South Bay Personal-Care Services, Museums, Gyms Can Reopen at Limited Capacity

California public health officials announced today that Santa Clara County has been bumped up to a less restrictive reopening plan—also referred to as the red tier—as part of its statewide Covid-19 framework. That means that some businesses will now be able to resume indoor operations at a limited capacity.

Gov. Gavin Newsom unveiled the new four-tiered system last week, which replaced the state’s Covid-19 watch list. Under the updated guidelines, counties are assigned to the four tiers—purple, red, orange and yellow—based on the number of Covid-19 cases per 100,000 residents and the positivity rate.

Under the red tier, personal-care services such as nail salons, barber shops and other businesses along those lines, can resume indoor operations in Santa Clara County as long as they follow the requirements set out under the county’s risk-reduction order.

Gyms and fitness centers will also be able to resume indoor operations at 10 percent capacity, while  indoor museums, zoos and aquariums can reopen at 25 percent capacity.

Shopping malls, which recently reopened, will be able to increase capacity from 25 percent to 50 percent. Lastly, if Santa Clara County remains in the red tier for the next 14 days, then schools can reopen as well.

“Covid-19 is still here,” Santa Clara County Testing Officer Dr. Marty Fenstersheib said at a Tuesday afternoon news conference. “It hasn’t gone away. And the fact that we’ve moved into the red tier at this point doesn’t change the fact that we still have to be vigilant. We still have to wear our masks. We still have to socially distance ourselves. And we basically have to follow those guidelines that have been laid out in our order.”

There are a few sectors that the state allows under the red tier that won’t be allowed under the county’s stricter health order. Those include indoor dining, indoor gatherings and indoor movie theatres.

Santa Clara County Counsel James Williams said that the decision has to do with three “core uniform principles” that local health officials set out in early July. The three principles are that it’s safer outdoors than indoors, face coverings should be worn indoors and social distancing should be maintained in order to prevent super spreader events.

“Those core principles are what have the effect under the risk reduction order keeping indoor dining, which would inherently require removing a face covering, closed,” he said. “It’s the same core principle that applies to the prohibition on indoor gatherings and indoor movie theaters. And especially in the context of the significant volume of activity that opening schools may bring, it’s all the more important that we remain vigilant and on top of trying to keep the case counts here locally as low as possible.”

As of today, Santa Clara County has reported 18,717 cases and 260 deaths from Covid-19. The county has conducted more than 654,000 tests in the last six months and the current seven-day average testing positivity rate is 3.23 percent—which is down from over 4 percent in early August.

An explainer on the red-tier guidelines. (Source: Santa Clara County)

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  1. In a stunning reversal of 7-1/2 months of reports, an equivalent of a Quadruple Lutz, the CDC announced VERY QUIETLY two weeks ago that 94% of the deaths OF COVID (as opposed to WITH COVID) nationwide were of people who had an average of 2.6 co-morbidities, and the vast majority were over 60years of age. That press release was buried by the mainstream media. Apparently Sara Cody shredded her copy and deleted the email detailing the findings because she still insists in keeping her Jimmy Choos on our necks.
    The best publicly available mask, the N95, filters down to .3 microns. It was designed to stop the TB bacterium, which is .3microns in size. A COVID virus is only .0125 microns. So, not even an N95 can possibly keep out the COVID virus, or keep it in if you exhale through it.
    A recent study by Stanford and UCLA doctors debunks masks and social distancing as largely ineffective.
    Restaurants in Oregon have been open for inside seating for almost ten weeks, with staff wearing masks, but guests not, unless they walk to the restroom, which of course makes zero sense. Before that, there was no mask mandate in Oregon. Their death rate is far lower than SC County, with THE most restrictive lockdown rule in the NATION. The data does not support Cody’s assertion that her draconian measures have saved a single life.
    Fauci’s pronouncements and predictions have been universally overstated, yet the MSM still calls him the nation’s leading expert. He has changed his predictions and guidance more often than I change my socks. Cody apparently worships at his altar. Fenstersheib is equally as bad, but he’s lower key that Czarina Cody.
    The “experts”tell us that washing hands for less than 20seconds is ineffective. They also tell us to rub hand sanitizer into our skin until it loses its moisture, which also takes at least 20 seconds. Yet the staff wiping down grocery carts, restaurant tables and chairs wipe for 5 seconds max, but we are supposed to believe that is effective?
    The recovery rate of those who test positive for COVID has risen to 99.1%. The entire country has been locked down for 9/10 of 1%. The true nationwide deaths by COVID alone is less than 10,000. The 180,000 published by the MSM is people who have died of other diseases, but also had COVID.
    We have been and are still being scammed. Given the new CDC data there is no reason to be overly watchful of anyone under 60 who is in otherwise good health. The number of tests and the number of cases are totally irrelevant numbers. And there is certainly no reason for all those sheeple driving alone in their cars to be wearing a mask.
    How do we get Sara Cody fired? Will it take torches and pitchforks?

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