South Bay Honors Veterans with Memorial Day Services

Silicon Valley, like many communities across the nation, is observing Memorial Day with somber speeches, ceremonies and flag planting at cemeteries.

Flags are flying at half mast at all government agencies, on order of the president, while families and friends of military men and women who died in service place flags and flowers on their graves.

This morning at Oak Hill Memorial Park, Marion Matundan and Matthew Bell will delivery keynote addresses during service that includes a military aircraft flyover, a wreath procession and a hot dog barbecue. The event begins at 11am and takes place at 300 Curtner Ave., in San Jose.

Steven Butow and J. Kevin Graves will speak during a ceremony in San Bruno that continues with a wreath procession, a brass band, a flyover and a rifle salute. The service starts at 11am and takes place at 1300 Sneath Lane, San Bruno.

Memorial Day became a federal holiday in the wake of the Civil War. Then known as Decoration Day, it was recognized at the end of May, when flowers were in bloom all over the country. But the practice of placing flowers on fallen soldiers' graves dates back centuries.

In 2001, Congress created "The National Moment of Remembrance Act," which encouraged citizens to pause at 3pm every Memorial Day for a moment of silence to reflect on those who gave their lives in service to the nation. For the death toll of each war, click here.

“It’s a way we can all help put the memorial back in Memorial Day," Moment of Remembrance founder Carmella LaSpada once said.

Metro/San Jose Inside is taking the day off but will be back Tuesday.


  1. There is a lot of BS on this site, but I do not see anyone saluting those that have given their lives and service to allow you to post and vote.

    Please remember these great people who allow you to be free.

  2. I find it interesting that Honda is really pushing for votes this term unlike the last two which would explain why he takes these opportunities to do his PR stunts for more exposure. He doesn’t give a rats a$$ about our troops. Rumor has it that a former intern of his who deployed to Afghanistan asked for his help in cutting through some red tape to get home to his dying mother and Mike Honda didn’t do squat to expedite the process. Long story short, when that Marine was permitted to go home his mom died while on his way home. Yeah, way to honor those who defend our freedoms there Mike!

    I find it even more troublesome that Dave Cortese made a pretty political statement (go figure, he’s running for mayor) in telling folks “…honor those folks by casting your vote in the upcoming election…” Seriously?

    Mr. Cortese, Memorial Day is about REMEMBERING OUR FALLEN HEROES! Not about politics!

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