look the other way I get how you or anyone else could vote for this guy. I would simply call your behavior…deplorable?

        • Dear John,
          I feel your heat, your about to undergo spontaneous human combustion, stop it!

          I have felt all those same feeling you describe for the last 8 years as my medical insurance went from $30 a month to $800 and when my wife lost her job about $1600, on top of that I still had to fork up another $9000+ copay
          after developing septicemia last spring. Just $34000 for just a 4 day stay. Mercifully I’ve lasted till medicare starts this month and only another month for my wife just as Obummer care finally gets flushed.

          If dumping Obummer care makes every Republican a racist then “LONG LIVE RACISM” the 8 financial year nightmare is over!

    • I am sure that the undereducated, disenfranchised, widget makers in the fly over states and the rust belt, and those bigoted racists who HATED the fact that America elected a black man in to the hallowed White House TWICE, are very pleased with themselves for electing a RICH Eastern partially successful businessman, who has made promises he will have a very hard time delivering to his supporters. What WILL be fascinating to watch is the rank and file of the GOP in Congress swallowing their pride and siding with the new POTUS as to not piss him off and to become a victim of one of his malicious TWEETS! They all want to protect that mid term congressional election. You widget makers DO know he CAN’T put HIllary in jail. We don’t jail our political opponents here in the good ol’ USA. How do you think he will make Mexico pay for a wall he can’t build? How LONG did he promise those jobs will come back to American factories? What really surprises me is that for a guy who really cozy’s up to the Russians, you still all voted for him. WOW how many of you gun toting conservatives fought in Vietnam against the Communists or in Korea? How quickly you forget! What is really sad is that 161,000 voters living on God’s doorstep in Florida wrote in votes for Mickey Mouse. (Time magazine Feb. 20, 2017.) Hey old folks in Florida, when “The Donald” takes away or changes Medicare, Social Security and the Affordable Care Act, you better run to Disney World for your health care and for cash to live on. America is headed down the crapper. Make America Great Again… are you kidding, with this self proclaimed “know it all” we will be lucky to survive just the next 4 years.

      • Click, RESET!

        My portfolio is up 20%, I no longer have to shell out $1600 a month to pay for some illegal aliens heath care and student loans, and half a million widget makers are getting their job’s back. The wall is on order and if thing go any better we will be able to buy you a one way ticket to any Marxist paradise you like, if they will take you.

        Trump’s Job rating 55% positive this morning.

        Click Reset!


    The presidential election yesterday (11/8/2016) was President Obama’s greatest success. After all, he began his campaign in 2008 by calling his grandmother (who raised him) as “a typical white person.” Try calling members of other demographics “typical” and see how they react. And his theme was the transformation of America.

    Yesterday was certification that his transformation campaign succeeded. The diverse white Americans had been the true slumbering giant in America, absorbing and grieving the killings of the flower of its youth in oligarchic-sponsored WW II, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq, and President Obama mocked and prodded the diverse white Americans until they woke from their slumber and elected Donald Trump yesterday.

    Every demographic in America now is divided, as President Obama wished, into slices of America. Only the diverse white Americans slumbered on until yesterday, and now all of us are members of this or that demographic, and there are no “Americans” left, just demographic interest groups. It is a different country today.

  3. ” This naturally leads to the question of how inclined Trump will be to bypass legislative consensus through executive orders, …” But you had no problem with Obama’s record of more executive orders that all other presidents before him.

  4. Trump’s victory speech was mercifully short. But not short enough for poor little Barron Trump, who The Donald inexplicably put to his left in constant camera view, while VP elect. Pence was to his right in constant view of the camera. The poor kid was dead on his feet, and it showed. He was swaying just to stay awake and kept looking helplessly to his Mom, brothers and sisters to get him out of there before he dropped from exhaustion and boredom.

  5. Wow Josh, sore loser much?!? I’m just thankful Obama wasn’t our president in 1941, otherwise we’d be typing in kanji characters today.

