Slain Santa Cruz Police Officers Honored by Thousands at Memorial Service

Shaky, candid home videos and snapshots documenting the lives of two slain Santa Cruz police officers played on a loop inside HP Pavilion’s massive overhead projectors Thursday.

The memorial service for Sgt. Loran “Butch” Baker, 51, and Officer Elizabeth Butler, 38, welcomed thousands of civilians and law enforcement officials into the downtown San Jose arena, following a motorcade of fire engines, motorcycles, cop cruisers, trucks and limousines that snaked its way down Highway 17. Onlookers, from first responders to Hells Angels, stood on the roadside to express their condolences, raising signs or laying down flowers on the curb.

Jeremy Goulet, a 35-year-old ex-military cop and Black Hawk helicopter pilot, ambushed the officers on the afternoon of Feb. 26 afternoon, shooting them to death with a .45 caliber handgun. Later that day officers cornered and killed Goulet, who was accused of sexually assaulting a woman he worked with at a local coffee shop. Baker and Butler became the first officers in the small beach town police department’s 150-year history to die in the line of duty.

“Those same bullets ripped the fabric of our community and our families,” former U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta told those gathered to honor the lives of those fallen officers. “It was an act of execution,” he continued, “at the hands of a madman.”

The service drew dignitaries, national news media and residents from dozens of Bay Area cities. The overwhelming majority of the crowd wore a uniform of some hue: khaki, navy, black or white. The same flag raised over Ground Zero after the 9/11 terrorist attacks arrived at the ceremony, accompanied by Gilroy police officers.

Butler, just weeks away from turning 39, was remembered as a woman who loved her two young children—5 ½-year-old Joaquin and 2 ½-year-old Stellan—and her longtime partner, Peter Wu. She joined the force a decade ago and took pride in defending victims, the disadvantaged, the abandoned and the abused, her superiors said. Even when addressing suspects, Butler treated them as though they were good at the core.

Wu took to the podium the couple’s oldest son, Joaquin, who was wearing his mother’s badge-heavy navy blue police hat, and promised to raise their children to remember their mother.

Baker spent nearly three decades in the department. One of his proudest moments was when his son, Adam, joined the force with him. It renewed his already intense passion for public service, officers said. That larger-than-life personality left an indelible imprint on the organization. He was, his peers said, part of the very fabric that held them together, “a police officer through-and-through,” a prankster who jokingly installed spinner rims on a higher-up’s cop car, a quick-thinking detective who in approaching a case saw “more angles than a math professor.”

“Butch had a way of taking a perfectly serious situation and ruining it by making us laugh,” recalled Santa Cruz Deputy Chief of Police Steve Clark.

Baker left behind his wife, Kelly, and their three grown children, Jillian, Adam and Ashley. The children stepped onstage after their father’s eulogy to read a poem in his honor.

Gov. Jerry Brown sat three rows from the front. Attorney General Kamala Harris commended uniformed personnel for taking on the higher calling of public service, for waking up each morning to “put on a badge and take on all the troubles of the world.” American Idol contestant and Santa Cruz native James Durbin sang a song in tribute. Santa Cruz Police Chief Kevin Vogel tearfully called Baker and Butler his mentors and friends, not just employees reporting to his charge.

“This is not something ever felt by us before in this department,” he said. “There are no words that can heal us or quick fixes to ease the pain. … Nothing can replace what was taken from us.”

Too many people turned a blind eye to the killer, Panetta told the crowd of mostly uniformed men and women who showed up to remember their fallen colleagues. The military looked the other way, his superiors, his family, his friends and neighbors.

Too many times under his watch as head of defense, Panetta said, he witnessed the violence, rape and suicide of military personnel. For some, it’s the scars of war. For others, it’s existing mental illness rearing its head under military pressures. Most of it goes unprosecuted until society pays.

“For some reason, people looked the other way,” Panetta said. “Butch and Liz chose not to look away. In doing so, they paid the ultimate price and saved the lives of others.”

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. I’m not trying to be dramatic or stoke the political flames, just stating a sad fact.  The decisions of Chuck Reed and his allies have made it more likely that this will happen again in San Jose.

  2. Thank you for the beautiful article Jennifer, and thank you to the Metro for acknowledging this horrific tragedy.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of these two heroes. This is truly heartbreaking.

    My hope is that everyone who sees a Police Officer or Firefighter takes the time to thank them for their service, and asks them to be safe out there, so that they know that we really do appreciate and care about them.

  3. On this obviously painful day for all police officers.
    I just have one question for mayor Reed were these two officers on the gravy train you described to the San Jose Police Department.

      • Technically, he said that the debt created by employee benefits was the cancer…

        But his actions over the years have shown that what he meant is just as you describe.  San Jose’s elected despise their employees and work very hard to ensure that morale stays low and compensation is insulting.

        Yesterday, SJPD and SJFD held their heads high while honoring SCPD’s fallen warriors.  Today, they resume the battle against crime and their employer.

