Endorsement: Vote “No” on Measure D; “Yes” on Measure E

Voters will elect representatives and decide state and local governments’ fiscal futures in this year’s election. Here are Metro‘s endorsements for the local measures on the Nov. 6 ballot.—Editor

No on Measure A
Santa Clara County wants to raise the sales tax by 1/8 of a cent, which could then be directed toward a number of services, such as law enforcement, health care, programs for low-income children and families and economic development. Unfortunately, what county officials haven’t admitted is that there is no obvious need for this regressive tax. The Board of Supervisors manage a $4 billion budget and sometimes have to conjure ways just to spend it all. Just this past spring, Supervisor Liz Kniss gave $47K to a non-county-operated animal shelter. Then there was the board’s decision to start building parks to connect neighborhoods in unincorporated areas. (Does this sound like a county in crisis?) One could argue that San Jose’s failed sales tax measure, which didn’t go to the ballot, deserved more serious consideration. Vote “no” on Measure A and see if the county’s needs continue to be met.

Yes on Measure B
It needs to be clear that Measure B is not a new tax; it simply extends the current parcel tax on property owners. Unfortunately, the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s management made so many mistakes in getting the measure on the ballot that voters can rightly question the competency of the agency, referred to by its critics as the Golden Spigot for its wastefulness. The truth is the county has very real issues when it comes to protecting creeks and watersheds and providing clean drinking water, and Measure B will ensure the county meets its obligations for the next 15 years.

Yes on Measure C
Palo Alto must decide if medical marijuana collectives can be allowed within city limits. Although many will look at San Jose and decry the lack of regulations and lawlessness, the truth is pot clubs have not killed the city. If anything, San Jose has proven to be a model to state and federal agencies. While people who need the medicine most can get access, the city brought in almost $4 million in tax revenue in its first year. Vote “yes” on Measure C.

No on Measure D
San Jose is already an enclave of compensation diktats—living wage, prevailing wage, sick time and vacation pay buyouts, pension fund investment return guarantees—for public employees and contractors that drive up the cost of doing business here. A proposed municipal minimum wage law may soon legislate wages paid by private employers, and the city will have to spend its citizens’ money to enforce this social experiment, just as, unbeknownst to most residents, its wage police currently enforce “living” and “prevailing” wage ordinances. The Bay Area boomlet that has Palo Alto and San Francisco awash in prosperity has somehow passed over San Jose. The city cannot afford another patchwork piece of public policy like the bag ordinance. Just as San Jose stores charge for shopping bags while retailers in Santa Clara, Milpitas and Campbell proudly give them away for free, Measure D will make San Jose a less desirable business environment than its immediate neighbors and cost the city jobs. Particularly hard hit will be small businesses, like theaters and restaurants. The ballot measure failed to take into account part-time jobs, internships, seasonal work or food servers who make tips. As a result, opportunities for people entering the workforce will decline. The only jobs that will be created as a result of Measure D will be to police the new minimum wage, paid for by the voters who passed it.

Yes on Measure E
If you want to risk your money at Casino M8trix or Bay 101 in San Jose, we can’t stop you. But Measure E would make it even easier by increasing the number of card tables at the city’s two casinos from 49 to 69 each. The city of San Jose has few options to increase revenue, so it better make sure it takes the extra money and puts it into a depleted police department. The unfortunate part of all this is the city will benefit in revenue while people who can’t control their gambling habits put themselves and their families at risk.

Yes on Measures G-L
If you want better public schools in your neighborhood and you’re willing to pay for it, more power to you.



    We can’t have stagnation and poverty in this town anymore!  Yes, it’ll lose jobs in the short term, mainly in the downtown area because the city didn’t do a good job redeveloping its downtown; therefore, it’s more fragile than the rest of the city.  The city, as a whole, will do fine and even lower its unemployment rate in not too distant future as more people will have money to spend in the long run by having having higher wages as a result of higher minimum wage.  Just look at San Francisco, Washington DC and others, their unemployment rates went down as they raised their minimum wages.  If I had my way, I’d raise it to $13 hr.

