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Candidates Begin Dining for Dollars

Sometimes a candidate has to spend money to make money. And, so far, Madison Nguyen has done both at a recent dinner. In her mayoral campaign kickoff event, the vice mayor shelled out about $16,000 at San Jose’s Dynasty Seafood Restaurant. Nguyen felt she owed big hitters a “decent meal” at the very least, and apparently the checks went just right of the soup spoon. Her campaign has already surpassed $100,000 in contributions, less than two weeks into the race, Nguyen said.

San Jose businesses reopen cautiously


San Jose businesses, like emerging butterflies, slowly began unfolding out of their cocoons this week. Like their fluttering counterparts, the retail, service and hospitality sectors have a new look and are still cautiously testing their wings. Some didn’t survive the metamorphosis, and various observers said it is too soon to tell what the pandemic’s final business survival rate might be in San Jose.