Former Congressional Staffer Attacks Trump Fan in Los Gatos

A former staffer for Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Speier is being identified as the woman who berated and allegedly attacked a group of Donald Trump supporters in downtown Los Gatos last week.

The July 19 tiff was caught on video by resident Cyndi Sheehan. The Trump backer was walking down North Santa Cruz Avenue when she came across an Anti-Robert Mueller tabling event led by fellow 45 fans. Margo Rosen—Speier’s former district director—was then caught on video hopping out of a car that she just pulled into a red zone.

“Dear President, you’re a piece of sh*t,” Rosen said. “Nobody respects you. You have 37 percent, the lowest rating of any president ever in the United States.”

Rosen launched into a five-minute tirade, which included sarcastic comments and insults hurled toward Trump and the group of supporters. She also yelled at Pedro’s—a Mexican restaurant located across the street from the incident.

“They love you over there at the Mexican restaurant, you know they do,” she hollered, sarcastically referring to Trump’s hardline immigration policies that disproportionately target Latinos. “Trump loves Mexicans ... Don’t go home, stay here.”

As Rosen was leaving, Sheehan tried to capture her license plate on video. Rosen then got back out of the car, walked toward Sheehan and grabbed her camera. The camera fell to the ground and was followed by shouting between the pair and others calling the cops.

Rosen could not be reached for comment.

Sheehan said that she will be pressing charges against Rosen, but is disappointed with the response—or lack thereof—from the police department. “It took getting physically attacked to come, even though she was acting like a hyena,” she said.

As a resident of Los Gatos for nearly two decades, Sheehan said she’d never had problems like this until recently. “I’ve been on board with Trump before he even announced his run,” she said. “What I want people to know is that it will do us no good to be assholes. If they don’t like it then they’ll look in the mirror and realize who the bigot is.”


  1. As a democrat I feel very disappointed of the far left democrats. They are the ones typically bragging about human rights violations but themselves engage in violating other’s rights. Just because democrats are a majority in California, that does not give them any right to act as bullies. Freedom of speech, ideas, thought,…are constitutional rights granted to people in California and the country. Unfortunately, those laws are hardly enforced. There was another elderly man that had a similar attack in Palo Alto. This has to stop! Those people need a mental health evaluation! #KamalaHarris2020

    • So it’s ok for trump supporters to purposefully set up camp directly in front of a Mexican restaurant, but when someone protests their hate rally, it’s not ok? Give it a rest. Trump is a racist lying pos, and Sheehan is known for causing trouble. She’s been reported to the police multiple times for her behavior.. she’s no victim.

      • So, it’s wrong for “Trump supporters ” to demonstrate in front of a Mexican restaurant, but it’s okay for Maxine Waters to entice violence against conservatives and Sarah Sanders and other to be accosted INSIDE restaurants…… You libtards and your double standard.

        • There you go with the name calling bs. Grow up. You don’t want negative attention?! Stop inviting it. We all know why trump supporters chose this location to show support for the bigot. Sheehan is always at the center of this garbage, and then plays victim. She is a notorious antagonist… SNOWFLAKE

          • Tara, I wonder if you appreciate the irony of your post. You wrote “there you go again with your name calling” write after YOU posted “Trump is a racist lying pos, and Sheehan is known for causing trouble.”
            Next, you call Trump Epstein’s BFF. I guess you had your head up your ass when it was revealed that Bill Clinton took 26 flights on Epstein’s private plane, the Lolita Express, to orgy island, ditching his secret service detail at least a half dozen times. In fact, Epstein’s teenage sex slave, Victoria Roberts, testified to a grand jury that she dined with Bill Clinton, Epstein, and 2 girls that were younger than her. She was 15 at the time. She says she never met Donald Trump, and was with Epstein for 2 years. She claims she was forced to have sex with both Prince Andrew and lawyer Alan Derschowicz. Odd how all of this information has been out in public since 2010, but liberals ignore their connection. Do you know who was never on the lolita express, and never went to orgy island? Trump. We all know who Epstein’s real BFF is. Bill Clinton.

