‘Emily Doe’ Reveals Her Identity in New Memoir, ‘Know My Name’

Millions have known her as Emily Doe.

Now, for the first time, the woman whose impact statement in the sexual assault case against Brock Turner four years ago went viral and galvanized the #MeToo movement, has revealed her identity.

Through her new memoir, Know My Name, Chanel Miller introduces another part of herself to a public that already felt so much of her pain through the powerful statement she shared in court three summers ago.

In 2016, Santa Clara Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky sentenced then-20-year-old Turner to a months-short stint in jail for three felony counts of sexual assault.

The case made international headlines, igniting enough outrage against the judge to eventually oust him from the bench and enough interest in the “Emily Doe” story to drive a political movement—now manifest in the Enough is Enough Voter Project—to hold people in power accountable for sexual violence. Turner’s likeness, meanwhile, has been memorialized as a literal textbook example of rape.

Andrea Schulz, editor-in-chief of Viking, said she contacted Miller soon as soon as she could after reading her 7,000-word impact statement.

“I just remember being in my kitchen and reading this incredible, riveting piece of work,” she told a New York Times reporter in an article published today. “I jumped out of my chair to acquire it because it was just obvious to me from the beginning what she had to say and how different is was and how extraordinarily well she was going to say it. She had the brain and the voice of a writer from the very beginning, even in that situation.”

Per the Times report, Miller began writing the book in 2017. She pored over court records and relived the trauma of the assault and the trial to piece together what happened. The cover art for the book drew inspiration from the Japanese art of kintsugi, known as “golden repair,” in which the artist fixes cracked pottery with gold lacquer. According to the publisher, it’s meant to symbolize Miller’s recovery.

Know My Name is set for release on Sept. 24, just days after Miller’s first-ever TV interview is supposed to air on 60 Minutes.

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. In Santa Clara County we won’t give breaks to sexual predators and domestic abusers protected by our corrupted local politicians, judges, and law community. F@CK RAPE CULTURE!

    • Jesus Crystal this boring story needs to disappear so we can concentrate on every single rape victim whose stories are way worse than this one. No doubt she was violated but she was passed out so she doesn’t remember thankfully. There are so many worse cases and so many more heinous corrupt judges and perpetrator law enforcement who even let fathers who rape their 11 year old daughters repeatedly, walk out of custidy and come back at their convenience –we all know those stories so why aren’t we up in arms and repeating them and making celebrity out of those women who were actually raped, not just sexually assaulted by a college douchebag, like Ms Doe?

      • If you are trying to advance the rights of “Sexually” assault raped victims you are doing just the opposite. Sexual assault is a term used in court. Anyone penetrated with a finger, hand, object, fake or real penis is a raped victim if this penetration was done without their consent or worse victims being unconscious. Victims need to tell their stories to put a face to the crimes. Each victim is ready to talk when they are ready not when others expect them to. This is why the status of limitation must not apply to these crimes and at least in California this law was changed. I agree on you on other similar and worst cases happening. It is Chanel Miller’s time to share her story. Emily Doe has a real face and name!

        • > Victims need to tell their stories to put a face to the crimes. Each victim is ready to talk when they are ready not when others expect them to.

          Who is the victim?

          If the accuser is lying, the person wrongly accused is the “victim”.

          Any legal proceeding that BEGINS with the premise that the accuser is telling the truth and does NOT need to be tested for truthfulness is a judicial sham.

          Chanel Miller deserved her day in court. Brock Turner deserved his day in court with meticulous and complete deference to the rule of law. He was railroaded

          And Chanel Miller’s “victory” is forever tainted and illegitimate.

          Chanel Miller’s “friends” made her into a privilege-seeking token.

          • This is one of the flaws in your mind Bubble. When it comes to women issues related to sexual assault and rape, your critical thinking appears to be tampered by your penis and male hormones. They obviously weight more than all your neuronal cells combine!

          • “SJoutsidethebubble” . Your comment is incoherent and repulsive. You sound like an advocate for rape and rapists. Brock Turner HAD his day in court and was found guilty. “Railroaded” – that is pure garbage. You give men a bad name.

