Office of Congressional Ethics Conducts Review of Mike Honda

Mike Honda narrowly defeated Ro Khanna last fall for a seventh consecutive term in the U.S. House of Representatives. Both men have already announced their intention to run again in 2016, but the congressman may have to justify his record to more than voters.

For the last several months, the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) has been reviewing alleged improper coordination between Honda’s campaign and his official House staff. Whether this review leads to a broader investigation or discipline against the congressman is uncertain, due to the secretive nature and malleable timelines in which the OCE carries out its business. While the OCE does not comment on pending matters, Honda’s office acknowledged on Tuesday that a review has been taking place.

“The congressman and his staff continue to cooperate fully with the OCE’s review of the matter,” said Lauren Smith, a spokesperson in Honda’s office. “Out of respect for the process, we cannot confirm specifics or discuss any details at this time.”

In September 2014, San Jose Inside reported emails that showed Honda’s longtime chief of staff, Jennifer Van der Heide, and other House employees coordinated with Honda’s re-election campaign on invitations to an official State Department event. The goal, according to the emails, was to target influential South Asian donors for campaign contributions.

In an email to Honda’s then-campaign manager, Lamar Heystek, as well as House district director Meri Maben, Van der Heidi wrote: “Great lists—how are we doing outreach to them for $?”

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 12.37.07 PM

According to the House Ethics Manual, “[A] solicitation for campaign or political contributions may not be linked with an official action taken or to be taken by a House Member or employee, and a Member may not accept any contribution that is linked with an action that the Member has taken or is being asked to take.”

In the final weeks of last year’s race, Honda repeatedly dodged interviews on the matter. Instead, he made vague references to being disappointed and noting his staff apologized.

Additional emails provided last fall by Ruchit Agrawal, a former staffer, suggested that Honda routinely had House staffers carry out personal errands for the congressman on taxpayer time, which is also a violation of House rules.

Multiple sources have confirmed that OCE investigative counsel Scott Gast contacted them in the process of the review. Nailing down when any findings will be made public, if ever, is tricky.

Rod Sinks and Jose Esteves, respective mayors of Cupertino and Milpitas, filed a formal complaint with the OCE in September. Sinks received a receipt for that response in December from Paul Solis, the OCE’s deputy chief counsel. From there, at least two of the seven-person appointed OCE Board would have to recommend a first-phase review. The first board meeting of the year took place Jan. 29, and sources tell San Jose Inside they were contacted by OCE staff shortly after that date.

The board then had 30 days to decide if it wants to advance the review to a “second phase,” which would offer up to an additional 59 days to investigate the matter. That appears to have happened. On March 25, Gast and Solis met with Agrawal to discuss his time working in Honda’s district office, according to a transcript of that meeting.

Where the review goes from here is particularly hard to pinpoint. The OCE declined to say when its board has met beyond a quarterly report covering the first three months of the year. If the board feels that a second-phase review did not warrant a further investigation, or detect any wrongdoing, it’s possible that no documents will ever be made public.

However, sources say they were in contact with OCE staff throughout the spring. If transgressions are identified, the board could issue its own report or it could transfer findings to the House Ethics Committee to take up the investigation.

While no one has been required to speak with OCE investigators up to this point, including Honda, a broader investigation would provide subpoena power.

UPDATE: Mike Honda's campaign released a statement Wednesday afternoon admitting that the congressman is using campaign funds to pay for attorneys related to the OCE's review. Below is the full statement:

“The Congressman and his staff have fully cooperated with OCE in its review of allegations fueled by Rep. Honda’s political opponent in the last election after being raised by former disgruntled staffer,” said Adam Alberti, campaign spokesperson.

“The recent release of information contains more of the same allegations made by the same source (press reports) that was found to have made threats of violence against current staff, resulting in a court-ordered restraining order against him.

The legal expenses noted on Congressman Honda’s campaign expense report reflect costs incurred to ensure full cooperation with OCE. The FEC expressly allows for the use of campaign funds to pay legal expenses in connection with such inquires.

We believe that this complaint is inherently political, raised by Rep. Honda’s political opponents in a cheap effort to get votes.  

Out of respect for the OCE and Committee, we cannot comment further until the process has concluded.”

Josh Koehn is a former managing editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley.


  1. Wow. This looks like more of the same blatant ethical violations that people like Michelle Bachmann and Aaron Shock had no shame in. I would seriously hope that this would give the White House and other Democratic members of Congress pause before endorsing Honda again. For the party’s sake I hope he thinks about stepping aside.

  2. The “1000 Crane Project” referenced in the leaked transcript is especially disturbing. I’m glad to see that this investigation is being taken seriously. Honda is symbolic of corruption and what’s wrong with politics. What an embarrassment to Silicon Valley.

  3. Events can be campaign or official Congressional business, but they can’t be both. The evidence indicates there was coordination between Honda’s congressional chief of staff and his then-campaign manager about such an event. These were not low-level staffers; they were his top aides. It looks like this was business as usual. Pay to play is the Honda way. Where is the “1000 Cranes” binder?