  4. Very nice article I wish I had passed on the comments though because the sentiment of appreciation for these fallen officers is marred by the bitterness and continual whining of the disgruntled Mayor hating local police.  It is unfortunate that the moment of public support and unity behind police officers and law enforcement is marred by the complaining.  Sometimes when observing a moment of silence, its best to be silent. The general public is still your best ally but the hateful griping is getting very old without a plan behind it to actually come to a better arrangement.  Less attacks on the Mayor and more information and opportunity for the public to actually do something to support your labor dispute would be much more proactive and healing for your cause.  For all the grumbling I read in these blogs and the Merc I still have yet to see the course of action the police union would have those of us that support your retaining your pensions and do not support cuts to pay or staffing could do.  Griping without solution is just bitching.

    • The problem is that, currently, there is nothing to be done.  Measure B is the law, having been approved by the voters, and negotiations can’t change that.  It’s validity will be decided in court.  The POA made a sincere effort to negotiate a compromise, but all offers were rejected by Reed.  The POA’s “plan to come to a better arrangement” never had a chance.  One solution would be the repeal of Measure B, which obviously isn’t happening.  Another step in the right direction would be electing a city government that viewed its employees with less disdain. 

      As for the idea that this is “bitching”, I’ve already seen one San Jose officer lying dead in the street during my career.  The current state of SJPD, combined with the resulting emboldened criminal element, has made officers less safe than at any time in my 20 plus years on the streets.  It’s not political rhetoric, it’s reality, and its something that legitimately concerns me every night.  This situation is directly attributable to Reed.  It’s much more than politics.

      • Jojo.

        Your right on, this is not about bitching, this is about the crap Chuck and most of his council forced fed the citizens of San Jose.  They think you have a great paying job and make a great pension in the world according to Chuck.

        I hope you only have to stand over one of your fellow officers.  I stood over two, Simpson and Silva.  Most probably don’t even remember these two SJPD officers killed on Jan 20, 1989.  I lost 7 fellow officers and friends during my tour of shift.
        In addition, I have attended numerous other outside agency funerals.

        It is reality, SJ will get a lot worse before it can if ever recover.  Keep your head held high for what you do but watch you back Chuck won’t.

        Be safe my friend.

    • You just don’t get it. Two police officers died and you still don’t get it. They haven ‘t been buried for more then 24 hours and you bring up political rhetoric.

      The private sector always talks about the real world, well the real world came crashing on these two officers. That’s why we get the pension and benefits.

      Officers in San Jose put their lives on the line everyday and only want what they signed up for. If that is called complaining, then so be it.

      6 more of our officers are leaving for other agencies for better pay and benefits this month, so I guess the problems is taking care of it’s self.

      You should really change your moniker, to “blind D5.” be safe, and “Death before dishonor.”

      • Do your homework,

        Were you listening to the Deputy Chief who spoke at the memorial yesterday, or were you too busy hating the Mayor, and others to hear his message?

        He said that the way we honor these two fallen heroes is to return to your community and serve the public with “honor.” He talked about selfless dedication, and service to the community.

        The Rev. talked about coming together, and supporting one another. He talked about family, and community. 

        No one talked about politics, Measure B, pay cuts, pensions, or anything akin to it. They, unlike some of you, focused on the loss of these two heroes, and that is what all of us should be doing.

        Loss, coming together, honoring our lost loved ones, grieving, changing things for the better, and supporting one another is, and should be our ONLY focus. To do anything different, is to “DISHONOR” these two Officers and their families.

        May they rest in peace, and may God watch over their families and friends~

    • Aware D5,
      Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I could not agree with you more. To see some of the comments posted on here is really heartbreaking to me personally. It seems that we aren’t even being allowed to express our grief, dismay, and sadness without politics entering the discussion.

      I wanted to see fellow Police Officers share their stories, and histories that they had with these two lost heroes, not bash everyone in sight. There is a time and place for everything, and NOW is NOT the right time and place to do this. 

      Has it gone unnoticed to those of you who are using this as an opportunity to push your personal agenda that thousands and thousands of citizens, including myself, have spent days mourning the loss of these two heroes? Did you not see the countless rows and rows of citizens crying, grieving, and supporting these fallen Officers as the motorcade passed by them yesterday? 

      We have read about, and watched their fellow Officers, and family members cry, grieve, and honor the memories of their lost loved ones. We have watched through our tears, and grief, as one of the fallen Officer’s child wore her badged Police hat at the ceremony, and our hearts ache knowing he will grow up without his Mother to love, protect, and guide him.

      Many of us have lost loved ones to violent crime too, or have been victims of crime ourselves and understand the pain that these families are feeling. All we want is to come together and support one another through these horrific times.

      We all have feelings of outrage, anger, and frustration that a mentally ill man who served in the military walked around armed, hurting, and killing people because he did not receive proper medical care for his mental disorder, during his service in the military. Many murder victims families, or victims of violent crime are going through this very thing NOW.
      Thousands upon thousands of military Vets are suffering unspeakable pain, addicted to drugs and alcohol, are suffering from horrific PTSD, are jobless, homeless, and without resources because our government repays them for their service to our country by dumping them like garbage, once they leave the military. I say SHAME ON our leaders for allowing this to happen. 

