San Jose Armory Poised to Become Venue Space

The historic National Guard Armory in downtown San Jose will soon become a venue for weddings, corporate events, holiday parties and the like.

The owner of the armory—development firm Urban Community led by Gary Dillabough and Jeff Arrillaga—is partnering with a company called Non Plus Ultra to revive the building on 240 N. Second Street. The armory will become Non Plus Ultra’s first venture outside of San Francisco, where it boasts a range of landmark venues, including the Palace of Fine Arts and the San Francisco Mint.

“We’re beyond thrilled to collaborate with such an exceptional group of people and local organizations who are really trying to make a difference to revitalize San Jose,” Non Plus Ultra CEO and President Jordan Langer said. “It’s truly a beautiful, historic building in a prime location and we are looking forward to activating and opening this incredible venue up to the community.”

Built as a US National Guard armory in 1934, the building went on to host military drills during World War II. Earlier this year, an affiliate of Urban Community bought the property for $3 million.

Now, Urban Community has teamed up with SVCreates—a team of self-described “venture culturists” who invest in arts organizations—along with Non Plus Ultra to hire local artists and residents for events held at the iconic building. “We are inspired by their vision and ability to create vibrant environments and feel very fortunate for them to have chosen to work with us in downtown San Jose,” Dillabough said.

Urban Community has snatched up an array of coveted properties in San Jose this year in hopes of revitalizing the city’s core. It teamed up with WeWork to revive the historic Bank of Italy office tower and has an equity interest in the Fountain Alley building where the largest rooftop bar in Silicon Valley is slated to be built.

And just this month, Urban Community announced to build the 14-story Davidson Plaza Tower with an urban plaza, outdoor terraces and a sky garden.

Nicholas Chan is a journalist who covers politics, culture and current events in Silicon Valley. Follow him on Twitter at @nicholaschanhk.

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  1. I can’t understand this, you have let perfectly good sight for housing the homeless, and drug addicts’, and illegal aliens but in favor of some bourgeoisie capitals party goer’s!
    We demand degentrification, slums the word!
    Just wait till I tell Beto O’Rourke about this.

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