          • You’re SCREWED on this one, sweety. Democrats and Leftists have been calling for ACTUAL VIOLENCE against Republicans and Conservatives for years, now. We’ve been very patient with you lot as you attacked us in front of our homes, at gas stations and in restaurants. We’ve taken the high ground every single time when you lot have stooped to the lowest dredges. Sorry to break it to you. I’d be careful however. Eventually our patience is going to wear thin, and as seen in most confrontation videos, you guys aren’t the best fighters, and routinely get your clocks cleaned by us. Govern yourselves accordingly and start acting like adults…..or we’ll discipline you like children.

      • You’re a racist to presume all Hispanics to vote Democrat. Many Hispanics are Trump-supporters.

        • As a Hispanic, I will tell you most hate trump. Thanks for being racist enough to believe that “ many Hispanics support trump” lmao. Let me guess: you’re white.

          • As a person of Mexican decent I say many of us are on board with the president. It is not places like Los Gatos that feel the brunt of illegal immigration, it is the poorer communities where Mexican-Americans live, that get hit the hardest, MS 13 and other gangs don’t hang out in Saratoga, Los Gatos, Palo Alto, but in Salinas, Gilroy, east San Jose are where they can blend in. It is low income low skill American that are the first to fill the pain.

          • @Patrick- Lydia Howe

            The most insidious of trump supporters claim to be Hispanic while spewing racist tropes as you have here. Let me be clear: I live very near the east side of San Jose, and have had ZERO trouble with the gangs you speak of. It must’ve pathetic to live in fear of the “ other”…. brown people aren’t your enemy. Your current government is.

      • She attacked about 10 people based on their race, thrn physically attacked a man who didn’t say a damn word and you’re defending her? More proof Liberals are delusional and are the true violent racists. The Nazis used to attack people for their political beliefs and their race just like pantifa… no wonder youre going to lose even worse than 2020. You better reserve that safe space for another 4 years, and better meds sicko

        • Sicko?! It’s sick to support a child rapist and sexual assaulter who lies daily. It’s sick to believe a known and proven liar and bigot who locks children up. What will you do when trump’s time is up? What will you tell your children and grandchildren when they ask how you could possibly support such a pos?! Your comments will be preserved for the ages… good luck.

          • Are you really certain that accusing President Trump of being a child rapist is an accusation that won’t come back to bite you. President Clinton acknowledged being on Mr. Epstein’s plane 4 times, with his secret service detail. But he hasn’t addressed the other 21 times that the 727’s logbook said he was aboard, without his detail. I have several undergrad degrees along with a couple of airman’s licenses. Falsifying an aircraft’s logbook can be a federal offense. No airman would falsify a logbook over a simple, routine, entry that would usually be meaningless. I really have no dog in this fight, but seeing the behavior of the Democratic Party these past 2 years has me questioning their judgement. As it stands now, I will feel comfortable voting for President Trump, and it’s mostly because of the democrat’s behavior of late.

        • She attacked people based on their race?! Lmao. Let me enlighten you: “trump supporter “ isn’t a race. The ignorance of trump supporters is palpable.

          • Like there is a valid reason for that woman who looks like a man to attack people? Last I checked having a different political bias didn’t make it ok to assault someone. You are a bad person Tara.

      • You saw that video of the lunatic “woman” attacking a person and that’s what you choice to focus on? Her right to be a crazy lunatic? Fine, scream like an unctrolled maniac, but don’t assault people. You’re a bad person Tara. The propaganda and mind control has worked on you all too well.

        • Nice fake avatar. I’ve had experience with the so- called “ victim “ – Sheehan… she’s violent AF. Had her thugs calling me relentlessly, and had to report her to the police when they started intimidate me with subtle threats of sexual violence. You have zero idea what type of person you’re defending… or do you? Is that you Cyndi?!?