  4. The idea of calling a fundraising campaign after a Japanese tradition – the 1000 cranes – is an insult to the Japanese culture. In the Japanese culture, giving the 1000 cranes is a long tradition given as a gift exemplifying peace and prosperity but became more notably popular after a young girl named Sadako made the 1000 cranes in an effort to be healed from leukemia after being exposed to radiation in the Hiroshima atomic blast. There is a statue of her holding a crane dedicated to her memory in Hiroshima Peace Park. I visited the statue and was taken back by all the strings of cranes decorating her statue. For Honda to call a fundraising campaign – trying to get 1000 donors to give $1000 – and calling it the 1000 cranes is truly an offense to the Japanese people. He should be ashamed.

  5. Kathleen,
    I went on line put in, 1000 Cranes Japan. It is you that has used this noble bird to reduce it to bashing this man. It is you that should be ashame for twisting the minds of readers to conceive that Mike has done yet another less than noble act.
    Read my post above, this is about people like you. You have lost the run for the prize. Using that young girl to bash Mike and his ancestry.
    Shame on you and yours

    • Mr. VBS, I am surprised by your aggressive response. An investigation by the House Office for Congressional Ethics is a BIG deal. Most congressmen/women resign or are asked to resign by the time it gets this far. The information listed in this one transcript (more to come) is very damaging. The 1000 Cranes donor binder is flat out illegal. If you read the transcript it said that this was Honda’s idea and how he liked to do his major fundraising using it. He probably used it for his call-time activities. Get 1000 people to give $1000 to his campaign and he will make them a “friend of Mike” and put them at the top of the list for his Congressional staff to take care of…get visas, arrange tours, handle any other problem they might have, etc. I realize you might care for Honda, but this is pay to play politics at its worst. This is NOT noble behavior. This is completely unethical as well as illegal.

      • Village BS, Watanabe is a Japanese surname. So is mine. Kathleen is speaking what many Japanese Americans already know: Honda is the author of many anti-Japanese bills, and a thorn in the side to all loyal Japanese. That’s why we support Ro Khanna.

  6. I am a Poodle but even I know that an OCE investigation is NOT something minor. All public servants must uphold the public trust… or leave. No excuses. Wait, the “no comment” “out of respect….” IS an excuse. I have supported Mr. Honda in the past but no more…. it’s time for a “cleaner” candidate….


    • VBS, I’m sure your all CAPS response indicates you’re screaming your opinion. I’m sorry that you feel Honda is being attacked unfairly, but let me review the past year:

      – Honda and his team broke the law with his pay to play tactics before Ro even entered the race
      – Honda has been caught asleep on video, not doing his job, three different times so far
      – Honda has taken the most boondoggles of the entire Bay Area delegation combined! – over 55
      – Honda has the least productive legislative record of all Bay Area congressmen/women
      – Honda supported racist attacks against Ro during the primary and encouraged them during the general
      – Honda was criticized for his onslaught of negative tv ads filled with lies against Ro (see Merc News editorial)
      – Honda rather than unify the community after his ugly election day win, enjoyed giving a mean-spirited victory speech (while Ro’s was shockingly gracious in defeat)
      – Honda will likely have to resign in disgrace (or worse, potentially, go to jail for his tactics uncovered by SJI)

      But, if you want a pat on the back, sing a good karaoke duet, or have a drink with a friend, Honda’s definitely your guy. He’s been that way for nearly 40 years.

      Scream as much as you want if it makes you feel better. But you know, in your heart and your head, your anger is misplaced. Honda did all this. You might want to blame Ro, but all he did was choose to run for the seat, his right as an American. Please point your frustration and disappointment over Honda’s failings in another direction.

      • > Honda has the least productive legislative record of all Bay Area congressmen/women

        When you read Ruchit Agrawal’s testimony and realize what sort of tasks Honda has used his staff for (primarily campaigning for him and running his personal errands), it becomes obvious that legislating is not his top priority.

      • So Ro Khanna has found a new a)publicist b)troll c)campaign manager d) all of the above ? The answer is obviously D. Fortunately or perhaps ironically the handful of bombastic Honda detractors commenting on this incomplete investigation (witch hunt) comprise virtually his entire handful of supporters. They meet the 3rd Wednesday @ 9:00 AM every month in the Utility Closet adjacent to the pin setting machines at the Cambrian Family Bowl. Be sure to arrive early before all of the good seats (cases of toilet paper) are taken or you’ll have to stand amongst the mop buckets. I’ve heard that next months refreshments will be lukewarm support & inedible urinal cakes. This is why Ro lost the last election & will certainly lose the next one regardless of the Silicon Valley business interests that continue to bankroll his specious political ambitions. Mike Honda has always represented the interests of the little people amongst us & when it comes down to it none are littler than the despicable carpetbagger amongst us Ro Khanna !!!

        • > Mike Honda has always represented the interests of the little people amongst us & when it comes down to it none are littler than the despicable carpetbagger amongst us Ro Khanna !!!

          Hello? What?

          You’re saying that Honda represents the interests of the little (none are littler) “despicable carpetbagger” Ro Khanna?

          Has Honda approved this message?

