Atheist Sues City of Santa Clara over Christian Cross

An avowed atheist has sued the city of Santa Clara for disregarding his demands to remove a Christian cross from a public park.

In a lawsuit filed Wednesday in the Ninth U.S. District Court, Andrew DeFaria called the 14-foot granite cross at Memorial Cross Park an affront to the First Amendment. The Freedom From Religion Foundation, a national group that advocates for church-state separation, has joined him in the legal challenge.

The cross stands on a half-acre park at Martin Avenue and De La Cruz Boulevard, the site of Santa Clara’s second Spanish mission. In 1953, a local Lions Club gave the monument to the “Mission City” to mark the site where the Franciscan outpost stood from 1777 to 1784.

In the complaint, DeFaria said he lives close to the park, where the presence of the “blatant religious symbol” has forced him to reroute on several occasions. He even bypasses streets around it to avoid an “offensive encounter with the city’s endorsement of the Christian religion through this symbolism.”

Reached by phone Friday, DeFaria gruffly demanded to know why anyone would be interested in the lawsuit.

“Why do people care?” he asked. “It’s something that comes up all the time, all over the U.S. and it’s always resolved in favor of the FFRA. Other than that, nobody needs to know anything.”

Then he hung up.

Santa Clara Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe, who’s named as a defendant in the suit with the rest of her City Council colleagues, said DeFaria may be reading too much into the statue.

“It’s a landmark,” she said. “It could have been any other religion, but it’s just a landmark that symbolizes the city’s history. Nobody’s using it to proselytize or anything.”

The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation said it first asked the city to dismantle the cross in 2012. After subsequent requests went unheeded, DeFaria and the group say, they decided to take the matter to court.

Click here to read a copy of the complaint.

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. Its a symbol of acknowledgement. Not of a religion, but of the receipt of a historical landmark. This says it all:

    ““It’s something that comes up all the time, all over the U.S. and it’s always resolved in favor of the FFRA. Other than that, nobody needs to know anything.”

    Too much power and control given to an individual, or group of individuals, who do not represent the opinions of the whole area. Please dont tell me how to think, what to think, or when to complain about something that offends me. If that is his focus, please complain about the graffiti and trash around the neighborhood. Do something valuable with your life for a change sir.

    • FFRF has taken on the role of the bully as far as religious beliefs is concerned. If you don’t believe, then fine, If you do believe, fine. But keep your bullying attempts out. If I lived in that town, there’d be a lot of protests at his place of work and his home. It’s not just the snowflakes who can pretest.

  2. As an atheist, this DeFaria fellow needs to chill out. There is religious history in the “Mission City”, big surprise. I would actually be curious to have a conversation with him on the need to reroute based on just the sight of the cross.

  3. Given that Mr. DeFaria is still emotionally upset by the cross despite being assured it was erected for reasons historic rather than religious, maybe the man’s real issue is with erections.

  4. Why does it say “In God We Trust” on our money ? I don’t believe in God & in the unlikely event that God actually exists,what’s he done to earn our trust ? Why do rational people who have no interest in deity worship have to pay taxes,while the churches that propagate such nonsense are tax-exempt ? Religion is & always has been divisive & the cause of a large proportion of worldwide strife for thousands of years. Why are born-again Christians the most judgmental,the most intolerant & least forgiving bigots amongst us ? These hypocritical,hare-brained,hidebound,holier-than-thou halfwits are a far greater danger to freedom loving Americans than ISIS & the Taliban are now,or could ever hope to be. I personally believe that the reason Jesus hasn’t returned is because he ventured too close to the edge while the earth was still flat & fell off into space. Can anyone prove that I’m wrong ? Were you there ? Exactly ! “Religion is the opiate of the masses” – Karl Marx. “Fight faith fomented foppery” – Frank Mockery. I do on the other hand believe in “The Three Truths” – “Time is money,ignorance is bliss & soup is good food” – written on the men’s room wall @ the Warehouse Café in Port Costa circa 1980 !!!

    • Frank Mockery says:

      Why are born-again Christians the most judgmental, the most intolerant & least forgiving bigots amongst us?

      Name one. Not some public figure angling for publicity or votes. But name someone local who fits your bogus description.