      • Yeah it is ok for them to set up there if they want and the only one I saw acting obnoxious and hateful was Butch Rosen. Btw, my wife is a Filipina and she and many of her friends voted for Trump .NFL legend Jim Brown, Floyd Mayweathuer and Mike Tyson all say Trump is not a racist …if anyone wants to come to US then get a visa like my wife and pay thru the nose like i did …it cost me around 7k in visas, plane tickets, work permits etc and she did not just waltz across border and get fed and housed for months at taxpayer expense. Butch is a real patriot who buys a bmw instead of supporting us manufacturing but you might know the difference between porcupines and bmws….The pricks are on the outside of a porcupine as opposed to being on the inside of a bmw.

      • She can counter-protest all she wants, and she did. She crossed the line the moment she physically assaulted the woman with the camera, however. That is typically what unhinged leftists do when they get frustrated. Show their true nature by resorting to violence.

      • They were protesting fbi corruption. Not immigration. An the trump supporters that can be seen in the video were not white. Had nothing to do with the Mexican restaurant. Why does everything have to be about race.

    • kamala Harris is a hypocrite she systematically put people who smoked [pot away in prison while she declared in person that she smoked pot in her dorm listening to Tupac before he even was on the music scene that makes her a liar ad a pseudo wanna be hypocrite you really want that for your future president? #MAGA #WWG1WGA #TRUMPIN2020 #THANK-Q-TOO!!!

  2. I am not that much into politics but the current leaders in power (Mostly Democrats) have done a horrible Job here in Santa Clara County. Let’s be honest folks….

    Half of our county is starting to look like a 3rd world country.

    It’s like the cat is out of the bag…. I say it how I see it…

    I am very disappointed in the Los Gatos Police Department for not doing more to protect these people protesting. They have every right to do this, and from the looks of things, they were not bothering anyone. Now that Lady on the other hand is a savage and needs to be on medication. (Can’t wait to see that police report) Send that message DA Jeff Rosen and charge that women for her bad behavior.

    Also…San Jose Police Department, with marching order from Mayor “Stinky” Sam Liccardo, let the Republican “Trump Supports” get beat on the worlds stage and sat back and blamed Donald Trump. Police Chief “Fast” Eddie Garcia also did not have the courage to stand up to his bosses and do the right thing to protect ALL of the public no matter what political party they are. I seem to remember Eddie got on the news and passed the buck also just like Mayor Sam Liccardo.

    So SAD that this is what politics has become is our state…well our country…

    No matter what your political party is, or your political views are, you should always be protected to exercise these democratic values without fear of violence.

    And when things go wrong why do the people in power always blame the President in Santa Clara County? Well pretty much the entire state….

    Sounds like the people in power need to take responsibility for their poor leadership and stop blaming the president.

    I also noticed an online petition this morning to recall (Democratic) Governor Gavin Newsom that is gaining a massive amount of support. I am also not that impressed with his leadership skills and actually agree that this might be a good idea…..

    This is my 2 cents and my personal opinion….. I am sure all the TROLLS out there will try and bash on me for expressing how I feel and what I think. So Sad….

    I have meet a lot of people in the last three years in San Jose (Santa Clara County) that have the same opinion but are too afraid of being attacked for speaking their minds. Do you blame them?


    • Wow. Newsome is not going to be recalled. You are in the minority, as he was elected by a wide margin.

  3. Love it. The current occupant in the White house is racist, sexual predator, crook, liar, white nationalist and incoherent/incompetent fool and he is doing untold damage on everything. I for one applaud her courage to speak truth to power and use her freedom of speech to tell confront these false patriots.

    The hypocrisy and finger pointing at the “left” is laughable. You do realize 45 has put children in cages? You do realize he is a sexual deviant and predator? You do realize he is liar? The “opinion” if being a supporter of him should have people scared or afraid to speak to it, because it is a disgusting opinion to have.