      We too are astounded by the horror of what this man did to these two beautiful Officers who spent their lives protecting us with honor and integrity. We know it will happen again and again until proper resources are provided to those in need, and until laws are changed to force mentally ill people, who cannot make rational choices, to receive the help they need.

      Having said that, I honestly feel that some of your comments are a disgrace, and that you are dishonoring the ultimate sacrifice of these two heroes to even bring up Measure B, Mayor Reed, or anything else but the dedication and service of these two fallen Officers.

      Please, get a clue, this is about these two fallen Officers, NOT YOU!

      • Kathleen,

        I agree that our country, as a whole, treats our war torn veterans like crap. Unfortunately, the only time this gets much publicity is when they come home en mass and in body bags. Police work is no different; this horrific incident brought this all into crystal clarity and ripped our collective hearts out. Would you decry the same veterans you rightfully praised, if they came home from a war and pointed out that the politicians had not given them adequate amounts of personnel to fight the war, or would you want to silence them too? Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, all police officers go to war each day to protect the good citizens from the evil living amongst us. This mayor, and several members of the city council have vilified us in the press and during city meetings. They have slashed officers positions. Through the voice and actions each of them have by means of holding elected office, they have made our jobs more dangerous by emboldening criminals to take us on, which they have done on a daily basis. There have been so many close calls of SJ officers paying the ultimate price, few of which get any press. Maybe when the SJ politicians quit playing politics which are a direct threat to the lives of SJ police officers, then you will get the silence you request.

        • observation,

          I have attended many funerals for fallen soldiers, and held annual vigils for fallen Officers, and Firefighters, and families of murder victims. At NO TIME is politics discussed because it is not about others, it is about THEM! What is so hard to comprehend about that?

          You have a right to your opinion, but NOW IS NOT THE TIME to discuss politics. The topic of this article IS about these fallen Officers and nothing else.

          If you want media attention brought to these issues, and I AGREE you should have it, ask the Metro to allow you to write one, or ask them to write one. They are fair and decent, I’m sure they would.

          I honestly don’t think you guys “get it.” Our community is in mourning, please try and respect that.

        • Kathleen,

          I and every other officer has a perfect right to bring this topic up in light of this tragedy, so that we get more officers to prevent another tragedy. This mayor has made a political circus out of threatening more layoffs to our police department at every turn. And please don’t lecture me on mourning; I have lost many friends and colleagues killed in the line of duty, and have been present for each as they were buried. Who are you to tell me when and where I should properly mourn, and that in your world I don’t get the “right thing” to do. I will respect the way you wish to mourn, even if you don’t do the same for others. Lastly, I have attended some of the vigils you mentioned, and like it or not they ARE in part political events. That is the real world, even if politics are not directly discussed at these events. Any time there is a community event related to public safety, even if it is a neighborhood watch meeting, politics are involved. And Kathy, these vigils and funerals should be every bit as much about the officers that live and what can be done to keep them safe, and not only about the fallen officers. I guarantee you that is what the fallen officers would want, as I would want if I were a fallen officer and could keep another officer safe. What is so hard for you to comprehend about this?

        • What don’t YOU get Kathleen?? We attended the funeral, as I have done with numerous fallen colleagues in the past. No politics were discussed as most of us were too busy trying not to break down crying. Part of the healing process, is how do we prevent another tragedy. Unfortunately, this mayor had made our jobs more dangerous, which is just too bad if you don’t like pointed out here. It is not you with no fill when some psycho is trying to kill you, it is us. thanks in large part to this mayor. If you don’t think the fallen officers would wish this pointed out when thinking of what good could become of this, you are just so, so wrong.

        • Sorry , this is exactly the time to discuss pay/benefits and politics.  All too often we are told – ” oh you make too much.. your job isn’t THAT dangerous… you ARE a ‘public servant’ after all… you haven’t sacrificed like folks in the private sector…”

          Too many of “you” out there hear words like “go honor the dead by returning to your communities and do x, y anz z…” and somehow equate that to “do it for less pay/benefits… out of the goodness of your hearts for the benefit of all mankind…” or better yet ” do it for free public servant.”

          You don’t get it no matter how many “friends” in LE you have or how many police you know.  As they say you “aren’t in the club and you cannot understand.”

          All the victims of violent crime “you know?” (1) How many more would there be without THE POLICE? How many more vicitms ARE THERE BECAUSE THERE ARE FEWER POLICE in SJ?

          (2) Military casualties? Sad, tragic to be sure, however NOT THE SAME. The military defends the US abroad – they don’t do a damn thing to protect you or anyone else from domestic criminals.

          (3) “you” do not pay the police “for what they do” – what ever it is that they do –  (all too frequently we hear police are lazy.. police didn’t do what I told them I wanted done…)  “You” Society – pays the police to do what you “expect them to do” which at its core is protect you sheep from the wolves. Not to tell neighbors to turn down the tv or the stereo – not to light firecrackers, not to trim the street trees… you pay them to go out and get the bad guys, put them away and ultimatley keep you safe.