  6. The same California chowder-headed liberal weenies who pilloried Trump when he refused to say whether he would automatically accept a Hillary victory are now talking about California seceding from the Union. Evan Low says he’ll introduce such a bill in Sacramento. I bet not one of them grasps the irony of their position. Paul Ryan said it best today: “Donald Trump heard a voice in this country no-one else heard.” It was the voice of a people who are mad as hell and won’t take it anymore. We have awakened and rebelled against the results of the downhill slide this nation has been in for decades now, slowly weakened by the Kryptonite that is PC liberalism. Misguided PC liberalism has been sapping the strength and resolve of this country for decades, and has turned half our nation into worthless takers, and made multi-generational “victims” of a large section of the population. Enough is enough! Let’s make America great again!

    • Really “decades”? Obama’s only had two terms. Before that we had two terms of the catastrophic Bush administration, who took money that could have been used to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure to fight an illegal war in Iraq, decimated the rights of all Americans with the patriot act, was an epic failure at dealing with the Katrina disaster and the cherry on that sh*t sundae was the tanking of our economy. Our current unprecedented level of income inequality can be directly traced to the Reagan tax cuts, and with a return to golden shower economics, otherwise known as “trickle down”, that inequality that will now increase exponentially, bringing us ever closer to an inevitable tipping point. It will match nicely with the tipping point that’s coming in climate change since we apparently will no be doing anything to avoid it. Yes, this is all so awesome! Particularly for my niece, who is widow with three little children under 10. She was just getting ready to move into a Habitat for Humanity house, she’s done sweat equity and everything they’ve required, but in order to actually afford to have a roof over their heads, they are dependent on the social security the kids receive because their dad died. Now that will be going away (it’s on Paul Ryan’s hit list). She works very hard, two jobs, but she was a stay at home mom, and now she can’t make enough to keep a roof over their heads. Looks like now she and the kids will be continue living with my already strapped sister for the foreseeable future . It’s really going to be devastating for those kids, who’ve already lost so much, and have been really looking forward to their new place. She hasn’t had the heart to tell them yet. These are some of the “worthless takers” you’re talking about. Bravo! You must be so proud! 1 in 5 children go to bed hungry every night in the US. I wonder what that number will be after the complete dismantling of all our social safety nets, like social security disability, WIC, food stamps, welfare, medicaid, etc. But hey, who needs food or medical care when you can have “strength and resolve”. I guess that’s the plan. Make sure poor women don’t have access to inexpensive contraceptives, then force them to have babies they can’t afford to feed, get rid of all programs to which they might turn to for help, condemn them as “takers” and “shiftless” and then allow them the privilege of watching those children (whose lives were so sacred, until they were born of course) starve and go without. It will also be awesome to see 20 million people lose their health insurance with more to follow as medicaid goes away. Then you can be assured that the crazy guy that just got out of jail, won’t be seeing a psychiatrist, or getting his meds, but on the bright side, his access to firearms will be unimpeded. But this is apparently what the people want. More of a “survival of the fittest” society. It’s so sad really, because none of those manufacturing jobs are ever coming back. Trumpettes think it was trade that took them (which might have been true 25 years ago), but in reality it’s technology that has replaced them, and it’s not going away. They’ve been sold a bill of goods, it’s just too bad they won’t be the only one’s to suffer for it..

      • > It will match nicely with the tipping point that’s coming in climate change since we apparently will no be doing anything to avoid it. Yes, this is all so awesome! Particularly for my niece, who is widow with three little children under 10.

        Climate change made your niece a widow? You lost me.

      • BooHoo Kate,
        I’m sure you will be treated much better in a nice socialist place like Nicaragua or Venezuela.
        ” < There I have shed two tears for you!
        You didn't give a rat's ass for the 95 million American Obumer left behind 8 years ago.

  7. I can only pray that some Low-quality office holder might initiate an action that could legitimately be interpreted as a call to arms by the tens of thousands of American patriots who are already locked and loaded.

    • No need to worry about a local elected official making such irresponsible and divisive remarks. We Californians are so smart that we would never elect a politician who wasn’t Even-handed and respectful of diverse ideas and opinions.

  8. No need for all of California to secede, Just LA and the Frisco Bay, most of the rest of the state is solid RED.
    But please wait till I sell the house and get out of here.