      I am not a religious person. I have no religion. But it is crystal clear that YOU are one of “the most intolerant & least forgiving bigots amongst us”. What you wrote is pure psychological projection. — imputing your own faults onto others. They don’t deserve your kind of scurrilous labeling.

      What have churchgoers ever done to you to deserve your hatred? Were you regularly beat up by Mormons as a kid? Did you get your lunch money stolen by Jehovah’s Witnesses? Have you been robbed at gunpoint by Catholic gangs?

      I get really tired of the unwarranted hatred expressed by bigots like you. You’re obviously motivated by some deep-seated psychological problems. Basically, you’re just a hater.

      Me, I’d personally much rather have religious neighbors than a neighbor like you. At least I wouldn’t feel the need to always lock my doors, or to be always looking over my shoulder.

      • You are arguing about a Christian cross in a town named after a Catholic saint . If they start with city names most of the western and southern states will be in trouble. We will all be lost. As I try to drive from San Benito to San Antonio through San Patricio county.

        • Excellent point.

          If the freedom-from-religion lunatics try to burn all the history books in all the public libraries that reference Christianity, we will have to have “spare the air days for the next decade”, and the rate of global warming will double.

        • The thing to remember here is that the appropriate response to the professions of any kind, of Anti-Theists: Listen to what they have to say. Laugh at them for as long as is warranted… then simply turn and walk away.

          As would be reasonable when one is faced with foolish, irrational drivel of any kind.

    • “”In God We Trust” is the official motto of the United States. It was adopted as the nation’s motto in 1956 as an alternative or replacement to the unofficial motto of E pluribus unum…”

      It looks like it’s part and parcel of the wave of .. whatever swept the nation after WWII.
      Was it McCarthyism? Religiosity? Anti-godless-communism? I don’t know.

    • What on earth gives you the impression that your feelings; with regard to Americans, which is to say those who recognize, respect, defend and adhere to the principles that define America, which includes the foundational recognition of the self-evident truth, that all men are endowed by their creator with rights so certain as to be inseparable from our being, are relevant to anything?

  5. FM,

    “Why does it say “In God We Trust” on our money ? I don’t believe in God…”
    If universal agreement was required for everything printed on our currency there would be no words deemed acceptable. Someone is always upset. Perhaps you can alert the government to your personal objection and apply for an apology.

    “Why do rational people who have no interest in deity worship have to pay taxes…”
    Does this mean that you support irrational non-believers paying taxes? The fact is, there are rational and irrational people on both sides of the question of god’s existence, just as there are many features of the tax code (and the spending of those taxes) that religious people find objectionable. The reason churches are tax-exempt is the same reason politicians fake Christian piety and kowtow to Israel: they desire reelection.

    “Religion is & always has been divisive & the cause of a large proportion of worldwide strife for thousands of years.”
    I’ve encountered this sentiment countless times and always wonder if those holding it actually believe there would be less madness and murder if there were no religion. Then I wonder if they’ve ever heard of the USSR or Mao’s China.

    “Why are born-again Christians the most judgmental,the most intolerant & least forgiving bigots amongst us ?”
    If there was a contest for judgmental, intolerant, and biased writing, your sentence might be a finalist.

    “These hypocritical,hare-brained,hidebound,holier-than-thou halfwits are a far greater danger…”
    Last I checked, real estate prices and crime rates in church-going neighborhoods did not reflect your perception of who’s really dangerous.

    “I personally believe that the reason Jesus hasn’t returned is because he ventured too close to the edge while the earth was still flat & fell off into space. Can anyone prove that I’m wrong ?”
    That you utilized Christian tenets (the existence of Jesus, his anticipated return) in constructing your contemptuous mockery is proof that reason is as inadequate an implement for criticizing supernatural belief as supernatural belief is for critiquing reason. Furthermore, your question (“Can anyone prove that I’m wrong?”), being derisive of both reason and belief, is self-answering — in the affirmative.

    “Religion is the opiate of the masses” – Karl Marx.
    Isn’t he the famous “non-believer” who “believed” — backed by not a shred of evidence, that humans could free themselves from self-interest, one of nature’s premier fitness strategies?

    • Finny:

      Probably more detailed argumentation than the respondent is capable of dealing with.

      Remember, he is a fifty year daily marijuana user and scientists have asserted that marijuana use results in “cognitive impairment”.

      You’re probably not going to win an argument with a cognitively impaired person or teach them anything.