          • Mike Honda represents Ro Khanna’s interests & the interests of every constituent in this district,including you ! Ro does still reside in this Congressional District doesn’t he ? His suitcase is always packed ! Unfortunately for you the majority of these voters disagree with Ro Khanna & you on most issues & Mike was elected by the majority to represent their views on these matters. Just because you’ve backed another losing candidate doesn’t mean that you no longer have political representation. It just means that your Congressman & most of your neighbors have a different political agenda than your own. The voters have spoken,Ro & you are losers & anyone who’s surprised by that hasn’t been paying attention lately. How can you continuously pontificate on complex political matters if you can’t grasp a simple fact like that ? Stupidity ? Alzheimer’s ? By the way when did you pose for that portrait ? Epaulets,really ? And when you finally figure out our election process how about explaining it to Sean Hannity & the folks at FAUX News !?! P.S. – I don’t need Mike’s approval,he needs mine !!!

  8. NEWDEM 2016
    “Honda, will have to resign or, potentially go to jail”.
    I will accept that if it comes to that, however , what I can not accept is you and yours, barking incessantly at his heels. SJI, has become a nasty, backbiting, site for the worst to vent every criticism. It’s not pleasant to look into the minds of folks that are selling their own brand of Snake Oil.
    You folks don’t get it ! It is YOU that is the worst part of this “Get RO elected scheme!

  9. What’s the difference? Honda was bought and paid for from day one, and he followed an equally corupt pol, Norman Mineta. I recall Mineta getting caught using his Congresional tags to park on the airport tarmac, right next to his plane and bypassing security — close to a year after he had abruptly resigned from Congress to become a company Vice-President even though he had never worked in private industry before. His new employer, Lockheed Martin, would fly him to Bethesda every Monday, and back home every Thursday. It was nothing but influence peddling for over-priced defense contracts.

    And Mineta kept pushing his bill to pay $10,000 to all Japanese who were interred in WWII, but the money quickly ran out. Mineta was the first one in line to get a check, even though he was in the camp for only 4 months as an infant. But after he got his own loot he lost interest, and the Japanese-Americans who had everything confiscated were shafted once again.

    These guys are part of a one-party system, not much different from the old Politburo. There is no competition; they protect their own from that by clever gerrymandering. And if Honda is forced to resign, nothing really will happen. No jail time, no example set. If you or me had done anything similar, we’d be sent to prison. But these guys are special. They are a protected class, and they watch out for their own kind.

    Who loses? The taxpaying citizens. We get a choice between one crook or another crook. So this is just a squabble between two libs for control. None of them really represents the hardbitten taxpayers, who are viewed as sheep to be sheared. Our schools are terrible, our roads are some of the worst in the country, more than $100 BILLION is being wasted on a stupid, unnecessary ‘bullet train’, and self-serving eco-groups have stopped the desperately needed Auburn dam from being completed. The things that really matter are neglected.

    Either they’ll get Honda or they won’t. But the citizens will not be better off either way. Both Khanna and Honda are in it for themselves. Taxpaying citizens are far down on the list — or off of it completely. We would be much better off randomly selecting names from the phone book to represent us. At least we would get a cross section of representatives, instead of 100.0% from one exclusive, self-serving Party.

    • Smokey:

      Think positively.

      It would probably cost the taxpayers $50,000 a year (plus millions in trial costs) to put Honda into the slammer.

      For a mere Congressional paycheck, we can keep him on the back bench in Congress, let him snooze quietly, and prevent him from hurting himself or doing any additional damage to society. Plus, greedy lobbyists will help pay for his upkeep.

      Meanwhile, we prevent someone with youth, energy, and fuzzy utopian ideas from getting into Congress where they might do some actual mischief.

      When you look at the big picture, keeping Honda’s bum in his Congressional seat and feeding him sugar doughnuts is probably a net benefit for society.

    • You’re a moron who shouldn’t toss around astronomical mathematical amounts like $100 BILLION when you have to take your shoes off to count to twenty. If you could count to ten without removing your mittens you’d see that it was tens of thousands of “hardbitten taxpayers” (your neighbors) who elected Mike Honda to represent their interests time & time again. And while you say that $100 BILLION may be “wasted on a stupid,unnecessary ‘bullet train’,& self-serving eco-groups stopping the Auburn Dam”;I’d wager that they’re all are of more value than your “personal opinion” which is in fact worthless ! It’s the GOP stalwarts who are beholden to the energy industry that deny science & dismiss man’s effect on global warming;in turn preventing America from addressing our ongoing environmental problems. And unless you plan on driving to Auburn each weekend to fill the dam by the bucket full we certainly don’t need to build anymore empty dams. The ‘libs” have marginalized you angry conservative cretins here in the South Bay,thus rendering you powerless to do anything except to spew right-wing propaganda from your putrid pie holes. Since Republicans are uncompetitive & unelectable here these days I’d say you’ve got plenty of your own problems without interfering in the Democrat’s regretable squabbles. Do us all a favor,if you don’t like the “crooks” running for office why don’t you fold your sample ballot into a hat & stay home on election day !!!

      • In reply to my reasonable comment, in which I simply recalled some facts, Frank Mockery emitted his usual swivel-eyed bile, hatred and discontent:

        “You’re a moron who shouldn’t toss around astronomical mathematical amounts like $100 BILLION when you have to take your shoes off to count to twenty.”

