Chavez Campaign Pulls Future Ads

“Superhero” Commercials Challenged

Just days after the Chavez for Mayor campaign released a commercial depicting their candidate leaping from a squad car into the melee of the downtown Mardi Gras to save lives, the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce, has asked that the last two commercials in the so-called “superhero” series be pulled.

In the official written complaint filed with the city’s Election Commission, the Chamber has stated that the new ads were “disrespectful and dishonest and possibly a breach in the truth-in-advertising standards.”

In one commercial, mayoral candidate Chavez is shown pulling 9/11 victims from the rubble of Ground Zero after parachuting in from a U.S. Marine Corps Blackhawk helicopter.  The other shows a rescue mission in which she takes center stage by hoisting survivors into a Zodiac inflatable boat during the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.

It’s unfortunate that the Chamber has chosen to politicize Cindy’s humanitarian efforts,” said Chavez campaign spokesman Patrick Hannan.  “While President Bush was flying around in Air Force One surveying the hurricane damage from above, Vice-Mayor Chavez was on the ground pulling small children and helpless animals out of harm’s way.”

The last minute ads were due to air during the final week of the campaign but, because of the objections raised by the Chamber, Chavez relented.

“Vice-Mayor Chavez has tremendous respect for the Chamber,” said Mr. Hannan.  “Once she found out they were offended by her ads, she didn’t hesitate to pull them.”


  1. The third ad, which also had a local story, had Cindy pulling a screaming Dennis Kyne out of the middle of a intense side show on Cinco De Mayo. 

    Kyne using his military experience, tried to single handedly stop the side show; in a attempt to “show cindy up”. 

    Cindy was in a nearby squad car on a starbucks run.  And lucky for Dennis she was there to help!

    You should see the tape!

  2. Glad she witnessed another terrific Mayor hiding while his city drowned in New Orleans as he hid on the 27th floor of a hotel in his city.  She will be as big a diasaster as he was.  She help snink our city if elected.

  3. Again I haven’t been in touch.  I had no idea Cindy was the courageous warrior she apparently is!

    John; thanks for setting me straight!  I’m changing my vote for David Pandori to Cindy.

    Wow, just in time…

  4. Since its satire day…here is my shot.

    Isn’t it ironic that we chastise a Democrat like Chavez for not being tough on crime and then when she does something about it, it turns out that everyone is upset about it. 

    Clinton did more to reduce the crime rate and restore world order with the crime bill in the early 90’s, the UN action in Kosovo, etc than any other Democrat President yet he is labeled soft on Crime.

    And George Bush lets the terrorists slip right through his fingers, even when a memo from the FBI warns him about it and Tony Blair had the Downing Street Memo.

    I just want to congratulate everyone on successfully reversing the pre-conceived notions of who is tough on crime and terrorism.  Good job everyone.

    Now who am I???

  5. – from yesterday’s stack of unpublished letters to the Merc –

    Last night, for the first time ever, I gave in to the hoopla and tuned in to watch the final of this season’s American Idol. Though I’d heard that one of the finalists was a beautiful young woman, imagine my surprise when I recognized her as San Jose’s very own Cindy Chavez! Wow! How is it that I didn’t know this? Has this remarkable story been kept secret, or do I need another adjustment of my medication?

    Too bad she didn’t win.

    Wait… or did she?

    J. Cody
    San Jose

  6. Isn’t Pat Dand a major leader in the Yeager campaign for Supervisor??  So Yeager will want Dando to do the same job on our best candidate, Linda Lexotte.  We already hear that Linda is about to get trashed by Dando;s staffers as she wants Yeager.

  7. Sadly, I must comment.  Not necessarily a response to the anonymous poster in #4.  I am not waiting for Cindy to save the day.  I want to make sure everyone knows where I stand on the Mayor’s race.

    I don’t think Cindy should be the next mayor. 

    Upon my visit to the AFL-CIO offices, to LEARN more about working FAMILY issues, Phillip Bump informed me that to get the Labor endorsement I would have to stump for Cindy.  He told me it is the big race for labor and that was part of the deal.  How about that for a strong arm tactic? A solid number of workers know I should be holding the labor endorsement, right along with the NAACP A+, which relates to workers rights as well.

