Here Are Final Official Results for 16th Congressional District

California Secretary of State Shirley Weber today posted a revised Statement of Vote for March 5 primary, incorporating the recount revisions for the 16th Congressional District.

The report confirms Evan Low's five-vote margin over Joe Simitian, and Sam Liccardo's 8,230-vote margin over Low. Liccardo and Low advance to the November General Election ballot.

Here are the final, official numbers for the 16th Congressional District.

16th District Final Results, Revised May 10, 2024

  • Sam Liccardo, Dem     38,491 (+ 8,230)
  • Evan Low, Dem     30,261 (+ 5)
  • Joe Simitian, Dem     30,256
  • Peter Ohtaki, GOP     23,283
  • Peter Dixon, Dem     14,677
  • Rishi Kumar, Dem     12,383
  • Karl Ryan, GOP     11,563
  • Julie Lythcott-Haims, Dem     11,386
  • Ahmed Mostafa, Dem     5,814
  • Greg Lin Tanaka, Dem     2,421
  • Joby B. Bernstein, Dem     1,652

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