California Announces San Jose Will Receive 200 Tiny Homes to Ease Homelessness

San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan joined California Governor Gavin Newsom in Sacramento today to announce that San Jose will receive 200 new “tiny homes” from California as part of the State’s 2025 goal to reduce unsheltered homelessness by 15%.

“We have a moral obligation to take urgent action to reduce the human suffering on our streets,” Mahan said in a statement. “This mass mobilization of tiny homes accelerates scalable solutions to the state’s homelessness crisis.”

“I am challenging City Hall to move 1,000 unsheltered neighbors out of unmanaged encampments and into safer alternatives by the end of this calendar year,” said the mayor. “These tiny homes will help us get there.”

The mayor’s office said San Jose will exceed the Newsom’s goal of reducing unsheltered homelessness by 15% if Mahan’s proposal to move 1,000 unhoused residents into safer alternatives by the end of this year is achieved.

Mahan announced this target in his March budget message earlier this week, his “Back to Basics” budget that focuses City Hall on the foundational issues of public safety, homelessness reduction, cleanliness and economic development.

In addition to 200 units, the state will provide installation services and work with San Jose to identify parcels of land to place these housing units. The units purchased by the state will be delivered to San Jose and other cities free of charge.

These units can be quickly built, and the state has offered to review surplus state land if needed to place these units. Once the tiny homes are delivered, San Jose will take over operations and maintenance, and work to identify unhoused residents for placement and services.

“When there’s an opportunity like this in the future, San Jose will be the first to raise our hand. It will take all of us to end this crisis,” said Mahan.



  1. Mahan is a loser.

    San Jose taxpayers subsidize housing for a growing Homeless population.

    Once the world hears about the Dunce at city hall’s plan to provide free-housing, more derelicts will wash-up on San Jose’s shores.

    The Dumb get dumber..

    David S. Wall

  2. How is he a loser by taking a humane path to solve the homeless crisis?
    Let me guess you would rather subsidize billionaires business failures like SVB smh

  3. So where do we get shelter for the 6,000+ more unsheltered homeless? Many who are mentally ill.

    It’s clear that between the state and local jurisdictions – there is no solution. There aren’t enough resources. It’s time for federal intervention – we need to treat this for the crisis it is, and call in FEMA.

  4. How is it “humane” to have moved forward with policies, like Housing First, that have been huge failures. The issue gets worse each year, and people like you pretend like “good intentions are enough.” Well the “build everyone an apartment plan” is 75-years behind schedule and $500 billion under budget, which has exacerbated an already terrible issue, where CA has 30% of the nations homeless.

    He is a loser because he has spent billions to make an issue worse – and won’t acknowledge he, and local jurisdictions have failed. And also, Newsom owns wineries and is being bailed out via the SVB debacle – another reflection of the poor, progressive leadership in CA. I’d say to you, “inform yourself.”

  5. The homeless crisis is a million dollar money profiting scheme that they do not want to truly fix. Every single homeless person commiting crimes needs to be locked up for mandatory drug treatment (if thats their issue) and or mandatory mental health treatment. No options. Enough is enough but sadly the blathering libs will spew some other BS

  6. Speaking of blathering libertarians, when do we finally bury the social Darwinist law and order nonsense? It’s wreaks of dishonesty. The capitalist order produces extremes of wealth and abundance on the one hand, and poverty and need, on the other. Always has, always will. Harriet Tubman saw it (, Dorothy Day saw it ( and Helen Keller, who was legally blind, saw it ( Beating up on the victims of the system does not solve anything–it just diverts attention from the sources of the problem which is the system itself.

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