Newsom Selects Secretary of State to Serve as U.S. Senator

Gov. Gavin Newsom on Tuesday announced that he has selected California Secretary of State Alex Padilla to fill the U.S. Senate term being vacated by VP-elect Kamala Harris.

Padilla, a former Los Angeles city councilman and state senator, has been elected twice as the secretary of state and will be the first Latino to serve as a U.S. senator for California.

“The son of Mexican immigrants—a cook and house cleaner—Alex Padilla worked his way from humble beginnings to the halls of MIT, the Los Angeles City Council and the State Senate, and has become a national defender of voting rights as California's Secretary of State,” Newsom said in the announcement.

Padilla will be the first Southern Californian in nearly three decades to serve as one of the state’s two representatives in the Senate.

He will fill the rest of Harris’ term, which ends in 2023, after she and President-elect Joe Biden were elected to the White House in November.


  1. > Newsom Selects Secretary of State to Serve as U.S. Senator

    California seems to have nothing but compromised politicians to offer to the country:

    From the twitterverse:

    “So, what did our state’s top elections official know about election corruption and Dominion Voting systems?

    And WHEN did he know it?

    Dominion Voting systems have been CORRUPT for a long time. AND PEOPLE KNEW!”

  2. It is the year of the left to center democrats #JoeBiden #KamalaHarris #XavierBecerra #AlexPadilla #2020 BIG LOSERS: #BernieSanders #RoKhanna #KarenBass #BarbaraLee Far left “democrats” (California, Bay Area Progressives), #Iran and #FideCastro #dictatorships #communism and TRUMP. Thank you ? God!

  3. A POC is the only “qualification” that really matters in the PC paralyzed state of CA. The diversity is just so beautiful!

  4. > It is the year of the left to center democrats . . . .

    Which ones are the “center democrats”?

    They all look like left corruptocrats to me.

    Hunter Biden? A fine young man. Very intelligent. Good business man.

    Dominion Voting machines? Great for Democracy. Really makes it easy for oppressed marginalized minorities to vote.

  5. Bubble! I AM A CENTRIC DEMOCRAT! I vote for democrats, republicans, independents, greens, yellow, ideas, causes, and character. About the corruptocrats…El burro hablando de orejas! TRUMP IS KING OF ALL CORRUPTION! No one better than him on that!

  6. Harris is still senator until noon on January 20 unless she resigns beforehand. The newly-elected House and Senate convene on January 3.

  7. Only a dilettante or an imbecile would associate the word “leftist” to the likes of Biden, Harris, Bacerra and Padilla. Their political careers have consisted fundamentally of serving moneyed interests of all shapes and sizes. That’s the only way they could have possibly clawed their way into the upper echelons of the Democratic Party. The more craven the lackey, the faster and higher the ascent.

    Speaking of Padilla specifically, one of his big accomplishments in this vain was joining with State Senators Ron Calderon, Lou Correa, Michael Rubio, Juan Vargas and Rod Wright–all Democrats, all people of color–in killing SB 810, the universal health care for California legislation in 2011 ( It was one of the more brazen uses of weaponized identity against California’s Hispanic working class, an ethnic group that would benefit more than any most from a rational and cost-effective health care system.

    (Juan Vargas and Lou Correa are now congressmen and neither has supported the Medicare for All legislation in the U.S. House. Remember, the more servile to power, the more contemptuous of working and low-income people, the faster the climb in the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders won 53.7% of the votes–an outright majority–in the March 3 Democratic primary in California in Correa’s district even thought there were 18 candidates on the ballot. And Sanders won 49.8% in Vargas’ district. It looks to me like serious progressive left candidates could take down those two shills–and others–in the California congressional delegation.)

    Any leftist worth the title, or worth their salt, would resist moneyed interests and their lobbyists to a greater or lesser extent. Henry Cuellar and Raul Grijalva or both Mexican-American Democratic members of the U.S. congress from Southwestern states (Texas and Arizona, respectively). Which one is supported by the Koch brother billionaires for his support of fossil fuel interests and opposition to a Green New Deal and Medicare for All (and fundraises for Republicans) and which one is a leading progressive whose positions are diametrically the opposite on these issues? Padilla’s appointment to the U.S. Senate by Gavin Getty-Newsom is no surprise to me (;

  8. It’s not surprising someone like Padilla would be selected. He was a front-runner.

    What’s funny is the Dem special interest groups, demographically oriented, that are competing with each other, with the result that while one group cheers, another of note complains, including the mayor of San Francisco. There is a sense of “ownership” or entitlement to jobs currently held by any given group, by members of that group, that only other members of that group should be considered for any replacement.


    It’s really just the exact opposite!

    The CORRUPT Dems started the Mueller investigation on the theory that “everyone is corrupt and we’ll find something”.

    Trump was SO clean that they didn’t find ANYTHING.

    Anything they could have criticized him for was widespread common practice among Democrats.

    Collusion with the Russians? Ummmm. That would be Hillary, the DNC, John O. Brennan, James Comey, the Steele Dossier, and Steele’s Russian sources.

  10. The named Dems are not leftist, not as far left as the lunatics, but are safe and sane primarily with respect to those farther left, meaning only relatively safe and sane much or most of the time. Harris and Becerra notably have misused the Attorney General position for definite leftist objectives, a normal thing Democrats do in this state, as well as in New York, for example. Only those with certain “problems” similar to those with these Dems and the party machinery itself deny the obvious, long-standing facts. One doesn’t have to be a screaming far-left ultra-“progressive” or worse to be a leftist, just left of center, and taking big money from special interests is no surprise any more than other examples of hypocrisy. Coastal California notably is highly infected with leftists, from notoriously left of center to the fringe, and working to the state’s detriment as well as Dem party objectives.

  11. Wow,Wow, and Wow, and Ha, Ha, Ha!!! The Bernie Sanders’ monkeys (Medicare for all and The New Green Dream) and Trump’s monkeys (Make America Great Again) are crying ? Poor Babies ? centric Democrats and Republicans are United! Adiós #Trump #Bernie #RoKhanna #KarenBass #BarbaraLee Welcome #JoeBiden #KamalaHarris #XavierBecerra #AlexPadilla #ShirleyWeber #LincolnProject

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