    • Frank Mockery’s cognitive impairment goes a long way towards explaining why world class evil-doer George Soros was such an enthusiastic support of legalizing marijuana.

      Imagine a society with a hundred million Frank Mockery’s. It wouldn’t be difficult for George Soros to manipulate the currency and gain control of such a society governed by the type of politicians that the Frank Mockery’s would vote for.

      • Let me educate you divinely delusional deity devotees ! First & foremost there is no proof of God’s existence & while he/she has quite a fan club,faith doesn’t trump fact. Believe whatever you want,but when you start imposing your interpretation of religious doctrine on your neighbors you’ve gone too far. I don’t hate those who’ve been duped into believing today’s most popular mythology,I pity them. My distain for them is derived from their continuous attack on the constitutional rights of those who don’t share their “family values” & “moral outrage”. Using a book full of implausible fairytales about events that happened two thousand years ago to justify their hatred & bigotry is their modus operandi. Let’s have a look at their good work in the name of God.

        Interfering with a women’s rights to be free to do as they choose with their bodies. Denying or impeding their access to sex education,birth control & abortion. Attempting to block sex education in our schools & when stymied refusing to allow their children to participate. Hobby Lobby (one example) refusing to include birth control (while paying for Viagra) in their health care plan due to the owners “deeply held” religious beliefs. Bible thumpers picketing abortion providers while shouting the most hateful invectives at those who choose to terminate their pregnancies. They attempt to physically block entrance to these facilities & the “true believers” have been convicted of not only bombing & burning them,but killing the doctors who work there as well. Using the Bible to justify their own loathing of these things is but one example of the lengths they’ll go to infringe upon the rights of women in this country.

        Discriminating against those whose sexual inclination differs from their own in the name of God. Businesses that serve the public refusing to accommodate customers due to their sexual orientation. Refusing to recognize that these people have the same rights as everybody else,by infringing on their civil rights in the workplace. Sodomy laws in the past (though still law in some Bible-Belt states) & fighting gay marriage tooth & nail today. And when stymied by the courts,attempting to undermine the law by encouraging their legislators to exempt them from having to comply. Then these right-wing political hacks placate these heathens by passing legislation to fix problems that don’t exist,like which restrooms transsexual should use. Isn’t it interesting that you never see such stupidity in states where Democrats control the legislature. Ironically it’s these backward inbred Republican states that have the highest divorce rates,just hypocrites who don’t practice what they preach.

        What have these religious people done to me personally ? Well we could start with insulting my intelligence,my IQ is 154 (140 & above is Genius) according to the results of the Stanford-Binet standardized testing I participated in while attending elementary school. As far as Catholics are concerned it turns out that Monsignor Breen who officiated at my first wedding (my first wife is Catholic) was a child molester. When the news broke my wives mother said that rumors regarding his conduct had been circulating for years. Instead of being prosecuted he disappeared suddenly & his non-believing flock had the audacity to name their senior’s facility after him years later. Much later when the Bishop came to apologize for the churches misdeeds many still wouldn’t believe he’d done such heinous things to their children. It was revealed in the newspapers at this time that he had a trampoline in his quarters for the prepubescent girls to jump on for his amusement,what a pervert ! Too bad he obviously wasn’t the only one by far.

        Contrary to the opinions expressed by those who take exception to my opinions,believing in God doesn’t make you a better person or a more honest person. Prisons are full of the faithful & some of the most evil people in the history of mankind believed that God was on their side. I didn’t coin the phrase “stealing in the name of the Lord”,but you can find dozens of televangelists doing it every day on your television & even more in local congregations nationwide. As a matter of fact the best place to find a lying shyster is behind the pulpit in most any church of every denomination bar none. I don’t trust or like those with a religious affliction & as people are fleeing the church in record numbers,more Americans are embracing my point of view everyday. “Pray for us if you must,but prey on us at your own peril” – Frank Mockery

        • > Believe whatever you want,but when you start imposing your interpretation of religious doctrine on your neighbors you’ve gone too far.


          I would like to impose my interpretation of religious doctrine on you.

          Can you give me some suggestions on how I may go about doing this?

          So far, nothing seems to have worked.

