St. Louise Regional, O’Connor Hospitals Undergo Repairs

Santa Clara County has completed several major renovation projects at its two hospitals—St. Louise Regional Hospital, O’Connor Hospital—and at the DePaul Health Center, and is completing several new upgrade projects.

A total of $90 million in equipment and facility improvements have occurred or are taking place, the county reported.

In addition, the biggest upgrade, according to the county, has been an $80 million electronic health records system, completed in August. This gives patients access to their health information and clinical records, and the ability to directly message their healthcare team, said the county.

Physicians and the care team use the system to send prescriptions to the pharmacy, order tests, view results, and schedule procedures.

The county repainted the exterior of St. Louise a lighter color, and installed new patient monitoring equipment for the emergency, intensive care, maternity and all acute care departments. Also, at St. Louise, 40 new hospital beds were purchased, and the hospital has new imaging and CT scanning equipment. A pharmacy remodel project construction is underway, the county reports.

The St. Louise emergency department also has new signage, and the hospital has a new fire alarm system. Other projects have begun design and will be submitted to the California Office of Statewide Healthcare Planning and Development, the agency with permitting authority for hospitals.

The DePaul Health Center in Morgan Hill has received some roof repairs, and will get a new roof in 2020. O’Connor Hospital in San Jose has new operating room lights, modernized rooms and is in the midst of an elevator modernization upgrade.

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