        The SJ Merc, the LA Times, and the Wall Street Journal have all reported that the ‘official’ cost estimates for Gov. Moonbeam’s ‘bullet train’ exceed $100 billion. The actual cost will be far higher, and every fare will have to be heavily subsidized by taxpayers — forever. Further, land that currently pays property taxes will have to be bought up for rights-of-way and trains stations/parking lots. We would be better off building a Pyramid. And that choo-choo train land will hever again pay any taxes. But you say I’m the moron? Look in the mirror.

        Next, please don’t include me with the mindless voters who elected Honda. IANAR (nor a Dem). And FYI, the Democrat primaries are where the general election candidates are selected. Whoever gets the Democrat primary nod is an automatic shoo-in. If Khanna had won the Dem primary, he would be the next Congressman. It’s that simple. The districts have been so gerrymandered that that is the only possible outcome. The deck has been stacked in the so-called ‘citizens’ commission, to where the result is exactly the same.

        Next, if my personal opinion is “worthless” as you believe, what does that make your opinion? What is ‘less than worthless’?

        Next, it’s better to keep silent, than show yourself to be such a science illiterate. Global warming stopped almost twenty years ago! Anyone who still believes in the ‘man-made global warming’ hoax needs to explain that *giant* fact away.

        Good luck with that. Not one other scary prediction made by the enviro-contingent has ever happened, either. Their predictions were all wrong. Every one of them; no exceptions. When one side of a debate is wrong 100.0% of the time, rational folks will start to disregard their Chicken Little nonsense. We see that happening now.

        Next, let’s debunk your “environmental problems” comment. I recall when people couldn’t see across the rivers in Pittsburg, and when the Cuyahoga river in Cleveland regularly caught fire. Today you can see for miles past the rivers, and the EPA has ruled that fish caught in the Cuyahoga river are fit for human consumption.

        Tremendous progress has been made in cleaning up the environment. And due directly to the rise in harmless, beneficial CO2 (“carbon” to scientific illiterates), the planet is measurably GREENING. Agricultural production is rising at the same rate as the trace gas CO2. See, the enviro crowd got it exactly backward: carbon dioxide is good, not bad. More is better, and there is no downside. CO2 has risen from just 3 parts in 10,000, to only 4 parts in 10,000 — in a century and a half. Since CO2 has been up to twenty times higher in the past, there is nothing to be alarmied about.

        We have reached the point of diminishing returns regarding the envirnonment. Wasting more $billions for an imperceptable change in air quality is beyond foolish at this point. Fixing potholes is a farbetter use for that money. And I note that people like you always turn a blind eye to places like China, which has pledged to construct 1 – 2 new coal-fired power plant a week through at least 2024 — while you wring your hands over non-existent “problems” here.

        And FYI, it is not just the GOP that takes money from the energy industry. They all do. Can you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E-S? I knew that you could.

        Next, you say that “we certainly don’t need to build anymore empty dams.” No, but we certainly do need to finish the Auburn Dam, and build more like it — and fill every one of them.

        Finally, you keep trying to pigeonhole me into being a “Republican”, when I’ve repeatedly stated that I have never been in that party (I used to be a Democrat, before that party got taken over and infested by wacko nutjobs and anti-American socialists/communists, which are about all that’s left.

        And of course, I will vote. I always vote. It’s the one thing I can do. So despite your fervent hope that I would sit out this or any election, good luck with that pipe dream, too.

  10. Just finished reading the transcript. Brutal, and I just don’t see how Honda recovers from this. The level of detail and evidence of illegal coordination between his office and campaign is staggering.

    • Daniel, I just finished reading the transcript and I must respectfully disagree. I practiced law for 41 years. The OCE lawyers’ questions were mostly inept, and the witness’s responses were often as clear as a mud puddle after a three day rain. If Sleepy Boy Mike gets a half decent lawyer, this should all go away. Sad, because after 7 terms the House leadership thinks so little of Honda’s abilities that he has only one committee assignment. He is a loyal water boy for the Democratic Party, but even his colleagues give him no responsibilities other than to vote the party line. Anyone with a pulse would be an improvement over Honda. However, unless the OCE puts some lawyers with talent on the case, Honda will walk away unscathed. Sad.

    • After a bit more thought, I came up with the cynical side of this story—the powers that be intentionally assigned inept lawyers to do the questioning, or told them to take a dive; all as a way to protect a good water boy from an ethics scandal. Gee, I hope I’m wrong on that call.

  11. I feel sorry for all the people that donated to Mike Honda’s campaign to see the money being given to lawyers!

    The money could be better used to provide housing for the 700 homeless veterans in Santa Clara County in my opinion.

  12. I want a Congressman who is actually working hard to help the middle class rather than giving special access and privilege based on donations. Ro Khanna comes from a middle class background. Loans and scholarships helped Ro to pay for college. He is still part of the middle class. He is actively working issues to help the middle class. Ro is working on an initiative to further strengthen manufacturing and create jobs in San Jose and our region. In the past, Ro helped secure an important $333,000 grant for working families of the NUMMI plant in Fremont. He also worked with the Recovery for Auto Communities and Workers Task Force that provided millions of dollars to retrain autoworkers who had been laid off.

  13. Concernedmom says:

    …scholarships helped Ro to pay for college.

    So he did it with other peoples’ money. That’s not the kind of politician I want. I put myself through college without any scholarships. Just like lots of folks.