    I spoke with Fred, a leader in both the Peace and Labor community.  I told him I wasn’t going to even attend the interview process because of the comment Phillip had made to me.  He said “You show up, we tell Phillip what to do.”  I showed up.  It was ludicrous.  Five candidates, answering five questions inside one minute a piece.  Time constraints?  Why? This is an important endorsement and it was rushed by and brushed by in less than 25 minutes.  No opening comments or closing statements.  It wasn’t an interview.  We were marched in single file, sat down, sped through the 25 minutes and were marched back out single file.  I used to do this to privates when I was a Drill Sergeant.  No contact with any of the representatives nor the workers.  The deal for that endorsement was done months ago, in some back room, just like they do at city hall.

    Cindy’s campaign can trash talk the process at the Chamber.  But, she created this backroom culture with the local labor hub long ago.  Now she is continuing the tradition down at city hall. 

    Si se puede.

  8. Dando and COMPAC did a great job showing people how screwed up Cindy is.  What is your problem?  All that stuff was tru and you all know it.  Dando should be back at City Hall.  Better yet, Dando and Condi for 2008!!

  9. Other Commercials we didn’t see:

    Empty Suit—Michael Mulcahy morphing into an empty suit, then into Gavin Newsome—showing his “growth curve”.

    Law and Order:  David Pandori pummeling a witness, while George Kennedy stands behind him, smiling, as he puts another conviction on his office tote board.

    Harmony:  Chuck Reed/David Cortese dressed in full Vietnamese regalia singing Kumbya—with only Chuck’s American Flag tie to distinguish them.

  10. Cindy tough on crime?
    She along with Gonzo voted to break the law on The Fairgrounds, The Fox Markovitz and I.B.M. building #25, the Tropicana and NSJ.  This is all fact.  All you have to do is look at her voting record and the judges ruling’s .  She now is being investigated by the D.A. over the Norcal scam.  All costing us tens of millions.  What is her tough on crime slogan,  “Don”t do as I have done”

  11. Dear San Jose:

    Let’s keep our eye on the ball! This is a very important election.  Too much attention is being deflected by the Chamber thing.

    There’s only one question:  Who do you want to lead the city?

    Pete Campbell

  12. Has anyone else noticed that most Chavez supporters like her for what she will do for them, not for the City of San Jose as a whole?  Special interests, Ask not what David Pandori will do for you, ask David Pandori,what will you do to make San Jose a better place for all the citizens.  Read his book, then decide if you still think Cindy deserves your vote.

  13. What surprise. Cindy has bagloads of money. Wonder where it comes from—unions and developers. The sad thing is the little people in her neighborhoods actually believe she has their best interests in mind. What will it take for people to wake up? A Grand Jury indictment, maybe?

  14. Which one of all of those “noble” people is going to do for the those of us who get pushed aside and ignored because we are not of the elite.  We may not have the wherewithall, but our sweat fuels your coffers.

  15. Clear with me to Mulcahy. I give some repect to Pandori and even Reed for having some specific ideas on how to treat this deficit the city has created. Cortese goes with the flow and Chavez does not cover anything that addresses the economy in San Jose. Their is a whole bunch on the cost side of the equation. Schools, neighborhoods, public safety and childs healthcare. There is nothing that discloses how all of this can be accomplished. The masses like this kind of touchy feely issues but good luck trying to implement those promises with a platform that contains no specifics on the revenue side. My heart goes out to all tose shallow people who will be let down once again.

  16. Add up the developers and hitec corporate money to business candidates and we see a corrupt political election systems that rewards large campaign contributors with city deals, contracts and development approvals, excessive tax credits and subsidies while San Jose closes community centers, reduces low city services and struggles to maintain parks etc

    Tell us again the lies about how the Chamber and business candidates have San Jose’s residents and taxpayers best interest in mind not enriching themsleves and their friends at our expense – few believe those lies which is why Chamber candidates are defeated again and Cindy does things for us just open your eyes

  17. Jerry – I know that you are a friend of the Mulcahy family which is why you support him but you complain about the other candidates not discussing “specifics” on how things are going to be accomplished. So, I ask you this: what specifics has Mulcahy ever mentioned on getting anything done? He has glossed over everything and not gone into any detail about his ideas or plans to implement! Give me one example to prove me wrong!

  18. Here is my personal favorite Super Friend Chavez story from the campaign trail.  This story was originally printed in the first issue of SJI Comics.

