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Downtown Restaurant, Bar Blackbird Tavern Shuts Down

Blackbird Tavern announced Monday that it will be closing a little more than a year after opening its doors. The restaurant, which also served craft beer and cocktails, and hosted regular live music events, opened in downtown San Jose on July 1, 2013.

Downtown Needs More Local Restaurants

By Stett Holbrook
Walking down South First Street in San Jose recently, I was thoroughly unsurprised to see that Asqew Grill called it quits last month. The 200 S. First St. location is something of a doomed corner. Zyng Noodles also occupied that space and failed as well. I don’t know the details of why Asqew left, but I wonder if part of the reason was that the chain restaurant simply didn’t resonate with downtown diners.

County Supervisors Should Leave Restaurant Legislation to Congress

Why is the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors getting mixed up in setting standards for national fast food chain restaurants to display calorie counts and nutritional data of their products? Supervisor Liz Kniss has proposed such legislation applicable only to restaurants with more than 15 outlets in the county. Her stated reasoning is that she wishes to fight the epidemic of obesity in the country, but I don’t see how this no-more-than-cosmetic move will do any such thing. For one thing, it leaves out the vast majority of restaurants in the county. The only result I can see is the high cost to the county’s taxpayers of policing something which has little value to the public.