Santa Clara Police Arrest 2 for Identity Theft Crime Spree

Police in Santa Clara have arrested two people on suspicion of stealing the identities of more than 100 potential victims.

Following an investigation that began in January, police arrested Edwina Bogan and Shawnece Ford on suspicion of illegal possession of many items, including personal information from more than 100 people, drugs, ammo, mail and a stun gun.

The arrests culminate an investigation that began several weeks ago with the report that one person’s identity had been stolen, according to a statement the Santa Clara Police Department issued Monday.

That person’s identity and others were later used to fraudulently rent apartments in the 3500 block of Monroe Street in Santa Clara and in the 1700 block of Newbury Park in San Jose, along with five other apartments in the region.

Police said Bogan and Ford exploited the state and city moratoriums on evictions and maintained the rental properties for several months without making monthly payments, incurring more than $100,000 in unpaid rent.

In these same neighborhoods during the time of these fraudulent rentals, there were spikes in package and mail thefts and vehicle burglaries, police said.

The investigation also found five more apartments Bogan and Ford rented using stolen identities, police said. The investigation is ongoing, and the Santa Clara Police Department said it continues to locate victims of identity theft.

The Federal Trade Commission provides information on its website about how to prevent becoming a victim of identity theft as well as tools to recover from identity theft.


  1. I would suspect the pair has been repeatedly and generously stimulated by the U.S. Treasury.

  2. We must stop and reflect on how we as a society have failed these individuals—who were surely doing only what they needed to do in order to survive.

    Admit that if you didn’t have everything given to you (and that everything that was probably stolen from others) that you would do anything differently than these unfortunate two (who are now mired in a racist “system” of so called “justice”).

  3. People who think like you are at least 50% of the problem with the criminals being the othe half. Perhaps you should give up everything you have of value such as your income, your home, your car, your cell phone, your jewelry, etc. to these poor, disadvantaged, and marginalized thiefs because if you have the luxury of coming on here to lecture victims of crime, I will make the same absurd assumption you asserted in your statement. Everything you own was likely given to you, so repent and give it up to the thieves or “unfortunates” as you call them. Now, I sure hope you don’t object! If you do, you must be as privileged and racist as you claim we are for not wanting to be ripped off by thieves. Lead by example and live like a fellow unfortunate or better yet, invite them into your home to live with you and steal everything you own while you’re sleeping.

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