          • SJO Bubble. Your comment is the only one that makes any sense at all but keep in mind that you are dealing with a crime whose accusation has it’s own lobby. Just as rape is not a crime about sex, but instead is a crime of violence, so too is the accusation of rape, often false, not about reporting a crime but about power. If a woman even levels the uncorroborated accusation, the police are not allowed to investigate it like they would any other crime. Police must immediately start from the presumption that the “victim”, in this case a woman so intoxicated she didn’t even know what planet she was on, is always telling the truth and that to do anything other than take the uncorroborated, often prima facie suspiciously non-credible accusation, as gospel truth, is to risk an immediate accusation of insensitive sexism. Society increasingly holds people more and more accountable if they drink and drive but requires no accountability from a woman who drinks and has sex.

            Folks, Brock Turner is a frat boy idiot and this “victim” is a gin-soaked liar who will now bask in the sanctity of celebrity victim-hood. This is an abomination and does damage to all actual victims of rape, those unfortunate persons who were actually brutalized and need to be believed, as opposed to some sorority groupie who got drunk and groped.. Bad manners on the part of some horny little frat boy is not the same as rape, except to those with a “me-too” agenda to push. This faux victim is lying my friends, or at the very least, exaggerating what happened and is now cashing in. Brock Turner deserves a good beating but I’m not sure justice is served by his being made to wear a life long scarlet letter as a pervert. I’ve always wondering: Where were the friends of this drunk girl, why did they let her get so slobbering drunk and wander off? Don’t friends look out for each other anymore?

      • Your comments disgust me. Comparisons often do NOT convey meaning or add to understanding. Your comparing the victim in this case to “others, much worse” made me think of trump-speech. Should have written it, asked some friends to read it, waited a week, and then started over.

  2. Write your book well, sell it to Hollywood make millions, Making lots of money is the best revenge.

  3. > “SJoutsidethebubble” . Your comment is incoherent and repulsive. You sound like an advocate for rape and rapists.

    That’s pretty much what my mother said before she put me in the orphanage.

  4. > When it comes to women issues related to sexual assault and rape, your critical thinking appears to be tampered by your penis and male hormones.


    I think you and Ms. NGO are in for a tough time living in a society where half of the population has penises and male hormones.

    Do you have an exit strategy?

  5. Not to worry MR Bubble we now live in a society that will give girls a penis and hormones to, even if you started with a penis and hormones you can still be a girl.

  6. I do not have a problem living around and with those with penises and male hormones, five brothers, a son, and a father are very close to my life. The exit out can potentially be physically and chemically castrating those engaging in sexual crimes particularly those against children. I volunteer to do the physical castration. I have experience butchering wild undomesticated animals! I have always been attracted to handsome males and their male hormones obviously. It is not that condition I dislike. It is those that think with their penises not their brain that I dislike. You always jump to defend the alleged rapists Bubble and do not give the benefit of the doubt to the alleged victim! Male gender bias?

  7. She was not only passed out, but suffering a seizure from some party drug she’d ingested. In a bizarre irony, Brock Turner actually saved her life. But since she couldn’t remember anything about the assault–which was sexual assault, not rape–well, why is she suggesting that she’s been so traumatized? Her identity was protected, and she suffered no embarrassment. As for Brock Turner’s sentence, this was completely in accord with the sentencing guidelines.

  8. The identity of the victims is always protected. Guys like you deserve for you penis to be cut in pieces and given to the dogs f@cken ignorant! Being drunk even if not wise is not a crime. Raping a person conscious or not is a crime you idiot!

  9. Ms. Felix,
    Your wrong again Public Drunkenness’, no matter what substance is used is a misdemeanor. California code 647-F-PC.
    I don’t remember was she a minor? That would open up another can of worms. Who got her that stinking drunk and
    why? Maybe if laws were enforced here she would have been picked up by the cops and safely kept in jail.

  10. You are on your crazy days Gun. She was not in a public place and was never charged with a misdemeanor. F@CK RAPE CULTURE AND THINKING! You belong to this club Gun!