    • City Blue your logic is flawed. You say business will fold to begin with and the unemployment will go up but then it will go down. Why will it go down? No business is going to open up as San Jose is not a tourist destination. Last I looked we didn’t have a wharf, Golden Gate Bridge or Park. There is very little to have people come here. You even admit the downtown isn’t great. So why shop here?? That makes zero sense. People shop for the best deal. Look at Amazon they killed the bookstores. Why price..Do you know how many people yell at my employees that they have to pay 10 cents for a bag. I’m sure they will be much happier with your logic to pay $10 for that hamburger instead of $8.
      So a little Econ 101 for you. A business is in it to make money. If they make to much money then other people will open a similar business hence competition. So there are very few rich small business owners out there. All this measure does is make the small business owner at a huge disadvantage to other cities in the area. I already see it with the 10 cent bags. If people get pissed at 10 cents what will happen when my prices go up 20 percent to pay for this. Vote NO on Measure D as its just Dumb

      • First, the higher wages will make people more able to spend on goods in the long run and making businesses more profitable to hire more people.

        Second, oh that moribound downtown.  It needs 10,000 hotel rooms, not the current 2,400, and 45,000,000 sq. of office space or higher, not the current 8,700,000, and finally, 30,000 residential units and even more, not the current 8,000.  If all those get or got built, whether it’s public dollars or private investment or both, downtown would thrive, if not flourish.  It would be a destination for locals and tourists alike, spending money downtown, and businesses deal with higher minimum wage no problemo!

        You’re right!  Downtown will mostly not able to survive the hike of the minimum wage, but it’s the city’s screw up, and it’s time to pay and screw you just like paying “Pauly” on GoodFellas! 

        It’ll just be the downtown area taking the hit, not the rest of the city.  The city will even pick up after awhile the measure takes affect. Remember, downtown had all the time to get its act together and be successful before the ax came in the name of demise of redevelopment agency and higher minimum wage.  Pauly says, “It’s time to pay up and screw you if you can’t”.  Everyone else will just be fine.

        • So city Blue why would anyone come to San Jose to shop. You admit its not the downtown. So why not go to a town near by and pay 20% less for your stuff cause that is what the san jose business needs to charge to pay the higher wage. I get it min wage is way to low. So your right as a small business I need to pay Pauly more to do biz in San Jose. Guess what that takes my business and puts it in the red. Sorry I can’t absorb a $80K in loss more in wages while the guy a mile away doesn’t have to pay it. The only way for this to work is have all the cities pay $10 even playing ground or let me out of my lease. As of right now I need to claim bankrupcy to do that one. City Blue please open a small business and mortgage your house to pay for it. Love to see how long before you cry uncle to Pauly. Why is everyone else be just fine?? That makes no sense. How can my restaurant compete as Pauly as my partner against one in Santa Clara. What drives people come to San Jose? It has nothing you even admit the downtown is not great. Unless you put a river without a bridge most of that increased wages will flow to other places as its just cheaper. So explain that to me city blue. Don’t tell me to shut my doors as that is just being a bully!!!!

        • This only implies to downtown that is struggling.  The rest of San Jose like Santana Row and Willow Glen are fine.  The small businesses will struggle, but I think they will survive as they have in other areas where they raise the minimum wages.  Most likely they other cities will raise their minimum wages if they see San Jose is successful.  You’ll be more successful in long run as more people will have money in their pocket and maybe other cities will raise theirs.  Downtown is the one that will die since it’s the least prepared, even way less prepared than you.

        • City sorry to say your argument leaves ones small business in the dumps. I agree with the Santana Row doing well as I’m pretty sure those people are getting paid over $10 as high end people don’t want to deal with first time job applicants or people that don’t speak english. Those employees are usually on there second or third job. Though some of the restaurants as the dishwasher might be hit a little. On your argument other cities will raise there wages. LMAO. Yes I see South San Francisco, Daly City, San Bruno raised it. They actually are saying come here do business. So I highly doubt the other cities will jump on this bad business experience. California is already known as business unfriendly now the great city of San Jose will be known as the place not to open a business for the most part. Like you said Santa Row will not be effected. Basically you will have lost a lot of tax revenue. Also most people making the min wage are from other countries. They send the money back there to help there families. So yes there cities will do well. San Jose NOPE. I guess your screen name fits the city of San Jose will be very blue.

    • The Government’s got no business telling consenting adults what they can or can’t do together- either in the bedroom or in the workplace.
      No on D.

      • Well both you and je are business owners, so I would not expect anything different from either of you. It is the non business owner citizens who will make the bulk of the decision. Measure D will pass, as it should.