    • YOU have Trump Derangement disorder seek help before he is re elected in 2020 or symptoms will worsen

      • And this is why you get yelled at in public. Ever notice how Cyndi Sheehan is always present when these things happen? She’s a harasser. I know, because she got her trumper friends to harass me by phone and even texted my own address to me. She’s a cultist zealot kook.

          • What happened BEFORE Sheehan started recording? Conveniently left out. It’s ok… she has multiple complaints lodged against her as it is. She is a disturbed and hateful “ person “. One day, she won’t just get a tongue lashing. She will mess with the wrong person. Sheehan loves this negative attention—- just like her idol trump.

    • I agree with your description of Trump. HOWEVER, people have a right to congregate and express their freedom of speech, idea, and thought without this being violated by a woman that clearly needs a 5150 hold and spend at least three day stay at the urgent care. It is the crazy democratic extreme left that has to stop this madness. It is this small percentage of democrats who are giving democrats bad reputation and helping Trump be re-elected. F…K this sh!it! #kamalaharris2020

    • Do you realize in this county we have DAs, judges, attorneys, politicians, law enforcement who are also sexual predators and even pedophiles? Trump is a sexually perverted pig, so was Clinton, Bush elder, and many others. Obama also did nothing about the Bacha Bazi situation in Afganistan and deported more people than any other president. Corruption, sexual perceptions, and pedophilia do not discriminate SES, race, ethnicity…all these social issues have to be addressed at all levels including the democrats. RECALL corruption, DA ROSEN, Liccardo, Chavez, Cortese…F…K Trump, Omar, AOC, Tlaib, and Pressley! Vote for our California Gold: #kamalaharris2020

    • The “progressive” gods you worship are f’n evil… and when we show you how disgusting they really are, I hope you aren’t so brainwashed by the media that you ignore it all. Just wait, from the Pelosi/Newsom/Getty incest to Feinstein’s corruption with the high-speed rail project and her husbands private equity fund with Jeff Epstein… it’s all coming and nothing you can do to stop it.

      • Funny coming from a zealot who uses “ trump 2020” as an identifier! Your trump was Epstein’s bff with multiple allegations of sexual assault leveled against him. Laughable!

    • “Put children in cages”… You do realize every president has done the same at the border. The issue is the mass migration is flooding the system and the Dems are using that for talking points. “It’s a manufactured crisis” when Trump said there was a crisis, now it’s Trump’s fault because we don’t have room or money because no one would fund the border crisis. All this does is make us look irrational and crazy and pushes people left of center more to the right. If we don’t enforce laws, the US will look like the tenderloin where you can shoot up heroin in the streets, but apparently buying a Juul vape pen needs to be illegal. If we don’t like the laws, those should change, not picking and choosing what should be enforced. Immigration needs overhauled and you can’t blame Trump for trying to enforce the laws in place.

  4. > Margo Rosen—Speier’s former district director—was then caught on video hopping out of a car that she just pulled into a red zone.

    Any relation to any other local notables named Rosen?

  5. Where do I even begin?

    I’m just gonna say it. This stuff is what will drive me to the polls in 2020 to vote for Trump. For no other reason than the left has gone completely insane, has completely given up on virtuous, non-violent protest. I didn’t vote for anyone except Bernie in the primaries in 2016, and sat out Trump vs Hillary. After watching 4 years of people like this lady and Antifa, I need to send these folks a solid message. That message is as long as you act like children throwing a tantrum, I will take the best parenting advice there is and not give into your tantrums. Not online, not on the street, and not at the polls.

    None of what I say above has anything to do with racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc. It is completely about the left giving up on the ideal of fighting in a way that is above reproach. Fighting with dignity. Fighting in a manner that would have made MLK proud.

  6. Look up Cindi Sheehan. Check out her Yelp reviews. She was a realtor. She gave up that career to support Trump full time and harrass people and businesses that don’t agree with her.