          • Once again you’ve just repeated what I’ve said & added nothing to the issue at hand except another snide remark,further evidence that everything I’ve said about your ignorance & pettiness is true ! You’re wasting valuable & finite resources while continuing to reside on our planet & I’m sure you’d better serve mankind by leaving immediately ! Bon Voyage !!!

        • Personally Frank, I’d have my IQ retested. You blather on in rants only an idiot could follow and understand. You are definitely a hater is the worst way. If you are offended by this cross and divert your travel based on you viewing it, God help you. San Jose and Santa Clara are rife with religious symbols. To calm your nerves and make life easier for you, I suggest, with my deepest concern for your mental stability, that you move to an area more suited to your ability for tolerance.

  6. > Well we could start with insulting my intelligence,my IQ is 154 (140 & above is Genius) according to the results of the Stanford-Binet standardized testing I participated in while attending elementary school.

    So, what is your IQ now, after fifty years of daily use of marijuana?

    Or, were you well into your marijuana addiction before you did your elementary school IQ test?

    • You can question my intelligence,but everyone has questioned yours & have concluded that it’s too meager to measure ! Everybody has a right to pursue their happiness & while I enjoy the myriad benefits of marijuana use,you no doubt get your jollies building pipe bombs in your basement for right-wing extremists. I would surmise that most would agree that I’m making better use of my time !!!

  7. Hello Josh, and you slapped my fingers for posting to much. But you love it when the favored emailers on this site love to get in a pissing match. By the way the city of Santa Clara should to tell Andrew to try his belief in maybe a foreign country and see where it gets him. SJ your IQ may be what you say but you are still rock solid dumb when it comes to posts.

  8. FM,

    “First & foremost there is no proof of God’s existence…”
    You got off to a good start, but why did you defer from providing disproof of God’s existence? You certainly can’t claim your evidence was edited out for brevity.

    “My distain for them is derived from their continuous attack on the constitutional rights of those who don’t share their “family values” & “moral outrage. ”
    The “rights” listed by you, none of them in any way spelled out in the Bill of Rights, gained their constitutional standing by way of a prolonged, vigorous, and often nasty political campaign that sought judicial intervention after failing to win the favor of either electorate or the legislature. Before the ink could even dry on the dubious rulings of the court’s creative and despotic majority, anyone who dared continue championing the cultural values still held by the majority was branded a hateful bigot by totalitarians such as yourself, whose knee-jerk political proclivities represent an insult to the historically informed, well-reasoned, and restrained work of our nation’s Founders.

    As for family values and moral outrages, are you so poorly educated and blind to human nature as to not realize that such standards predated the organized religions against which you rail? Are you under the impression that aboriginal peoples lacked values and the potential for moral outrage, or that functional communities are possible absent the constraints of behavioral standards? Everything goes equals everything gone, exactly as was experienced by the communal hippies of the ’60s.

    “… my IQ is 154 (140 & above is Genius)…”
    I assume you are desiring of a “Wow!” reaction of the type sought by the rain-coated flasher, who, like you, is so driven by his insecurities that he seeks to establish his membership by loudly exposing his member.

    • It’s not my fault that the religious & conservative members of our society are wrong about every social issue & prefer the past to the present. That’s why liberals are referred to as “progressives” and those diametrically opposed to change are called “reactionaries” & much worse in my household. Like it or not times have changed & while people have a right to embrace their own values,that doesn’t give them the right to discriminate or violate the law. Rest assured that those on the left hold as much contempt for those on the right as the right does for virtually everybody else nowadays. Freedom of religion doesn’t mean freedom to force others to conform to your interpretation of your holy book. That preacher who likes to burn the Quran gave me a great idea for a new national holiday. To be held the week before Easter it will be called “Burn Your Neighbors Holy Book Weekend” ! This entails waiting for your neighbors to leave their homes,ransacking their house until you find their holy book & then burning it in their front yard. Bring a blanket,pack a picnic lunch & it’s fun for the whole family. And as far as mentioning my IQ,I only shared that information because some pinhead had the audacity to question my intellect. Apparently my astute grasp of the issues,unique perspective & multisyllabic vocabulary isn’t enough to convince those who’s IQ’s are lower than room temperature. It’s not always easy to be the smartest person in the room,but that’s my burden & I quickly became accustomed to it at an early age.