          In today’s San Jose, thanks to Mayor Reed and Company, you are paying to have an officer come out and take a crime report after he/she has taken all the reports that came in before “you” called and hope that someone follows up on the information.  If someone gets arrested behind the report society from the time of arrest until the time the crook is released will be spared a certain number of crimes. That doesen’t help folks who were victimized before the arrest but like i said – IF follow-up is done then some justice may be served – that is of little comfort to the vicitms but that is the best they are going to get.

        • Meyer Weed,
          This is NOT the proper time or place to have these discussions no matter what you and your cronies say. All this negative campaigning got you in this mess and will keep you there if you ALL don’t wake up, and do something very very different. 

          You all sit around tables thinking up ways to silence others, dog piling them on this blog, and I’m sick of it. You guys aren’t in some special club that has the right to speak down to or lecture others about death, dying, service, or grieving. You only THINK you do.

          For all of you to keep maintaining that you are the ONLY ones being hurt, spit on, or disrespected, or forced to take lower pay for your dangerous jobs is just plain BS. May be you all should step out into the REAL world with the rest of us, and start working together so we can prevent Officers from dying like these two did. Or is that too much to ask of you?

      • Officers sometimes get numb to the daily tragedies that befall citizenry, as they see it every day.  Their focus is, rightly so on their families and friends- who are often co-workers as well.  When these loved ones are threatened and/or injured by their very employer, it is natural to react.

        It may not be what you want to hear, but it’s the reality.  I understand you may not like it, or think it’s appropriate.  There is no other recourse.  The policy makers, the politicians, the wealthy an the voters are all aligned against public safety… joining the criminal element as it were.  This is the reality and its not pretty.

        “We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.” – George Orwell

        • Anonymously,

          I think you Officers have an incredibly difficult job, and I think you should be commended for it. Every time I hear that there has been a shooting or an injury to an Officer in San Jose, I get on the phone and call my Officer friends to check on them. Like your families, I care, I worry too, and so do others.

          You only have to look at the news during yesterday’s memorial to see thousands of citizens crying and grieving the horrific loss of your brother and sister, who gave their lives to protect innocent citizens from this madman.

          All I’m asking from all of you is to respect, and honor these two fallen heroes by allowing us to read, and learn about THEM, their family, and friends. I really don’t think that is too much to ask because they deserve to be remembered without side tracking the topic with anger and politics.

          I have never attended a single funeral or memorial where this kind of inappropriate commentary has taken place, and if I ever do, I will leave and honor them in my own private way.

          Thank you for your service and please stay safe out there.

        • This isn’t the memorial; its an article about the memorial.  Many SJPD officers attended the service and there was no discussion there about Chuck Reed or Measure B.  To comment about the article and discuss the thoughts and concerns the events evoked is in no way disrespectful to the fallen officers.

        • Kathleen I was at the funeral along with several hundred of my coworker brothers and sisters. There was not a dry eye in any of our rows nor was there a peep about Reed or pensions. Frankly at that moment no one gave a goddamn thing about Reed. My heart was ripped each time an honor guard marched up to the caskets, stood face to face and saluted as he relieved the guard on duty. I cried during several of these exchanges. As far as listening to the families and law enforcement family speak of them my heart was filled with joy and understanding of what they represented. I sat there for over 3 hrs and I listened intently to every sing work of every speaker. Never once did I think about myself or my paycheck. This was a time to grieve just as I grieved at other officer’s funerals. I left there with Chief Vogels words etched in my brain because I know I am true to my profession and how I handle myself on a daily basis. I am compassionate and I enjoy helping the underdog as much as I take joy in arresting some scum bag predator. So for you to say “I have never attended a single funeral or memorial where this kind of inappropriate commentary has taken place, and if I ever do, I will leave and honor them in my own private way. ” Is totally offensive! I understand and I can read between the lines that you truly care about police and what is occurring. I thank you for that. Its people like you that we go out and do the dangerous work to help. But please do not preach to us about voicing our concerns about what this mayor is doing to undermine public safety so that he can pad the pockets of his political friends and corporate building contractors that stand to gain a lot of money at the expense of citizens safety and cops lives. This man is truly out of touch along with Pete and Sam. You will all be looking back in several years and say how did we miss this? What were the signs? Why is the city in decay and crime so high? The only thing Reed is focused on right now is protecting his special funds, keeping the public safety slice of the general fund a mere sliver and making his special projects such as the super grand central station and A’s ball park a reality. SJ officers are going to get hurt. That is not a “maybe” but it is a “when”. We all know it and we all keep getting dressed each day and loading up and heading out to our beat with 3-4 other cops handling huge areas. Kathleen it’s broken and its not going to get fixed for a long time. The snow ball has been rolling and its HUGE right now. Yes we are pissed right now. We know what happened to those dedicated hard working Santa Cruz officers can happen to any of us but we keep going out. Dont preach to us anymore please.

