San Jose 9-1-1 Dispatcher Charged with Insurance Fraud

A San Jose 9-1-1 dispatcher has been charged with insurance fraud after allegedly pocketing upward of $84,000 in ill-gotten disability payments.

Wendy Vaccaro began collecting payments when she left work at the San Jose Police Department in early 2017, according to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office.

The 41-year-old Campbell resident took time off for a non-work-related injury and then allegedly proceeded to cash fraudulently acquired insurance checks for more than a year after returning to duty.

According to prosecutors, Vaccaro left work in late March of 2017 and came back in mid-June that same year without alerting the insurance company that was sending her $5,600 a month. Investigators found out about the hustle in September 2018 and arrested her 10 months later after conducting an investigation.

Vaccaro is on paid leave and scheduled to be arraigned at 1:30pm today at the Hall of Justice. She faces jail time if convicted of the felony fraud charges.

“Disability insurance is meant to get people back on their financial feet while they regain the ability to work,” prosecutor Vonda Tracey said in a news release. “It’s not meant to supplement your income for personal profit.”


  1. Well…. This is super shady…. I am kind of in shock that anyone would try and pull this SCAM off that works for the COPS?? But there are two sides to every story and this woman is innocent until proven guilty.

    I have known women that doubled dipped the system and did this to escape an abusive husband. Sometimes we have to do extreme things when put in a tough position even though it is a crime. We will wait and see how this one plays out and what the real “Back Story” is. At the END of the day this GAL will not even come close to the crimes that our current politicians are getting away with on a daily basis. The american public knows who the real criminals are. So do I….

    I do know for a fact that San Jose Police Department does a horrible Job disciplining their own officers and this is more likely the same for civilian staff. Not sure if dispatchers fall under the current Internal Affairs joke that is being ran into the ground by Assistant Chief “Powder Puff” Knopf and Police Chief “Fast” Eddie Garcia. They give their own “Free Passes” like it’s some type of special club and the public gets hosed in the end.

    To this day officer Steven Gaona (Badge# 4416) has never been held accountable for lying on the police report where my Motor Home was taken never to be seen again (Including my personal property and my fathers ashes). This rookie officer did what his superiors told him to do and that is why the upper brass will protect his dirty deeds. If he goes down then so does the UPPER Brass and that is not what the “BIG” Chiefs wants.

    Police Chief “Pumpkin” head is also a “BIG LIAR” and never will do the right thing to investigate his own. Time and time again the “Muppet’s” that run SJPD made me promises that they would investigate, hold officers accountable, and also prevent anymore homeless people from getting all their belongings taken. It was all Lip Service…

    Rather then do what they said…. I was detained hundreds of times, arrested, prosecuted, lied to, set up, and stabbed right in the back by the BIG Chief. Then to add insult to injury the City of San Jose has filed a MASSIVE CIVIL lawsuit meant to cripple me from taking on the 800-pound gorilla known as SJPD. They also snuck in several Civil Injunctions that are meant to keep me farther away from calling out the man in charge with my Megaphone. The City is literally suing me for exercising my democratic values and educating the public on my extensive research on how the property SCAM works. Everyone (Rich or Poor) is a victim of these “so called” asset forfeitures that are pretty much illegal.

    Under my leadership the officers at SJPD will be disciplined and held accountable for any type of misconduct. This is how the system should work just not in the Anti-Democratic City of San Jose.

    It’s time for Garcia to “Kick Rocks” from this department and make way for a new Chief. I’m thinking we might need new leadership to come in from outside that can truly fix this department and get ride of the current failures that are in charge.

  2. Video below from two weeks ago….. Recorded call with a SJPD dispatcher pretty much taking marching orders from Lieutenant Sanchez to not allow a response for a suicidal homeless man on the roof of San Jose City Hall.

    Chief Garcia is already defending his officers / dispatchers in regards to this incident and not the member of the public that got left on a ledge. (No one should ever be left alone on a building) But that’s not what the “Shot Callers” at SJPD think. Guess i should have said “Rich white women broke a nail on the ledge at City Hall” Could you imagine the response for that type of call (Ole Eddie might even call in the “Ghetto Bird” for an Air Recuse)…….But when its a Poor, Homeless, East Side San Jose, Kid (Well 26) you don’t even get a City Hall Rental Cop….

    This young man is a life long San Jose resident…. Born and raised in East Side…. in times like this our local government should be doing everything to help this poor young man that has lost his way and ended up homeless. Instead we not only leave him on the streets to die, we basically let him know we don’t care by not dispatching any type of service….Maybe i should have called animal control? Just maybe?? That could be a solid back up plan if this ever happens again.

    This has really made me ashamed of the City I love….

    Lieutenant Sanchez should be fired (NOW) but our current leaders will promote his shady behavior not allowing the homeless to receive emergency services. Listen to the Video call below…. This man is Evil and I do not want him as a police officer in the City of San Jose (This Video should be grounds to fire him immediately) I am going to put in a records request soon to get all of his dirty laundry and figure out how many other homeless people he has abused.

    The countless dispatchers that lied to the public about a response being in route should also be fired immediately. Lying about help coming is disgusting and should never be tolerated. YOUR FIRED!!!!

    Police Chief “Fast” Eddie Garcia should also be fired for ignoring my TEXT message needing help (And yes… i have his real number!!! Anyone wants to give him a call?? Just don’t expect any type of emergency response)

    If you don’t come from wealth, power, influence, or Bellermine you get left out in the cold. Or pretty much left to die….

    Welcome to San Jose!!!

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