    • So they are both morons. Why should people chatting and walking around a downtown be subjected to these two morons.

    • Exactly! She’s insane. Had her trumper gang harass me endlessly online and by phone. She’s behind every altercation in lg of this nature, then she plays victim as all trumpers do. Don’t be fooled! The police didn’t help because she has a history of this behavior. I reported her to the police when her pals started getting personal.

  7. The victim should sue the City and police department back to the stone ages if they refuse to take this assault seriously

  8. If she is not cited for parking in a red zone and arrested for assault – all documented on video – the LG police department and Mayor need to be held accountable by LG residents. None of this is acceptable regardless of party affiliation.

  9. Totally agree with your comment Robert Cortese. Vote #kamalaharris2020 She believes in all that and mee too. The extreme left wants to make other democrats believe that extreme is the new trend and equals higher standards of social justice. This is a fallacy! Their need to force their views is an example of lack of understanding about all people’s rights not only those you agree with. What we see is the oppressed becoming the oppressors and those preaching inclusiveness not being that at all! As I said it, this woman needs psychiatric help!

    • KH believes in MeToo? Please. She is a senator and knows that congress has stolen tax payers money to buy the silence of staffers sexually assaulted. Tens of millions of dollars. But congress and a very in sided metoo keep silent on that as well. Either expose it all or shut up.

  10. So vote as a reaction to other voters and not based on policy? Winner of the Worst Citizen of the US Award.

  11. People! If you want to make a point, don’t come off like the bad or crazy guy. Imagine if Rosen had been able to capture a few witty remarks about Trump for social media? We’d be laughing instead of cringing. Sorry to see Jackie Spiere’s name mentioned at all in this negativity. She’s been a positive force for Californians for decades.

  12. I do not support Trump, and I volunteer to help defeat him. But why would I waste my time on a nice day in Los Gatos to have a temper tantrum with some people at a table? I would be interested in getting a good parking place, and a good seat at a outside table to sip my latte? What a loony! It solves nothing, and I risk getting my car scuffed illegally parking. I also run the risk of getting accosted when I am at a table. Rosen, you are a nitwit.

  13. She really gave the Democratic party a bad name with this one. As a Democrat I’m ashamed of her behavior and never condone this what so ever. I apologize for her to my Republican friends. This is a far left bad apple. That was very un-american and intrusive. We know where each parties values stand. Screaming like a lunatic on the streets embarrassing yourself solves nothing other than looking like an idiot for the world to see. Respect each others values, good or bad, agree or disagree and move on.

  14. The information missing here is what happened before the video started and after it ended. There are two sides to every story, (we all know this by now). The homophobic and racial attacks made by Ms Sheehan are curiously not mentioned, at all. The story above is happy to paint Ms Rosen as a lunatic who came out ranting for no apparent reason. Nor is the trip to the hospital Ms Rosen had to make to be treated for cuts and a concussion. Ms Sheehan did not have to go to the hospital as it was a one sided attack. Where Ms Rosen may be very passionate in this video, it does not tell the whole story of teh encounter. I am missing where she presents herself as an extreme left Democrat, Ms Rosen is paraphrasing the president with her words. It is actually quite clever, if it didn’t all turn so ugly. Before we completely obliterate Ms Rosen in the court of public opinion, let’s see how the addiotional details play out here.

    • You are trying to excuse what has no excuse. You do not reply to a verbal attack with attacking. Even the law prescribes this. Your response has to be reasonable to the attack. If she had not stopped the vehicle, none of anything would have happened. A mature person learns to de-escalate situations not to make them bigger. I dislike Trump as much or more than you do. However, I do not approve democrats violating others’ rights!

    • So who was driving the motor and who stopped? You must be a complete moron to believe this,thankfully stories like this drive people to vote for Trump as what is the alternative? Nut jobs like this Rosen creep?

