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  1. I know it’s fashionable to squawk about VTA (and I’ll admit I’m opposed to the BART expansion), but fair is fair: VTA deserves a shout-out regarding the new, high-frequency service along El Camino/the Alameda/Sta Clara street. It’s tremendously convenient, and basically between the 22 and 522 you rarely have to wait more than 5 minutes for a bus to take you to good destinations along the route. This is as good as the best services in other big cities, and also illuminates what a great Big City street Santa Clara is. Tip to VTA: see what happens when you focus on cost-effective bus service instead of costly fixed rail!

  2. Interesting that Edwin Garcia and four other Mercury News reporters characterized Paul Fong as “a beloved South Bay activist” today. (Sunday, 9/14/08, page 3B)

    The fact is that the Mercury News quoted Fong in a 2/6/05 story calling San Jose’s city manager a “white boy.” It’s hard to imagine a truly beloved person being that full of hate.

    Like Fong, Mercury News writer Edwin Garcia appears to have long had a jaundiced and prejudicial view of the diverse white San Jose residents, but to praise Fong as “beloved” when Fong has opened his mind and heart to the public as willing to use a disparaging label about a public servant based on his race tells us a lot about Fong and a lot about Garcia.

    This isn’t even a double standard. It’s a false label for Fong, and a cover-up by Garcia and co-workers of Fong’s willingness to indulge in racist stereotypes. Shame on Garcia and shame on Fong.

  3. Well, as someone who takes VTA light rail almost every day, it tends to be packed at peak commute times, especially when SJSU is in session. Its fashionable among the crowds here to bash it, but I don’t think any of y’all have thought seriously of what the consequences would be of getting rid of it, much less not having it in the first place.

    As someone who actually rides light rail every day, here is what I think is wrong with it:

    1. Lack of express routes from South San Jose to Mountain View at peak commute times. Lets face it, there are just too many freaking stops, and they need to run Santa Teresa-Mtn View trains so people don’t need to transfer.

    2. Its slow as heck through downtown. VTA apologists like to point out its not, but I be they don’t actually ride it everyday either.

    3. Stupid planning, like having only one car on weekends/evenings (makes for some crowded conditions) and the Winchester/Mtn. View line running only every 30 minutes when not during peak commute hours.

    As far as the 22/522 are concerened, esp. the 522-they are actually a great investment, the type of innovative planning the VTA needs more of.

  4. Amanda #4,
    Better watch your language. Last week a “goshdarned”. This week a “freaking” and a “heck”.
    What’s next, a “heavens to betsy”?

  5. If only we could replicate John Danner and his phenominal Rocketship Charter School we would have a real chance to turn around our educational system. I must acknowledge the Merc for being on the right side for a change. It would be dumb not to support another Rocketship School.

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