        • Thereliableinformer,

          Thank you for sharing your feelings about your loss. I am truly and deeply sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

          YES, it is broken, and yes it will take years to heal. I truly do get that, but what I am trying to tell you guys, without much success, is that YOU are not alone in this fight.

          Let’s stop being hurtful to one another, and myopic, and let’s have some faith that the courts will decide in your favor, and realize too that thousands of citizens now do get it. Sometimes it takes a horrific tragedy like this to wake people up. 

          I’m sorry but I cannot stand by and watch this thread filled with such anger and hatred go by without voicing my feelings on how I view what is being done here. I cannot do that any more than I can stand by and watch what is being done to YOU, without opening my big, Irish, Flynn mouth.

          Now is the time for all of you to do the right thing, and realize that while we might be taking a different path, we are all headed in the same direction. If we don’t stop and mourn these Officers with respect, honor, and dignity, then we have failed them.

      • Kathleen: I’m sure you’re a nice person with good intentions, but its you that truly doesn’t get it.  What Reed has done has had an obvious financial impact on officers, but the byproduct of the financial impact has been the weakening of SJPD to the point that the safety of its officers has never been more precarious.  Crime has risen, criminals have been empowered, and there are significantly fewer officers on the street to respond to emergencies.  While this situation certainly impacts residents, it affects officers as well. If an officer needs emergency help, chances are that help will take longer to get there.  Time can be critical. 

        You talk about the “horror” of what happened to these “beautiful officers”.  I think you’ve described them perfectly, but neither you nor I knew them.  I do, however, know many, many fellow SJPD officers that could be described in the same glowing terms.  They are more at risk now than ever, and the deaths of these two Santa Cruz officers served to focus my thoughts more sharply than ever about this fact.  And yes, Kathleen, this did cause me to think about what Chuck Reed has done.  I think I have much more of a “clue” than you do.

        • Jojo,
          Thank you for your kind words, but honestly, I’m tired of being told “you don’t get it.” I DO get it. I have MANY MANY friends in law enforcement, and in military service. 

          Having said that, I would really appreciate it if you guys would stay on topic, and allow us to grieve, honor, and discuss these incredible Officers WITHOUT any further commentary on politics, Mayor Reed, or Measure B.

          I really don’t think the families and friends of these Officers would appreciate their lost loved ones story being clouded with anger, politics, and off topic commentary about Measure B. It in no way ‘honors” these Officers. I don’t have to know them to grieve the loss of these two heroes.

          You can go to Protect San Jose and discuss politics there where you’d be preaching to the choir, and no one would object.

          Otherwise, try sharing stories about your fallen friends. Honor them, and keep their memories alive by telling us about them because we do care, and we do “get it.”

        • You don’t get it Kathleen. Claiming that you do, because you “know people” is beyond ridiculous. We call that “strap hanging” in the military and public safety world, look it up. Unless you have walked a beat, raised your hand and said an oath, watched somebody die while you gave them emergency care, held a car victims hand while she died, or gone into a burning building that I’m not aware of, will you PLEASE, stop talking about things you have no inkling of.

        • SJFF,
          We can agree to disagree on who gets what. I’m personally sick of the way some of you think you have an insight on life, tragedy, and giving service to our community that the rest of us don’t.

          I think you need to look into how many citizens have helped Police and Firefighters when they have been or are in trouble. Untrained, unskilled, caring people who have saved YOUR lives, or those of us who advocate for your jobs, and or salaries. I don’t see you thanking or acknowledging those people while you incessantly complain about how we don’t “get it.” 

          Almost every post I see of yours bashes, or is highly condescending to someone. We’ve heard your point of view over and over and over again! Good Lord give it a break already. The courts will decide the outcome, not you.

          This article is about two fallen heroes, and their service to our community. We don’t have to be on the front lines to feel outraged, hurt, or grieve over their ultimate sacrifice.

          Something that clearly those of you who are using this article to push your personal agendas couldn’t possibly understand, or you’d be talking about their sacrifice and not complaining about your problems, or politics.

        • Kathleen ,

          I have no doubt that you care about Public Safety . But its one thing to hear stories or read articles , its quite another to pull a limp child from a pool , or from an entangled vehicle , or pull them from a burning structure , or notify a parent that their teenage child is now deceased . These are not tales or stories for us , these are memories that are and will be burned into our minds forever . every single one of us has calls that we will never erase out of Memory. I dont mean to belittle your concern , but it is very different to live these acts as opposed to reading or hearing about them . As Insensitive or callous at it may seem , Now is the time to discuss pay , benefits, Measure B,the Mass exodus .
                  Things are only going to get worse as Public Safety continues to leave in droves . San Jose P.D. & F.D. are among the busiest departments i the country and now thanks to the Mayor, Council , Residents are now the lowest Paid , Least benefitted , most Malaigned , under appreciated . No where else are Public safety paying 26% ( could go as high as 46% if B is upheld) Every single one of us loves what we do , but we also have to be able to support our families and live . When I got hired I knew that I would never be rich but that I would be Ok . I have had 3 surgeries in 5 years , Im in the process of losing my home . So how is it ok for the Mayor/Council make it impossible to get a disability retirement . I am NOT/WILL NOT go out on a Disability , but I concerned for my Brothers and sisters in public safety. I have always lived within my means , but tell me who could take a 46% pay cut and still live and work in one of the most affluent places on earth?