    • Hi Ms Rosen, to answer your question, the video had started before you drove up in your BMW and parked in the red zone like you owned the place. The action occurred after you jumped out of your illegally parked car in that entitled way you have. You were the action. We don’t get to see what happened after you assaulted the videographer because you knocked her cell out of her hand.

  15. Reading the comments here, I really believe there’s hope in California. Everyone seems to be saying the same thing – This type of behavior is unacceptable. Democrats are cringing at this behavior, except for one person’s comments, who supports this type of aggressive, and ultimately violent, behavior. They say ‘Love it’. even though the attacker ultimately got out of their vehicle and attacked the person holding the camera.

    Look, I get it. Many of you don’t like Trump, and that is your prerogative to do that. However, it is every Americans right to support whom ever they want. Making up lies, violently attacking others, and yelling at peaceful supporters does nothing to advance the cause of the left. It has the exact opposite effect

    Whether its support staff for a local politicians or Antifa protesters attacking peaceful journalists or left-wing crazed lunatics throwing fire bombs at ICE Detention centers with hundreds of people inside, the left needs to stop it’s TDS suffers. They are a threat to our democracy.

  16. Obviously this woman is an Antifa Terrorist should be tried and sentenced to a few years in GITMO and a few more years in anger management. Then deported back Cubafornia.

      • We Californians understand being envied…especially those of us who own homes in the Bay Area. It’s a gorgeous place with tons to do and weather that can’t be beat–and the trend-setting never stops. Punishment, pshaw!

        • > It’s a gorgeous place with tons to do and weather that can’t be beat–and the trend-setting never stops. Punishment, pshaw!

          Wow, Jona, you must have a REALLY BIG TRUST FUND.

          Another nice thing about California is having your munchies delivered to your motor yacht in Sausalito from Maxim’s of Paris. Door Dash can get the job done, but Uber Eats seems to have faster jets, and I’ve heard that they will soon have a great new drone service.

          California needs to pass legislation so that the homeless and migrants can have food delivered to their yachts, too.

  17. I pray that Rosen is not typical. I would have to say in observing her behavior and the small minority of mentally ill Americans that make up the Left, have hijacked the Democratic party and the title of Liberal. These far Left Democrats and are not liberals, they are lawless, vulgar American haters. Rosen does not understand and by choice will never understand the dynamics of a Republic. The Electoral College was designed by gifted intellectuals who knew their history. They realized that a educated society would understand the reason for the election design. Giving all the States whether rural or urban a equal vote in the senate. The founding fathers new from hard cruel experience that it would be the only system that had a chance of keeping the Union together. The” Political Hacks” we have elected are laughable in comparison to the wisdom our founding fathers possessed. We have elected these career parasites who have allowed the deviates , criminals ,mentally ill and selfish American haters to dictate our way of life. They have allowed the perverts and criminal elements rein free simply for the votes, power money and statues . We are in for a long hard road here in California. Uno

    • Rosen is not typical of a congressional person
      At least 70 percent are decent people, sincere and honest. Now Rosen and one internet hero that worked up in SF are cowards and scum. But again, they are not typical at all

      • > At least 70 percent are decent people, sincere and honest.


        Thanks for the tip.

        Next time I call a Congressional office, I’ll ask to speak to one of the decent people.

        They’ll understand and won’t be offended, right?

    • > I would have to say in observing her behavior and the small minority of mentally ill Americans that make up the Left, have hijacked the Democratic party and the title of Liberal.


      An excellent observation.

      Now that you have pointed it out, I have to say that the Democrat Party Presidential debates DID look very much like outreach to mentally ill Americans.

      Elizabeth Warren was clearly pandering to hyperactive and Parkinson’s Americans.

      Cory Booker was clearly the poster child of hairless Americans.

      Kirsten Gillibrand connected with white guilt Americans.

      And Bernie was reaching out to cranky curmudgeon Americans: “Get off my lawn!”

      Really, a festival of diversity.