    Hey, I have an idea! How about not voting for any Democrats? IANAR, but the Dem party has made a world-class mess of things here. My wife and I just drove across the U.S.A., both ways, and on different roads (I-80 & I-90). California’s pot-holed roads are by far the worst of any state. The contrast is astonishing.

    We’re tired of the Democrat Politburo screwing things up here. Wake me when they change their priorities to better student scores, and fixing state and local roads, and lowering taxes on the hard-bitten taxpaying public. The sales tax is nearly 10%! What’s up with that? And income taxes are the highest of just about any state in the union. For that we get crappy, pot-holed roads and students can hardly write a coherent sentence as they fail upward.

    While we’re at it, let’s have a voter referendum on Brown’s collosally stupid choo-choo train. Do we need to waste well over a hundred $billion on that?

    We already have an efficient, cost-effective infrastructure in place. Anyone can fly from SF to LA in one hour, for around a hundred bucks with an advance ticket purchase. Compare that with Moonbeam’s “Bullet” train, which will optimistically take at least 4 ½ hours, and cost much more than taking a plane — and every ticket will have to be heavily subsidized, forever. Not to mention all the land for rights-of-way and station sites that will have to be bought up with taxpayer dollars, and which will never again pay any property taxes. Really, could there be a more stupid waste of our money?? It is a complete white elephant that no one needs. Aside from the airlines, what’s the matter with Amtrack, and Greyhound?

    Finally, Khanna is no different than Honda. He just wants to replace him. That’s all. They’re both all for Brown’s “bullet” train, meaning they are in the pocket of union workers and state bureaucrats; is there any doubt about that? Where are the candidates who will represent middle class taxpayers? You know, the ones who pay all the bills.

    California used to be the Golden State, before its government got way too big, and self-serving rent seekers like Honda and Khanna figured out how to game the system to their personal advantage. Now things are going to hell in a handbasket. And it’s their fault.

    We’re not voting for either one of them. Pee-Wee Herman would be a vast improvement, no?

    (I never thought I’d say this, but… Hey! You kids! Get the hell off my lawn!!)

  14. Silly con Valley, need a dope like Ro to get them their I-1B workers, that will replace most US engineers.
    Apple, Desney’s largest stock holder, has already reared it’s ugly head, in Florida Disney world. Mikey Mouse is just another RAT, NOW,!
    Mighty Mouse, has come to Save the Day.

  15. This whole investigation stinks as it was initiated by a jilted former aide with an axe to grind & is being championed by his bitter opponent as purported personal malfeasance long before the investigation is completed. Congressman Honda whether you agree or disagree with his political agenda has always been characterized as a man of integrity,honesty & ethics. Unlike Ro Khanna who’s an ambitious & egomaniacal carpetbagger who’s only motivation is seeking personal glory & political power. He only challenged Mike Honda for his seat in Congress after another opportunist Eric Swalwell ran against Pete Stark while Khanna bided his time waiting for his retirement in an adjacent district. Now with the help of marginalized Republicans & deep-pocketed business interests he’s intent on discrediting the reputation & fine work of our respected & dedicated Congressman Mr.Honda. With top two primaries now often putting two Democrats on the general election ballot,the minority party quickly shifts there support to the more conservative of the remaining candidates. Thus Khanna needs the support of not only Democrats & Honda’s detractors,but also of the most conservative right-wing wackos as well if he’s to unseat our beloved Congressman. Khanna who’s never held elective office is undoubtedly unqualified & unfit to be our Congressman & with folks like Louie Gohmert & Steve King walking the halls of Congress that statement speaks for itself. Apparently Khanna’s blind ambition is far stronger than his questionable wisdom & the voters will have to once again repudiate his candidacy at the polls to dissuade his further political forays here. As a life long Democrat it’s opportunists with no legislative experience (see Kamala Harris) & no compunction about smearing fellow Democrats that make my blood boil. Mike Honda has the admiration & respect of the vast majority of his colleagues & his constituents,always has & always will. You can rest assured that’s something “a loser” like Ro Khanna will never have. Thanks again Mike for years of representing South Bay residents with character,intelligence & aplomb. MIKE HONDA for CONGRESS !!!

    • Party Candidate Vote % Votes
      Democratic Mike Honda Incumbent
      51.8% 69,561
      Democratic Ro Khanna 48.2% 64,847
      Total Votes 134,408
      Source: California Secretary of State

      Mockery claims that “Mike Honda has the admiration & respect of the vast majority of his colleagues & his constituents, always has & always will.” You must have a different definition of a “vast majority” than the rest of us, Mockery. The Democratic leadership in the House thinks so little of Mr. Honda’s legislative skills and intellect that they have appointed him to only one House Committee, despite the fact that he’s been their water boy throughout his tenure in the House. As for the constituents—a 5k vote victory is hardly a vast majority. For an incumbent to win in such an incumbent-dominated arena by a mere 5k votes bespeaks of significant voter dissatisfaction. Did you do a lot of acid in the 60’s Mockery? Let’s ask Alice, when she’s 10 feet tall.