      “Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble”

      “When you’re perfect in every way”

      “Some folks say that I’m egotistical”

      “Hell I don’t even know what that means”

      “I guess it has something to do”

      “With the way that I fill out my skin tight blue jeans”

      Mac Davis

      • P.S. – As far as my “member” is concerned,it could be measured in inches (length),but usually is measured by the mile (the distance it frequently travels) ! The only time the head has ever seen the balls is in aerial photographs !! Have your people get in touch with my “members” people & we’ll all have lunch with my “member” !!! LMAO

    • > “… my IQ is 154 (140 & above is Genius)…”


      I have always wondered if a person with a 70 IQ has any idea what a person with a 90 IQ thinks.

      In your case, maybe you can enlighten us about what a person with a 154 IQ thinks a person with a 155 IQ thinks.

      Do you feel dumber when you’re talking to a person with a 155 IQ?

      Can you describe what it feels like for a person with a 154 IQ to feel dumb?

      By the way, Frank, did you know your IQ is EXACTLY the same as Sharon Stone?

      Sadly, though, you’re kind of dumb when compared to Stephen Hawking or Albert Einstein.

      It seems like kind of a waste for a person of your brain power to be engaging in pissing contests with unshowered doofusses lliving in their mother’s basement on blogs paid for by someone else.

      Shouldn’t you be winning Nobel Prizes, or designing quantum computers, or explaining dark matter or something?

  9. > As for family values and moral outrages, are you so poorly educated and blind to human nature as to not realize that such standards predated the organized religions against which you rail?

    Primitive tribes typically organized around an “alpha male leader/chief/shaman/medicine man/witch doctor/whatever.

    The shaman’s job was to talk to the spirit world and explain scary or puzzling things to the tribe members, make judgements, and promulgate rules of behavior.

    Does this qualify as “organized religion”?

  10. Bubble,

    “… the organized religions against which you rail…” was intended as specific to the Christian right which appears to be greatly interfering in Frank’s efforts to stay high and mellow.

    As for the shaman’s of primitive tribes, rather than the birth of organized religion I would instead credit them with having invented improvisation.

  11. Back to the subject. Just why is Mr De Faria living in a city named after a Saint?
    I would think this alone might put him into physical convulsions requiring a priest be called to exorcise the demons out of him. Why not tell all those cities with religious names they have to change to something like 49er city or Silicon Valley Left?

    As for Frank Mockery I’m sure we could take up a collection to drop him of in ISIS paradise to see how much more tolerant of pot smoking nut job socialist they are than the the rest of us.

    I seem to recall evidence during the last century of several wars and a couple hundred million dead people, conducted by those very same Atheists, Communist, Socialist to rid the world of people foolish enough not to believe in some self appointed dictator and a hive of followers. Lets not forget these are religion’s onto themselves and there are still fools out there following and thinking they are superior to whatever else the world has to offer.

    So Frank, where can we drop you? ISIS territory, North Korea, Cuba, Irán, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Indonesia pick your paradise, let’s see if your brain is as smart as your mouth.

    • I’m not going anywhere as I prefer this liberal paradise we call California. It’s not perfect,but those who share my political views greatly outnumber you marginalized conservative cranks here & your numbers are continuing to dwindle. I suggest that you’d be much happier elsewhere,somewhere like the Deep South circa 1950 for example. I’m sure your ignorant,intolerant & ill-conceived political views would be a perfect fit there. By the way the Native Americans undoubtedly had their own name for this area before the Spaniards built the Santa Clara Catholic Mission here in 1777. History tells us that in addition to forcing the Indians from their own land,they mistreated them & forced them to convert to Catholicism for good measure. You morons (Pop Gun,Mr. Bubble) are obviously too stupid to smoke marijuana,you self-righteous simpletons would wander out into traffic without adult supervision. Please stick to the subjects that you have first hand knowledge of like wife-beating,incontinence & erectile dysfunction & leave the conversation about religion,politics & marijuana to those who know what they’re talking about. In the meantime I’m asking all freedom loving American’s to join with their neighbors & fearlessly fight faith fomented foppery wherever & whenever it rears it’s ugly head ! Go to your local Post Office,pick up a handful of Voter Registration applications & distribute them to all of your like-minded friends while there is still time to register before the June Primary !!! “The stakes are too “high” for you to stay at home” – Lyndon Baines Johnson

      • > Go to your local Post Office,pick up a handful of Voter Registration applications & distribute them to all of your like-minded friends while there is still time to register before the June Primary !!!


