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This past Friday night, and again on Saturday, searchlights announced the reopening of the Cuccini nightclub under its new name, Sabor, thanks to a stay of execution issued by Judge James Emerson on July 18. The Superior Court judge issued a Temporary Restraining Order that prevents the City of San Jose from pulling the club’s entertainment permit. The City attempted to do that after the club changed its name from Italian to Spanish and hired club operators Isaac Barrera and Carlos Carmona to help manage the venue.

Barerra and Carmona were available for hire because their old club, Taste, was evicted by its landlord, John Snell, around the time Snell sold the building to a company that counts among its owners former San Jose mayor Tom McEnery and fellow San Pedro Square area property owner Frank Cucuzza. Cucuzza also owns the building where Sabor nee Cuccini is located. Cucuzza couldn’t be contacted by press time, but he may be happy to know that his building has gotten a swanky new makeover, complete with a black bubble glass bar, stacked stone walls and flat panel screens. Now it remains to be seen whether the newly-upscaled club can work things out with its landlord, or whether they’ll all be back in court in September.

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  1. You say Cuccini, I say Carmona
    You say Cucuzza, I say McEnery
    For we, know we, need each other, so we
    Better call the calling off, off!
    Let’s call the whole thing off!

  2. YO, FLY-BOY!  I pointed out to you (or is there a new FLY writer now?)a couple of weeks ago—and you acknowledged—that Cuccini was NEVER an Italian restaurant. It was Middle Eastern. So why are you still saying things like :“the club changed its name from Italian to Spanish”? The Italian word is Cucina, with one “c”.  The plural is Cucine (one “c”, one “e”, no “i”).  Close, yes; but neither the word nor the restaurant were ever Italian, nor did the restaurant ever claim to be Italian.  You are an extremely slow learner.

  3. great work, judge emerson! sabor looked smart with the new decor, and the crowd was classy. give these guys a break and let them finish out their lease. it’s going to take a few years to put the market together, so let’s have a little life in the area, and generate some tax dollars for the city.

  4. Downtown San Jose needs to focus on more serious issues like the rise in GANGS, the rise in HOMELESS, the CURFEW, the Real social problems, than to be chasing away business from downtown. Enough already with the bars and clubs!!!

    We want to be the 10th largest City in the US, the 3rd in California, then lets start acting like it and lets get innovative. THINK OUTSIDE the BOX. Mayor & Ex Mayor in Charge – STOP ACTING LIKE GIRLY MEN! We already know your position on that issue…

    All Downtowners have to come together and work together with one common goal in mind…GROWING DOWNTOWN!

    Good Luck to guys at SABOR. We wish you the best of success!

  5. If we want to change the image of Downtown San Jose, I would suggest to the chief and his command staff, to reassess how they use their resources.  This is just one example of tax dollars at WASTE.

    San Jose Police Cars Parked on the Side walk on 1st Street (in Front of Walgreens)

    We dont see these issues in Los Gatos, Santana Row, Campbell, Mt. View, OR EVEN San Francisco! I can see why people would not want to buy into those wonderful empty HIGH RISES! Becuase it looks like a police state!

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