  11. Sorry Felix,
    I’ve heard so many of these stories, My recollection maybe be as confused as hair sniffing Joe Bidden.

    As a young man my mother always cautioned me not to go out and get drunk, the drinking age back then was 18.
    “Bad thing could happen to you she told me. That year of high school we lost 4 upper classmen. One was killed when the other drunk he was driving with ran into a 300 year old oak tree. He lived a block away from us.

    Two girls were killed when they drove off the road into a small ditch at 25mph on graduation night after a few beers. There backs and necks broken when the old unlocked seats in the VW they were driving slammed forward with the two people in back, they lived.

    One of my friends out drinking spun his car around crashing backwards into trees in a swamp, crushing the car and pushing him into the steering wheel and collapsing his lungs. He lives’ as a brain damaged retard to this day.

    Several died of drug over dose’s but I don’t count them as it was not alcohol related, #4 drown over the summer.

    We do not live in a RAPE CULTURE, we live in a lets get blasted doing something stupid because mummy and daddy aren’t here to tell me NO!

    Ms. Doe apparently was dropped off at this party already drunk “by her MOTER!!!” I’m told, should bare sum of the responsibility as she put herself at that party drinking till she passed out after leaving the party with Turner . Later found out side in public with Turner, passed out is drunk and disorderly!

    Considering what else goes on in our streets these days I find this incident no more shocking than the crap I see on TV and the movies. I don’t condone any sort of rape but over the years I’ve seen the definition all kinds of crime blurred by politicians and the courts. Female teachers are routinely charged with rape of young male students.
    Woman have cut off penis’s “also a crime” as is threatening people with mayhem.

    You might try and remember that!

    • You do not have to provide a lame lecture on drinking. This same way being under the influence is NOT a mitigating factor for driving under the influence, being drunk is not a mitigating factor for being a F@CKEN RAPIST! The drinking was used to put blame on the victim while at the same time used to justify the actions of a rapist! Not all men who are drunk rape! Rapists rape drunk or sober. I am not a drinker. If it was up to me, I would make drinking illegal. This is not the point though! A woman who is intoxicated or unconscious for any reason is not giving anyone permission to rape her. I have worked with minors and adult males who were incarcerated for engaging in criminal activity while under the influence. These non-priviledged males were not given three months in jail for much lesser Offenses.

      • Felix dear,
        Your stuck on stupid!

        If I caught someone raping my wife, in my house, out on the street, in a bar, in a frat house, It wouldn’t take cops , an attorney , or a judge to see justice done that person would be smeared all over the floor. If my wife got mad at me for talking to the woman across the street, went to the police and accused me of beating her up and raping her last week,
        or 30 years ago, I’d be raped by your biased system of justice.

        If I put a bunch of hundred dollar bills in my pocket hanging out where every one could see it, I got on BART and road up to Oakland and wandered around the MacArthur station till someone robed, stabled, or killed me. You would say I was being stupid and invited that attack, but it was my right to do so. If I shot the guy who did that you would call it vigilante justice. You would see the full weight of California Justice system lead by Kamala Harris’s replacement in full battle mod demanding more back ground checks, and gun laws claiming I abused “White Privilege’s”, I’d likely spend the better part of a lifetime trying to get out.

        Just because you are a woman doesn’t excuse you for deliberately putting your self in a dangerous situation. It doesn’t give someone else a right to rape, rob, or murder you. You put yourself in that situation and the justice system will have to make a decision, an underpaid jury tormented for weeks or months. All because you had a right to dress up like a trollop, get drunk / high / blitzed on what ever their serving, with a bunch of likeminded horny teenagers, and now its every mans fault that you live in a RAPE CULTURE. That behavior will get you stoned in 1/3rd of the world.

        If you don’t want to be eaten by Great White sharks stay out of the water when your bleeding.
        Matter of fact stay out of the water!
        The world doesn’t belong to you just because your a woman.

  12. Why is it so hard for “the woman tribe” to grasp that sham judicial processes result in sham “victories”.

    > And Chanel Miller’s “victory” is forever tainted and illegitimate.

    > Chanel Miller’s “friends” made her into a privilege-seeking token.

