6 Sexual Batteries Reported at San Jose State University

Investigations into six sexual batteries reported at San Jose State since October led to one arrest this week, university officials announced Friday.

The suspect, 19-year-old Huaien “David” Kong, is a student and may have committed multiple assaults, according to SJSU President Mary Papazian.

School officials believe that Kong may be responsible for at least two incidents, including one of three reported to police this week. Police said he followed a woman from the Ninth Street Plaza to the student union late in the afternoon Monday. He fled on a white-and-red skateboard after the victim confronted him, officials said.

Another case took place in the middle of the day Wednesday, when a man assaulted a woman on the second story of a stairwell at Duncan Hall. He ran away before campus police could find him. Authorities described him as a man in his 20s with black hair.

Another assault was reported Nov. 30. A female student said that a young man with a mustache sexually battered her at Sweeney Hall between the second and third floors before bolting upstairs.

“Police are uncertain if other suspects are affiliated with SJSU,” Papazian wrote in a campus-wide email Friday. “They believe that a single suspect may be associated with at least two of the remaining cases. Leads provided over the past few days are being pursued and police foot patrols have been intensified around campus.”

Last year, 11 cases of sexual battery were reported to San Jose State police, according to annual crime reports. This year, the number of reported cases jumped to 17.

“These disturbing incidents have caused understandable anxiety in our community,” Papazian wrote in her email.

Charlie Faas, SJSU’s vice president of Administration and Finance, has been preparing a safety plan that includes installing 24 new security cameras and recruiting six new university police officers to bring the total sworn staff to 32. The school also plans to install more lighting to illuminate “blind spots” for pedestrians.

School officials urged people who want to contribute to the safety plan to email university police Chief Peter Decena at [email protected].

“As an urban campus located in the center of a major U.S. city, working to enhance our collective safety and keeping you regularly updated, will remain an ongoing top priority,” Papazian said.

The university has come under fire in recent months for its response to sexual assault cases. In October, two women reported being sexually assaulted by a water polo player. One of the women criticized the school for failing to issue a crime alert and failing to keep her apprised of the investigation, according to the Mercury News.

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. Is it posible one of these youths was just trying to sextualy assalt a muslim woman the day after the election and not commit a hate crime?

  2. EG,

    Now we find (but not in this article) that these horrendous, unspeakable crimes were… misdemeanors! They weren’t violent rapes, they were just ‘unwanted touching’ that occurred during social intercourse. (‘Scuse me: alleged touching; AKA: ‘sexual battery’. But ‘battery’ sounds more violent and felonious, doesn’t it? G. Orwell would understand.)

    To a campus snowflake in our late 2016 Obamanation, ‘unwanted touching’ is probably the same thing as being violently raped; you know, like what happens on a daily basis in the enlightened EU, when the culture of Islamic freeloaders collides with the civilized German or Swedish cultures…

    …Oops, was I being insensitive and patriarchical? If so, the snowflake contingent should immediately retreat to their designated safe space, before the thought of an ‘unwanted touch’ gives them the vapours.

    No doubt the school Diversity Office has smelling salts available for any student who passed out at the thought of wymyn being ‘touched inapropriately’ by a 5′ tall Asian kid, who is expected to be fully cognizant of exactly where the ‘sexual battery’ line is on campus.

    For guidance, foreign touchers should contact the campus Diversity Officer (who under no circumstances can ever be a *gasp* 1. Caucasian 2. male — because if that was ever the case, the sound of exploding student and faculty heads would be indistinguishable from a package of Jiffy Pop popcorn left on high heat for too long.)

    As Lily Tomlin used to tell us back in the sixties, “No matter how cynical I get, it’s impossible to keep up.”

    Pass the smelling salts! And they’d better order another case or two, becuz there are more ‘n’ more illegals coming here every day, ready to do their nasty foreign touching…

    • A few weeks ago my wife was rudely asked by a reporter, ” what if Donald Trump came up and started groping you?”
      My wife without hesitation said she’d slap the crap out of him.
      She went to San Jose State 45 years ago!

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