    Chavez and her husband were asleep in their downtown bungalow when a bullet flew through their bedroom window and land in their bed, right on the pillow between them.  Chavez quickly leaped out of bed, put on her magic CSI glasses, picked up the bullet and determined it was from a .357.  She then called 911 to let the Police Department know she had the bullet and had taken control of the situation.  It was at this moment Chavez knew she had to quit her job at the South Bay Labor Council and join her Super Friend “The Gonzo” at the Hall of Injustice to fight against the evil blighted business owners across the city with her super secret weapon, Eminent Domain.

    Footnote: Super Friend Chavez would like to apologize to Super Friend Yeager for not stopping that angry mob of lumberjacks from cutting down the tree on Easter.  She didn’t have her magic CSI glasses to find the phone number for the Code Enforcement Department at the Hall of Injustice.  She now knows she can always call 2 9 5 – 4 5 9 4 for a reality check.

  19. #23 – Bedtime, you hit it right on the head with Mulcahy.  I’ve been to many of the candidate forums and it is so blatantly obvious that Mulcahy’s grasp of the complex issues is extremely shallow and limited.  And that’s been recognized by a number of publications and write-ups, including the MERC.  If Mulcahy doesn’t have a scripted answer to a question, he’s in trouble.  At the East Side Candidate Forum this week, when faced with questions from a somewhat hostile crowd on what he would do about making reforms within the ranks of the SJ Police Department, Mulcahy goes into a speech about what he accomplished at the Children’s Musical Theater!!  What a joke!! And then he immediately got up and left the forum!!  Yes, it was a tough group, but at least have the guts to hang in with the other candidates and make an attempt to address some of the concerns of the audience.  Not exactly what I would look for in a leader….

  20. 22 – If you voted in the last national election you are registered. Call the Registrar to confirm registration and your polling place at: 408.299.8683 or 866.430.8683.
    Remember to vote early and often!

  21. #24, That story is incredibly similar to what I heard at a candidate forum.  Anyone know if this bullet story is true?  Wonder if Pandori prosecuted the guy, that would be a story.

  22. That was an embarrasing crowd that none of the candidates should have had to put up with. It was a wise move to get out of there to get onto a more worthwhile meeting. Mulcahy has more votes than your beloved candidates, so you boys are in the minority.

  23. Interesting Roberto…. thanks for that bit of information!

    I am just concerned that people are choosing between Mulcahy & Pandori and are swayed by his style and don’t see his lack of substance. I don’t know if that is apparent to the “average” voter.

    If anyone has actually talked to Pandori one on one, you could automatically see what a thoughtful, genuine person he is. He is getting built up so much as “not getting along with others” when he really seems to have improved on his listening skills from his younger days. What, a politician learning and growing? GASP!

  24. The Business Journal reports that American Airlines is dropping its SJ-Tokyo flight. Maybe Cindy should pay more attention to what is happening at the airport than in trying to run the schools. Just a thought.

  25. Here’s a view from the inside-
    Cindy Chavez’s financial statements that were filed, have Non-Union Construction Company’s that contributed to her campaign and there are other company’s that don’t even have contractor licenses.
    1. Why is she collecting money from Non-Union companies that she is against?
    2. What would her Pro-Union pals think about this?
    3. Is it legal to collect contribution monies from company’s with no contractor’s licenses?

    If you Vote for a Mayor you need to look at their financial statements!
    One major candidate says he’s fiscal responsible but he doesn’t list what he spent his money on!
    Another one spent thousands on a computer and printer!
    If you look at the way they spend their contribution monies, it will be the same way they spend our City money (careless)!


  26. #30, Pilot,

    If American Airlines is dropping a flight it is because there is not enough business to justify it.  Let the market decide, not the Mayor or Council, what flights are needed. 

    San Jose, and Silicon Valley, has done quite well without having a major airport, and there certainly is not any reason to think that a bigger airport, or more flights, is necessary.

  27. A piggy back on comment #11 from Dennis Kyne.

    I was running for Berryessa School Board in 2004 and I went thru of the so called “Interview Process” created by the Labor Council.

    I must say it is the most humiliate and ridiculous process I have ever seen .  Yes , they (the Labor Council) did talk within themselves aftermath and I heard a criticism from them: That I am too emotional and too weak when I was in tears for a second when my comment was about the Single Mom and her kids ( I am one of them) .

    These words are also from Phillip Bump to me : Don’t think that we will support you because you are an Union Member. They have chosen their candidate.

    My replying was: Regardless of the Union’s support or not I am running anyway.

    And “RAN”, I did , I got 9500 votes , the incumbent won over me for only 220 votes.