  9. The writer of this article probably isn’t even aware of the hypocrisy. For example:

    #1: “One Branch…”

    But it was A-OK when Obama ruled by decree, wasn’t it? And…

    #2: “He’ll never buid the wall…”

    …says a non-builder who writes leftist propaganda for a living. Personally, I’m not too concerned about Mr. T’s ability to build something. He’s a doer, not a talker.

    A wall is a lot easier to build than a 60 storey skyscraper. As Henry Ford famously said, “The man who thinks he can, and the man who thinks he can’t are both right.”

    #3: “At Least Now We Know Who’s Racist…”

    Oh, give it up. That name-calling is fast becoming impotent. It’s also a flagrant lie in this instance.

    But when lies are all they’ve got, then they tell their lies, labeling other people “racist”. Instead, they should look in the mirror…

    #4: ” California Has Its Act Together…”

    As if. Shall we discuss Gov Moonbeam’s ‘Stupid Train To Nowhere’? And there are about a million more examples of an out-of-control state government that is increasingly deaf to ordinary taxpayers. Instead, rich special interests get their attention…

    #5: “President-elect Trump used to host parties for rich men to sleep with underage hookers and do blow…”

    More flagrant lies. As with all their other fabrications: PROVE IT.

    If they could prove it, they might get some traction. But #5 is another lie, isn’t it? Isn’t it??

    #6: ” The Children Will Learn Russian…”

    What does that mean?? Is the writer trying to imply that the incessant lies about Donald Trump have any basis in fact? They’re simply ‘projection’: imputing HRC’s own faults onto her opponent:

    As Secretary of State, HRC quietly accepted a $500,000 Russian bribe for selling 20% of America’s uranium reserves to the erstwhile Soviet Union, and then she tried to cover it up — just like she tried to cover up Qatar’s $1 million payola as a “birthday present” for hubby Bill. No doubt there are lots of other bribes we don’t know about, because the Press/Media is shirking its responsibility. Woodward & Bernstein are long gone…

    #7: “Democrats 2018…”

    Heh. Wrong again: TRUMP 2016 – 2024

    Deal with it.

    #8: “The four year window…”

    Please, oh PLEASE nominate Michelle Obama!! Donald Trump singlehandedly whipped all of his opponents like red-headed stepchildren. Then he thrashed the entire Democrat Party — and half the Republican Party, too.

    And all the while he stood up to Big Media, which shamelessly acted as a partisan surrogate and propagandist for HRC.

    So now Michelle Obama is your desperate hope?!? Bring her on. Please! Because we still have room for some more of that delicious schadenfreude…

    …as we watch the Snowflake generation implode:



  10. Josh, what a bunch of hogwash. Do you seriously not see the hypocrisy of the double standard of what has gone on under Obama? He has continuously fanned the flames of the “evil white man” with a broad-brushed, race driven, stereotype. If the shoe was on the other foot, he would be called a racist. He is doing literally the same thing he condemns others for doing. Lots of people see what a fraud he is and after 8 years are sick of being labeled as racist by this president.

  11. Golly, I just feel like giving Social Justice Warrior lollipop, patting them on the head and telling them, “There, there, just catch your breath. The sun still shines.”

    What we are witnessing, in reaction to the election victory of Donald Trump and the GOP in both houses of Congress, is nothing less than a nationwide temper tantrum by liberals.

    Social Justice Warrior are lighting fires( Adding to Global Warming?) and slashing tires in major California cities, especially in the Bay Area, around Oakland and Berkeley. At California universities, MoveOn has organized whinefests, er, demonstrations, all across the country.

    Flag burning ( Adding Again To Global Warming?), death threats and property destruction are the order of the day as Global Warming? shows us all what the moral high ground looks like. Prove again, that Social Justice Warrior are idoit’s

    • You have to consider that these young morons have, in their short lives, become accustomed to having their every foolish belief endorsed by the nation’s disgraced media, diseased educational system, and corrupt government. With the election of Trump they have experienced a setback for which they — the generation of participation trophies and no-fail education, are totally unprepared. How can we expect them to understand that a man can win an election after they have declared him a misogynist, branded him a hater, and slandered him as a racist — ruinous smears with which they’ve previously batted a thousand? Their reality has been shattered.

