Rose Herrera Files Notice of Intent to Run for Mayor of San Jose

It’s official: Councilwoman Rose Herrera’s running for mayor, bringing the potential headcount in the race to replace Chuck Reed up to 14. A member of the City Clerk’s office confirmed that Herrera filed a notice of intent to run for mayor Tuesday.

While she didn’t immediately return a call for comment, Herrera said in an interview with San Jose Inside last month that she would only run if she failed to see a qualified candidate.

“I think the next mayor needs to be someone who heals, someone who can keep the community together and can solve problems,” Herrera said. “If I don’t hear that vision from the other candidates, I am likely to jump in and run.”

The fact that she filed a notice of intent to run perhaps speaks to her opinion of the other contenders.

“After seven years of a strong mayor and going through economic hardship, we don’t want the next person in line to be a political Machiavellian,” she said.

Below is the full press release sent out by Herrera’s campaign:

Councilwoman Rose Herrera To Run For San Jose Mayor

SAN JOSE – Today, Councilwoman Rose Herrera opened a committee and filed her Declaration of Intent to run for Mayor of San Jose.

“We need a hopeful, positive vision for San Jose. The next Mayor cannot be afraid to fight for the right reforms, she needs to care more about solving problems than getting headlines,” said Herrera.

“Rose Herrera has done great things in our community. She’s is not a spotlight politician, she wants to make San Jose better for people. We believe in her leadership,” said Hoang-Anh Nguyen, who was Project Cornerstone School Partnerships’ Volunteer of the Year.”

“I’m not a straight-from-casting political candidate. I don’t give made-for-TV speeches,” Herrera stated, “but I know how to get things done. I stood shoulder to shoulder with Mayor Reed to help put the city budget back on track. And I’ve stood face to face with him when we disagreed.”

“Rose Herrera is a tough, yet compassionate leader that San Jose needs to bring our communities together. She’ll be an effective Mayor,” said Bob Dhillon, a Lay-leader at Sikh Gurdwara who has served on the San Jose Planning Commission and Eastside Union High School District Bond Oversight Committee.

“As Mayor—and in my campaign—I’ll focus on issues that affect real people, like getting ballfields built for our kids or making it a little easier for businesses to create jobs,” said Herrera.

“We need to keep financial reforms on track, but we also need to restore morale so San Jose can focus on making neighborhoods safer,” Herrera continued, “we need to expand partnerships with schools, and we need to look for innovative ways to provide services to people.”

“Rose offers something unique for San Jose - her main concern isn’t politics, it’s solving problems people face everyday,” stated Denise Belisle, an Evergreen business owner. “She’s been in business, and worked with business to help us create jobs. She’ll make a great Mayor.”

“Put simply, Rose gets thing done,” said Maryles Casto, Chairman and founder of Casto Travel who served on Mayor Reed’s Transition Committee. “She’s a thoughtful leader who understands the challenges we face - and how to overcome those challenges.”

“I’m committed to San Jose,” Herrera said, “and I am committed to this campaign. There’s a lot we can do to make San Jose better - but we have to work together to get it done.”

Jennifer Wadsworth is the news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Email tips to [email protected]. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. I’m guessing that the more people that run, the more things favor the candidates with deep pockets.  Just about every district has a councilperson running for mayor.  Those are likely to do well in their districts, but won’t necessarily get many votes from other districts.  Candidates will have to spend big money in the general election to have any hope of making it to the runoff, and with that many people running, money will be harder to come by.

  2. In my opinion, this is a campaign strategy to get Liccardo elected mayor. Nobody on this council really has a chance against Sam. So when the votes get spread out amongst all these candidates there will be a run off election. (I think that is how it works in San Jose).  Soon there after, You will see a campaign photo ( aka Mercury News article) with Herrera, Oliverio, Constant, Nguyen all throwing their support behind Liccardo. (Basically bootlicking at that point).

  3. everyone keeps saying they are different from all the other candidates , but the council members in Reeds Regime are all the same! Time for a change , time to end the corruption