Santa Clara Co. Supervisor Mike Wasserman Denies Knowledge of Falsified CCW Paperwork

One of 10 felony counts in a grand jury indictment announced Friday claims that Sheriff’s Capt. James Jensen falsified information on a firearms proficiency form for a concealed carry weapon (CCW) permit for county Supervisor Mike Wasserman.

Wasserman, who is serving his third elected term as county supervisor, said Friday that he had not seen the indictment, and he was not aware of the accusations against Jensen.

The elected official declined to comment before learning more about the case, but he confirmed that he holds an active concealed weapons permit from the Sheriff’s Office.

The indictment, released by District Attorney Jeff Rosen, accuses Jensen of seven felony counts of falsification of public records by a custodial officer.

The seventh count in the charging document says Jensen, on or about April 6, 2019, “did willfully falsify the whole and any part” of Wasserman’s CCW firearms proficiency form.

The other six counts claim Jensen falsified similar paperwork for five other CCW permit applicants, whose names are also listed in the indictment.

The indictment does not claim that Wasserman was aware of the alleged false information and does not accuse the supervisor of a crime.

Wasserman, who represents South County on the Board of Supervisors, is listed as one of 19 witnesses “examined” by the grand jury that issued the indictment.

In a Friday presser in San Jose, Rosen said that more charges could be filed in relation to the ongoing probe into the way Sheriff Laurie Smith issues concealed weapons permits.

In the indictment, Jensen along with lawyers Chris Schumb and Harpaul Nahal, and gun parts manufacturer Michael Nichols are accused of felony charges related to a conspiracy to illegally obtain CCW permits for employees of a Silicon Valley security company.

The defendants will be charged on Aug. 31 with felony counts of bribery and conspiracy to commit bribery. Jensen is also accused of seven counts of falsifying public records.

The DA said the investigation was triggered by an inquiry from Metro Silicon Valley—the parent publication of San Jose Inside—into a conspicuously generous campaign contribution to a committee that supported Smith’s re-election in 2018.

Michael Moore is an award-winning journalist who has worked as a reporter and editor for the Morgan Hill Times, Hollister Free Lance and Gilroy Dispatch since 2008. During that time, he has covered crime, breaking news, local government, education, entertainment and more.


  1. > In the indictment, Jensen along with lawyers Chris Schumb and Harpaul Nahal, and gun parts manufacturer Michael Nichols are accused of felony charges related to a conspiracy to illegally obtain CCW permits for employees of a Silicon Valley security company.

    This sounds like the ever reliable — always available to deep stater insiders — “process crime”.

    “Your papers are not in order”.

    Applying for an receiving a CCW is a RIGHT.

    Bureaucrats who impose restrictive and burdensome paperwork requirements should go to jail.

  2. Applying for a ccw is a right. Owning a gun is a right. APPROVING THE APPLICATION IS THE ISSUE.

    Smith was supported by four independent committees. Rich Robinson and Caserta had something to do with two as did Kevin Moore and Ed McGovern and the Niners. These committees had a lot do with the ccw for sale business and Rosen should ask them.

  3. Which goes straight in the pocket of Rich Robinson who shares it with Kevin Moore, the Niners and McGovern

  4. > Which goes straight in the pocket of Rich Robinson who shares it with Kevin Moore, the Niners and McGovern

    Speaking of Rich Robinson, has he expressed any remorse yet for shilling for the California High Speed Rail?

    Isn’t it customary that perps have to express remorse before their sentences are reduced?

  5. Trina the troll knows nothing of what he alleges. He needs help, he is a mentally ill person whose attacks people with no knowledge of what he does. We know who he is, but the coward refuses to use his own name.

  6. Hm, this guy wrote that our soccer kids and parents were being selfish about our Soccer Park. Robinson supported opponents of our Youth Soccer Park in 2000.

    As for the Super Bowl, well he knew where his free ticket came from. He opposed our youth commission, opposed teachers and kept the 3000 pennies. About counseling, well this family court file says something about mandating for a married guy with 3000 pennies.

  7. Regina Kimble’s mishmash of bull feces is too nuanced for me. Does anyone know WTF she is talking about? Or is it the same mentally ill troll who formally went by Trina?

  8. Huh? My sister belongs to Stand Up Santa and they certainly dont like anyone like that person. But you know Stand Up was the one who outed you with the Niners. You did against teachers in Santa Clara in 1996. You also helped opponents of our Soccer Park. Check the vote
    You attacked our beloved Mayor who you slandered. We know about who referred someone in a divorce to counseling, and you did attack soccer park parents. Did you ever send the 3000 pennies and then there was that judge you helped that wanted the attorney for knooky knooky.

  9. Ps the ccw permit bribes did wind up in your pocket and Schunb did represent Caserta, the teacher who wants see women work in lingerie and you backed Caserta who pinched and grabbed his students. Hm, wonder what he shared with you.


    Well the campaign finance reports where you can find the bribes lists this guy Robinson as recipient of the money.

    Lists Hawaii. Why does this crooks always run to Hawaii when illegal campaign stuff happens?

    Well, I can assure you he will be hearing this soon,

    “Book him, Dano, Extradite request.”