      • Even with every Republican who cast a ballot voting for Khanna he still couldn’t oust an incumbent Congressman. Besides Mike Honda only had to win by one vote & we’ll assume that you’re not one of his most ardent supporters. That makes you just another bitter loser & if he’d run against a Republican he would have won by 100,000 votes again. It was the lowest voter turnout in years & he’ll beat Khanna much worse when the Presidency is on the 2016 ballot. Before running for Congress Khanna should have taken time from his hectic schedule & run for a seat on a city council,school board or sanitary district as a springboard to higher office. But a man has to know his limitations & holding one of these offices is beneath a great politician like the great self-anointed carpetbagger Ro Khanna ! Remember if you don’t want to get too dirty you’ll probably want to refrain from slinging too much mud. Acid ? Really ? “I only get high on the real thing – powerful gasoline,a clean windshield & a shoeshine” – “Now roll me a bomber & leave it on the side table – The Firesign Theatre

  16. > As a life long Democrat it’s opportunists with no legislative experience (see Kamala Harris) & no compunction about smearing fellow Democrats that make my blood boil.

    Kind of explains why the average age of incumbent Democrats is approaching 108. and why Democrat Party leadership looks like the creaky, senile Leonid Brezhnev politburo.

    People like Mr. Monkey don’t want Democrats “with no legislative experience” to challenge them.

    Sounds like the teenage job seekers dilemma: “I can’t get a job because I don’t have experience; I don’t have experience because I can’t get a job.”

    • INSIDEBUBBLEBUTT you’re a pathetic loser & the South Bay hates losers. By the way they’re still trying to determine the average age of GOP voters,but there’s a lot of red tape involved in exhuming dozens of bodies at once ! I suggested cutting them in half & counting the rings,but no one would volunteer to get that close to a GOP voter. When an angry GOP voter told Pete Stark “not to piss on his pant leg & tell him it was raining” he told him “that doing so would be a waste of time & urine” ! I’m sure that you urine for the old days before younger voters pulled the carpet out from under you GOP voters & left you livid,bitter & confused with your pants down around your ankles,again !!!

      • SJO I think you got him. His brain is fried, good work sir, and mad respect.


        You are a further example of a Democrat I could not feel proud to be in the same party as myself. The party lost my wife last year, after our tax returns revealed we’re paying over 33% in taxes, yet barely squeaking by. That’s the reality in this valley. You get a 6 figure income, but the majority of it is wiped out by taxes.

        For me it’s seeing guys like you within the party, continuously doing anonymous, ad hominem attacks. I know it’s been ordered from the top down to be this way, but I won’t do it.

        Furthermore, when you hide behind a mask of anonymity, your attacks are meaningless, and carry no weight.

        I might not be respected by some in the party, but that’s only because I won’t be a lap dog or a puppet. In your case, you’ve used this anonymity to spiral down to what you perceive as SJO’s level and beyond(Trust me, he is operating at levels way beyond yours). You are not only using a tactic of cowards, you’re acting in the very manner you accuse the GOP of acting. You bring this house even less respect.

        Because even if you’re not losing everyone, I don’t subscribe to this. You are losing me. Slowly.

        Some in the party have asked me to stay to try and change things from within. I honestly don’t have the energy or time, but I’ll have to start making an effort I guess, because this isn’t what we as Democrats should be doing. We should be bridge building, even with those whom’s opinions we do not agree with. Please reconsider your verbiage in this debate with SJO.

        • My mother had an unsuccessful cousin named Bob too,we weren’t allowed to sit on his lap either ! Try running for office again instead of running your mouth !!

          • I’m going to try and stay away from reason with you, your incoherent and grammatically bad writing has already shown me you’re an idiot. No reason to get angry at you, you’re just a moron.

  17. Everybody knows that Mike Honda is dirty, rotten to the core. He works for China and S Korea. Chinese puppet.

    • You’re a waitresses nightmare,a bad tipper who eats,shoots & leaves ! As a professional lap puppet you may have access to classified puppet information that the rest of us never see,butt I think you’re just fixated on putting your hand up his rectum. Remember to take off your watch so you don’t “misplace” it again & be sure to stock up on Crisco when you’re “out” shopping !!!

  18. Well it would appear that I’m old enough to be your father,so you probably just need a nap or a time out as I don’t believe in corporal punishment. Maybe you just stood up too fast & are feeling dizzy or are off your meds again ? As far as Denny’s is concerned I don’t patronize businesses with a long history of bigotry,discrimination & intolerance like Chic-fil-A or Hobby Depot. I’m not familiar with your choice of cartoons,but if it wasn’t shown on Captain Satellite,Marshall J or Mayor Art’s show then I likely didn’t see it. It looks suspiciously like one of those cartoons that The GOP want to cut off the funding for & that would be a pity. I prefer Ruff & Ready & Crusader Rabbit although Heckle & Jeckle described by Wikipedia as “brash,cynical & antagonistic”,”confrontational & devious” certainly suits my personality. I’m not inclined to waste my time grading your atrocious grammer,spelling or lack of meaningful content,but your lack of eloquence is only exceeded by your incessant & inane blather. Quit wasting my time & make a lucid point or go stand in the corner until you learn how to behave yourself ! Dismissed !!!

  19. Mr.Robert Menendez and Mr.Mike Honda. They liked and used a word as a prostitute and a sexual slave. They were a salesman of fabrication propaganda in South Korea equally. I’ll recommend the journalist who looks for the next corruption to look for a key word and the figure familiar with South Korea.