      The collective tantrum we are witnessing is the inevitable result of raising little children to live their lives as big children. We can only hope that with Santa only six weeks away, relief is on its way.

  12. Josh its Smug Aholes like you …that’s the reason Trump got elected…..Survived Bush? Reagan wasn’t as bad…No… you know who was bad…8 Years of Obama…Lowest Job participation rate in 50 years, Lowest Home owner ship in 50 years….Obama and Obamacare failed…and as a “progressive” I would hope you wouldn’t want to return to the failed time and time again policies of Stalin….PS the Only Racist I have seen the last two days are the ones protesting and Burning American flags…its the Black and Brown that have a Race problem…I didn’t see anybody taking to the streets in 2008 or 2012….Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  13. What a dumb article. Trump got MORE WOMEN VOTERS than Obama and he got the majority of college educated white women.. I graduated from an Ivy League College, am female and voted for Trump. So glad I don’t live in looney tunes California. Kamala Harris is dumb as a post and you guys elected her. For shame

    • > Kamala Harris is dumb as a post and you guys elected her.

      We were just trying to keep her from running in your state and making your life miserable.

      Sort of like throwing our bodies on a live hand grenade to protect you.

  14. The Obama era set the bar so low in politics that we were given the choice of either Clinton or Trump. We were pretty much screwed either way. What a pity! Light up a doobie ( now legal) sit back and enjoy the ride!

  15. To all the Regulars who have been constantly bed wetting on this web site for the past eight years… Funny how when others begin to complain, you somehow think we can’t or shouldn’t. Yet, you have never let up on your red neck, white trash, uneducated, bigoted point of views…

    Question, since I’m sure you fools believed prior to the election that the election was rigged. Why are you not demanding a recall??? Now that your CIRUS CLOWN has been elected, I guess you feel the system is not rigged??? Little confused by all or your hipocracy…

    Great news for you and all the uneducated fools who voted this FOOL into office. The ball is now 100% in your court… Presidency / Senate / House of Reps… No matter how this administration plays out over the next 4 years, you jack asses have 0 room to complain!!! You’ve made your bed, and now you’ll have to lay in it… At some point I’m sure your beds are going to smell like sh_t, and when they do, please keep your ignorant mouths shut…
    Glad your bed wetting is finally coming to an end…

    • Loony Smith.
      You must be blind and stupid.
      It’s the people carrying Mexican flags that are demanding a new election, and they are still counting zombi votes in the blue states.

      Perhaps you should wrap yourself in an American flag and join the protesters, let’s see if someone of the tolerant left douses your smart ass with gasoline and sets you on fire!
      Then find out if Obama care will nurse you back to health or assist you in suicide.
      To bad your mother didn’t abort you!

  16. Calm down! What is a Cirus Clown? Please engage with your anger management team leader immediately for consultation. Goosfraba dude!

  17. To all those screeching Millennials waving “Not My President” signs as they riot, I say that Barack Obama was not my president, but I didn’t go out and riot, vandalize, set fires, and loot the stores of small time business people in “protest”. Nor did the tens of millions of us who call Obama the worst President ever. GROW UP!!

  18. Liberals are acting like Trump is going to kill all the gays, make slavery legal again, and take away women’s rights….

    Like he’s a Muslim or something.

  19. My third attempt to post a response to L. Smith…

    L. Smith, who has apparently been convinced that he/she is an educated, unbiased person and, as such, obliged to put down those he branded as “fools” for lacking his informed, objective perspective, accomplished nothing with his comment other than to prove himself a fool. Consider this first sentence of the second paragraph:

    “Question, since I’m sure you fools believed prior to the election that the election was rigged.”

    He’s sure of what others believed prior to the election? Based on what? Where’s the evidence? In his head? Even if we ignore his torture of the grammatical concept of tense, he obviously doesn’t know the difference between a question and a statement.

    The immature and uneducated masses are currently having a swell time making fools of themselves by marching and rioting in protest to the Republican straw man created (by the Democratic Party and its subservient media) as part of a desperate effort to put their rotten-to-the-core candidate in the White House. The more they protest the non-existent demon the closer the general public will come to demanding that law enforcement put an end to their lawlessness. And oh, and what a show that will be.