  18. Well, maybe our cointelpro intelligence people could orchestrate some more mass shooting so leftists can finally have their Orwellian police state (…oops, I sound like a conspiracy theorist, they’ll think I’m a terrorist)

  19. Egad, after reading these comments it is crystal clear that the Left — now including the Democrat Party — has a lock on society’s haters. The haters gravitate to the Left, because the Left welcomes them with open arms.

    They see the world through a warped lens, that’s why they could never admit that the President has taken the correct actions to put the economy back on track, reduced black unemployment to the lowest level since records began, and generated immense wealth for the middle class. They live in their alternate reality bubble of hate. Why? Because it’s comfortable; hatred doesn’t require any thinking.

    TARA is the Hater-in-Chief here, but she’s not alone. Everyone who tries to project their own intolerance onto the victim in this assault is guilty of enabling the perp’s attack. It wouldn’t matter if the victim kicked puppies and pulled the wings off flies, nothing excuses what’s in this video.

    This is just a symptom of the hatred that infests the Left, which attracts many more haters than any other movement — doubled and squared. It condones, enables, and encourages, and attracts all the unhappy people in society, and if there’s a common thread, it’s that they always blame others for their own wrongdoing.

    They might get some sympathy if they explained what happened to them personally that turned them into such miserable creatures. But when they react to everyone who happens to have a different point of view, with insults, name-calling, and similar verbal abuse, any possible sympathy evaporates. People are attracted to happy folks, and they’re repelled by miserable people.

    Sooner or later, someone like this perp will escalate her actions. Then the one they hate will be seriously injured, or killed. When that happens it will be interesting to see the haters’ comments as they try to blame the victim for being murdered.

    They’re reprehensible, but they don’t care because they nurture their precious hatred as if their life would be worthless without it. Well, maybe that’s so.

    • > Egad, after reading these comments it is crystal clear that the Left — now including the Democrat Party — has a lock on society’s haters. The haters gravitate to the Left, because the Left welcomes them with open arms.

      MR. SMOKEY:

      Your exposition is elegant and consistent with empirical evidence. Yet, I think the explanation is simpler and much more fundamental:


      Specifically, human DNA.

      More specifically, primitive human DNA.

      At the end of the last ice age, ALL humans were tribal hunter gatherers.

      They made their living by occupying the best hunting and gathering patches, and running off whatever other tribes were trying to help themselves to OUR stuff.

      The universal ethos of primitive humans was: my tribe good, other tribe bad.

      Same as “progressive” Democrats.

      Production of food, collaboration, and trade were learned behaviors mastered by those humans who had evolved bigger brains.

      Over the last twelve or fourteen thousand years, only a minority of humans have learned the behaviors to produce surpluses and collaborate and trade with other humans who were doing the same.

      The MAJORITY of humans today, still harbor the tribal instincts to hate other tribes. In particular, the primitives hate the “producer tribes” who were so LUCKY as to occupy all the hunting and gathering patches with fields, orchards, gardens, livestock, cash machines, etc.

      “You didn’t build that farm. You just FOUND it. It was just a lucky break. You need to SHARE!”

  20. Can anyone figure out who Tara thinks she’s talking to?

    She sounds like some demon-possessed refugee from a failed exorcism.

    She should post a picture of herself (or her host body) so we can be sure that her head isn’t facing backwards.

    • Right wing protestors are going to have to hire security. Steven Crowder has two very big security personnel for protection. If the leftists can’t control their actions then we are legally allowed to take reasonable means for defense.

  21. Fact, Americans have a 1st Amendment right to protest. Fact, you do not have a right to physically attack people if they video your license plate.

    Fact, if you don’t feel like obeying the law then it works both ways. Perhaps group “A” should hire a license security guard who can use reasonable force to protect the protestors from harm.

    You have NO right to attack people engaged in a peaceful protest. At this point my advice is for one or two of the people to hire licensed security to protect the protestors.

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