City Misleads with Sales Tax Poll?

By the Numbers: 71 percent

At first blush, a new poll makes it look like San Jose voters overwhelmingly support a sales tax increase.

About 67 percent of 1,500-plus respondents said they’re cool with a general sales tax bump, which could go to just about anything in the general fund, including police and road repairs.

But one political insider tells San Jose Inside that the poll—conducted by Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates (FM3)—is “a prescription for disaster.” That’s because 32 percent of the “yes” tabulation are actually just “leaning toward yes.”

In order for it to get more than 50 percent of the vote, nearly everyone would need to get on board.

“That’s assuming all the voters are going to hear the positive side and they’re not going to hear anything else,” the source scoffed.

The city’s poll also boasted that 65 percent of people want to up the pot club tax from 10 to 20 percent of all gross receipts. But subtract the “maybes” and barely more than half are in favor.

Despite the funny math, San Jose mayoral candidate Dave Cortese cited the “overwhelming majority” of voters being in favor of paying higher taxes in a press release urging the city to put a measure on the fall ballot.


  1. Sorry Dave, this council wants to bury you and do business as usual which is to destroy this city. They are great at hiding money and spinning numbers.

    But I am still voting Dave!

    • Mr. Retired:

      In addition to hiding money and spinning numbers, you might also mention that the leader/shaman/witch doctor of your tribe (Dave) is great at colluding with the Latin American drug cartels, coyotes, the Obama regime, and “progressive” politicians like Chuck Reed and Sam Liccardo to enable human trafficking.

      The traffickers kidnap the kids in their home countries and move them to the southern U.S. border, and American progressives take over to move them the rest of the way to the American urban plantations to be either vote slaves or sex slaves.

      Didn’t you see the documentary on PBS?

      Oh, wait. There was no documentary on PBS.

      • >American progressives take over to move them the rest of the way to the American urban plantations to be either vote slaves or sex slaves.

        Yeah ok.

  2. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the spin put on the results was unsupportable. I am merely surprised it took so long for someone @ SJI to figure it out and compose a post.

  3. Obviously, people don’t know how to analyze polls. This is a huge lead for the tax. The only question I would have is this before or after positive and negative information is given? Is it first test, second test or third test.

  4. San Jose residents should NEVER again vote for a general sales tax that could be used for whatever the Mayor/Council decides . Sick and tired of paying more taxs than just about anybody anywhere. BUT I’m even more sick of all the corrupt Politicians using our funds to pay the debt on their idiotic promises.

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