    • Perhaps we can get Amazon to choke out the editor of the Washington Compost before its exiled from the White House press room. Does the Murky News have a Washington office?

  20. This news publication, if you can call it that, has lost all credibility as the other mainstream media also has suffered. Good journalism is dead. To now listen to the SJI and whatever moronic thought they may have would add insult to injury. You Democrats only have yourself to blame. You picked a bad broken down horse, admit it.

  21. What? Stanford is only providing “psychological counseling”?


    “Stanford emailed its students and faculty that psychological counseling was available for those experiencing “uncertainty, anger, anxiety and/or fear” following the election.”

    A real university would be organizing cry-ins and play sessions with coloring books and play dough, designating “safe-spaces”, giving out hot chocolate, and having group hugs. By the way, have any universities designated any “safe gloating areas” for members of their community who are Trump-Americans?

    • We could issue them a safety pin and a shoebox to hide in. Unfortunately for Trump supporters the law does not recognise your right to breathed much less vote in a state with a one party system. You will just have to be beaten
      until you understand tolerance.

    • ‘“Stanford emailed its students and faculty that psychological counseling was available for those experiencing “uncertainty, anger, anxiety and/or fear” following the election.” Psychological counseling because of an election? Seriously? We are becoming a nation of pu*sies. Take them all down to the shelter and give each of them an emotional support animal and a participation trophy for showing up to class.

      • I belive “Snowflakes” is the new PC term for these fragile beauties that just shater and any kind of diverse thought
        reaching farther than the edge of the golden spoon born to their mouthes.

        I was told I need to be more accommodating in my remarks to promote acceptance and understanding, and not be
        so cynical. This will make the grass greener and flowers bloom even in places like North Korea and Silicon Valley.

        And your thought are?

    • Never mind the guns, I’m told Hillary has weaponized the ashtrays and beer bottles at her election HQ.

  22. I enjoyed this article – and the people that are jumping up and down in joy for Trump election now, may, in 2 years be crying in their beer. (1) Historically business have made poor presidents and economy doesn’t do so well under them (google it) (2) Economy does better under Democrats. This guy can’t even get his transition team together with all the in-fighting. He will spend more time whining and Twittering insults that actually getting anything done.

  23. Josh & Jennifer–have you received your emotional support ferrets yet? If not, you can probably get them from Stanford.

  24. Oh, Jeez, I almost forgot Bike Boy lobbyist and Mayor Sam Liccardo. Yale is offering them, so Harvard can’t be far behind.

  25. > Take them all down to the shelter and give each of them an emotional support animal and a participation trophy for showing up to class.

    You have just hit on it! This is how Hillary can deal with her anger management issues.

    Give her a participation trophy for participating in the presidential election!

    “You didn’t lose, Hillary. You just don’t get to be President — THIS TIME. Next time it will be your turn. But you tried really hard and that’s what’s important”.

    • Presidential Bronze medal in 2008, and Silver medal in 2016 and no more “Pay to Play” Gold coming in.
      She may have to invest her loot in Wall St like the rest of us.

  26. When the free sh*t crowd and limousine liberals elected an empty suit with virtually no record of accomplishment in his entire political career and grades so bad he spent a lot of money to keep them from being released for public review, what did Republicans do? They sucked it up and accepted the outcome. When their congenital liar candidate lost the election to people fed up with politics as usual, what did the Democrats and self-styled progressives do? http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2016/11/car_set_on_fire_spray_painted.html#incart_2box
    Wake up America! The Democrats and the progressives are the parties of intolerance.

    • > Wake up America! The Democrats and the progressives are the parties of intolerance.

      I think America got the message.

      That’s why Hillary violently assaulted her campaign staff on election night, and why William Jefferson Clinton threw his cell phone into the Arkansas River from his fifth floor penthouse at the Clinton library (presumably while on break from a bimbo eruption).

  27. I just googled “what will happen the next 4 years” and your article was one of the top hits. after reading it i just want to say i appreciate your time to write this, it helped me change my mindset for the day.

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