    If fake “law professor” Michele Landis Dauber and her warrior tribe had focused on pristine legal process and had the FACTS truly supported Chanel Miller’s case, there would be no second guessing the virtue of Miller or the lawlessness of Turner.

    Dauber, FEXXY, and her tribal sisters have created a situation where what actually happened is as muddled and dubious as ever and foul mouthed, deranged lunatics are calling for physical violence.

    > Guys like you deserve for you penis to be cut in pieces and given to the dogs

    The tribal sisterhood did no favors for Chanel Miller.

    “Activism” is righteousness combined with force, and as the “righteousness” is etched away by sham and pretense and hysteria, only force remains.

  13. Bubble, it would beneficial for you to at least watch a woman in labor on TV, so you remember you came out of a vagina. We did not have our children to be raped by privikedged men with the complicity of a corrupted judicial system. The opinion on a man who uses his penis to think is not going to stop me from fighting this sh!t!!! If given the privilege, I would gladly be the executor of the physical castrations!

    • > The opinion on a man who uses his penis to think is not going to stop me from fighting this sh!t!!! If given the privilege, I would gladly be the executor of the physical castrations!

      , , , ,

      > I do not have a problem living around and with those with penises and male hormones, five brothers, a son, and a father are very close to my life.

      Sounds to me like some of the people who are “very close” to you. may be in real danger of physical violence.

      • Nope, they are very much loved and pampered; they are not rapists. If they were, then for sure they would be missing a member.

        • Somehow I don’t read a loving, pampering nature, at least not toward men, in FEX’s commentary or general tone.

          Brock Turner was a drunken, possibly self-considered privileged frat boy, not a rapist. That latter title is properly reserved for those who brutalize women, and this drunken female “E-D” person had no injuries. She was drunk and she got groped, a reasonably foreseeable, though not excusable, consequence, of getting drunk at a Dionysian mosh pit of college horniness.

          It is not unreasonable to believe that she started off conscious enough during the groping to have initially consented, or at least not to have refused consent, which doesn’t necessarily excuse Turner’s boorish behavior, but his grabbing her crotch over her pants or sticking his hands down her pants, while it is ill-mannered and obnoxious, constitutes, at worst, sexual battery, and not rape. There is a difference.Turner having run away was reasonably interpreted to have been a conscientious of guilt, but guilt of what? It might easily have been fear of a beating by the drunk girl’s friends due to his groping of their drunken friend as it was anything else. Obviously FEX does not see that, probably by choice, or her misandry having blinded her. Where were E-D’s friends anyway? Shouldn’t they be charged with something for letting her wander off drunk into the night? Even if she didn’t drive there, might she had access to car keys?

          Those exchange students who caught Turner as he fled, missed a good chance at a free beating. ( And just because violence isn’t an answer to everything, doesn’t mean it isn’t an answer to anything and as a blue-collar, lower middle class, male, I blush but must admit that there is a certain glee and satisfaction in beating the crap out of some rich, privileged white boy who can’t change a tire but who would look down condescendingly on the tow truck driver while he does it). There’s no way Mr. Turner would have reported this pounding to the police and risked discovery of what prompted the beating in the first place, He would then have learned a lesson, Emily Doe would have realized that getting drunk at a frat party can have reasonably foreseeable negative consequences and maybe would have seen that she should go to Alcoholics Anonymous ( I think if we delved into her history, we would likely discover that this wasn’t her first bout of problem drinking).

          The name of this Emily Doe’s book should not be “Know my Name”, it should instead be “Know my Blood Alcohol Level” (A party goers guide to groping)

          ….or we can just beat up on SJO Bubble, with an irrational, hysterical rant. I now await Fex’s, or any other’s, ad hominem reply.

          • BSRob, talking to a guy who got an extra pair of glutes and an @SS instead or a right and left hemispheres is a waste of time. Chao butthead!

  14. FEX, this is supposed to be a blog for grown-ups. If that is the best reply you have, please come back when you gain some life experience, your acne clears up and you don’t have to wait for your parents to leave the house before you can play on the computer. – Beevis

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