    • Black Smith,

      Seems to me it was about Brown and Panetta since the first could not even show up on time and delayed the whole memorial and Panetta seemed to defend the killer’s military background.

      I heard Chuck showed up, did any other council members even bother?

      These were two hero police officers who deserve better.  Good Bless them and their families and all the public servants who took the time to show their respect for the two fallen heros.

      • Chuck was there.  Not to pay respects, but to guard the city owned luxury box from any useless San Jose city employees from using it.  Good news, Camp Chuck is being torn down, which means St James Park will see an increase in homeless population….Stay Crappy San Jose

        • Its a slap in the face that Mayor Reed even show up at the funerals . it was he that called P.D.  “A CANCER” that “They were Riding the Gravy Train” . These Heroes deserve more than that.

  5. Being assigned “barracks watch” while awaiting court martial is the low-tech equivalent of ankle-monitored house arrest; it has nothing to do with the military police. Being a grounded helicopter pilot with a sexual perversion does not satisfy the qualifications required of an MP. Military Police is a unique vocation, a distinct occupational speciality, and absent any evidence that Jeremy Goulet was trained and assigned to a MP unit (and I’ve seen none), any reporter who refers to him as an “ex-military cop” has either failed to provide readers with the necessary corroboration or is simply repeating the inexcusable error of his/her peers.

    The reading public’s understanding of the word “cop” is very specific. Cops are the police officers, deputies, and state traffic officers they encounter in the streets, read about in crime stories, and see depicted on television and at the movies. In fact, the public’s understanding of the word is so deeply ingrained that even when it is misapplied for derisive purposes, as it frequently is in “mall cop,” there is little if any concern about creating confusion. The American public doesn’t confuse “mall cops” with police officers, nor is it ever confused when it hears the plea, “Someone call the cops.”

    This makes it all the more suspicious that print journalists, whose job it is to convey information using the most accurate language, regularly misuse or misapply the word. I’ve seen the word used in shocking headlines only to read on and learn that the “cop” in question was or had been a soldier in some South American strongman’s hit squad, a gate guard, correctional officer, or night watchman. Funny, but I don’t ever recall the word being misapplied to someone who did anything good.

    Anyone who was ever a member of a police agency, even if only for a week’s worth of academy training, will, should he or she do something disturbing, be identified by the media as an “ex-cop,” even if the employment and the act are separated by decades. The guy could’ve spent his life selling lumber, but let him get arrested and watch him become an “ex-cop.” Seldom is it done to better inform readers. Seldom is it done for honorable reasons.

    To refer to Jeremy Goulet as an “ex-cop” is to suggest he shared professional experience and values with the two cops he killed. He did not. The only thing he had in common with them is that he too was once afforded the opportunity by his government to prove himself, but unlike those two fine people he murdered, he failed, miserably. All he ever proved was that he was a disgrace; a loser. Not an “ex-military cop,” but a cowardly, murderous loser. Now, that’s my idea of an accurate description.

    • Because Chuck can act like a king in his city box, and PC could probably order free pizza.  And of course they got their free parking spot and everyone would wonder why the city free luxury box would be blacked out.  Thank you to SAM, PO and the rest of the city clowns for not showing respect for police officers killed in the line of duty.

      Just shows how much you hate SJPD and all others who protect. 

      Were you having lunch on your free city credit cards, I know you are so busy protecting us.

      So lack of respect for public safety.

        D. Wall I bet you could find out if the city charged Santa Cruz for the use of all SJPD OT plus the use of the facility.

        • Exactly Kathleen.  Now you are beginning to understand how Police Officers and Firefighters feel.  We cant please the City Council, we cant please the Merc, and we cant please the public….no matter WHAT we say or do.

        • BOHICA,
          You don’t need to please anyone. If you walk your talk, and hold firm to your convictions, that is your only responsibility to yourself.

          With your kind permission, I want to offer you a different perspective on this situation. You, like me, work with people we don’t like or agree with, out of a sense of professionalism, honor, and duty right?

          Well, I think that rule holds here. Chuck served in the military, and knows what it is like to hold the fate of hundreds in his hands. Do I always agree with how he handles things? NO! Do I understand his commitment to this City? YES! Would I have handled pension reform the way he has? NO! I would have worked hard behind closed doors with you until we came to mutually satisfactory agreement.

          Having said that, Chuck respects his staff’s abilities, and allows them to do their job without micromanaging them. I don’t think that is always a good thing, but I’m not walking a mile in his shoes either.