        • So So you might well be right cause we are in a minority. We tried to provide jobs and compete with other cities. But this measure as city blue says is like having Pauly as a business partner. You pay up and pay up till you burn the place down. Why do you have to support a city wide min wage why not a state so I can compete with my neighbor in Santa Clara. So how do I stay in business? Why do you want all small business to fail in San Jose. At least pass a measure to allow me get out of my lease without claiming bankrupcy.
          I agree the min wage is way to low to live on for a family let alone one person. But to punish one small group minority business owners is just wrong. Even city blue states the downtown isn’t that great. So San Jose isn’t a tourist destination. Nobody is going to pay extra to eat there burgers.
          What should I do since I can’t compete? You really want me to layoff 10 people and shut my doors. Who will take my place. Nobody will open a business where its not a level playing field. Look at the US manufactorting it all went overseas. I don’t see it coming back do you? Why do that to San Jose.

  2. Vote yes on Measure D. $8/hr is shameful. People making $8/hr make a little over $16k per year. I read where it takes a minimum household income of $71k per year to have a comfortable life in San Jose. How would you like to try to live on $16K? That is below poverty. Vote yes and help these people have a slightly better life. Bet the owners of these businesses are driving Lexus and Mercedes or could afford to.

    • SO SO no no they aren’t driving Lexus and Mercedes. Most are just getting by. Lets raise it but all cities. You can’t have one city pay higher wages and the rest lower. You lose the customers. This is the wrong way to go about doing it. Live on 16k that is for entry level work. It’s a first time job. Lets get real this is for some lazy college kid that wants to be paid more money. If your supporting a family on 16k you made some very wrong decision in life and need to get some skills. Learn some computer skills. All you are doing is killing San Jose and the small business.

      • No it is not just for entry level. I have seen women out there that had some age on them, trying to make a living. Just maybe they couldn’t afford college. Whose to say why they are in that predicament. At least they aren’t trying to collect welfare. They are trying to help themselves. More power to them. And…how do YOU know that the business owners are not driving lexus’ and mercedes? I’ve seen them. My statement was an assumption based on observation and you sound as if you know it for a fact…WRONG!

        • Yes I know it for a fact I’m a business owner and I don’t own either of those. You on the other hand are just a bully. Until you run a business you have no clue the work that goes into it. With your idea business will layoff people and close even city blue admits to that. So guess what more people collect welfare. Wow great move. Sounds like your just some lazy college teacher collecting a pension. Here is a idea lets tax that and spread the wealth around more.

    • > Vote yes on Measure D.

      Dear So So:

      You insensitive, stingy, miserly clod.

      A $10 minimum wage is a joke and an insult.  What minimum wage person is going to be able to afford a Lexus or a Mercedes on $10 an hour?  Do you seriously believe that minimum wage people should not be equal to business owners.

      I am on record as supporting a minimum wage of $1,749.30 an hour.


      That should be enough for minimum wage persons to finally buy a Lexus AND some real dignity.

      I figure that my support of a $1,749.30 minimum wage makes me about 174.9 times more socially conscious, caring, and compassionate than you.

      I’ll bet you probably support tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, too.

      • That is a little extreme but makes sense why not just get rid of the business the next day instead of making them suffer for several months. It would be more humane to put small business out of there misery quickly.

      • I’M AN INSENSITIVE, STINGY, MISERLY CLOD??? I’m the one voting yes on Measure D. Please read my statement, again. It says nothing about a minimum wage person, earning $10/hr affording a Lexus or Mercedes. If you could read, you would see that I said “business owners”, knucklehead.

        • > I’M AN INSENSITIVE, STINGY, MISERLY CLOD??? I’m the one voting yes on Measure D.

          Yes.  Insensitive, stingy, and miserly for supporting a minimum wage of only $10 per hour.

          I support a minimum wage of $1,749.30 per hour.

          I would say that clearly makes me a better person than you.

        • ROFLMAO…I can see that this conversation with you was a waste of time. Yeah, you are a better person than me. I hope you get your wish. Now, I’m off to conversations that fall within the realm of reality.

        • PLus so so I think we should tax your pension higher as you have to much free time on your hands. Spread the wealth around be a true democrat like Obama wants lets tax your pension.

        • And because of that, I think your business should fail. Yes on Measure D so you can go out of business. Let the better hamburger makers take over. You won’t be missed. What has taxing my pension higher have to do with how much time I have on my hands? Seems like you are the one who has too much time on their hands. Shouldn’t you be watching over the burgers?  You spent much more time on here than I have. YES ON MEASURE D, EVERYBODY!