  11. In 2018, according to the indictment listed in SANTA CLARA NEWS, a great news source, which outed Niners Consultant Rich Robinson (who said he led the entire campaign), money was raised by Schumb for Smith’s reelection committee. Sound after, thousands of dollars of that money went RICHARD ROBINSON
    (Who knew the whole affair), for “professional and legal assistance.”

    Robinson received money from BLUPAC, which has paid thousands in fines, for “legal assistance.” Note to his fellow conspirators, especially the one in Santa Clara, who got the Niners to cough up free tickets, Rich likes the hard candy not the soft chews.

  12. Laurie Smith and her crooked associates are just one example of the open sore that County politics has become. Yes, the money raised by the indicted conspirators helped pay for bums like Robinson. He claims credit for Measure J, but he never attended a public meeting, never did the work of dozens of people, but because he is a buddy of a certified creep who delivers on his pledges,Robinson can blather. Note Robinson even attacked the soccer parents who voted for the stadium. These people pay each other, use their positions to get themselves free tickets, invites to Super Bowl parties, and leave the good people out of everything, deny them any credit by making up cutey names instead of giving them credit. They deny involvement when the indictments come out. At least the progressives have integrity.

  13. You just sullied it. Very rarely does she want support from FPPC violators. I dont think it was cool for Ann to go after Lisa Gillmor. She lost that one. Oh, well. Ann never worked to elect a MAGAer, unlike you. How many Niner allies have you opppsed?

    Well when Rosen is through going over the campaign reports and indicts you, Ann can write a sentencing appeal.

  14. Better yet, just check all the CCW permits issued by Laurie Smith and cross check if they were ever clients, associates of Robinson or the myriad of stooges he claims are RW team members.


    Well that did take long. When a poor divorced woman or widow wants to have protection for her market open at night. No way. But a drinking buddy of Dick Alexander can get it from Laurie with Richie asking his jughead buddy for Super Bowl passes. Chances are the buddy of Dick’s is more likely to use it to deal with wifey or to shoot the poor kid lost in the neighborhood

  16. oompah, oompah,
    oopity do
    I have a secret riddle for you

    a permit for a glock
    and free Niner tickets

    oompah oompah
    oopity do

    Neither should buddies of RR in Santa Clara get to make false deals.

    People should not think government is for sale at the Sainte Claire Club
    If people make promises that are real and based in fairness
    They will leave in happiness. Too
    Just like the oompah, oompah.dooity, do!

  17. Same loony guy. You are wrong. BTW: I have never been fined by FPPC–ever.

    Some of my clients have been fined for technical violations; normally the advice is not to pay. But sometimes paying the fine is less costly than fighting a fine with lawyers. It is an economic decision for many clients–and there is no criminality, it is civil law.

    Just for the record.

  18. Gee, your honor, I am pleading guilty to fraud, but it was not really fraud, but since the case is long and costly, I am pleading guilty. That is what the guy in the next courtroom will be saying while you will be figuring out what to plead. Face it, chuckles, you just getting thr treatment you have been using for years, like the treatment you gave poor Kathy Watanabe and her lovely daughter by claiming she lied about being Asian.

  19. Amy Dean once told the story about Sugar Dumpling sending out a mailer that arrived at some guy’s house accusing him of being a criminal and it was the guy’s kids who had the bad luck of getting home and reading it first.

  20. I can’t believe that someone is falsifying the comments as if they came from my campaign. Nothing is further from the truth. I have the highest respect for Rich Robinson and am outraged that someone will perpetrate a fraud in the comments.

  21. Thanks Ann. The guy is mentally ill, he needs help and knows nothing of what he speaks. I have ceased engaging. People know who I am, at least those who matter. But this individual is clearly in need of help and I shan’t continue to provoke the infirmed.

  22. I knew the attempt to use the courts to attack Lisa Gillmor was based on this connection. It was thrown out of court wasn’t it?

    Yep. I am sure she will write Rosen begging him to leave Rich alone

  23. Well, the only dark money group ever fined in Silicon Valley was Blupac, Legal Counsel

    Why did Blupac, Ann or Rich, attack a woman for marrying an Asian American?

  24. I can’t believe “Ann Ravel” wasted an Obama endorsement to express “highest respect for Rich Robinson”. They must not have read the last few years of SJI. They’ve been away too long; they might go wrong and lose their way. I’m outraged at the worthlessness of the FPPC, EDD, and CDCR bureaucracies, but you out-of-towners both want more of the same. Take a knee and defund yourselves.

  25. Ms Ravel,

    May I point you to a comment made by Mr Robinson on this article.

    In response to Trini Lopez, he writes

    “Trina the troll knows nothing of what he alleges.”

    Now lets unpack this, If you look at the first word, you will see the purposeful genderization of Trini. Then later Mr Robinson uses the opposite gendered pronoun he. The purpose of this is clear, he is mocking this person in a homophobic and transphobic manner. This is not misgendering by accident, or out of some principle, but misgendering to ridicule, to mock, to humiliate.

    Does this person deserve your full, unconditional support? Is this the type of person we should be celebrating in Silicon Valley? Are these our California Values?

    Thanks again,

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