          As to why other Council Members didn’t show up to the memorial, unlike Chuck who isn’t afraid to take the heat for his leadership and decisions, these folks might have felt that you deserved to mourn without distractions, or simply had other commitments. Who know what the true reason for their non attendance is? 

          The bottom line for me is this, PLEASE don’t overlook the support you have from the thousands of citizens who cried with you. Who shows up and who doesn’t is unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

          WE are all grieving the loss of these two heroes, and we all want to come together and support one another right now. So let’s focus on these two Officers and their families, and move forward together. I believe that is what the real priority is and should be. Them, not us.

  6. First let me say I don’t apologize for anything I’ve written. This isn’t about politics for me it’s about our life as police officers. So many of you that have commented feel that I’ve disrespected the two fallen officers on the contrary I pay respect to each and every fallen officer when I put on my uniform and go out and serve the community as they did.

    When some of you continue your lives and talk about what a touching tribute it was, we will continue to do our jobs and never forget.
    you say that this wasn’t the time to mention the mayors politics. well when is a good time ?

    • Hernandez,

      You ask, “well when is a good time ?” When the topic of the article pertains to that specific topic. You are not honoring these Officers or their grieving family and friends by bringing this up when the topic is about their memorial.

      Try posting on your grievances about the Mayor and Measure B on Protect San Jose. I’m sure no one on there would mind.

      Thank you for your service to our community, and please stay safe out there.

    • I don’t have a problem, because it’s what you feel.

      Things like that have a way of making people in the same line of work reflect on what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.

  7. In an effort to bring this subject BACK TO the topic, does anyone know where we can donate to these heroes families? Is there any kind of memorial fund set up any where? If so, could you please post information on it?

    Thank you.

    • Kathleen,

      If you want to get back on track go to

      They are offering to help the families, but I guess it hurts you to visit the website.  While on the visit all the stories of SJPD officers who lost their lives in the line of duty.

      Chuck had no choice to attend but the other council members did.

      Shame on them for their hatred of officers who serve.

      • Rob,
        Thank you for the information on how and where to donate. I’ll send them a check immediately.

        It doesn’t bother me to read Protect San Jose. I still read it from time to time. I wrote for it before I found out Officers comments about leadership were being censored, once your new President took over. I felt that censoring Officers was unfair, so I stopped writing for it. You may feel free to ask George Beattie, and Peter Allen if you need to know the real truth about why I left. I’m sure they will back me up.

        Just an FYI-The blog was created by former POA President Bobby Lopez to educate the community on Police issues, and has now turned into a political forum for the SJPOA. That’s cool too, but it is not what I signed up for when it was created.

        As to Chuck attending the memorial, he went because he wanted to honor these two Officers, and their families. If you knew him better, or even bothered to ask him, you’d know that.

        As to the Council Members who didn’t attend, perhaps they wanted to give you all the opportunity to grieve without distractions. I pretty much feel they were damned it if they went, or damned if they didn’t. Any way, the memorial was intended to honor fallen Officers, and nothing else.

        I’m sorry for your loss. Please be safe out there.

        • Kathleen,
          Anytime you are left to reply with an insult, you have lost any valid point you may have had. Let’s at least try and keep it civil and respectful. Thanks so much.

        • observation,

          You said, ” Anytime you are left to reply with an insult, you have lost any valid point you may have had. Let’s at least try and keep it civil and respectful. Thanks so much.”

          My response to your post was in no way rude, disrespectful, or uncivilized, but your response to me was… “Kathleen,
          Just the fact you think so highly of Chuck Reed says all I need to know about you.”

          Please practice what you preach, and start respecting others opinions without marking sarcastic remarks~ Thanks in advance.

  8. Where to start. First, if you think that the other local police departments in the area are not watching what’s going on in San Jose you are sadly mistaken.

    Our brothers and sisters in Santa Cruz are fully aware and I’m sure Baker and Butler were also, for they were SCPOA.

    Before and after the funeral, officers from Santa Cruz came to us and said keep up the good fight on measure B, because they know it could affect them one day.

    Second of all, you need to stop bullying. Your that 6th grade girl running around the school play ground gossiping and spreading rumors on people you don’t even know, to make yourself look better. Some advice, stop.

    Everybody has the right to their opinion, even you, but don’t talk down to people. Remember, its police officers that put on that uniform everyday that protect your first amendment rights to free speech.

    When you say you have friends on the police force and city council, I would not say that very loudly. Because Bobby Lopez, Johnny Khamis, Vic Anjilony are all joined at the hip, and they are not friends of the police department. What’s the old saying, “you are judge by the friends you keep.”

    Your remarks for police officers to leave this site and to go over to the ” protect San Jose” site exposed yourself as being bitter with SJPOA. Which explains your relationship with Bobby Lopez . I call Shenanigans!  So for everybody out there trying to reason with her, don’t, your wasting your time.

    So, everybody keep up the good fight, and exercise your right to free speech. The truth will set you free.

    Death before dishonor.

