San Mateo Cop Accused of Trying to Seduce a Teen Girl Online

Silicon Valley cops have arrested one of their own for allegedly talking to a teenager online about engaging in sexual activity. Forty-year-old San Mateo police Officer Robert Davies was booked in jail Thursday on charges of contacting a minor to commit a felony.

The San Jose Police Department’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) arrested the Peninsula cop at his Morgan Hill home after a three-and-a-half-week investigation prompted by a tipster posing online as a 16-year-old girl.

The tip came in on May 11. A concerned citizen told Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers about posing as a minor on several mobile apps and chatting about sex with an adult man.

“The tipster did research and determined the suspect was a police officer in the Bay Area,” SJPD spokesman Sgt. Enrique Garcia explained in a press release.

Two days after fielding the report, detectives launched a criminal probe. Officers found out that the tipster created a fake Tinder profile with the listed age as 19 years old but a photo of a girl that appeared much younger.

Detectives obtained records that showed the tipster began chatting with Davies on May 11 before switching to Kik, where the person posing as a teen told Davies she was only 16. Davies reportedly acknowledged that he was talking to a minor and asked her to switch to Snapchat, where the talked more about her age and hooking up.

“During the follow-up investigation, detectives confirmed Davies’ identity and served search warrants on electronic devices, mobile applications and on Davies’ residence,” Garcia stated in a summary of the incident.

Davies is being held on $50,000 bail in San Jose’s Main Jail. His arraignment was scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

In a statement to reporters, San Mateo Police Chief Susan Manheimer said: “This alleged conduct, if true, is in no way a reflection of all that we stand for as a department, and is an affront to the tenets of our department and our profession as a whole.”

SJPD urges anyone with information about the incident to call Det. Michael O’Grady or the ICAC unit at 408.537.1397. Those wishing to remain anonymous can call the Crime Stoppers tip line at 408.947.786. Information that leads to the arrest and conviction of a suspect may qualify for a cash reward.


  1. It appears that when it comes to these crimes it is the public who will be responsible for making sure they end up in prision. We need more tipsters out there!

  2. I’m happy SJI isn’t taking the stance of normalizing pedophilia. Forget which one, but one state just legalized chemical castration of pedos. I hope California gets there someday.

    • > I’m happy SJI isn’t taking the stance of normalizing pedophilia.


      Would you say that Harvey Milk’s gay “relationship” with a 16-year old “youth” meets the definition of “pedophilia”?

      Would you say that naming a significant public edifice, e.g. a terminal at SFO, in memory of Harvey Milk qualifies as “normalizing pedophilia”?

      Would you suspect that pedophilia has already been normalized in parts of California?

      • I can’t speak to your former questions because I have no knowledge of them but;

        >Would you suspect that pedophilia has already been normalized in parts of California?

        Ya, they are talking about putting a cap on the number of years a person can be on megans list.

  3. I would like for people to go to the California legislature site as of right now and request to talk to Gonzalez D and express your support for AB 218: Damages: Child Sexual Assault: statute of limitation. Victims should not have a due date to claim damages from their sexual abusers. They are emotionally ready to speak up of their abuse when they are ready. This statute of limitation works against victims of child sexual abuse. ACT NOW!

    • Feelix,
      I find it interesting that your not siding with Ruth Bader Ginsberg in her opinion that the age of consent should be 12.
      This might then be considered entrapment, and a violation of the first amendment, interfering with freedom of religion,
      and not to mention a woman’s right to choose.

      Hope this doesn’t make it to the Supreme Court or you might be cheering for the Trump side of the court.
      How awkward!

  4. I will never side with Trump. He represent evil and is enemy of my lord. People are free to believe whatever they want. No child is capable of consent at twelve. Women and children are not sexual objects. Who is that Ruth?

    • Really Feelix,
      You don’t know who Ruth Bader Ginsburg is? Left wing woman’s rights, anti man activist attorney, God to the women’s lib movement. Star of this years most coveted Hollywood propaganda film, and oldest most radical women’s libber Dingbat on the United State Supreme Court.
      She’s the one that wants sextual training to begin in kindergarten. That way they are all warmed up by age 12. I’m sure when she reaches room temperature Trump will replace her with some who agrees with you.

      Instead of just blindly hating, Trump maybe you should pay attention to what he’s doing, like trying to stop human trafficking, child prostitution, illegal drug trafficking, opioid drug over dosing, and the untimely death of 70,000 Americans a year that seems to be completely acceptable to the slimy scum balls running Congress.

      You must be living in a beehive to be that tone deaf.

  5. Oh yes, I remember now. I am terrible with names, good with faces. Isn’t she retired? I do not have to pay attention to what Trump is doing he is B…S…Immigrant children are being raped at detention centers. Those of you who support extremist right/left nut jobs such as Trump and Ilhan Omar belong to the same club. Trump does not represent all Republicants and Omar does not represent all democrats or Muslims. Those two are just the Queen and King of bigotry! How should we call their reasoning blinded supporters?

    • > Immigrant children are being raped at detention centers.

      Smash the detention centers! Knock them all down! Burn the detention centers!

      There. No more children being raped in detention centers.

      I feel good about myself.

      • Bubble, remember you are the extremist. I am going to focus on making child sexual abuse as rare as possible, empower victims, and making sure the abusers take what they deserve, big time prision time not three months in county jail!

  6. > How should we call their reasoning blinded supporters?

    Rational people should never attempt rational debates with anyone committed to defending a “narrative”.

    It’s like trying to play a tennis match in zero gravity.

    Laws of physics don’t determine if the ball stays inbounds.The narrative says if the ball was inbounds.

    Irony and satire were invented for the purpose of enabling rational people to have exchanges with irrational people. Irony and satire are civilization’s alternatives to strangulation.

  7. Feelix she has pledged to stay till she die’s, but worse your brain dead.

    Illegal immigrant children are being rented out for $40, raped beaten and starved along the way to help get bad men and women into this country then sent back for another load, but that’s OK as long as you can HATE Trump. Hopefully today the tide has been turned and these terrible people will stay in their own wonderful country and not be forced to live in such a terrible place like America.

    I suppose you believe Trump putting up a wall to keep all that slave labor from escaping.

    • > Illegal immigrant children are being rented out for $40, raped beaten and starved along the way to help get bad men and women into this country then sent back for another load,

      WHAT? !

      This can’t be true.

      If there were any truth to it, I would have heard about it from CNN or read about it in the Merc.

      Nancy Pelosi would have said something.

  8. How is this possible? I do not believe that this guy is a pedophile! At each dating site at registration they need to indicate their age. That student is just a provocateur.Tomorrow he will write to you and ask you if your children love you, and then accuse you of pedophilia.

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