San Jose Mayor to Deliver State of the City Address Saturday

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo will deliver the annual state of the city speech this Saturday. The event begins at 10am at Gunderson High School.

The mayor will recognize dedicated city employees and community leaders and lay out his goals for his third year as San Jose’s top elected official.

In past years, Liccardo talked about the need to make the city safer by building up the local police force. He stressed the importance of working collaboratively with other agencies to house the homeless. He also highlighted efforts to support the local tech sector and make San Jose a hub of innovation. To read his 2016 speech, click here.

This year, with President Trump issuing executive orders that strike fear in immigrant communities like the South Bay, Liccardo will no doubt take a cue from Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese by making immigration a centerpiece of his address.

In 2015, San Jose established an Office of Immigrant Affairs to connect residents with resources such as legal help, job training, education and citizenship classes. The South Bay is home to one of the highest concentrations of foreign-born residents in the nation.

After the Saturday program concludes, there will be a free resource fair for the public to learn about city services, job leads and resources offered by local nonprofits.

Click here to register for the event.


  1. First time I remember a job fair, etc. Can guess who the attendees will be. Need to be mayor for all of San Jose. Recently heard some stats – CA has 25% of illegals; 33% of all U.S. welfare residents. How is this sustainable for working residents?

  2. Even worse according to this, regional estimate is 61%!

    San Jose, San Francisco among areas with largest undocumented immigrant populations
    The Mercury News

    The analysis, released Thursday, uses 2014 Census data to analyze these populations in smaller geographical units and is part of an ongoing effort by Pew to study a population that is often difficult to track down. Read the full story

  3. Why won’t local media take their job seriously?

    Murky Gnus/METRO: Ask Slick Sammy why he hasn’t accomplished a single campaign promise?

    As I recall during the election, this publication (all of them really) gushed about how his book laid out a great plan… how his support of Measure B was commendable, how he would do great things.

    After the election he flip-flopped on Measure B, went back on his promises about marijuana regulation and vetting Uber/Lyft drivers and despite all his talk about fiscal responsibility, his time as a council member and mayor has been spent building housing- which decreases revenue. More blight, bums, vice crimes and drugs than ever before… and fewer police officers.

    Saratoga Sam is a sham.

    Voters in San Jose would overwhelming strike down a resolution making our community a “sanctuary city” in order to keep Federal funding, yet this tool makes it his focus because it gets him attention.

    Pandering to the media, who in turn lap it up… just a vicious news cycle that misinforms the readership.

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