Forum Focuses on Education

San Jose's mayoral contenders will share their views on the city's educational needs at a forum next week.

The event is sponsored by the Santa Clara County Board of Education and will take place May 10 at the Mexican Heritage Plaza. San Jose State University Professor Emeritus Terry Christensen will moderate the discussion on topics ranging from early childhood education to the quality of public schools and the burgeoning charter school movement.

The audience will also have a chance to submit questions.

All candidates were invited to participate. Confirmed so far are City Council members Sam Liccardo and Rose Herrera and Supervisor Dave Cortese.


  1. Prediction: The carbon dioxide emissions will measurably contribute to global warming.

    Prediction 2: Absolutely nothing of consequence will happen for local education, state education, national education, global education, interplanetary education, or intergalactic education.

  2. Unless the City plans on giving money to all schools, based on some type of formula, this really is a non-starter. I think all candidates will agree that schools are good, but the City of San Jose is not the business of providing any funding to any school. This is rightfully left to school districts to distribute funding to schools.

    Unless of course that school is Downtown College Prep, which got a $600k note forgiven last year. The principal at DCP Alum Rock, which benefitted from the forgiven note is Rose Herrera’s son.

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