    As an ordinary citizen and a minority woman
    and also a Union member (not of my choice!)
    I feel that The Labor Council represents themseves, for their own group’s interest by creating a polical process and figures in their own terms.

    We, the people have the voting power in our own hands and please do not let any one , any group to have it.

    Posted by Heidi Pham

    Sat, May 27 at 10:27 AM

  28. #128 Data please not opinion
    From Single Gal & The Voter Poll
    Sorry it took 5 days to answer you question I just went back to the old sight.  As for the fact that historic preservation uses more local labor than new constrution comes from THE ECONOMICS of HISTORIC PRESERVATION by Donovan Rypkema.  The study was done for The National Trust for Historic Preservation and funded in part by The Department of Interior.  Imformative reading.  Cindy Chavez should read it so next time she will not vote to give construction jobs to out of towners.  Perhaps she might even start to value San Jose’s historic resources.  Best of luck with your preservation projects, they are good for us all.

  29. Hey John iv—How come you haven’t noticed that Prof. Terry is running the two best action figures—Big Cindy and Mighty David—a couple of his best kids. George Green

  30. Did anyone read the article in the Merc. about the City spending $75,000 to do a parking study.  The City feels that we need more parking downtown and the consultant feels the only way to get private lots to open at night is for the city to charge $3 at the now free city lots so the $5 per hour rate at private lots wont look so bad.  How about this idea, have the owners of the lots give the city their daily avg. cost for insurance.  The city could pay the owners a percentage of that to leave their lots open for free at night.  There would be no need for an employee at the lot since it would be free.  The lot owners would get additional revenue to cover fixed overhead, buisness would increase for night life buisness owners since there would be more available free parking and tax revenue would go up for the city to cover part of the costs.  I’m sure the 75k they spent for the study would have gone a long way to pay for a lot owner ‘s insurance.  Adding additional payed parking would only drive those who now support the downtown to Los Gatos or Campbell.  Next they should start thinking of ways to bring back retail to the downtown.
    If only this administration had half a brain maybe they could come up with an original idea without having to pay a consultant.  That is why I am voting for David Pandori for mayor, he has plenty of good ideas!

  31. It’s rather sad that San Jose wants to do a study on free parking in downtown.  Its leadership has forgotten an alternative to parking that has existed since 1990: light rail.  Another alternative to parking has existed for manty years previous to even light rail: buses.  Instead of whining about how empty the buses and trains are at night, why not promote public transitl as an alternative to fighting for parking downtown? 

    Remember: half the City Council also sits on the VTA Board of Directors, with Chavez as its current chair.  The same half that determines how often light rail and buses run, and how much you pay to use them.  Think about it…


    Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez has predicted the victory of San Jose’s Vice Mayor Cindy Chavez. President Chavez believes the victory of Cindy Chavez as mayor of San Jose would mark the birth of a new a power bloc.

    President Hugo Chavez told Metro News Online that, together, he and Cindy Chavez could present a united front against “savage” business centered economic policies.

    “The fact that Cindy Chaves becomes mayor of San Jose could help to speed up the creation of this new bloc,” Mr Chavez said.

    If Ms. Chavez wins the election for San Jose’s mayor, it will end Mr. Chavez’s isolation as the most radical leftist reformer in South America in recent years.

    Venezuela is the world’s fifth biggest oil producer and major supplier to the US and San Jose is the tenth largest and safest city in America.

    Both Chavezes are critical of the policies of the International Monetary Fund and other US dominated international institutions. Mr. Chavez, who promotes the ideology of 19th century South American liberator Simon Bolivar, has described taking IMF money as “giving a patient poison”. On the other hand, Ms. Chavez opposes big business and its dominance of local economies.
    Recent columns in the Washington press have described Mr. Chavez, his close ally in Cuba Fidel Castro, and Ms. Chavez, close ally of San Jose’s Ron Gonzales as the “axis of evil”.

    Both Chavezes dismissed this comparison as “irrational”.

  33. Shame on you Eugene. Can you imagine our elected officials doing something to encourage people to use the transit system that’s already here? They want us to increase the sales tax to fund new, gold plated BART construction into a county that refuses to make use of its already considerable investment in transit. I’d rather see them use existing tax revenues wisely before we give them any more.

  34. A friend once said: “you are wasting your time voting for the lesser evil, embrace it, vote for the greater evil”.  “All the idiots are going to regardless what you do”.

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