        Just curious. Do you have any like-minded friends?

        Do you have any friends of any kind of mind?

  12. > “… my IQ is 154 (140 & above is Genius)…”

    And another thing, Frank. You never really explained WHY you had an IQ test.

    “It is very unlikely that Ted Cruz has ever taken an IQ test; very few people take these tests, they are hard and expensive to give. Mostly, these days, people are given IQ tests if they are thought to have some sort of neurological or learning problem.”

    Neurological problem?

    Learning problem?

    Cognitive impairment?

    • I’ll answer that question to satisfy the curiosity of the other readers,as I’m certain that you have little interest in the answer to the question you posed (because you’re a POSER) ! The teachers at the elementary school I attended were asked to submit a list of the names of the brightest students in their classes (Grade 5) to the school district administrators. The school district was in the process of setting up an Advanced Placement Program for the most gifted students & my teacher submitted my name for consideration. The idea was to assemble the most intelligent students from every elementary school in the district & put them all in one classroom at one school with a more challenging curriculum. To determine who would take part in this innovative new program we were administered the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test. Described as the best & most popular intelligence test,it’s a cognitive ability assessment used to measure IQ. After the results of the testing had been tallied I was one of the students selected to participate. My parents & I met with the educators who were creating the program & informed of the results of my test. They were encouraged to allow me to take part in their experiment,although it would mean my attending another school across town. This would in turn create a logistical problem because it was farther away than my present school,which my younger brother & sister would still be attending. In addition it would mean that I would be attending a different school for the first time,leaving all of my friends behind. I wasn’t very excited about it at the time & as the program wouldn’t start until the next school year we had ample time to consider what was in everyone’s best interest. As fate would have it my parents purchased a new home in Fremont shortly thereafter & we moved over the Christmas holiday. So I was no longer eligible to enroll in & never did attend the Advanced Placement Classes. Eventually I did get the opportunity to take part in an Advanced Placement Program,as I was encouraged to attend classes at Ohlone College while still attending high school. I even made the Honor Roll there three times there while studying history,psychology & taking POST classes. You needn’t explain why you were never administered an intelligence test,because the answer is too obvious (not quite enough to measure). Contrary to what you’ve been told or believe,being a smart ass (like yourself) doesn’t mean that you’re smart. It just indicates that you lack the capability to grasp the issues & defend your line of reasoning on the matters about which you are constantly pontificating ! No big surprise !!!

  13. Frank:

    FYI, Alan Dershowitz says that Cruz is VERY smart in spite of the fact that he is not a “progressive”.

    Cruz “was an outstanding student in my class,” Dershowitz said. “Without a doubt he is among the smartest students I’ve ever had… I’ve had great students but he has to be at the top of anyone’s short list, in terms of raw brain power.”

    “One of the sharpest students I had . . . I’ve had 10,000 students over my 50 years at Harvard . . . he has to qualify among the brightest of the students.”

    So far, I haven’t been able to discover any comments that Dershowitz made about you.

    • I’ve never questioned untrusTED’s intelligence,it’s his political views that are diametrically opposed to mine that I abhor. I do question the intelligence of anyone who’d vote for him or Trump,because in my opinion these people can’t be very bright. William F. Buckley was one of the greatest political intellects of the 20th century (many consider him a genius),but being smart doesn’t necessarily make your viewpoint correct. Everyone has an agenda & the more perspicacious one is,the easier it is to articulate & defend one’s own assessment & perspective of the subject at hand. Unlike Buckley most conservative voters today are suspicious of intellectuals,believe everything they hear from right-wing sources & choose to ignore accepted scientific fact. These people refuse to be swayed by those with whom they disagree & instead often create new problems where none previously existed. They prefer to attack & ostracize anyone who disagrees with them,as many are sorely lacking the ability to explain or defend their specious reasoning. It’s always easier to throw brickbats at their adversaries than try to defend that which cannot be defended & no one does this better than today’s Republicans. Buckley consistently championed conservative values & was an ardent supporter of Barry Goldwater (who lost in a landslide in 1964). Interestingly the Republican Convention was held at the Cow Palace that year,undoubtedly the last time any Republican won a popularity contest in San Francisco (actually Daly City). I predict a comparable GOP debacle this November whether the eventual nominee is either the plutocrat Trump or the theocrat Cruz. If eight years of Obama in the White House has made these tea party mouth breathers apoplectic,eight years of another Clinton residing there should drive them absolutely crazy. It couldn’t happen to nicer people !!!

