Police: Report of SJSU Gunman Unfounded, Campus Re-Opened

Reports of a gunman prompted an evacuation Monday afternoon at San Jose State. But police re-opened the campus after determining there was no threat.

SJSU police made a floor-by-floor sweep of the Boccardo Business Complex and the adjacent Business Tower after a student overheard a couple people mention "the possibility of a gunman in the building" on their way out. That conversation was immediately reported to campus police at around 3pm Monday.

The business complex were evacuated shortly after. Police tape went up. A stretch of 10th Street was closed to traffice. The San Jose Police Department dispatched offers to the scene.

Officers searched the building and interviewed faculty and other students, but found no evidence of a gunman. They re-opened the area an hour-and-a-half later, around 4:30pm.

The school reminds the community to report safety concerns. Students, faculty and staff can call 9-1-1 or the university police director at 408.924.2222.


    • Robert, are you saying that people lie? That it may even be a student who lied about this crime occurring ? Made a false report of a crime? I didn’t think that this was possible in 2014. I thought , after reading so many articles and posts here and at the Merc that it was the police, firefighters, union members, public sector employees and politicians that we have a personal dislike for, were the only ones capable of lying. Certainly students are not capable of actually lying – they may be misguided into behaving badly because they buy into the lies of others but no, no, a thousand times no. I just cannot believe student especially SJSU student would ever lie.

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