  20. sjoutsidethebubble.
    The thought just came to me, your mind is disgusting. You should learn to play nice with others.
    I have to give the winning post here to Frank Mockery, on this one a solid 10 !.
    My Father , Used to say, Son, Defend yourself, but after you kick their asses, be kind and help them up, before you walk away !

  21. Blacksmith says:

    “The thought just came to me, your mind is disgusting. You should learn to play nice with others.”

    You, sir, appear to be suffering from the usual Lib affliction of psychological ‘projection’. The ‘disgusting’ mind here is FM’s (not his real name, of course.) You have written an accurate discription of that anonymous coward. Neither one of you has had anything constructive to post; you’re both just childishly flaming everyone you disagree with. I’ve had enough of that kind of tribalism — which comes right from the top.

    Once again I will point out that this valley has immense problems. The streets, roads and freeways are significantly more pot-holed than the other 49 states. My wife is a retired school Principal, and I’ve watched student scores plummet for many years, during which time your Party has run things. Bad teachers simply cannot be fired (she tried for three years to get a teacher fired who would shout “F-you!” at studfents in middle school, and who would hit them in front of everyone.) Money is constantly shoveled into the .edu lobby, with zero effect on student acheivement — money confiscated from the fund intended to repair our roads.

    See, you and your Party are 100.0% responsible for the destruction of our infrastructure. You are the problem, not the solution. There is no argument about that because there is no doubt: Democrats run everything in this state, in this county, and in our local cities. The buck stops with them. The problems we are faced with are entirely their doing.

    That Party is controlled by special interest pressure groups run or attended by flaming radicals like you. It is your kind who have destroyed what was once a great state, admired by all others. You ruined it. There is no doubt. The blame is yours.

    Since you have no constructive suggestions, why not take your hatred elsewhere? Rational folks know there is ample money in this valley to fix the infrastructure, and to make this the desirable place to live that it used to be. But with self-serving bomb-throwers like you around, those improvements will never happen. We will remain in a downward spiral. As our roads and buildings continue to deteriorate, the usual pattern will continue: there will be endless begging for more tax money to fix school buildings — tax money that was always there, but that has been diverted into the pockets of special interests like teacher unions and government bureaucracies. Not to mention no-bid contracts to political cronies.

    The whole thing has become a giant scam, and already hard-bitten taxpayers are the marks. Many other states run things a hundred times better, with far lower sales and income taxes. We could do the same. But nay-sayers like you get in the way, and so everything continues to get worse.

    It is entirely the fault of people like you. The rest of us can see it.

    • So says another angry marginalized GOP voter (loser) whose specious arguments & whiney incoherent diatribes will sway nobody in this progressive stronghold. You might be able to rally the dimwitted right-wing voters in the South & Midwest,but your repugnant party isn’t competitive for statewide office here in California anymore. You can lie & bitch until you’re blue in the face & it won’t change the fact that your viewpoint has been considered & categorically rejected repeatedly by your neighbors. That’s some influence you have there,not only do the majority of California voters disagree with you,they’ve stopped listening to you at all. That’s why we’re talking about which Democrat will be representing the South Bay after the next election,not which one of your likeminded GOP masochists will be drawing the short straw & losing big again in 2016. If you repeatedly finish third in the primaries in a two-party race there’s no need to stick a fork in you,you’re done ! Count the votes my friend,no one here is buying what your selling & there are fewer who agree with you everyday. It must be infuriating to watch from the sidelines as the progressives consolidate their overwhelming majority in the legislature & you’re powerless to stop them. Save your breath for our next Governor Gavin Newsom’s two terms in office as he’ll make Jerry Brown look like Scott Walker by comparison. If you’re lucky they’ll declare Republicans an endangered species here as there are few of you left & inbreeding certainly won’t sustain your dwindling numbers. Why don’t you just move to a Red State & pray that it stays red a little longer ? It’s a win-win as you’ll raise the IQ of California by departing & raise the IQ of any Red State by arriving ! Too bad,so sad,you’re so unhappy & that makes me so glad !!!

      • “Frank Mockery” comments:

        “So says another angry marginalized GOP voter…”

        You don’t read or comprehend, you just rant. I have stated repeatedly that I am not a Republican. I have never been a Republican. I have always been an independent; I ‘decline to state’ any party affiliation. I vote for any candidate who best represents me and my state’s interest. So your impotent attempts to pigeonhole me fail. Your comments are nothing but insults and name-calling. You have nothing constructive to offer.

        My criticism is about the undeniable fact that the California Democrat party is 100.0% responsible for the endless, incessant and intractible problems cited. People like you are a major part of the problem. You cannot offer any sane solutions. All you do is throw mud, insult thinking people, and act like a typical liberal water boy. People like you are a cancer on the body politic. You never have a reasonable solution to the problems created by your own kind.

        Tell us, what would you do to substantially reduce the heavy tax burden on the productive class? We pay almost 10% sales taxes, and even higher income taxes! That has gotten us nothing that states with a small fraction of those tax rates have. Their infrastructure is not crumbling like California’s. Their student test scores are far better than ours — and at a far lower cost. Their priorities are not anti-business, like California’s. So, what specifically would you do to fix this dystopian state? Because everything that people like you have supported has been an outright disaster for the average citizen.