      • > most conservative voters today are suspicious of intellectuals,believe everything they hear from right-wing sources & choose to ignore accepted scientific fact.


        I accept the scientific fact that scientists writing in the Journal of the American Medical Association have said that marijuana use results in cognitive impairment.

        Your impairment seems to prevent you from accepting this accepted scientific fact.

    • You do know that Alan Dershowitz is an avowed liberal & supporter of the Democratic Party ? He endorsed Hillary Clinton during the 2008 primaries calling her “a progressive on social issues,a realist on foreign policy,a pragmatist on the economy”. So if he says Ted Cruz is quite bright I have no reason to dispute his assessment,he always seems to know what he’s talking about !!!

  14. Congratulations are in order!!!
    It’s not often that there’s a wedding here on the pages of San Jose Inside. We’ve all been aware of the longstanding torrid relationship between Mock Frankery and his high school sweetheart , Ms. Bud. But by all indications it looks like they’ve finally tied the knot! As is the gender neutral tradition among today’s liberals, Frank has taken the name of his betrothed and has decided upon “Bud Daily” as his married name!!! As he’s demonstrated by his many previous, longwinded comments, there’s no doubt of the commitment Frank has to his true love Mrs. Bud- I’m sure that he will never stray , and that he and Mrs. Bud will remain together ’til death do them part.
    I know that many of you will be wondering about an appropriate gift for the newlyweds. Well. I’ve never actually met Ms. Bud, but as for Frank, I know that what he would most appreciate is acceptance- perhaps a card expressing that you believe he is among the most intelligent humans to ever walk the surface of this planet. Just this simple gesture. That’s all he wants.

  15. You didn’t expect an extraordinary person like myself to use only one pseudonym did you ? I use usually different ones for different forums. I prefer to use the alias Bud Daily (because I smoke bud daily) when commenting on marijuana stories nationwide & forgot to log out. My bad ! In the New Jersey newspapers I’m known as the Trenton Trencherman. Q: Do you know why I created that traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge ? A: It was part of an elaborate plot to hijack a pastry truck ! When I’m inspired I spread my brand of frivolity & mirth from coast to coast. I have created so many clever names for so many different purposes (primarily to preserve my anonymity) that it takes me at least an hour just to check my email accounts everyday ! Hell even my caller ID is M. Incognito ! I’m afraid that there won’t be any wedding though as I’m already married,although Bud & I do remain extremely close & share the same bed. LMAO !!!

    • Well you may have Elled your A O but the hole is still there. Matter of fact that’s about all that’s left.

  16. A question for the SJI Community:

    If Frank Mockery were in an orphanage, would anyone adopt him?

    If the orphanage included a cute, cuddly puppy with Frank, would that change your decision?

  17. There once was a child of potential
    With a dream to be influential
    When he grew up a dud
    He turned to the bud
    And rendered himself nonessential

  18. As a Christian, I feel sorry for this gentleman. As an American, I feel I have the right to practice my religion and pray to who I want to pray. Just as other life-styles feel they have the freedom to attack my religion and change what built this country. This cross is a symbol of the city. Not a religious center as was pointed out.

    As others have pointed out to Mr. DeFaria, he is living in a “mission” city, named after a Saint, driving on roads named similar. Maybe Mr. DeFaria should think about moving out of the city/state. I hear Afghanistan wants people.

  19. Freedom of Speech and Belief is one thing, and I totally respect that. Using your beliefs, such as DeFaria in this case, to influence decisions in Government is simply offensive to others that may not hold that same belief. As a lapsed Catholic, I understand the frustration with the sex abuse scandals conducted by priests, and yes I do think they should go to jail for what they did, but don’t become a bigot yourself and start espousing hatred towards Catholic’s and Christians that are, for the most part, good people. Also, I used to go to this Catholic Church in my home state of Washington, and I loved my priest. He was an honest and good man and I am sure there are other priests and pastors that are wonderful people too! Think positively, try not to focus on unhappiness.

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