    • Do your homework,

      LOL! Try doing your homework! I’m a bully? Now that is rich. No one on this site can say anything contrary to you guys or you attack and dog pile them. The difference between you guys and myself is that I put my name on my posts because I’m not afraid of standing by my statements, or taking on your ridiculous, ignorant criticisms without backing down like others do.

      Our Freedom of Speech comes from the sacrifices of our military, and our courts, not for uniformed Police Officers. Do your homework.

      I don’t hate the SJPOA! I don’t have to agree with their badly planed tactics to support them for their service. I used to write for Protect San Jose and am very proud to have done so. If the site wasn’t being censored AFTER Bobby left, I would STILL be writing for them. If directing you to your own website is offensive to YOU, then may be you are the one with disdain for the SJPOA.

      You really are uninformed and out of touch in what you’ve said, which only goes to prove that you are the gossip spreading misinformation. To come onto this thread about these two fallen heroes and push your own agenda only serves to prove my point better than I ever could.

      I really could care less what you think about my friendship with Bobby Lopez, or anyone else. Bobby has more integrity, and dedication to his men/women than you have toward these two fallen Officers. He would NEVER use this article to push his personal agenda. He understands that this simply dishonors their memories.

      I have good relationships with many of the POA’s present, and PAST Board members. So,go do YOUR homework! I guess losing at the last arbitration hearing really has burned your shorts to the bone.

      Now, back to the topic, where is the information on where we can make donations to these fallen heroes families, or did you forget what this article is about while you’re busy bullying and bashing others?

      • Kathy,

        stop, go to, they have all the information for you do donate all the money you want to the fallen families.

        As far as your love fest for Bobby, so be it he lost the vote of POA members so move on.

        Measure B was the dagger of great officers, they will leave citizens will lose so get over it.

        God Bless those officers that cannot afford to move on.


        • Rob,
          My name is Kathleen, not Kathy.

          Thank you for the info. I have already mailed my check out to these two fallen Officer’s scholarship fund.

          You are clearly either uneducated about all that Bobby did for all of you while SJPOA President, or what he is doing now, as President of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 52. The fact that he lost the election as SJPOA President was YOUR loss not his, and the lost election has turned out to be the BEST thing that ever could have happened to him.

          I don’t make any apologies for my friendship with Bobby, or any one else on the PD or on the Council. I think very highly of Bobby. My respect isn’t easy to earn, and Bobby has earned mine through all of his hard work, dedication, and commitment to our City, our youth, and to some of you who seem to have amnesia.

          The sad part about this is that you guys have either bashed, complained about, or taken votes of no confidence on just about every Police Chief we’ve had. You don’t support your POA President, or Board Members, you don’t walk during elections to educate the public like Firefighters do, but you complain about EVERYTHING!

          You have zero faith in the judicial system that you will prevail in court on Measure B because you have forgotten that the LAW protects YOUR rights too. I can wait to post “I told you so,” when it is struck down. May be then we’ll be on the same page and can celebrate together! wink

          Thank you for your service Officer, and please be safe out there!

        • Jojo,
          EVERYONE has their own agenda, even you. Bobby Lopez has always had one agenda and that is to protect and assist his fellow Officers. Clearly you DON’T know him like I do, or you’d know that.

  9. Kathleen is a fase flag. Similar to Operation Greif.

    “I have many friends in law enforcement I support law enforcement” etc etc

    The Chinese have a word for this. The call it “won pi” witch literally translates to bovine excrement.

    Operation Greif was a special false flag operation commanded by Waffen-SS commando Otto Skorzeny during the Battle of the Bulge. The operation was the brainchild of Adolf Hitler, and its purpose was to capture one or more of the bridges over the Meuse river before they could be destroyed. German soldiers, wearing captured British & US Army uniforms and using captured vehicles were to cause confusion in the rear of the Allied lines. A lack of vehicles, uniforms and equipment limited the operation and it never achieved its original aim of securing the Meuse bridges.

    Do not engage. Do not dignify. Do not trust.

    • The Absolutist,

      Don’t you think you’re being a bit hypocritical here? You put a post on here calling me a “fase flag,” but at no time do you mention your fallen brother or sister.

      You then go on to say,” Do not engage. Do not dignify. Do not trust.” I think what you mean is,“anyone who isn’t with us is against us.”

      Not all of us live in a black and white world. Not all of us are so intolerant of others opinions that we feel it is necessary to try to intimidate, or bash someone who sees things from a different perspective.

      I know Cops are trained to do what you guys do on this blog to gain the upper hand on the streets, but you aren’t on the street right now. You are on a public blog that encourages the exchange of ideas, and discussion. What it doesn’t do, according to its policy is, is encourage personal attacks, and bullying.

      So for what it is worth, I invite you and your anonymous buddies to contact me directly, and since we both know you know how to get a hold of me that is not an unreasonable request, and say these things to my face because doing it anonymously only reflects cowardess, and a lack of integrity.

      • Kathleen,

        You engage in personal attacks and bullying. You just think by telling us to stay safe out there as your closing that it makes it more palatable. I don’t think any of us think that we need to or have any wish to get hold of you directly. If you don’t like us, please take a number.

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