        See, the major problems afflicting California are your fault. That is why you lash out. You are desperately trying to re-frame the discussion away from that fact. The reality is that corrupt politics by people like your HE-RO Honda have destroyed our once great state. The blame rests at your feet — not the other party’s, because the Republicans run nothing here. Your side does it all, therefore the blame is all yours. There is no denying it. Just look around. We pay more every year, but things are worse every year. And it is your fault. You would get some respect if you would man-up and admit it. But I won’t hold my breath.

        So what is your solution to this unfolding disaster? Do you even have a credible solution? Or are you just another mindless, miserable bomb-thrower, excited about the destruction of society caused by you and your ilk?

    • By the way it’s great to see you’re still alive Smokey;now you & the Bandit can finally get hitched !!!

      • F. Mockery,

        Your kind of ghey daydreams don’t interest me. But carry on. You’re in the appropriate political party for that kind of personal excitement.

        So, how about some proposed solutions to our exorbitant tax rates?

        • What’s your formula for raising student scores, at least up to the 50-state average, from the current bottom of the list? (I have solutions that would put California students right at the top, nationally).

        • What’s your proposal to fix our horrendous roads and freeways? They are truly ten times worse than other states. I know, we just drove across the country both ways. California really is exceptional — and not in a good way.

        • Do you have any reasonable, credible solutions to those problems? Or are you only here to whine and complain about people who don’t march in lock-step with your own leftist views — which have uniformly resulted in disaster for California’s citizens?

        Time to put up, as they say, or shut up. Post your remedies — if you can think of any.

        • Mind if I take a stab at it Smokey?

          So, how about some proposed solutions to our exorbitant tax rates?

          Fix any city retirement loopholes that allow people to game/cheat the system. Start real efforts to “Fix the problem” and not “Fix the symptoms” Case in point, the county childrens shelter property on 1440 Roberts Road was sold off, converted to townhomes. The “New and improved!” one was sold off and the county abandoned keeping a childrens shelter altogether. The lack of a childrens shelter has resulted in even more kids on the street than ever, which has resulted in a greater need for law enforcement. It’s not fixing the problem, just the symptoms.

          • What’s your formula for raising student scores, at least up to the 50-state average, from the current bottom of the list? (I have solutions that would put California students right at the top, nationally).

          I think if someone is new to the country, we need to get them to speak the language of the land as fast as possible.

          While our math scores bottom out across the country, I think a part of the problem is the better courses are in English. We need to give ESL students a laser focused objective of, “Learning English”. Dare I say, even give them a financial incentive to do so (College scholarships) There are too many kids that spend their school careers perpetually in ESL, and there are public schools that are non-ESL but everything is taught in a foreign language.

          Even in various private ethnic schools, and I’m thinking Chinese, Muslim, Hasidic, a lot of emphasis is put on learning in English, because that is not just the primary language of the US, but of Business. Esperanto never took off. TL:DL more English focus. Everything else will follow.

          • What’s your proposal to fix our horrendous roads and freeways? They are truly ten times worse than other states. I know, we just drove across the country both ways. California really is exceptional — and not in a good way.

          If I said I can’t fix it would you be OK with that? The reason most California roads are paved in asphalt vs concrete is because we’re geologically active all the time. Asphalt can move and bend, concrete can’t. Downside is we have to repave it every 5 years (Foxworthy is horrendous right now)

          I think what we need is some sort of technological breakthrough for paving in areas with seismic activity. Maybe that rubber/asphalt stuff they put on Monterrey out in Kalra’s district, I dunno. Maybe some kind of UV resistant plastic?

  22. > That’s why we’re talking about which Democrat will be representing the South Bay after the next election,not which one of your likeminded GOP masochists will be drawing the short straw & losing big again in 2016.

    Mr. Monkey:

    Those Democrats representing the South Bay in Congress after the next election will be doing so from the back benches.

    No soup for you, Mr. Honda. And no soup for your district, either.

    And, as a test of your earnest commitment to the pork barrel magic of your favorite Democrat congressman, Mr. Monkey, I suggest you camp out at the nearest High Speed Rail station, and see how long it takes for a train to show up.

    Tip: bring some extra snacks.

    • The “Freedom Train” has already left the station without you ! We’ll wave at you as we pass you by much like sanity,reality & history already have ! “You don’t need a ticket,you just get on board” or you could just get out of the damn way ! Remarkably,train-wrecking is still a capital offense punishable by death here in California. Don’t hold your breath waiting for your demise because a Red State will soon be adopting holding your breath as their preferred form of execution. If you don’t believe me ask any competent barrister you know or if you can’t locate one ask John Michael O’Connor instead. In closing I’m asking that any voter with a progressive viewpoint join me in doing whatever’s necessary to assure that Donald Trump remains a viable candidate for as long as possible. Of course the term “viable candidate” when describing the Donald is a bigger oxymoron than “biblical scholar” & that one’s a classic ! That’s “oxymoron” INSIDEBUBBLEBUTT, you’re confusing it with “whatamoron” a term you obviously hear all the time !! I’ll see the rest of you onboard the “Victory Train” in 2016 !!!

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