Water Board Finally Selects CEO

The controversy-plagued Santa Clara Valley Water District board has finally selected a CEO—naming Beau Goldie, a longtime district employee, to the long-vacant post.

Insiders say Goldie, who works as a senior manager, is a hard worker who will be effective in polishing the district’s reputation. Over the past decade or more, the SCVWD has been hit with racial discrimination lawsuits, and been criticized for its lack of transparency and spending habits, as well as the unusually long terms of its boardmembers (the average tenure is 20 years for some members).

The district, which provides water and control floods, has been without a CEO for the last 18 months after Stan Williams was forced to give up the post. Williams had hired one of the agency’s board members to a $180,000 job without interviewing other candidates.

Goldie steps into the job at a time when a bill is wending its way through the legislature that calls for serious reforms to the water district board.

Some insiders say while Goldie is sharp and savvy, it will still be difficult for him to take on this board’s baggage.

“I think the board will drag Beau down,” says one water district employee who asked to remain anonymous. “I feel sorry for him.”


  1. Just a very positive note, I can attest that Beau Goldie and our neighborhood association interacted in 2003-2005 about signage along Penitencia Creek and related water resources matters, and every time he was courteous, helpful, accessible, and honorable. 

    The Santa Clara Water District Board made an excellent choice in promoting Beau Goldie to the CEO position.

  2. It’s not just the consultants.  The water district has a ton of unnecessary overhead. 

    Keeping all those 150K per year political sinecures means that we have less money for flood prevention.

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