        • NOPE when I leave the place it will stay vacant. Just like the manufactoring jobs they won’t be coming back to the USA. As much as Obama thinks they are they are gone. So since most business will leave I guess there won’t be enough sales tax collect so the first thing they will do is cut your pension in half. Or better yet just get rid of it. They did it back East. Way to go So So there go go goes your pension. The next Measure we are going after your pension as its just to big. Also since you own a car that means you have to much money. You need to take the bus. We should pass a measure no cars allowed in San Jose so the city will really be a front runner. Measure G for Green. Who cares if business need shipments San Jose will be Green. Makes about much sense as you not supporting a min wage of $1,749.30 a hour.

        • Makes as much sense as close your business cause San Jose is this huge tourist destination everybody is coming in to the city to shop. Give me a break. All this does is kill small business.

  3. The idea of owning a business is to make money. The idea of hiring employees is for them to make money for you. Some workers are better than others. Some cost you more than they bring in. At $8/hr a business might suck it up and retain a marginal employee even though he’s costing them more than he’ earning them. Now we have a busybody government stick it’s nose in and tell this business that it must lose even more money on that employee. Many businesses will simply make the calculation to stop the bleeding and let go of employees who may have eventually learned the work skills necessary to earn their keep.
    A lose-lose situation all round thanks to our progressive “do gooders”.
    Let’s show faith and trust in the goodness of people, employers and employees alike, and allow them to work out agreements among themselves without our interference.
    Let’s vote NO on Measure D.

    • To enforce this horrible job killing Measure will cost 100’s of thousands of dollars. I can’t imagine the backup on enforcement the mailings etc trying to enforce this all over town. I agree vote NO on Measure D as its just Dumb

  4. Chamber has thousands upon thousand upon thousands of dollars to stuff mailers into every mailbox in San Jose, flood the airwaves with expensive commercials and to taint every page internet page I go to with no on d But yet no money for the working poor…. give me a break. Their going to spend $1.5 million dollars(they already said it)in an attempt to say that small business cant afford to pay their worker $2 dollars more. Dont fall for “No Good”<—(borrowed) Mahoods tricks. The money to pay the workers is being stuffed into your mailboxes and popping up on every internet page. Remember every commerical you see on tv and every ad on the internet is Chambers way of saying the money is there!!It is not often that we can help 40,000 low-wage workers, but that is exactly what we can do this November 6th by helping to pass Measure D

    • dmc all the chamber is doing is warning what will happen if it passes. Tell me as I’ve begged for the response and I hate my accountants response of just closing your doors. How do I compete with the restaurant a 1/2 mile a way in Santa Clara that makes the same food but I need to charge 20% more. I already hear about how people get pissed they have to pay 10cents for a bag. Now I’m asking them to spend a extra $4 or so per ticket on a meal.
      I agree the min wage needs to go up but it needs to be statewide or San Jose needs to be a tourist destination where people are forced to pay higher prices. Unless you put a river without a bridge to the other cities this Measure is just Dumb. Or do you want me to layoff my 10 employees and shut the doors?

      • Your customers may be pissed about the 10 cent bags but they pay stop it.So crying about spilled milk (the bags are the past)Im sure that they’d be happier to pay it if they knew that it was implemted as way to help 40,000 low income workers. We all pay the .10 with no visible benefit. AS for waiting on a Fresno,Modesto,Aliviso,Oakland…..for anything ground breaking lol Hell no!!!San Jose doesnt follow WE LEAD !!….if that is your mentaility then that is why you are having business problems. I want you to figure out how to market,sell,manufactor,and advertise a better product.I dont know who told yo being in business was a walk thru the park. You better evolve or step aside. I am not asking you to reinvent the wheel. Just to invest in the longevity of your business without complaining about paying your employees a decent wage.

        • LOL I actually saw a customer refuse to pay the .10 bag charge older guy that had to ride the bus.He took his milk then dropped it cause he didn’t have a bag. Yep milk all over the place.  Yep everybody in a sense cried about the spilled milk. So your reasoning is flawed a lot of people don’t pay it and people tend to steal more from the store as you don’t know if they paid for it or not. San Jose Lead LOL. You call this leadership I call it a train wreck. I don’t see you running out to open a business. Your just some one thinking they are doing good. All your doing is killing the small business. You want me to figure out how to manufactor, and market better when doing business in two different cities have different rules. Lets see I’ll open my business in the least friendly environment yes. I don’t think so. You go where you can make the most money. Again why don’t you open a business love to see how many months you can stay open for your doors clothes. I guess that is why Texas is kicking CA butt when it comes to business. Sorry a business owners doesn’t keep putting money in a losing business they close the doors. Taking a business that gives entry level workers a job and having them shut there doors is a real shame.
          So open a business like I’ve said before and see how long it last. Cause you don’t have the first clue how the real world works!!!!

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